2010-01-20 13:07  cvs

	* bin/: lsas, lscount, lsd, lsdcounts, lsdu: Improved some of the

2009-12-08 16:36  cvs

	* bin/lscount: fixed bug in lscount

2009-11-12 12:20  cvs

	* bin/lsf: added lsf

2009-10-28 22:52  cvs

	* lib/LEOCHARRE/Dir/Lsutils.pm: made a lot of changes took out c
	  versions the perl versions are better

2009-09-06 20:45  cvs

	* bin/lsd.c, bin/lsdu, lib/lsdu.pod: Fixed up lsdu

2009-05-18 16:39  cvs

	* MANIFEST, bin/findnewest: added script to tranverse dir trees and
	  find newest/oldest modified entry

2009-04-23 11:58  cvs

	* bin/: findirs, lsdcounts: added findirs, to get newest, oldest..
	  dirs in a dest

2009-03-26 13:20  cvs

	* bin/lsdu: had to alted lsdu to be perl instead of bash, beacause
	  it was freaking out on dirnames with spaces etc..

2009-03-26 13:11  cvs

	* INSTALL, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, bin/lsas, bin/lscount,
	  bin/lsd, bin/lsdcounts, bin/lsdu, lib/lscount.pod, lib/lsd.pod,
	  lib/lsdcounts.pod, lib/lsdu.pod: Initial revision