2017-11-08  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.1rc2 makepp-2.1rc2.tgz, technically on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* Mpp/Text.pm:
	* makepp.spec:
	* META.yml: New version

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_shell): A busy system can have more than 3 interrupts. (Thanks to R. Rüdenauer)

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod:
	* pod/html/html.pl: Nice quoting everywhere

	* pod/html/makepp.less:
	* pod/html/makepp.css: Nicer pre.

2017-08-18  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/html/makepp.less:
	* pod/html/html.pl: Fix bottom gray border with modern css.

2017-08-15  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm: Better diagnostic.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Explain implicit call better.

	* pod/html/html.pl: Take version from Mpp::Text

2017-08-11  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.1rc1 makepp-2.1rc1.tgz, technically on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* Mpp/Text.pm:
	* makepp.spec:
	* META.yml: New version

	* t/run_tests.pl (slow_rmtree): Could remain in wrong dir.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Deal with Win path.
	* t/additional_tests/2008_05_21_install.test: Exit in correct dir.

2017-08-05  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Event.pm: Work around Docker's zombie reaper problem.
	* Mpp/BuildCacheControl.pm: 5.24 map doesn't localize $_ on goto.
	* *: Use 3-arg open to cope with funny file-names.
	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Up to date with Perl versions.

2017-07-27  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/spar, t/additional_tests/spar_unix.test: Add directory creation

2016-09-28  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm
	* Mpp/Recursive.pm (requote): Move to here.

2016-09-12  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/BuildCache.pm
	* Mpp/BuildCacheControl.pm
	* pod/makepp_extending.pod
	* t/run_tests.pl
	* t/builtins.test
	* t/log_graph.test
	* t/makeppreplay.test
	* t/perl.test
	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test
	* config.pl
	* install.pl: Prepare for optionally missing . in @INC as of 5.26.

2016-09-06  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Fix -I handling.

	* makepp
	* Mpp/Subs.pm
	* Mpp/Event.pm
	* Mpp/Recursive.pm (Recursive): Move rarely needed Event code to Recursive.

2015-08-09  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod
	* pod/html/*: Test Perl 5.22 and use some html5.

2015-07-13  trobador  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm
	* Mpp/Scanner.pm: Pick up paths from env vars.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm: Forgotten symbol rename.

2015-06-14  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Subs.pm(@system_*_dirs): Only pick up existing dirs.
	(f_infer_objects): Wrongly terminated regexps.

2015-05-15  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm: Fix against nested expansion. (Thanks to Max Baker)

2014-09-12  Max Vozeler  <xam@debian.org>

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod:
	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Fix occasional problem with ambiguous markup.

2014-08-13  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build_target_done):
	* Mpp/BuildCache.pm (get): Use "info:" instead of warning with "(OK)"

2014-08-03  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Harmonize diagnostic printing and switch it to GNU style.

2014-07-20  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp.pm
	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* makepp: Add --warn-undefined-variables.  Combine a few our declarations.

2014-07-08  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (grok_rule): Crazy indentation works.

2014-07-03  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Pattern rules can pick up phony dependencies (gmake compatibility), rule option :no-phony prevents that.
	(no_implicit_load): Also apply to directories created later.

	* Mpp/Cmds.pm (&template): handle same vs. different syntax beginnings.

2014-06-23  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (grok_assignment): Strip only the last newline in define (gmake compatibility).
	(grok_rule): Debug the found rule.

2014-06-10  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>


	* Mpp/Cmds.pm: Eliminate new 5.20 warning, that CPAN counts as failed test.
	(c_template): New macro @include(filename)@.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (read_makefile)
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Better show where errors come from.

2014-03-19  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (set_rule): A late found rule for a different dir can override a pattern rule.

2014-01-15  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Esql.pm
	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm: Treat C_INCLUDE_PATH et al., -static and -l: and optimize.  Few API changes.

	* Mpp/Text.pm (split_path): Extra arg for parsing native vars even on Cygwin.

2013-12-01  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm:
	* Mpp/*.pm: Parens now nest in expressions.
	Single quotes now ignore \.
	unquote: no longer works on regexp vars.
	(r)find_unquoted: rename *index_ignoring_quotes.

2013-10-13  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>


	* config.pl
	* t/run_all.t
	* t/run_tests.pl
	* t/**/*test: Improve hinting and always show it, except in --test.  Try harder to get test results.

	* pod/html/html.pl (emit_item_tag): Put Compatibility with Incompatibilities.

2013-08-18  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp.pm
	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm
	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* Mpp/Repository.pm
	* Mpp/Rule.pm
	* Mpp/Scanner.pm
	* makepplog: New var MAKEPP_DEBUG and show effect of mppl -c

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Evaluate some vars immediately.

2013-07-21  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (grok_rule): Allow % to be inside make-expression.

	* Mpp/Text.pm (index_ignoring_single_quotes): Eliminate.
	(index_ignoring_quotes, split_on_whitespace): New type-option.

2013-07-05  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl
	* config.pl: Installation defaults for html-doc and man have changed slightly.

2013-05-19  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Document the details of rc-style
	substitution and how to deal with border cases.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Better structure and sort -t need not modify $_.

2013-05-09  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp.pm (perform): Continue --loop after error.

	* Mpp/Glob.pm: Don't fully qualify own $allow_dot_files.

	* Mpp/File.pm (mark_as_directory): Obtain FULLNAME only once.

	* makeppinfo: With --force show unremembered_SIGNATURE instead of warning.

2013-04-22  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (exists_or_can_be_built): Revert and improve, we do need to recurse.

	* t/run_tests.pl
	* t/**/*.test: Fix globbing for answers.  Check signatures after mpp.  New hook $mod_answer.

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Simpler way to avoid wrong "used once" warning.

	* config.pl: Win doesn't grok prefix export notation.

2013-04-14  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Query build cache only if we use one.  Move some global bc and rep symbols and functions where they belong.

	* Mpp.pm (perform): Use map, to avoid spurious exit code.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (DefaultRule::execute): Fix returning status.

	* Mpp/DB.pm: New debug module.

2013-03-30  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp
	* Mpp/Rule.pm: find_all_targets_dependencies returns them already sorted.  sorted_dependencies wants list, not array.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (infer_objects): optimize

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Let infer_objects rules respect makepp_percent_subdirs.

	* install.pl
	* config.pl: Give more help about changing the perl binary.

2013-03-05  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>


2013-03-04  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (load_scaninfo_): Make private, don't force finding
	remembered deps, which may not be buildable any more
	(Mpp::DefaultRule::execute): No need for when_done.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (exists_or_can_be_built): Handle repository files
	differently, since a dep there may not be valid here (hidden by
	chmod 0).
	(set_additional_dependencies): Remove and splice into grok_rule.

	* Mpp/Glob.pm: Optimize.

	* LICENSE: Add copyright because Debian wants it.

2013-02-16  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Consistent and documented handling of perl instance including
	the possibility to install against /usr/bin/env.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm: Override-variable TMP.

2013-01-31  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm
	* makepp*: Fully move VERSION to Mpp::Text.

	* install.pl
	* config.pl: Fix help.

2013-01-20  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm
	* Mpp/Rule.pm
	* Mpp.pm: Move actual building to perform and implement --loop.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_find_{first_}upwards): Don't find file above ROOT, if present.

	* additional_tests/2003_10_11_idash.test: Wait for timestamp only if something was built.

2013-01-08  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl: Gzip manfiles if local system does that, Debian policy.

2012-12-29  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm
	* t/md5.test: New option makepp_signature_C_flat.

2012-12-28  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp
	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* Mpp/Recursive.pm
	* Mpp/Rule.pm
	* Mpp/Subs.pm
	* t/include.test: Defer decision about inexistant/stale include
	till end of makefile and reload if needed.

2012-11-12  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/BuildCache.pm
	* makepp: Rename build_cache_error_hook to Mpp::BuildCache::error_hook.
	Move build_dependencies_done code to new Mpp::BuildCache::get.  Optimize.

	* Mpp.pm: Rename *hits to $Mpp::{BuildCache,Repository}::hits.
	Make final print readable.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (grok_build_info_file): Rewrite as parser.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (execute): Suppress stale rep symlink warning.

2012-11-02  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: All pre-2.0 features which issued deprecated-warnings are
	eliminated, as are $Mpp::Makefile::legacy_functions and

2012-10-25  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>


	* Mpp/Text.pm: Handle new version scheme.

	* Mpp/Cmds.pm: Native Windows fails when closing --inpipe.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Log $(shell) command.  Use anonymous file handles to prevent races in async event handlers.

	* Mpp/Repository.pm
	* Mpp/CommandParser/Vcs.pm
	* Mpp/Event.pm: Use anonymous file handles to prevent races in async event handlers.

	* t/dry_run_what_if.test: Wait for child process to avoid random fail under high load.

2012-10-16  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Repository.pm (get): Do not propagate random $@.

2012-10-14  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>


	* Mpp/Repository.pm: Cope with rule producing symlink in repository.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (signature): Dangling symlinks also produce a signature, since they are legal (albeit funny) files.

	* Mpp/Scanner.pm
	* Mpp/Rule.pm: Optimize small functions.

	* Mpp/Text.pm
	* VERSION: n.m.98.i are snapshots, and n.m.99.i a release candidate.

2012-08-30  DP  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/*: Use our built in commands for tests.

	* Mpp/Cmds.pm (c_touch): utime not working as documented in 5.8.0.

	* makepp: Simplify Win workaround.

2012-07-05  Mike Frysinger  <vapier@gentoo.org>

	* install.pl: Fix DESTDIR.

2012-06-09  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Eliminate need for HP/UX hack, which was slightly buggy.

	* Mpp/File.pm
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Make stat_exe_separate a constant.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm: Use possibilities of PerlIO.

2012-05-29  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppinfo (--unremembered): New option.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (read_makefile): Run toplevel &cmds in correct dir.

	* *: Remove more 5.6-isms.

	* VERSION: i.j.9beta is development for i.j+1.

2012-05-23  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm
	* makepp*
	* Mpp/BuildCacheControl.pm
	* install.pl: Make sure help option is consistent with pod, and reflects if man and/or html is installed.

	* Mpp.pm: Fallback to --verbose if log file not writable.

2012-05-15  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: use v5.8 and eliminate many v5.6-isms

2012-05-12  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* makepp: This "x:y;a=1 cmd"' is not a target specific assignment.
	Accept -f -, both for gmake test suite. (Thanks to Ben S.)

	* makeppreplay (--sed): New option.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm: Store build info for mppr, even on initial fail.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm: Use valid attribute.

2012-03-25  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Upcase "GNU".

2012-03-19  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.0 makepp-2.0.tgz on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* makepp: Environment $ROOT is harmful to our builtin.

2012-03-04  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.0rc3 makepp-2.0rc3.tgz, technically 1.50-120304:20-0228:1-0207:5 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* *: Spellcheck pod and comments.

2012-02-28  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (expand_expression): In substitution reference add % to both or none. (Bug 3488851)
	(expand_variable): Extend builtin vars as though they were "=" assigned. (Bug 3488858)

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (save_build_info_tag_): Don't skip INCLUDE_PATHS if it contains only undef.

	* pod/html/Pod/Html.pm
	* pod/html/html.pl: Bundle 1.11 as newer ones are not compatible and broken. (Perl bug 110520)

2012-02-14  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl (have_cc):
	* t/**/*.test: Check for a C compiler, eliminating CPAN testers' false negatives.

2012-02-08  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Warn about multiline "# ... $[X]".

	* t/makeppreplay.test: Give hint about ccache bug (found by Mike Frysinger).

	* *: Fix many typos.

2012-01-22  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/html/html.pl:
	* pod/html/makepp.less: Create valid xhtml 1.1.

2012-01-19  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/html/makepp.{css,js}:
	* pod/html/html.pl: Add button to search and abbrevs to nav bar, remember its side.

	* install.pl: Convert index to better html, it was useless as Man anyway.

	* pod/makepp_faq.pod: Add safety question.

2012-01-11  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.0rc2 makepp-2.0rc2.tgz, technically 1.50-120111:3-0106:1-111204:2 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* makeppgraph (html): Use same folding cursors as new web site.

	* Mpp/Lexer.pm (lex_rule): Don't fail if shell command not understood.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (grok_rule): Singular $(ouptut) or $(target) also prevent legacy fallback.

	* t/additional_tests/xml.test: Only run if parser is free of warnings.

	* pod/*: Fixed broken links and cosmetic changes.

	* pod/html/*: Valid compact xhtml, tabs as sprite, refactored, and fixed links.

2012-01-06  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl:
	* pod/html/*: New doc and website design.  Thanks a lot to 조연희 (Jo Younhee) for the redesign of the camel at work logo with a hand crafted font!  And thanks to html-templates for the base artwork, which I modernized with the help of {less}.

	* pod/*: Some cleanup.

2011-12-04  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (make): Provide documented statement.

	* t/additional_tests/xml.test: Only run if parser works.

2011-11-25  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* Mpp/Text.pm
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Private extra parameter to filesubst, to handle $* correctly.

	* makepp: Turn pod into comments as this hid makepp.pod.

	* control: Create deb package.

2011-11-20  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Version 2.0rc1 makepp-2.0rc1.tgz, technically 1.50-111120:8-1107:3-1030:7 on sourceforge & CPAN.

Beware: this release has a more powerful signature syntax, which is not understood by older versions.
So don't call an older mpp on things built with this version, which includes from a repository you built in.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Statement signature now understands the keyword override.

	* Mpp/Signature/xml_space.pm
	* Mpp/Signature/xml.pm: New modules

	* makeppinfo: Handle directories by showing every file and warn if no build info.

2011-11-07  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Signature.pm: C can now also be extended with filename regexps.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm: Rescan on unknown sig method from build info instead of dying.

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Replace verilog_simulation_md5 by simple sig spec C.v.

2011-10-30  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (set_signature_class): Incorporates
	set_signature_method.  Always store name and method together, so
	mppr can pick it up from the build info and sign correctly.
	(load_scaninfo_single): Rescan if sig method changed, because that
	obsoletes old sigs.  Instead of exactly 'sys' & 'lib' to avoid
	should_find, avoid it only if those strings are contained,
	allowing various tags with this property.

	* Mpp/Scanner/Esqlc.pm:
	* Mpp/CommandParser/Esql.pm (usersys): New tag.

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm (tags): New overridable method.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm:
	* Mpp/Signature.pm (get): New signature function allows additional
	suffixes and c_compilation_md5 can be called as C.

	* makeppinfo: Fix undef warning.

2011-09-29  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: $Mpp::BuildCheck::default and $Mpp::Signature::default replace
	default_build_check_method and default_signature.  Statements build_check and signature now
	understand the keyword global.  Use them for option handling.

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm: Handle some weird icc/icl options.

	* makeppinfo: New option -d, --dates, --decode-dates.

2011-09-19  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm:
	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_call): Expand macro normally even in $[call], because it can't easily contain $[1].

	* makeppinfo: Now --traverse works even when SORTED_DEPS is not being displayed.  With --force
	also show the current SIGNATURE.

2011-09-15  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.110915.tgz, version 1.50-110915:6-0827:1-0806:6 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* makepp ($global_build_cache): Moved to $Mpp::BuildCache::global.
	Let appropriate s_ subs handle some options.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (read_makefile):
	* Mpp/Subs.pm (s_build_cache): Keywords can get passed to s_ subs, this one understands: global.

2011-09-08  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Subs.pm:
	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (read_block): Handle all multiline statements and give better diagnostics when incomplete.

2011-08-27  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Cmds.pm,
	* Mpp/Makefile.pm,
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Turn around parsing of makefiles, allowing spaces in var names.
	Turn define, export & global into internally processed keywords.

2011-08-06  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Recognize clang, icc & icl.  Optimize searching upwards for device boundary.

	* makepp (makepprc): Optimize searching upwards for device boundary.

	* Mpp/Lexer.pm: Check explicitly for sh -c vs. sh script -opt.

	* makeppclean: New option -d, --empty-directories

	* install.pl: Add rel-links.

2011-07-01  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm (relative_filename): Use new dir attribute xABSOLUTE
	to have other dirs than $root (e.g. c:, /cygdrive/c, $HOME/.. and
	$(ROOT)/..) for preferring absolute filenames, to increase build
	cache consistency.

	* *: In various classes prefix undef/exists booleans with 'x':

	* Mpp/Event.pm (start): Do real exec on Cygwin and MSYS.

	* makepplog (REMOVE): Also give the reason, which increased log version to 3.

2011-06-23  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/makepp_index.pod: New overall index.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add 5.12.4 and 5.14.1.

2011-06-21  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.110621.tgz, version 1.50-110621:8-0605:1-0507:2 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (expand_text): Also handle new args separator in
	opposite case (thanks to T. Helms).

	* Mpp/Glob.pm (wildcard_do): Replaces wildcard_action and
	needed_wildcard_action.  If wildcard ends with slash, apply only
	to dirs (needed by Linux kernel).  Extra arg to block only if not
	a wildcard.

	* Mpp/File.pm (path_file_info): Mark names with trailing slash as dir.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (set_{build_check,signature}_method_default):
	Eliminate almost useless functions.

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm
	* recursive_makepp: Move MAKEPP_IGNORE_OPTS to makepp, as it
	caused loading this before $depth initialized.  Fix $depth for

2011-06-05  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm (read_directory): Use the possibly newly created DIRCONTENTS, to not lose our changes.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm
	* Mpp/Repository.pm
	* Mpp/Subs.pm: Emulate VPATH and vpath

2011-05-20  pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm
	* install.pl: Try to have $(MAKE) without space when installed.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add 5.14.0.

2011-05-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (expand_variable): Pass lineno to $&, ...

	* Mpp/Subs.pm ($&, ...): Warn with lineno.

	* Mpp/Text.pm (format_exec_args): Pass comment sign to shell.

	* makepp (build_target_done): Say when there is no rule, instead of complaining about phony.

	* Mpp/Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo): Commas are no longer evil.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Don't use rc-substitution, which might be off.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add V5.12.3

2011-04-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.110417.tgz, version 1.50-110417:8-0123:1-0116:8 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm: More efficient check for makepp_simple_concatenation.
	(setup_environment): Since exporting MAKEFLAGS, we are sure to have EXPORTS.
	(expand_expression): Pass f_ arg as string or ref.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (arg, args): New functions.
	(f_*): Take a reference to expand allowing correct comma-splitting.
	(f_call): Correctly handle $0, $1, ... as normal variables.
	$(macro arg1,arg2) is now equivalent to $(call macro,arg1,arg2) if
	$(macro) is defined.  Thanks to Clemens Hintze for these ideas.

	* makeppinfo,
	* makeppreplay,
	* Mpp.pm: Move common use statement to Mpp.

2011-01-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Esql.pm (xparse_command): 5.13.7 no longer
	understands binding =~ to two alternate regexps in a ternary

	* pod/makepp_build_check.pod:
	* makeppinfo: Improve makeppinfo and its doc, expecially for
	understanding build check methods.  Also pair up ENV_DEPS & ENV_VALS.

2011-01-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.110116.tgz, version 1.50-110116:13-101224:4-1210:6 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* Mpp/Scanner.pm (find): Initial suffix '/' means: try others only
	for a name that has no suffix.

	* CommandParser/Esql.pm, Mpp/Scanner/Esqlc.pm: Handle all known
	kinds of embedded SQL preprocessors.  Rename to Esql as the
	commands are not specific to C.

	* makepp, Mpp/Recursive.pm, recursive_makepp,
	* t/recursive_variants.test: New option --hybrid and put a brake
	on deep recursion.

	* Mpp/CommandParser.pm, Mpp/FileOpt.pm, Mpp/Subs.pm,
	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Workaround for bug in new Cygwin (where
	stat() rarely reports an inexistent file to be a symlink) lead to
	cleaner implementation of $(phony xyz): xyz.exe

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm, Mpp/Fixer/Automake.pm, Mpp/Fixer/CMake.pm
	* makepplog, install.pl: New directory Fixer, to also fix CMake
	makefiles avoiding recursion.

	* config.pl: New version scheme caused an invalid installation
	makefile. (Thanks to Thomas Kluge)

	* t/additional_tests/2003_08_13_load_makefile_quotes.test:
	* t/wildcard_repository.test: NFS can use strange uid on own files.

2010-12-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm (mark_as_directory): Cache all upwards paths as
	otherwise a relative path might include ../thisdir (thanks to
	(relative_filename): Use this caching to simplify very much.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm: Warn about unsupported VPATH (thanks to Harald
	van Dijk) and ignore space after :build_cache.

	* Mpp/Repository.pm: Count mkdir failure as build error.

	* Mpp/Scanner/C.pm: Inside a <> include don't fall back to ""
	(cygwin/config.h caused a warning).

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (s_include): Also handle s__include.

2010-12-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm Fix regression from change to Mpp, whereby
	reload did not clear variables.
	(expand_variable): Move sub expansion here.

	* Mpp/Text.pm (index_ignoring_quotes, hash_neq): Accept 3rd argument.
	(max_index_ignoring_quotes): Optimize.
	(split_on_whitespace): Also parens delimit shell commands.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_map): Fix condition.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm: Actually drop old rule on reload.

	* Mpp/AutomakeFixer.pm (clean): Rename remove_automake_junk,
	handle empty subdir list and don't cheat by calling make.

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm: In traditional, start each make with a
	different logfile, and log it so you have a chance to find it.

	* Mpp/CommandParser.pm:
	* Mpp/Lexer.pm: Make found dependencies optional because in a
	complex action script not all commands are necessarily run.  Also
	parse backquoted commands.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm:

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (find_all_targets_dependencies): Remember expansion
	so functions won't be evaluated a 2nd time.

	* Mpp/BuildCheck/target_newer.pm (changed_dependencies): May not
	have been built yet.

	* makeppclean: New or changed options -k, -l & -m.

2010-11-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Reserve the term parse for command arguments.  Everything
	else is now grokked.

2010-11-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.101117.tgz, version 1.50-101117:18-1018:5-0929:8 on sourceforge & CPAN.

	* *: Cleanly distinguish between lexing, parsing and scanning.
	Fix skip-word without recursion and provide new variant for

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add 5.12.2 and more CPAN-tester

2010-10-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: Rename ActionParser to Lexer and only refer to it by that
	name, to get rid of previous chaos.

	* Mpp/ActionParser/Specific.pm, Mpp/ActionParser/Legacy.pm:
	Deprecate useless subclasses that make it hard to get skip-word

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (scan_action): Remove unused func.
	(find_all_targets_dependencies): Fix missing return value (thx to

2010-09-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* *: @Mpp::Text::N replaces individual numeric constants.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (load_build_info_file):
	* makeppinfo: With -f, --force show outdated info.

2010-09-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm (path_file_info): On Win translate \\ownhost\c$ to
	c: to find same file under different names and reduce $ problems.

	* Mpp/Cmds.pm (c_cp): Respect $MAKEPP_LN_CP.
	(c_mkdir): Handle --mode like Unix variant.

2010-09-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm (@common_opts): Also handle --help, getting it from
	__DATA__ everywhere.

	* Mpp.pm (perform): Don't duplicate error message at end.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif): Statements
	like sub must end with space -- don't be fooled by a rule for

	* makepp: Don't silently ignore gmake opts.  Instead
	$MAKEPP_IGNORE_OPTS allows controlling that, even -R is possible.

2010-09-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Don't remove a file that
	wasn't there when we last checked, warn if it appeared.

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm:
	* recursive_makepp: Fix protocol error on -j failure.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_origin): Same order as expansion and 'global'.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (MAKEPP_VERSION): New variable.
	($if_re): Refactor repeated regexp.

	*: Move version (and beta counting, now same for all progs and
	like snapshot names) to Mpp::Text.  Short opt -V.

2010-08-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Handle Shell keywords
	directly, so we catch variable assignment before the command.

	* Mpp/Scanner/C.pm (xscan_file): Have an informative warning about
	ignoring #include MACRO.

	* Many small compatibility changes:
	Provide functions abspath, realpath, and, or.
	Function suffix returns the dot too.
	Always set MAKEFLAGS.
	Allow special variables to be empty outside of rules.
	Allow depending on a phony that has no rule.
	Allow action prefix +.

	Implement --no-print-directory.
	New option --last-chance-rules.
	Option --no-warn centrally swallows every warn().
	Keep option handlers after 1st getopts, any might come recursively.
	Accept all unimplemented POSIX/gmake options silently.

2010-07-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm (STAT_UID, is_executable): Remove unused functions.
	(lstat_array): Skip STAT_UID.
	(read_directory): Keep the stats of files that were there
	before. (Reported by Clint O.)

	* install.pl: Start move to new pod2html ids and some fixes.

	* pod/*.pod: Complete documentation of all options.  Generate more
	readable index using new pod2html ids for all pods where it makes

	* makepp: Complete --help generated from pod/makepp_command.pod.

2010-06-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Find
	terminating ' to avoid missed rebuilds.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (execute_command): fork/exec on Cygwin and MinGW
	like on Unix.

	* Mpp/CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command):
	* Mpp/Scanner.pm: Eliminate useless add_dependency.

	* Mpp/Text.pm (pattern_substitution): Optimize.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add 5.12.1 and more CPAN-tester

2010-04-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.100422.tgz, version 1.50-04221-02242-02094 on CPAN.

	* Mpp/Utils.pm (Mpp::Rewrite::cwd): Work around a 5.12.0 crash.

	* install.pl, pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Mention 5.12 as working.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Mention --sandbox as a workaround for -j
	on native Win.

2010-02-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (parse_rule):
	* t/rule_include.test: Use :scanner none if :include file found.

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Order options alphabetically.

	* makepplog (instdir): Erstwhile workaround for 5.11 deprecation.

	* pod/makepp_rules.pod, pod/makepp_faq.pod: Update about new
	behaviour of :include.

	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Remove long outdated limitation of
	only parsing the 1st command of an action.  Explain about

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add more tested versions.

2010-02-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (parse_rule):
	* makepp (build_target_done):
	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (set_additional_dependencies): Handle :include of
	generated dependency file. (Suggested by Yoni Londner)
	(get_rule): Remove unneeded label colliding with a reserved word
	in Perl 5.11.

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (scanner_none):
	* Mpp/ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Keep promise that scanner none
	shuts up.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (sorted_dependencies): Use only NAME for same
	dependency given multiply.

	* t/rule_include.test: New test.

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Handle :include & :last_chance.

2009-12-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (scanner_skip_word): Make it work per rule.
	(s_register_scanner): Make prefix "scanner_" optional and allow

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Allow "-" in :scanner.

	* Mpp/ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Suppress "action scanner not
	found" warning with skip-word.  Clearer suggestion.

	* Mpp/Rule.pm (parser): Simplify.

	* t/additional_tests/2009_12_27_skip_word_unix.test: New test.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Mention primacy of RootMakeppfile.

	* pod/makepp_rules.pod: Explain pitfall of :scanner.

	* pod/makepp_scanning.pod: Mention all command parsers explicitly.

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod (register_scanner): Mention changes.

2009-09-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Some (only Solaris?) perls hang when changing $0 before

	* makeppclean (deletable):
	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (load_build_info_file):
	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_clean.test: Fix regression about
	cleaning files modified outside of mpp.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif)
	* t/builtins.test: Have exactly 1 space for continuation \, gmake
	compatibility issue reported by Adam McLaurin.

	* recursive_makepp: Optimize reading.

2009-07-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Text.pm (pattern_substitution): Remove gmake incompatible
	restriction of needing % in patsubst replacement. (Thanks to Jason

	* Mpp/Subs.pm (f_info): Provide missing function.
	(f_basename, f_dir, f_dir_noslash, f_join, f_notdir, f_sort)
	(f_subst, f_suffix): Optimize.

	* Mpp/Recursive.pm: Move traditional-rec end message here.

	* install.pl: Check for V5.6 before any compiler errors kick in.

2009-03-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, makeppreplay: Use __DATA__, to fix --help.

	* Mpp.pm (log): Try unwritable logfile only once.

	* config.pl, install.pl: Provide $DESTDIR for Gentoo's indirect install.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Give hints when tests fail.

	* Mpp/Utils.pm: Rename package Rewrite to Mpp::Rewrite.

	* Mpp/FileOpt.pm (version): Don't put DOS newline into $VERSION if
	unpacked wrongly.

2009-02-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.090221.tgz, version 1.50-02212-021122-02107 on CPAN.

	* Mpp/Makefile.pm (expand_variable):
	* Mpp/Subs.pm (s_global): Rename package global to Mpp::global.

	* makeppgraph, makepplog, Mpp/Utils.pm, t/log_graph.test: Rename
	package Rewrite to Mpp::Rewrite.

	* install.pl: Don't put DOS newline into $VERSION if unpacked wrongly.

2009-02-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/File.pm: Export generously, saving a lot of qualifying all

2009-02-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Huge change: all symbols in package main moved to package Mpp.
	Mpp/Frame.pm becomes Mpp.pm.

2009-02-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Huge change: all modules moved to package Mpp.

2009-02-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Move options for subclasses into
	singleton, saving silly wrappers.

	* BuildCheck/symlink.pm: Remove deprecated check.

2009-02-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm, Makesubs.pm: Cleanly separate these modules, and
	make the latter "our" based.

2009-01-31  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Mpp/Frame.pm: New module picks up many things that used to be in

	* makeppreplay: Use new module to handle signals properly and do

	* Makecmds.pm (print): Respect --sync-lines in replacement (but
	not in input file).

2009-01-08  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, Rule.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: Handle all variants of
	symlink changes.  With --rm-stale also rm files whose stale
	dependencies get rm`ed, or where it can't initially be decided if
	it's really stale.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Extend arch-change explanation to any
	similar pairs.

	* makeppreplay (load_build_info_file): A single DEP_SIGS looks
	like a content_based sig, but isn't.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Add page break between makepp* invocations and
	backup log files.

	* t/additional_tests/2009_01_08_symlink.test: New test.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stale_repository.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_11_02_repository_rmstale.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_31_stale.test: Test more stale files
	being removed.

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod: Document how to debug perl {}.

2008-12-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Fix -c.
	(perform): Concat current to previous error message and don't say
	"no update necessary" when we abort with an error.

	* stress-test.pl (StressTestUtils.pm): Make it a normal module so
	it can be loaded by mppr.

2008-12-14  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50.081214.tgz, version 1.50-12149-11231-10151 on CPAN.

	* makeppreplay, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm, Rule.pm
	* Scanner.pm: Update mppr-modified or -recognized build infos, and
	mark them with new info RESCAN.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Remember relative path for &cmd

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Recognize all known Shells.

	* Makecmds.pm (&cp): New opt --symlink.

	* makepp (build_target_done): Calculate SORTED_DEPS and DEP_SIGS
	only once, because they are the same for all targets.

	* makeppinfo: Warn about missing files, but show build info even
	if sig mismatches.  In that case don't show SIGNATURE.

2008-11-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppreplay, t/makeppreplay.test: New very fast command and test.

	* makepp, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm, Rule.pm, Utils.pm:
	Support makeppreplay by differentiating via new constant MAKEPP.

	* FileInfo.pm: Don't leave testfile on Windows.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Use simpler filename accessor.

	* makeppbuiltin, makeppgraph: Support Perl style -Mmod=arg,...

2008-11-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Default of running only basic tests works again.
	Each test now gets its own tdir, to avoid (Windows) problems where
	it couldn't be cleaned because it was randomly locked.
	($source_path): "our" for finding builtins.test.
	(-b, -k, -m, -n & -s): New options.

	* t/run_all.t: Path to makepp and -n moved to run_tests.pl.  '--'
	passes through options.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test: Adapt to
	run_tests change.

2008-10-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Mention Strawberry Perl as working.

	* makepp: Rewrite on Win ActiveState only up to 5.8.6.

2008-09-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (find_root_makefile_upwards): When importing a
	RootMakeppfile from a repository, check that this hadn't been done
	previously in a lower directory.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Add dependency on user perl
	command in such a way that it will not occasionally be temporarily

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Fix evaluation order.

	* Glob.pm, FileInfo.pm (dir_stat_array):
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (build_info_string): Optimize.

2008-09-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm, Makesubs.pm: Make
	EXISTS be undef/exists based, to save quite some memory.

	* Repository.pm (symlink): Move here from FileInfo.pm, as nobody
	else uses it.

2008-09-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Rule.pm, makepplog
	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stale_repository.test: Handle
	stale symlinks in, via or without repository cleanly.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Use cheaper "unless".

	* makeppgraph (--up, --down): Accept these advertised options.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Fix find-program doc to "not-found".

2008-08-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built_or_remove): Treat
	chmod 0 as inexstant, rather than internal error.

2008-08-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50-cvs-080810.tgz, version 1.50-08093-08048-07303 on CPAN.

	* BuildCache.pm, FileInfo*.pm: Use POSIX::S_IS* instead of hard
	wired non portable constants.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod, pod/makepp_compatibility.pod:
	Document z/OS as mostly working.

2008-08-04  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm, t/perl.test: Abolish the undocumented fancy
	renaming of only '.' to '_dot_'.

	* makepp (find_makepp_info, ..._register): Abolish wrapper useful
	only when FileInfo was object oriented.

	* Makesubs.pm: Directly get my $cwd, when that was all $makefile
	was used for.

	* *: Don't call unquote_split_on_whitespace in loops which can
	call both parts directly.  'my $x =' and '$x =~' is cheaper than
	'local $_ =' is cheaper than 'local *_ = \' is cheaper than 'for'.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &cut -p.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Use getopts and make installed makepp or mpp
	testable again.

	* t/run_all.t (-?, -S): New options.

2008-07-30  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* ActionParser.pm (add_any_dependency_):
	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check):
	* Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo):
	* Makefile.pm (load):
	* Scanner.pm (find):
	* FileInfo.pm (file_info): Handle simple file names efficiently.
	(path_file_info): Renames old file_info.  No longer takes a ref --
	adapted the three calling places.  Handle C:\temp/foo on Windows
	and //bin/ls not as a server share.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (update_build_infos): Inline minimal file_info.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_*_filename): Optimize.

	* t/run_tests.pl (un_spar): Simplify.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod, t/builtins.test: Document and test -r0.

2008-07-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Repository.pm: Revert code to package FileInfo, because it uses
	it so much, and because some symbols hadn't been qualified.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (version): Give same output as installed beta.

	* config.pl, t/: Renames makepp_tests for conformance with Perl
	test frameworks.

	* t/run_all.t: Send mail with details only when run by CPAN testers.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add findings of CPAN testers.

	* t/wildcard_repository.test, pod/makepp_repositories.pod: chmod 0
	masking doesn't work for user root.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test: Be more robust
	about finding base test.

	* t/log_graph.test: Rewriting rules need a minimum directory depth.

	* t/spar, t/additional_tests/spar_unix.test: Give better warnings.

	* install.pl, t/run_tests.pl, makepp: Move rewriting for broken
	perls to uninstalled makepp, to be sure it gets performed before

2008-07-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation, scanner_gcc_compilation):
	* Makefile.pm (load):
	* ActionParser.pm (find_command_parser):
	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (new_no_gcc, xset_preproc_vars):
	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm (new):
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm (xparse_command):
	Handle difference between gcc and others via regexp, due to the
	many names (sometimes including version numbers) gcc can take.
	And only put deviating entries in per-Makefile scanner hash.

	* Makefile.PL, t/run_all.t: New files.

2008-06-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_origin): Simplify.
	* Makefile.pm (expand_variable): Inline $(*F) et al, to save a few
	subs.  Allow value to be a string.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm (parse_arg): Also depend on config file.

	* ActionParser.pm, CommandParser.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Rule.pm
	* makepp: Don't use list slices, as they are even more expensive
	than modifying @_.

2008-06-02 Clemens Hintze <c.hintze@gmx.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_call): Add new make function with similar
	functionality as in GNU Make.  One may use this function to expand
	a variable's contents as a macro.

	* t/variable_expansion.test (misc_gnu_make_functions):
	Add tests for new builtin function 'f_call'.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Describe the new builtin function

	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod: Remove the reference to
	$(call) in the incompatibilities to GNU Make.

	* install.pl: Add 'call' as keyword to be highlighted in html doc.

2008-06-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stale_repository.test:
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file):
	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Remove logic whereby a file stayed
	rep based without being respecified as such.  This was bad because
	as the rep evolved, the build tree would stay based only on what
	remains of the old part, not noticing new files.  Also it was
	badly implemented, because it would not notice if the file should
	now come from a higher priority rep.

	* Repository.pm, RecursiveMake.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm
	* Makesubs.pm, install.pl, Rule.pm, makepp: Move all functions
	needed only for repositories or recursive make to separate

	* t/run_tests.pl, makepp (makepprc): Look for and load file .makepprc.
	(usage): Inline it, putting text into DATA section to save memory.

	* Makecmds.pm (frame):
	* TextSubs.pm (getopts): Optimize and handle -A only centrally.

	* BuildCache.pm:
	* FileInfo.pm (STAT_VECTOR): Eliminate const which wasn't getting
	(STAT_GID, is_writable): Eliminate const which was only used for a
	single dir.
	(STAT_DEV, lstat_array): Store it only on dirs, as it never got
	used for files.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Repair -idirafter.

	* recursive_makepp: Don't make protocol error give a perl warning.

2008-05-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (split_actions, execute_command):
	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Change split_actions again for
	even less string copying.

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done, build_target_done):
	* Makesubs.pm (f_MAKE): Don't match every action for
	recursive_makepp up to three times, unless we actually expanded

	* **/* (FileInfo::case_sensitive_filenames): Constant replaces var
	for saving very many run-time checks, overridable by environment

	* t/additional_tests/2007_08_15_no_extra_fork_unix.test:
	Ascertain that we exec even if an empty expansion follows.

2008-05-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (split_actions): Change return value for less copying.
	(execute_command): Less copying and adapt to split_actions.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Less copying and adapt to

	* TextSubs.pm (::PERL): Default to $^X.

	* install.pl: Use standard ::PERL.
	(substitute_file): Copy to mpp* where linking fails.  Create .bat
	wrappers on MSWin.

	* config.pl: Introduce short opts, protect $ in Makefile and
	eliminate 5.6 prompts to make it testable.

	* t/additional_tests/2008_05_21_install.test: New.

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod (--gullible): Clarify better.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Give examples what accidents a
	RootMakeppfile and the new non-nesting policy prevents.

2008-05-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50-cvs-080517.tgz, version 1.50-051710-05101-05084 on CPAN.

	* Rule.pm (exec_or_die, execute_command):
	* MakeEvent.pm (start):
	* makepp (END, @close_fhs): Also put in STD* for correct file
	handling with _exit.  Flush before fork in 5.6.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_MAKE): Allow recursion on Cygwin.

	* t/recursive_make.test: Rename without '_unix'.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_template): Rewrite so as to not handle @@ before
	earlier @ on same line.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Improve diagnostics.
	(no_md5): New constant.
	(system_intabort): Optional argument to die with proper message.
	(makepp): Make it interruptible.
	(slow_rmtree): New hopefully safer function.

	* TextSubs.pm (::is_perl_5_6): New constant.
	(::is_windows): Centrally define it here.

	* FileInfo.pm, makeppclean, makeppgraph, makeppinfo, makepplog
	* Utils.pm: Ensure that HOME is set centrally in FileInfo.pm.

2008-05-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (perform):
	* Makesubs.pm (f_mktemp):
	* MakeEvent.pm (start): Also fork on Cygwin and MinGW, but not Win
	ActiveState.  Cleanup mktemp files which only subprocess knows

	* t/builtins.test: Use RootMakeppfile to be sure where
	install logs go.

	* t/parallel.test: Rename without '_unix'.

	* **/*: Win fixes.

2008-05-08  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Change link checking such that even
	Win ActiveState can test build cache.  Skip Shell scripted tests
	where we don't have a Shell.  Abort if aaasimple fails.  Report
	more single letter skip reasons when dotting.

	* FileInfo.pm ($stat_exe_separate): New var for Win.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Be smart about appending .exe.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Change the Windows xyz - xyz.exe magic,
	so you can put deps on xyz.  This still doesn't support an install
	target that picks up xyz.

	* * (is_windows): Differentiate ActiveState as 1 with a Shell,
	else as 2.

	* **/*: Lots of little fixes to support Cygwin and MinGW MSYS
	well, and pass most tests with Win ActiveState.

2008-04-26  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm, Utils.pm:
	* Makefile.pm (_truthval):
	* ActionParser.pm (find_command_parser):
	* makepp: Ensure that HOME is set.  Enhance is_windows: negative
	means Unix-like (Cygwin, MinGW MSYS), positive means Shell- and
	coreutils-less (ActiveState).

	* FileInfo.pm (is_writable): Revert to immediately deleting

	* Makecmds.pm (run_forked): Eliminate obsolete function.

2008-04-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepplog (instdir),
	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk,
	* ActionParser.pm (find_command_parser),
	* FileInfo.pm (file_info),
	* t/run_tests.pl (makeppextra.pm),
	* t/**/*.test: Adapt to native Windows.

	* Makesubs.pm (%Makesubs::scanners): Add dietlibc and .exe forms.
	(f_find_program): Also do full path from relative path and return
	.exe iff full path requested.
	(%perl_unfriendly_symbols): $/ new variable.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (_valid_alt_versions): Make
	ALTERNATE_VERSIONS be exists() based.

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done),
	* Rule.pm (execute): Remove redundant call to may_have_changed.

2008-04-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (flush_log): Don't autovivify $logfh:
	(perform): Clean up end messages.

	* Makefile.pm (_truthval): Less string manipulations and always be
	case sensitive on ifsys.
	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Check for nested RootMakeppfiles and
	explain why.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Remove redundant flush.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program):
	* t/additional_tests/2003_10_11_idash.test:
	* t/md5.test: Fix executable dependency on Win.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk:
	* t/log_graph.test: Guard against both Win compilers
	being 'cl' (which gave 'ifeq cl cl'), and don't pass it the
	deprecated -o option.  Fix renamed percent_subdirs.

	* t/changed_inputs.test, t/verilog.test:
	Port to native Win.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Handle PATH in native Win syntax.

2008-02-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (propagate_interrupts): Drop unused sub.
	(build): Fix dont_build handling, so it gives a warning when an
	inexistent file was specified, for which we might have found out
	later it's phony.
	(load_repository_recurse): Only loop once, and don't recurse into
	single files.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built),
	* Rule.pm (load_scaninfo): Check if we have ALTERNATE_VERSIONS.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_26_exit_status.test,
	* Makesubs.pm (f_shell): Like gmake, don't fail if cmd fails.

	* pod/makepp_rules.pod (Special characters): Clarify quoting.

2008-01-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Add 5.10.0 tests.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (get_from_rep): Count rep_hits only when
	actually fetched.

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Add Parasoft Insure++.

	* install.pl: Also install new makeppinfo.pod.

	* makepp: Remove autoload comment, which can't work due to
	(log): Don't start subprocess for --no-log.

	* makeppgraph, t/log_graph.test: Make dot-nodes almost
	opaque, rather than almost transparent.

	* Utils.pm: Use the long command name for messages and

2007-12-14  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp ($progname): Set to constant 'makepp'.
	(%automake_garbage): Make it exists() based.
	(build_dependencies_done): Log UP_TO_DATE => $all_targets.
	(build_target_done): Don't swallow message if $implicit_phony.
	(perform): Don't say "targets failed" as last words, when there
	were none.  Also mention rep and BC imports, to keep superficial
	people from wondering.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (get_from_rep): New name for
	move_or_link_target, which neither moved, nor was restricted to
	(load_build_info_file): Unlink corrupt build info, or it can stay
	around for ever.

	* Makecmds.pm (print): Use much faster syswrite.
	(&cp, &mv, &ln): Assume cwd as dest, if only one arg given, as
	does Unix ln.

	* Rule.pm (build_cache): Small optimization.

	* makeppgraph (--graphviz): Make nodes translucent and put edges
	(--html): New format.

	* makepplog (N_REP_HITS): New key.

2007-10-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppinfo (--traverse): Don't recurse unless given twice.

	* Glob.pm (wildcard_action_shared): Eliminate to reduce stack

	* FileInfo.pm (lstat_array): Optimize.
	(is_symbolic_link, stat_array): Call lstat_array only if needed.

	* pod/makepp_faq.pod (unnecessary recreation): Extend point.

2007-10-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (file_info): Properly dereference dirs, preventing a
	chain of links giving an absolute_filename as though it was root.
	Reproducible in real build, but not narrowed down, so no test case.

	* makepplog (--keys): Allow ^ instead of ! as some shells swallow that.

	* makeppinfo (--keys, --quiet, --traverse): New opts.

2007-10-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cat): Ensure sync lines start at bol.

2007-09-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (load_repository): Die if rep not found.

	* makepplog (-t, --tabulate): New option.

	* install.pl, makepp* (@BASEVERSION@): New var and complete doc.

	* Makecmds.pm (print, frame):
	* t/builtins.test: Ensure sync lines start at bol.

2007-09-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Also count phonies without action (the usual case),
	output them in N_FILES and output a short statistic if something
	was built, as a final acknowledgement (all colleagues want this ;-).

	* makepplog, **.test: Also output phonies in N_FILES.

	* Scanner.pm (find):
	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check): Protect against
	autovivifying DIRCONTENTS.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Handle .exe for ActiveState on

2007-09-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (%info_string): Also remember libs.

	* Rule.pm (load_scaninfo_single): Don't turn on should_find for
	libs behind the back of the scanner.

	* makepplog (FILE): Fix last extension to not accumulate all

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Document a few makepp_* vars.

2007-09-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Makesubs.pm
	(@system_include_dirs): List of strings, instead of converting
	back on each access.
	(@system_lib_dirs): New var to prevent newly appearing warning.

	* makepplog (FILE): Merge the often numerous adjacent CACHED_DEP
	messages into one.

	* Makefile.pm (assign): Handle &= like += eliminating an error
	through inconsistent var handling.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (group): Workaround for a bug in some
	Solaris 5.6.1 versions.

2007-09-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build): Print and return an error when a dont-build
	doesn't exist.
	(build_target_done): Check new variable $(makepp_require_phony) to
	see whether to allow implicit phonyness.  This variable should be
	on by default, to prevent broken dependency chains, but that would
	break backward compatibility with sloppy makefiles.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_03_minusk.test: Check that
	we fail when --dont-build doesn't exist and optionally when a
	non-phony file didn't appear.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Replace $File::maybe_open with
	$unsafe, and also use it to cd back if more actions are performed.

	* Makecmds.pm: Use $Rule::unsafe.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Also understand .obj and .dll.

	* t/additional_tests/2007_05_15_autoload.test: Don't
	rely on Shell having a source command.

2007-09-04  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser.pm, makepp, t/c_compilation.test:
	* pod/makepp_command.pod:
	Add --no-path-executable-dependencies.

	* FileInfo.pm, t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test:
	Fixed a couple of places in which the name of $root was
	misrepresented as '//' instead of '/'.

	* Makefile.pm, t/conditionals.test:
	* pod/makepp_statements.pod:
	Add iftrue statement.

	* Rule.pm:  Issue warnings for missing include files when replaying
	cached scanner info.  (The current heuristic for determining when to
	do so is less than ideal.)

	* t/additional_tests/2007_08_15_no_extra_fork_unix.test:
	Resurrect SLEEP option, and update a stale comment.

2007-08-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org> (checked in 2007-09-05)

	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_19_repository_change.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test:
	Dry run when testing relevance.

	* t/additional_tests/2007_01_31_build_check_ignore_action.test:
	Don't rely on /usr/bin/perl being available.

	* t/additional_tests/2007_08_15_no_extra_fork_unix.test:
	Don't start Shell command with metacharacters, as some shells will
	implicitly exec it, making ppid be that of makepp itself.

	* t/additional_tests/2007_02_02_md5_bchk_phony_dep.test:
	Rename from 2007_02_02_build_check_phony_dep.test for md5

2007-08-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppgraph (-p, --plain, -s, --separate-directions, -t)
	(--text): New options and format.

	* t/log_graph.test: Test new options and text format.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_12_condscan.test: Handle
	.obj and integrate stucturally similar 2006_03_21_smartscan.test
	and 2006_03_23_c_comments.test.

2007-08-22  David Wojtowicz  <wojtow@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Understand pseudo dot targets like
	.PHONY on case insensitive filesys.

	* makepp (perform): Pass 2 vars by ref to getopts making options
	work again.

2007-08-20  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2007_08_20_phony_include.test:
	Use 'exists ...{IS_PHONY}' instead of '...{IS_PHONY}' for all
	of the 2007-08-16 changes.

2007-08-16  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm (cache_file), makepplog:
	Add cache filename to log messages for populating the cache.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (get_rule), Makefile.pm (load), Makesubs.pm:
	* makepplog, pod/makepp_statements.pod:
	* t/additional_tests/2007_05_15_autoload.test:
	Add s_autoload.

	* CommandParser.pm (parse_command), Makesubs.pm (f_find_program):
	Don't add executable dependencies for built-ins, and don't consider
	autoloads or last chance rules for executables in the PATH.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_first_available, f_foreach):
	Use the directory of the current makefile, which is not necessarily
	the same as the current directory.  Die instead of leaving a
	literal `$(foreach)' to be interpolated later, because that can
	cause nasty problems if it isn't.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (move_or_link_target, update_build_infos):
	* makepp, makepplog, pod/makepp_command.pod:
	* t/additional_tests/2003_12_05_phony_repository.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2007_01_31_build_check_ignore_action.test:
	Add --symlink-in-repository-as-file and --virtual-sandbox.
	Keep track of build cache hits.  Never suppress `Imported... from
	build cache', because that makes it too mysterious.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2007_05_09_dont_build.test:
	Don't keep searching for rules that have already been built.
	Don't consider a phony target as a buildable file, even if there
	is a rule to build it.  Die if a source file is also a phony
	target, because there is no safe action in that case.
	Shortcut set_rule when the file is set for dont-build.
	Phony targets can be stale too.  Allow the removal of stale
	repository links outside the sandbox (possibly risky, but
	better than the alternative).

	* Makefile.pm (load, assign, parse_assignment, parse_rule):
	* t/last_chance.test:
	Die if the attempt to build a makefile fails.  A target-specific
	assignment has the scope of the current expression and its
	sub-expressions, but *not* of any other espressions that happen
	to be evaluated in the process.  Verify that a last chance target
	matches at least one of its patterns.

	* Rule.pm (exec_or_die):
	* t/additional_tests/2007_08_15_no_extra_fork_unix.test:
	Don't do an extra fork on the last action unless there is something
	to do afterwards.

	* Scanner.pm (add_include_suffix):
	Avoid inadvertent modification of multiple suffix lists through a
	reference (which is now possible because suffix lists are cached
	and shared).

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm:
	Fix handling of -v and -y to match VCS.

	* TextSubs.pm (is_object_or_library_name, getopts):
	* pod/makepp_command.pod:
	Shared library name need not include a version number.  Add
	--argsfile option.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check):
	* t/additional_tests/2007_02_02_build_check_phony_dep.test:
	Suppress a warning.  Update a comment.

2007-08-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppgraph (@file_attr): Also highlight .obj and .dll.

	* t/stress_tests/build_cache_concurrent.test: Respect
	given time, clean as long as there are children, make forcing
	bc-copies controllable, don't create cache if one is specified and
	make cleaning optional so you can start this test multiply with a
	grouped cache.

	* t/additional_tests/*.test: Adapt to Windows native

	* t/log_graph.test: Integrate Windows variants by
	rewriting output rather than having a separate copy.

2007-07-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50-cvs-070728.tgz, version 1.50-07281-07203-07172 on CPAN.

	* t/stress_tests/build_cache_concurrent.test: Only
	optionally fail on a collision, as it can take seconds to happen
	on a single processor, beyond default duration.  Allow starting
	any number of concurrent makepps, for huge stress.

	* t/build_cache.test: Create a flat build cache and
	look for the files via Shell patterns, as find fails on
	Vista (probably picked up a useless non-Cygwin find).

	* t/md5.test: Check if it created .obj so it can also
	work with a Windows native compiler.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_stats): New command.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Remove deterring warning, since
	build caches are well tested in the meanwhile.  Document stats.

	* makepplog: Don't hang if makepp got killed and produced a truncated log file.
	(-f, --follow): New option.

	* Dump.pm: Use standard suppression of import mechanism.  Offer
	more rewriting and options.

2007-07-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* MakeEvent.pm ($child_exited): Use cheaper undef for false.
	(process_finished): Mark failed non-CODE waiters as finished too,
	else they can hang.
	(wait_for): Simplify by using only one var, and maybe calling
	reaper directly.

	* makepp (perform): Don't sleep, event_loop does it for us.

	* FileInfo.pm (absolute_filename): Don't output root as empty.
	(file_info): Handle //server/share directly, instead of
	complicating the loop.

2007-07-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (parse_build_info_file): Be a little less
	strict about what is a corrupt file, making this a lot simpler.
	(NEEDS_BUILD_UPDATE): Turn it into an exists flag.
	(build_info_fname): Don't call absolute_filename.
	(load_build_info_file): Unwind the convoluted conditions, which
	allows to checks less.
	(exists_or_can_be_built_norecurse, move_or_link_target): Cache
	BUILD_INFO so we don't load it twice.

	* makepp (build): Supply the dependency directly as the potential
	error value.

	* MakeEvent.pm (when_done): ERROR may be the status value.
	(start): Don't actually call CONST0.

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Parse strings
	more cheaply.

2007-07-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (split_on_whitespace): Implement directly, instead
	of dragging args through a wrapper.
	(join_with_protection): Copy only strings we modify.

	* MakeEvent.pm (MakeEvent::Process::new): Since @pending_processes
	are ours, call start as a function, not via method lookup.
	(process_reaper): Pickup all defuncts as early as possible (they
	could hang around for minutes), then spawn new processes if
	available, and only then do internal chores.

	* FileInfo.pm: Rename SHORTEST_FULLNAME to FULLNAME to reflect
	recent change of semantics.
	(reset_shortest_fullname, traverse): Eliminate unused functions.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm (parse_arg): Rename SHORTEST_FULLNAME to
	FULLNAME.  Call dirinfo, instead of assuming it's already cached
	its value.

	* makepp (log): Rename SHORTEST_FULLNAME to FULLNAME.

	* Rule.pm (print_build_cwd): Optimize by initializing
	last_build_cwd and by knowing that we only leave dirs we have
	entered, so FULLNAME is set.
	(execute): Flush before copy.

2007-07-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* MakeEvent.pm (*::start): Fix a MAJOR bug (as old as makepp's cvs
	history), whereby makepp -kj<n> would ignore failures if a later
	dependency of the same target succeeded.  This would cause
	whatever output was there after a failure to be picked up as
	(*): Pass an extra argument to start, to prevent the above fix,
	when juggling attributes to get the error handler run.
	(when_done): Make the order of arguments compulsory and allow only
	one function, which is how this was used anyway.  This eliminates
	much copying and complex logic.
	(process_reaper): Don't pass argument to POSIX constant.

	* makepp (build): Don't go through when_done for undef handles.
	(perform): Don't butcher the last n-1 processes in makepp -kj<n>.
	This prevents the annoying [signal 15] messages after an error,
	intead building all that can be.  Turns out this also prevents a
	race (introduced 04-12-18) where, when a process came back and
	made another startable, just as makepp was finishing,
	critical_sections would be increased again.  This would either
	cause an endless loop or even make makepp uninterruptible.
	(print_profile): Eliminate msg stuff, now handled by caller.

	* Rule.pm (execute): Use File::Copy instead of printing line by
	(exec_or_die, execute_command): Don't copy cmd around, just for
	(find_all_targets_dependencies): Keep sub constant, by not using

	* t/parallel_unix.test (z): New test case that -kj2 is
	now reliable.

2007-07-04  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (read_directory, unlink): Also delete LSTAT and
	other info about actual file, as otherwise lstat_array won't set
	EXISTS and file_exists will fail even though the file had been
	lstatted successfully.
	(relative_filename): Cache relative pathes between directories.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Copy only those parameters that
	actually get used.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Fix int in FileInfo too for HP/UX

2007-07-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (file_info): Let split remove trailing slashes.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check): Check if file is in
	build_cwd, rather than calling file_info.
	(build_cache_key): Don't copy command twice.  As we append NAME to
	the key anyway, store relative path of only the dir, and only if
	not '.'.

	* Scanner.pm (find): Check if file is in base, rather than calling
	file_info.  Flatten if-nesting a bit.

2007-06-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Glob.pm (wild_to_regex, wildcard_action_shared): Anchor
	wildcards only at the beginning and/or (typically) at the end as
	needed and remember whether they are to span multiple directories.
	That way a typical wildcard becomes \.c$ rather than the old
	expensive ^[^/]+\.c$

	* FileInfo.pm (dereference): Eliminate the flaky heuristic whereby
	the shorter of the two names applies to both files.  For one thing
	this could mean that makepp uses a different name as it discovers
	a shorter one.  For another, if the build dir name was shorter
	than the repository name, when the repository file changed makepp
	would recreate the link as a cycle onto itself.
	This was documented as giving varying automounted directories a
	consistent name -- if there is a need for such a feature, it
	should be made reliable through explicit aliasing.
	(file_info): Optimize through less string copying.
	(publish): Optimize by not, just for anchoring, interpolating
	wildcard regexp into another one.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (get_rule): Optimize by not, just for
	anchoring, interpolating wildcard regexp into another one.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): Don't short circuit $found loop,
	so that chown or &$delete occur for all group members.

2007-06-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Use PATTERN_RULES instead of
	PATTERN_LEVEL to keep track of which rules were used to produce
	present file.  This allows pattern rule chains of any
	length.  (Bug #1738675 reported by Jeff Smith.)

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule): Flatten the nesting of ifs.  Use

	* Glob.pm (wildcard_action_shared): Optimize away intermediate copy.

	* t/pattern_rule.test: Test that we can have long
	chains of pattern rules, but that the same rule doesn't get
	applied twice.

	* makepp, TextSubs.pm (format_exec_args): As a few
	systems (including Solaris) still have a Posix uncompliant Bourne
	Shell under /bin/sh, look for XPG4 Shell.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod (SHELL): Document it and its various
	default values.

2007-06-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): New options --newgrp and
	--symlink-check.  Wipe build info with no member.  Reset atime
	only if we read the file, as this messes up ctime.
	(c_show): Don't complain about --sort when --verbose.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Document new clean options.

	* TextSubs.pm (format_exec_args): Allow negating a command with

	* t/conditionals.test (Makeppfile): Test that ! is

	* Makecmds.pm (frame): Die on unreadable input files.
	(print): Repeat #line when outputting a multiline text from same
	source line.

2007-06-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: Document new base functions.
	(groupfind): Slight optimization.
	(c_clean): New option -i, --build-info-check, no longer performed
	automatically, as it's fairly expensive.  Remove option warning
	unreachable since -M was introduced (2006-06-24).  Make build info
	signature match member mtime again.

	* BuildCache.pm (cache_file): Move mkdir incoming to mppbcc
	create.  For copies try to retain mtime, from mppbcc clean also

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_cache_key): Again change /
	substitute from option like `-' to `%'.

2007-06-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): Create inter BC links for build
	info files with .mk suffix in every case, making the signature
	match again.
	(c_show): New option -s, --sort.  By default sort by name and age.
	Add number of copies and symlinks for grouped BCs.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod (show): Describe new stuff

2007-05-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): Copy fields to new files, making
	chown work again, and preventing warnings.
	(c_create): Test symlink with filenames that can't exist, not even
	when forcing recreation of an existing bc.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_09_20_build_cache_none.test:
	Test grouped bc.

	* Makecmds.pm: Add -S, --synclines option to all filters except
	(print): New function.
	(c_cut): INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES: Adapt --lines to count from 1, as
	Perl and #line directives do.  Fix lines to count per input file.
	Change --matching and introduce -s, --only-delimited, with Posixly
	correct default behaviour when not given.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile): Support &preprocess -S.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_cache_key): Change / substitute
	from file system atypical `=' (which some ls jaggedly show as
	`\=') to `-'.

	* makepp (log): With mpp -v, don't try to start inexistent mpplog.

	* pod/makepp_sandboxes.pod: Remove assertion that filesystem root
	is marked --dont-build, as it doesn't seem to be true.

2007-05-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppclean (deletable): Guard against stale inter-build-cache

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: MAJOR REWRITE to support BC groups by way
	of inter-BC symlinks on file systems which allow hard linking to
	them and copies elsewhere.
	(c_show): New option --pattern.  New format vaguely like ls -l.
	Old format now requires --verbose.

	* BuildCache.pm (new): Move creation to BuildCacheControl, and
	allow that to load an augmented option file.
	($options_file): Renames $build_cache_options_file to avoid
	redundant package name.
	(cache_file): Use precalculated MKDIR_OPT.
	(lookup_file): Don't copy return value around.
	(copy_from_cache): Use predetermined DEV.  Guard against undef
	from stale intra-group symlinks.

	* makepp (print_error): Use ::log to guard against early
	invocations, before the fh is set up.

	* TextSubs.pm (getopts): Don't issue same short opt verbose
	message twice.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_09_20_build_cache_none.test:
	Add dummy build_cache_options.pl to make it a valid BC.

	* t/run_tests.pl (hpux): Also fix BuildCacheControl.pm.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod, pod/makepp_release_notes.pod:
	Document build cache grouping.

2007-05-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser/Basic.pm, ActionParser.pm, Makesubs.pm:
	* CommandParser.pm: Eliminate CommandParser::Basic, the only
	purpose of which was to mimic the base class.

	* install.pl: Eliminate CommandParser::Basic, the only purpose of
	which was to mimic the base class.  Highlight mpp* and upcase faq.

	* pod/makepp_faq.pod: Add 2 questions.

	* pod/makepp.pod, pod/makepp_command.pod: Mention mpp.

2007-05-14  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppinfo: New build info reader.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Optionally return the path found.

	* CommandParser.pm ($ignore_exe): New variable to restore
	unreliable behaviour.
	(parse_command, add_executable_dependency): Fix reliability hole
	by also depending on the executable.  This is not the right place
	to do it, because it only notices a path change when refiguring
	this out for other reasons.  But at least it will notice when a
	new version got installed over the old one.

	* makepp: Use undef for false in getopts.
	(parse_command_line): Fix last change to --dump-makefile.

	* Makefile.pm (load): Adapt to --dump-makefile change.
	(parse_rule): Eliminate warning, which contradicted make
	(_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Fix comment in $((...)) in a
	line pushed back by previous rule.

	* Makecmds.pm: Use undef for false in getopts.

	* makeppbuiltin (getopts_help): Tolerate undef.

	* t/extra_dependencies.test: Test comment in $((...))
	in a line pushed back by previous rule.

	* t/log_graph.test (makefile): Use
	$CommandParser::ignore_exe, because otherwise the log file would

	* install.pl: Install makepp_faq and abbrevs consisting of 'mpp'
	plus the first letter of every following word, e.g. 'mppc' for

	* pod/makepp_faq.pod: New (still modest) doc.

2007-05-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_template): Match @{...}@ minimally and simplify

	* Rule.pm (execute): Don't create two almost identical closures.

	* install.pl: Add keywords to web pages.

	* t/builtins.test (&chmod): Exclude it only where it
	doesn't work.

	* makepplog (-?, --help): New option.

2007-05-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

Snapshot makepp-1.50-cvs-070506.tgz, version 1.50-05065-04272-04245 on CPAN.

	* Signature/shared_object.pm (signature_shared_lib): Use own

	* pod/makepp_signatures.pod: Be more specific about how to
	activate :signature.  Reorder signatures so that fallbacks have
	been explained before.

	* TextSubs.pm (skip_over_make_expression): Handle $[expr].

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Handle $[expr].
	(_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Handle multiline $[[expr]] and
	expand $[expr] if present.
	(unread_makefile_line): Inline it everywhere and eliminate.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_define): Allow comment after enddef and don't
	strip leading whitespace for GNU compatibility and for being able
	to define $[var] containing a rule.

	* Rule.pm (split_actions): Also ignore leading whitespace.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test $[expr].

	* t/run_tests.pl (test_loop): Inline execute for more
	precise diagnostics.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Explain $[var].

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Mention $[fn ...] and $(&cat filename).

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod: Mention $(&cat filename).

2007-04-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: With -v report when perl identifies
	itself as ActiveState build.
	(execute): Don't write error only to log file.

	* makepp (@close_fhs): New cleanup variable, replacing among
	others %dump_makefile.  Adapt log and getopts incvocation to it.

	* Makefile.pm (load, dump_line): Convert to
	(read_makefile_line, read_makefile_line_stipped): Shortcut copying
	each line to dump_makefile, when not dumping.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_shell_once, f_shell_global_once): Remove
	functions deprecated since 2006-07-02.

	* Makecmds.pm (run_forked): Deprecate function that offers little
	advantage over running a script externally.

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod, pod/makepp_release_notes.pod:
	Eliminate mention of run_forked.

2007-04-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (move_or_link_target): Copy a symlink out of
	the repository, rather than linking to it, as would happen without
	special handling.

	* FileInfo.pm (is_writable): Don't remember "false" when dir
	doesn't exist, because that gets remembered until
	Signature::c_compilation_md5::signature is called on a file from a
	repository, which leads to FileInfo::signature wrongly being used,
	and hence unnecessary rebuilds.

	* makepp (load_repository_single): Reestablish storing symlinks in

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile): Allow using &commands without a
	rule, i.e. as statements.

	* t/load_makefile.test (outside): Test statement

	* ActionParser.pm (src_dir_name, add_any_dependency_): Inline
	function used only once in short function.  Use relative_filename
	to remedy premature rename of "name" on 2006-11-18.

	* Scanner.pm (add_include_dir): Call ActionParser::relative_path

	* CommandParser.pm (relative_path, src_dir_name): Eliminate
	uncalled functions.

2007-04-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_expression): Allow calling builtin commands
	as a function.

	* Makecmds.pm (run):  Like elsewhere use $rule->{MAKEFILE} instead
	of accessor, so we can fake being inside a rule.

	* Makesubs.pm ($s_define): New var.
	(f_shell): Use it.

	* makepp (log): Fix makepp -v for last change of makepplog.
	(build_target_done): Use readlink, rather than derefence, which
	might follow more than one level, leading us beyond this action's
	input, e.g. onwards into a repository.

	* Scanner/C.pm (dont_scan, xscan_file): Undo optimization of build
	info on the dereferenced file, as that can make us try to write it
	outside our build tree, e.g. into the repository.

	* t/variable_expansion.test (define_test): Test
	retaining newlines depending on assignment type.
	(shell_command): Fix obscure bug where Linux sh overwrites instead
	of appending on a CIFS disk.

	* pod/makepp_*.pod: Document $(&command) and extension of define.

2007-04-11  Ian Holmes  <ihh@berkeley.edu>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Allow %-dependencies to not be the 1st

	* t/pattern_rule.test: Test %-dependencies which are
	not the 1st one.

2007-04-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppclean (deletable): Also delete stale symlinks and

	* stress-test.pl: Use strict and thereby fix some little bugs.
	Add new rule for converging by manually renaming files to *.multi.

2007-03-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_variable): Make builtin variables
	overridable from the enviroment.

	* TextSubs.pm (split_path): Don't use unquote as that also
	eliminates DOS dir separators.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Respect DOS PATH separator.

	* t/md5.test: Respect DOS dir separator.

2007-03-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm: Use length as boolean op instead of expensively
	comparing to 0 or eq/ne ''.

	* BuildCache.pm (copy_check_md5): Integer instead of string comparison.

	* Makecmds.pm (frame): Improve ord() optimization.

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Reset newline
	count after #line.

2007-03-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Protect the
	information in #line directives, don't pull non-word tokens onto a
	preprocessor line and optimize a bit more.

	* Makecmds.pm (frame): Small string optimizations.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): Always wipe corrupt members
	older than 10 minutes.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Explain about corrupt members.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_09_20_build_cache_none.test:
	Adapt to changed behaviour and extend.

2007-03-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Handle
	whitespace more aggressively including newlines around
	preprocessor statements.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): Workaround to fix linked file

	* Signature/shared_object.pm (signature_shared_lib): Fix
	filehandle, make it portable and replace expensive multi method
	usage by single direct call.  I have chosen to put all uppercase
	types and "w" into the signature, because the details are not
	portable -- this might need fine tuning.

	* Makecmds.pm: Arm all prints against failure, because, thank
	Unix, FS full or quota exceeded, only return an error.  This is
	unlike the previously handled broken pipe, which additionally

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Eliminate map (emulating a
	grep) within a for clause.

	* Rule.pm (split2_): Replace by std split -1.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (_split1): Replace by std split -1.
	(build_cache_key): Replace expensive multi method usage by single
	direct call.

	test and no memory by using existance as "true".

	* pod/makepp_signatures.pod: Bring up to date and hopefully make
	it clearer which method applies when.

2007-02-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (_truthval): Log IFEQ instead of implementing a real
	parser that would only slightly improve a statement with such a
	lousy syntax (bug 1667198).

	* Makecmds.pm (c_expr): Treat no args as false, not as '2'.
	(c_preprocess): Actually chdir to the file, in case some embedded
	perl accesses some file.

	* Utils.pm (Rewrite::cwd): Protect meta chars in regexp.

	* t/conditionals.test: Integrate former

2007-02-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: New variable
	$ENV{MAKEPP_TEST_TIMEOUT}, which defaults to 600 seconds.

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Force $( ) to always have list
	semantics to make x$( $(EMPTY))y disappear.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test $( $(EMPTY)).

	* Makecmds.pm (frame): New standard option -A, --args-file.
	(c_ln): Fix --force to delete stale symlinks.
	(c_grep): New option -w, --waste-file.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test,
	* t/builtins.test: Test new options.

2007-02-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner/C.pm (xscan_file): Check for defined to avoid warning,
	because after #endif $_ becomes undef.

	* Scanner/Esqlc.pm (get_directive): Simplify and fall back to

	* makepplog, Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Log NOT_FOUND.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Look for &cmd.pl dynamically, so
	it can be built or imported from a repository.

	* TextSubs.pm (skip_over_make_expression): Fix "unterminated
	reference" error in constructs like $(perl '$').

	* t/variable_expansion.test (RootMakeppfile): Test
	$(perl '$').

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod (&template): Better clarify the
	limitations of infile assignments.

	* pod/makeppgraph.pod (uDraw(Graph)): New proposal for sideways
	layout without endless loop.

2007-02-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* stress-test.pl: By default generate include statements only for
	directories less or equal, to avoid a mesh where everything
	insanely includes everything else.
	(CC, LD, GEN, ...): Make all commands variable, so you can use a
	real compiler.  Adapt everything to make it compilable to runnable
	(SMARTSCAN): New variable to switch scanner mode.
	(.genh): New suffix to generate headers only.

2007-02-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepplog: Shuffle options and make key selection easier.
	(main loop): Don't chop, only to later add end marker for split.

	* t/log_graph.test: New test of log analysis.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod (MAKECMDGOALS): Document it.
	(expand_variable): Explain the different ways necessary to call
	this method.

2007-01-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Don't set obsolete $MakeEvent::exit_on_error.
	(build_dependencies_done): Protect SYMLINK special handling here.

	* Rule.pm (add_any_dependency_if_exists_): Don't set obsolete
	(execute): Move the actual SYMLINK special handling here.
	(DefaultRule::execute): Comment out a conditional that does the
	same as next line.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file): Reactivate SYMLINK
	special handling.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_12_07_scan_order.test: Add a
	2nd round so we can check that symlinks get handled right.

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Try to handle upper case targets on
	case-ignorant file systems.

	* t/make_makefile.test (Makefile): Simplify, but
	still (now mysteriously) fails upper-lower case on CIFS and VFAT.

	* MakeEvent.pm: Make vars 'our'.
	($n_external_processes): Comment out a var unused for 2 years.
	(status): Unify accessors.

2007-01-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner/C.pm (dont_scan, xscan_file): Extend usefulness of guard
	detection by checking if there is anything else scanworthy in a
	source.  If not this is remembered in the build info.

	* Scanner/Esqlc.pm (other_directive): Report if there is anything

	* Makecmds.pm (c_preprocess): Refix cwd.

	* makepplog (--uniq): New option.

	* Utils.pm: Give every utility an option variable analogous to

	* t/run_tests.pl: Don't let new *FLAGS variables
	influence the tests.

	* makepp (MAKEPPFLAGS): Simplify handling.

	* Makefile.pm (unshift_makefile_lines): Simplify.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_register_input_suffix): Simplify.

2007-01-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Eliminate redundant REP_LINK

	* Scanner/C.pm (dont_scan): Check for known include guard.  Don't
	call hook unless it contains somethings useful.
	(xscan_file): Recognize include guards.  Inline a one liner used
	only once.
	(expand_macros): Be a bit more robust about what we eval and at
	least show what we think we can't eval.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xset_preproc_vars): Don't check boolean
	C/C++ via string ops.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_preprocess): Don't mess up cwd.

	* t/run_tests.pl (n_files): Avoid "Can't stat answers"

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Use Perl wildcards rather than
	$(wildcard /home*) to avoid loading a default makefile.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_01_17_runtime.test (c): Don't
	choke if chmod fails.

2007-01-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file): Provisionally
	short-circuit SYMLINK special handling, because it suffers from
	the same weakness, which Anders fixed with SEEN.

	* Scanner.pm (include): Optimize SEEN fix with int($finfo), as
	recently done elsewhere, and by not redundantly remembering both
	name and finfo.

2007-01-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (log): Introduce versioning so we can freely update the
	messages and keys.
	(load_repository_single): Unrevert Anders' change of 2006-12-21,
	because it was wrong.  Started discussion with him about how it
	could be done reliably.

	* Scanner.pm (include): Log INCL and treat it specially in
	makepplog or log INCL_WHO in the mysterious case.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_include):
	* Makefile.pm (load): Log LOAD_INCL to give better analysis in
	graph and rename it from INCL to make it selectable as a LOAD*

	* TextSubs.pm (getopts): Move it here.

	* Utils.pm: New module used in all utilities.

	* makepplog: Add various options and merge the myriad of include
	messages where possible.  Actually the same ones recur time and
	again.  Should this wasteful scanning be reduced in makepp or
	should makepplog just swallow the redundant information?

	* makeppgraph: Inverted all arrows to better reflect the direction
	in which things go.  Many new options.  Total rewrite to
	accomodate multiple kinds of edges (currently dependencies and/or

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (parse_build_info_file): Eliminate string
	(version): New function to be used by all progs.  Uninstalled, it
	only extracts the combined version from all makepp files when
	actually needed.

	* install.pl: Substitute in FileInfo_makepp and clean up a little.
	Install Utils.pm.
	($eliminate): New dummy var for #@@eliminate.

2007-01-04  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/spar (-e, --emacs): Fixed C-c f and improved.
	(-m, --createmakepptest): New option which puts controlling files
	first and answers last.

	* t/makepp_test_case: Call makepp clean only if there
	is a clean target, and always call makeppclean.  Use spar -m.

2006-12-21  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm, Makesubs.pm, ActionParser/Legacy.pm:
	* ActionParser/Specific.pm, CommandParser/Basic.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_16_recscan.test:
	Change the way that makepp detects whether "meaningful scanning"
	happened, in order to avoid warnings every time scanner_skip_word
	is used via register_scanner.  (But it's still ugly.)

	* Scanner.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_16_recscan.test:
	Fix a bug in the initialization of the Scanner object, and
	add a test case to show how the API might be accessed to make
	this necessary.

	* makepp:
	* t/additional_tests/2003_12_05_phony_repository.test:
	Undo one of Daniel's changes from 2006-10-11 because it broke
	NVIDIA's build, and added a test case illustrating what we need
	to be supported.  (Hopefully Daniel & I can resolve this because
	our requirements aren't necessarily mutually contradictory.)

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Glob.pm, Makefile.pm, makepp:
	* pod/makepp_rules.pod, t/last_chance.test:
	Major enhancement: Added support for last_chance rules.

	* makepplog:  Fix a shallow bug in which logging of files in the
	root directory couldn't be deciphered.

2006-12-14  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2003_12_05_phony_repository.test:
	Fix a bug having to do with phony targets triggering pattern rules
	if and only if the phony target appears later in the Makefile.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm:
	Track change to warning generation: no objects allowed any more.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_register_command_parser):
	Make sure we're in the correct cwd when we load a new class.

2006-12-12  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Scanner.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2006_12_07_scan_order.test:
	Fix 2 bugs with SEEN.

2006-12-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (print_error): Don't use ::log on an unstructured
	message (which lead to orphan ^A`s in the log file).

	* makepplog: Extract the definitions before the print loop for
	greater flexibility of adding features (and making similar code
	reusable for makeppgraph).

	* makeppgraph: Teach it the new log format.  Make bidirectional
	edges (as can result from &dir) exist just once, with both

2006-12-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser.pm, Makefile.pm, Rule.pm: Use int($ref) instead of
	the three times slower "$ref" for hash keys.

	* makepp: Use int($ref) instead of the three times slower "$ref"
	for hash keys.
	($logfh): Replaces LOG_FILE.
	(perform): Abolish --no-log-scan.
	(log): Create a new binary format which can be streamed in one go,
	rather than assembling defs and messages separately.  As a bonus
	it's even more compact.  Don't write refs for rule names, as only
	the string is often the same, but not the ref it is associated

	* makepplog: Adapt to new log format, and offer preliminary Perl
	code filter option, e.g. -p '!/^SCAN/'

	* Scanner.pm (scan_file1): Cache and check that we already
	scanned, only if not conditional.  Revert one change of
	2006-11-18, which was causing differences in the number of
	recognized includes.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_runtime): Simplify, less string copies.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Introduce hack to patch makepp to
	work around HP/UX 64bitall bug.
	(-v): Output ptrsize and archname.
	(n_files): Adapt to new log format.

2006-11-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppgraph: Adapted to new log format and added colorization.

	* stress-test.pl (@suffix): Also create some .h files with no
	corresponding .c file.
	(content): Never have a file include itself.

2006-11-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (END): Always output build count, at the very end, and
	also output fail count.
	(log): By default print to ".makepp/log".
	(print_log): Delete function.

	* *.pm: Replace the remaining print_log invocations.

	* makepplog: Add new messages.  In keys starting with "N_" treat
	numbers literally, not as references.

	* Makefile.pm: Eliminate manual importing of symbols that are not
	used or fully qualified.

	* t/run_tests.pl (n_files): New utility function.
	(cp): Imported from File::Copy for test scripts.

	* t/only_targets.test: Integrate 2004_04_19_onlyphony.test.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_08_13_load_makefile_quotes.test:
	Integrate 2003_08_13_non_readable_makefile.test.

	* t/*.test: Add failed counter, use n_files() where
	needed and remove obsolete clean targets.

2006-11-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepplog: New utility.

	* makepp (log): New function to replace print_log.

	* *: Use ::log and eliminate some string ops the result of which
	was only passed to print_log.

	* makeppbuiltin, makeppclean: Provide dummy log function to
	satisfy the compiler in many modules.

	* pod/makepplog.pod: New doc.

	* install.pl: Install makepplog and its doc.

2006-11-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (CONST0 .. CONST6): Constant subs, which get aliases
	by many other modules.

	* Scanner/C.pm (_repl): Inline small helper that was used only
	(xscan_file): Reaorganize some tests to do cheapest decision

	* Scanner.pm: Rely on autovivification.

	* Rule.pm (name): New aliases for the source functions, so these
	can be passed to print_log.

	* *.pm: Use new TextSubs constants.  Don't call finfo->name with
	two args, and don't call rule->source when passing to print_log.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (name): Make it an alias for

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm (xparse_command): Don't use deprecated

	* makepp (END): Allow -d:DProf to work correctly, by not bombing
	out when it is active.

	* BuildCache.pm: Fix comments about remembering file name
	and [2,4].

	* Makefile.pm: Remove doc mention of inexistent method.

2006-11-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppgraph (-r, --rename): New optionname for -a, --alias.  The
	utility functions supporting this option have been enhanced.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod (&template): Clarify better.

2006-11-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl (execute): Check names with
	"build_cache" and "md5" for skipping as well.  Check for message
	about spar not being able to create file, which indicates invalid
	chars on this file system.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_timestamp_md5.test:
	Rename 2003_11_14_timestamp.test for automatic md5 based skipping.

	* t/repository.test: Integrate eliminated

	* t/**/*build_cache*.test (is_relevant): Remove
	obsoleted member.

	* pod/makepp_build_check.pod: Discuss only_action after recent

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod (File Systems): New section.

	* stress-test.pl: Move eval of @ARGV down, so it can override some
	(content): Reorder as far as possible by decreasing probability,
	giving a 10% speedup.
	(names): New function.

2006-11-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build_target_done): Optimize pushy loop.  Take note when
	a target comes out as a symlink, howl when the rule wasn't
	consistent about this and remember the literal link in build info.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (move_or_link_target): Eliminate left over
	(load_build_info_file): Retain symlink build info if only linked
	file changed.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check): Log more sensible
	information about the build reason.  If load_build_info fetched
	the symlink info, the link is still the same, so pretend we are
	:build_check only_command.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Pass environment and exports from
	the makefile to the command parser.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Handle CPATH the way gcc

	* Makecmds.pm (c_template): Allow one level of macro nesting and
	macros in Perl.

	* t/builtins.test (&template): Test one level of macro
	nesting and macros in Perl.

	* pod/makeppgraph.pod (uDraw(Graph)): Remove mention of their old
	name as requested by them.
	(ZGRViewer): Tell how to speed up fancy effects.

2006-10-30  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppgraph: New utility.

	* pod/makeppgraph.pod: New doc.

	* install.pl: Install makeppgraph, loop over some repetetive tasks
	and highlight &preprocessor.

	* pod/makepp.pod, pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Mention makeppgraph.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_if): Merge this into _f_if_core to eliminate an
	unneeded helper.
	(f_mktemp): Use unlikely argument of '/' to mean repetion of
	previous returned value on a per Makefile basis.

	* t/variable_expansion.test (RootMakeppfile): Test
	$(mktemp /).

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Document $(mktemp /).

	* stress-test.pl: Loop over proggies instead of having the same
	rule thrice.

2006-10-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (execute): Move failed-to-build message to
	build_dependencies_done, and remove ERROR handler that only served
	to output it.  Flush captured output, such that when it is very
	long, our stderr won't get mixed into it.

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Format failed-to-build message
	better and use print_error to also handle the ouptut, formerly in
	(print_error): Call flush_log.

	* stress-test.pl: Build three proggies instead of one, from
	overlapping sets of .o files.  Add Shell variables which allow the
	compilers to be verbose and/or slow and/or to fail or choke.

	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod (Links in the way): Discuss some
	strategies how to handle persistent links.

2006-10-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, Dump.pm, profiler.pm: Remove @end_blocks.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file): Retain previous
	repository information if no new info given.

	* makeppclean: Make it more similar to makepp.  Major rewrite so
	that it also removes built directories, .makepp whenever it
	becomes empty and symlinks even if the linked file was found to be
	deletable first.
	(usage): Document recently modified options.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stale_repository.test:
	Take into account that repository links can survive till next run.

	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Add missing spaces on empty lines
	in code examples to prevent them falling apart into two <pre>
	(Not respecifying your repository): New section replacing "Finding
	RootMakeppfile in a repository".
	(Know all dependencies): Mention not to use a buildcache if you
	want to uncover missing dependencies.

2006-10-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file): Undo short circuit,
	since it sometimes prevented correctly handling a changed linked

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod (General notes): Document the sorrows
	of end handling, which recently got closer, but will never be like
	in normal Perl.

	* pod/makepp_scanning.pod (Ad Hoc Scanner): New section.

2006-10-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (perform): Eliminate close`s, which are now handled by
	previous change.
	(load_repository_single): Don't fetch symlinks (and comment

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check,
	(build_cache_key): Handle new argument $only_action.

	* BuildCheck/only_action.pm: New module.

	* BuildCheck/symlink.pm: Marked as deprecated.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (build_info_string, set_build_info_string):
	Simplify build info expression.
	(clean_fileinfos): Fully comment it out since we're not calling it
	(load_build_info_file): Short circuit for symlinks, since
	signatures don't work for them.

	* Scanner.pm (scan_file1): Prevent occasional "readline() on
	closed filehandle".

	* install.pl: Remove unused $key and install BuildCheck/only_action.pm

	* pod/makepp_build_check.pod: Document only_action instead of symlink.

	* stress-test.pl (RootMakeppfile): Use END and only_action.

2006-10-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Move signal handling to the front of the file and have
	an END block that interacts with it.  Having this END block call
	POSIX::_exit removes the need to do that all over the
	place (except in child processes), and will lead to removal of the
	@end_blocks variable.
	(suicide): Call BSD::Resource::setrlimit, if available, to prevent
	overwriting a child's core.
	(is_windows): Move this function here, as it is now needed before
	loading any modules.

	*: Fix for moved is_windows.

2006-10-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (find_root_makefile_upwards): Also allow
	RootMakeppfile to come from repository.

	* makepp (perform): Don't call cleanup_temporary_links, as we want
	the links to survive.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (cleanup_temporary_links): Deleted function.

	* FileInfo.pm: Comment removal for cleanup_temporary_links.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_03_31_scanfail.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stale_repository.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_19_repository_change.test
	(makepp_test_script.pl): Convert from sh for better portability and
	remove --keep-repository-links option.

	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod, pod/makepp_command.pod: Reflect the
	removal of --keep-repository-links.

2006-09-20  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCacheControl.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2006_09_20_build_cache_none.test:
	* t/additional_tests/double_colon.test:
	Fix build_cache_control clean --size.  Add
	build_cache_control clean --verbose.  Move 'build_cache none'
	check to the *_build_cache_none test.

	* Rule.pm:
	* t/additional_tests/2006_09_14_preexec_rule.test:
	Add a hook for doing something before each rule executes.

2006-09-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Use B to figure out where a
	command was really defined, since with the change of 2006-05-14
	perl really knows.

	* makeppclean: Handle opts with our getopts.  Move -b to -l
	matching its long form.  Add -b/--only-build-cache-links and
	-R/--only-repository-links and --version options.

	* makepp: Add -b as a short form for --build-cache.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_global): Don't delete an attribute if it doesn't
	exist (if this comes before 1st normal asignment).

2006-09-05  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makesubs.pm, t/additional_tests/double_colon.test:
	Fix "build_cache none" and add test. (Where is a better place for
	this test?)

	* TextSubs.pm (join_with_protection): Don't modify subroutine

	* BuildCache.pm: Create the target directory first if necessary.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test:
	Fix for Cygwin.

2006-08-24  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, BuildCache.pm: A few minor build cache bug fixes, mostly
	for diagnostics.

2006-08-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Incomptible change: If you had an action &xyz.pl, and xyz.pl was
	not executable it would be run in the current dir.  Now it doesn't
	have to be executable, but it must be found in the PATH if it
	doesn't contain a '/'.  That may exclude the current dir.

	* TextSubs.pm (split_path): Return '.' for empty elements, like
	Unix treats them, instead of dropping them.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Make this behave like command
	lookup in the shell, from the cwd if it contains a '/', else from
	the path.  Due to issues with checking the x-bit on not yet built
	files, use exists_or_can_be_built instead.

	* Makecmds.pm (run_forked): Add missing -S option.

	* t/run_tests.pl (-d, dot): New option and function for
	giving a concise overview of the tests.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_06_scancache.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_clean.test: Convert to
	Perl test, making it find wait_timestamp also when running with an
	installed makepp.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test: Use
	own path tho find builtin.test, rather than makepp's which doesn't
	work when running with an installed makepp.

2006-08-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program): Optimize by doing as few FileInfo
	ops as needed.
	(f_wordlist): Introduce new alternative two-arg syntax, where 1st
	arg is a list of numbers.
	(f_target, f_targets, f_dependency, f_dependencies): Take an index
	or index lists as args.
	(f_{VAR}): Mark the constant ones as constant, just in case, and
	reduce the expand_text calls to the lower level functions as

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Don't use regexp before we have
	copied our arguments since, as I painfully found out, that nukes
	$2 on the stack.
	(expand_variable): Call the unfriendlies without arguments, since
	some now check their args.

	* t/builtins.test (install_log): Force expand text,
	which didn't initially work.

	* t/variables_automatic.test (b): Test input et
	al. with index too.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Describe wordlist.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Explain about args to input/output.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Remove cwd from PATH to make sure no
	test relies on this.  By giving the path to makepp as an optional
	1st arg (after -v), you can test an installed version.  Two of the
	additionals are still failing that way.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_31_build_cache_pop_options.test
	(my_true): Set path on program, not on dependency, since we run a
	generated program.

	* install.pl: Install the many forgotten modules.  This explains a
	lot of headscratching why things like shared_library or Swig don't
	work in production, even though the code looks fine.

	* t/README: Mention to also test installed version.

	* t/signature.test: Use the more correct
	build_check (making this test misnamed) because signature fails in
	the installed version.  This failure should be explored, if we
	want to maintain the backwards compatibility.

2006-07-28  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, t/stress_tests/build_cache_concurrent.test:
	Added $::build_cache_error_hook, and test covers it.

	* BuildCache.pm: Clarify a comment.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: Ignore incoming files that disappear

2006-07-27  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Propagate redirection failures.

	* BuildCache.pm: Fix handling of more rare cases that come
	up with build caches over NFS (revealed by the stress test).
	In particular, assume that anything other than 'unlink' that
	can fail with ENOENT can also fail with ESTALE, because
	apparently this can happen when the file disappears even when
	the parent directory is still there.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: Produce a better warning for files that
	disappear asynchronously.

2006-07-26  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_31_build_cache_pop_options.test:
	Fix handling of a few more rare cases that come up with build
	caches over NFS (revealed by the stress test).  Also, preserve
	file permissions on the way out of the cache, and add coverage for
	that in the test suite.

	* t/stress_tests/build_cache_concurrent.test:
	Don't trust the build cache to import long_file.wc, because that
	can mask bugs, and therefore we can't do quite so many iterations
	per minute.

2006-07-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_preprocess): New command.

	* Makefile.pm (parse_assignment, read_makefile): Put in some hooks
	which perform the actual &preprocess-ing.

	* Makesubs.pm (import): Allow doing this selectively, because in
	&preprocess the makefile related statements are useless or

	* makeppbuiltin (doit): Require Makefile for &preprocess too.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &preprocess.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test:
	Reorganized slightly, because with the oncome of &preprocess, a
	strange dump when exiting in eval occurred in 5.8.1 - 5.8.3.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod, pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document

	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod: Explain better about variables
	with space in name.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Point out global variables.

2006-07-25  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, BuildCache.pm,
	* t/stress_tests/build_cache_concurrent.test:
	Add a stress test for concurrent build cache access, and fix 3
	shallow bugs that were thereby revealed.

2006-07-21  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm: Handle the case in which the mkdir fails, and
	note that even if it succeeds, the directory could go away before
	we can put anything in it (which was already handled correctly).

	* BuildCacheControl.pm, pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Cosmetic

2006-07-20  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Rule.pm: When a rule fails, report the target(s) that were
	being built (in case the output of the action obscures that).

	* FileInfo.pm, t/additional_tests/2004_03_31_stale.test:
	Fix case in which a filename of "0" was treated as undefined.
	Added coverage for this in the tests.

2006-07-14  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makecmds.pm, pod/makepp_builtins.pod:
	mkdir -p succeeds even if another process created the directory
	after we tried to stat it.

	* BuildCache.pm: Noted another possible race that needs to fixed
	at some point.

	* CommandParser.pm, Makesubs.pm, CommandParser/Gcc.pm,
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm, pod/makepp_statements.pod,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test:
	Add register_input_suffix statement.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_31_stale.test:
	Fix for Cygwin.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_31_build_cache_pop_options.test:

	* t/perl.test: Test function name mangling cases.

2006-07-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Don't clobber $0 in an uninstalled makepp.

2006-07-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Allow makepp_no_builtin_linker=0, to
	turn it off for Unix as well, like the other new makepp_* vars.

2006-07-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl (makepp): Make it easy to call other
	progs starting with the string 'makepp'.

	* t/README: Talk about makepp \'builtin',

	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_12_build_cache_exmatch.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_16_build_cache_clean.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_29_build_cache_md5copy.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_31_build_cache_pop_options.test:
	Don't use the unreliable (hard coded to /usr/bin/perl when not
	installed) makepp_build_cache_control.

	* makepp, install.pl, VERSION: Calculate a more meaningful version
	for uninstalled and beta versions.

2006-07-10  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_16_build_cache_clean.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_12_build_cache_exmatch.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_29_build_cache_md5copy.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_31_build_cache_pop_options.test:
	Cleanup tests for speed and portability.  Add is_relevant.pl;
	use builtins; convert scripts to Perl; remove unnecessary complexity
	from source files; propagate errors.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Fix spelling.

2006-07-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm: Evaluate new makepp_* variables like make
	(expand_text): Protect $(map) from evaluation.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_map, f_makemap, f_mktemp): New functions.

	* makepp (setup_recursive_make_socket): Use mktemp to get a file
	which goes away on its own at the end.
	(perform): Eliminate --no-rc-substitution and --percent-subdirs,
	renaming the associated variables to makepp_simple_concatenation
	and makepp_percent_subdirs.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Allow makepp_no_builtin_linker=0 to
	turn it off, like the other new makepp_* vars.

	* Rule.pm (execute): Add comment on future temp file handling.

	* FileInfo.pm (lstat_array): Use _ also for dir detection.

	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Highlight new functions and
	double parens.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Document new functions and group into
	3 chapters.

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod: Point to the chapter on the problems
	with using makefile variables in Perl.

2006-07-07  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm: Don't infer redirected files as targets or
	dependencies if they contain metacharacters.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm,
	Handle nested parentheses in an ifeq() directive.
	Swap rules for stripping whitespace from ifeq arguments between
	parenthesized and unparenthesized forms, to match GNU make.
	(This could break things that relied on the incorrect behavior.)

	* Makefile.pm,
	Make sure that a side effect file that gets created as a result
	of loading a Makeppfile doesn't look like a stale generated

2006-07-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Variable warning: This is the second of two steps of variable
	handling cleanup, which might cause minor incompatibilities.

	* Makefile.pm (expand_variable): Handle ;= and &=.  Do %ENV before
	or after f_subs, depending on $::environment_override.
	(load): Don't turn command line variables into Perl vars, as that
	breaks the new lookup logic.  See makepp_variables.pod for
	(assign): New function, extracted from parse_assignment.
	Implement ;= and &=.
	(parse_assignment): Use assign to handle target specific vars

	* Makesubs.pm (f_shell_global_once, f_shell_once): Deprecated.
	(s_define): Use assign to be consistent.  This gives the new
	"define var assignment-op" syntax for free.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test the new features.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_31_stale.test: Use
	expand_variable to take into account that CLI vars are no longer
	copied to perl vars.

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Highlight the new kinds of

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Document the new features.  Add a new
	section explaining why directly accessing vars from Perl is not
	such a hot idea, and what is the clean way to do it.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Document the new features.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Eliminate doc for deprecated
	shell*once functions.

	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod: Remove mention of solved

	* pod/makepp.pod, pod/makepp_build_cache.pod:
	* pod/makepp_cookbook.pod, pod/makepp_tutorial.pod:
	* pod/makepp_tutorial_compilation.pod: Small fixes and updates.

2006-06-30  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm, pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Describe plan for
	UTIME_ON_IMPORT in a comment.

	* Makefile.pm: If the mangled function isn't found, then try to
	use the unmanged function name.  (Allows copy-and-paste of
	function name, and it was unintentially working a few weeks ago
	in some cases.)

	* Makesubs.pm: Don't publish nonexistent leaf directories.
	(Fixes wildcard_repository in my Cygwin environment.)

	* Rule.pm: Improve(?) signal handling on Windows.  Fixes
	additional_tests/2004_12_14_clean on Cygwin.

	* makepp: Make $::critical_sections work in BuildCache.pm.
	Resurrect --log (alias for --logfile).

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_clean.test: Improve

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: Don't rely on File::Find's preprocess
	feature, which isn't available in Perl 5.6.0.

2006-06-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Variable warning: This is the first of two steps of variable
	handling cleanup.  Bringing this in line with GNU make removes
	some of the quirky handling we had, i.e. this (and my coming
	change) is not quite backwards compatible.

	* t/README: New file which is required lecture for test
	builders!  Anybody ignoring the advice therein, owes the poor sod
	who debugs reinvented ancient problems a beer ;-)

	* Makefile.pm (expand_expression): Move undef warning from
	expand_text to here, which saves a backup copy needed just in case
	we ever print that message.
	($private, $global): New variables replacing TARGET_SPECIFIC_VARS
	(_truthval): Use expand_variable to also handle forgotten things
	like "ifdef CC" or "ifdef some_global_var".
	(parse_assignment): Add "override" modifier.  Complete rewrite to
	be consistent with GNU make and between assignment forms.  This is
	work in progress, not yet handling target specific vars and the
	"define" statement the new way.
	(expand_variable): New function extracted from expand_expression
	to save checking for $(f x), $( x y z) or $(v:a=b) when we know we
	have a plain variable.	Add extended mode to support += and ?=
	consistently.  Work from bottom up (target specific, makefile,
	global, CLI, ENV, f_function) on the grounds that assignment only
	happens when it is allowed to, and because this is needed for
	"override".  The f_functions are the odd one out, which don't obey
	global, export and override :-(

	* Makesubs.pm (f_foreach): Use $Makefile::private.
	(s_global): Use $Makefile::global->{VAR_REEXPAND}.

	* Rule.pm (find_all_targets_dependencies): Use $Makefile::private.

	* BuildCheck/symlink.pm (build_check): Die if we don't have
	exactly one depency, because then we don't know what the link
	should point to.

	* BuildCheck.pm (build_check, build_check_from_build_info)
	* Scanner.pm (xscan_file): Eliminate unneeded fallback functions,
	for the lack of which Perl itself has a clear error message.  This
	saves a few kilobytes.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_append_to_undef.test:
	Removed and integrated into variable_expansion.test.

2006-06-27  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm: Get the mtime of the file copied into the
	cache by stat'ing the filename (safe because it includes the
	unique suffix) instead of the handle, which is subject to clock
	skew (at least in NVIDIA's environment).

	* makepp, pod/makepp_command.pod,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_07_12_build_cache_cp.test:
	Add --stop-on-race to help debug race conditions, especially when
	there shouldn't be any.

2006-06-26  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm: Fix some shallow bugs for --md5check-bc.
	If there is a signature mismatch, then report the signatures.

	* makepp: Log build cache keys or lack thereof.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm: Support '+-1' as a time spec, because
	a test uses it to clean everything without waiting.

	* makepp_build_cache_control: Don't assume that makeppbuiltin
	is in the command search path.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Add comment regarding tracking of signature
	format across modules.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_08_12_build_cache_exmatch.test,
	More tests for build caches.

2006-06-23  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm, makepp: Major rework of build cache
	implementation, to make concurrent access over NFS safe.
	Initially, just check for existence of file, and then
	fall back to rebuilding if a problem occurs when we attempt
	to import from the cache.  Add --md5-check-bc,

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Document --force-copy-from-bc,
	--no-populate-bc, --md5-check-bc, --populate-bc-only.

	* Signature/md5.pm: Add comment that this is coupled to
	BuildCache.pm now.

	* t/build_cache.test, BuildCacheControl.pm,
	pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: De-featured
	"makepp_build_cache_control populate", because it wasn't working,
	it's hard to fix, and there are other ways to do it.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_07_12_build_cache_cp.test:
	Check that there is no garbage left over in the incoming.dir
	build cache directory.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod, BuildCacheControl.pm: Add new
	clean -M option.  Document concurrent access issues.  Add
	"incoming.dir" as a special name.

	* BuildCache.pm, BuildCacheControl.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm:
	Pull some constants from the definitive location.  Refactor
	some duplicate intelligence into write_build_info_file and

2006-06-14  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (parse_command_line): New option -c|--root-directory.
	Initially load first potential RootMakeppfile instead of last, in
	cases where options specify more than one rooted tree.
	(usage): At least mention the undocumented options.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_template): Silently treat undefined arguments as

	* t/builtins.test: Test &template more thoroughly.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Complete the index of options, also
	showing those which still lack documentation.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Document 5.8.8 working.

	* install.pl: Find numbered perl executable if needed, similar to
	what makepp does.
	(highlight_variables): Number items, if they are
	repeated (e.g. different case) and let the css format them.

	* pod/makepp.css: Move bold for items here, instead of repeating
	it for every single item.

	* makeppbuiltin (getopts_help): Output lowercase option before
	same in uppercase, as in our doc.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test:
	Adapt option order.

2006-06-06  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo.pm: When testing a directory for writability, use a
	random string in the dummy filename to avoid races when multiple
	makepp processes are running concurrently.

	* Glob.pm: Make a static copy of DIRCONTENTS to avoid duplicates
	due to the same entries being revisited when the FileInfo object
	get touched inside the each loop.

	* makepp: Fix a nasty bug in which scan info was cached even if
	the rule isn't an exact match for the one that was actually run
	to generate the target.

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Added the '.sv' suffix, and make the
	suffix list easier to hook into.

	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod: Noted that rule actions in
	makepp are expanded earlier than they are in GNU make.

2006-05-31  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Highlight export correctly and

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod, pod/makepp_statements.pod: Document
	export and global.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_21_smartscan.test: Turn
	into Perl script so that it can also work on native Windows.

2006-05-30  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_21_smartscan.test:
	Use a test script to look at the .makepp_log file, so that the
	Makeppfile doesn't have to.  (It's not a good idea to read the
	log while it's being written.)

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_23_c_comments.test:
	Add a missing define to avoid an error on non-GNU compilers.
	A couple of cleanups in the Makeppfile as well.

2006-05-31  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_assignment): Handle global assignment.
	(expand_expression): Also check for global value.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_global): New statement.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test global statement.

2006-05-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_assignment): Cut down some string copying by
	taking arg in $_ (where the only caller has it anyways).  Don't
	get confused about indirect assignments with a colon as in
	$(var:y=z) = value.  Also handle the assignment part of the export
	statement.  These changes seem to give gmake compatible
	(read_makefile): Adapt to changed parameter list of

	* Makesubs.pm (s_export): Only mark the variable for export,
	whereas the assignment part (which was inconsistentwith normal
	assignments) is now done the standard way while reading the

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test the things that
	didn't use to work.

2006-05-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (update_build_infos, load_build_info_file):
	Read and write \n as \cC and write whole file in one go for better
	performance.  This will cause a rebuild of everything that has a
	multi-command action.

	* BuildCache.pm (cache_file, lookup_file): Read and write \n as
	\cC and write whole file in one go for better performance.

2006-05-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (::getopts): Allow specifying a standard option
	value, e.g. 0.

	* makepp (parse_command_line, {toplevel}): Use getopts, order
	specs alphabetically, use /[-_]?/ consistently.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Document changes.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm (parse_arg): Allow proc config file to be
	prebuilt, e.g. grepping out comment and empty lines, which proc
	can't munge.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_cache_key): Revert to hexdigest
	on case insensitive systems.  This is not thoroughly tested,
	because those filesystems usually don't support links, which our
	test needs.

	* t/build_cache.test (is_relevant.pl): Skip if links
	don't work because this test alas thoroughly depends on them.

2006-05-14  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (build): Use an undef BUILD_HANDLE to remember that we
	already logged not building this.
	(print_log): Open log file only now.  This has the advantage of
	putting it into the directory changed to, which also prevents it
	from getting clobbered in traditional recursive $(MAKE) -C dir.
	This also makes --no-log work again, which presumably got broken
	by the introduction of --no-scan-log.
	(maybe_stop): Use flush_log;
	(flush_log): Also flush STDOUT and STDERR, which might be going to
	a file.
	(print_msg, print_sandbox, print_warning): Remove functions.
	(perform): Don't have almost exactly the same code twice.

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Use `#line $number "$name"' in eval
	to let perl take care of correct messages instead of the messy
	hack with rewrite_message.  This no longer puts warnings or errors
	from Perl code into our format, but that is correct, since it is
	Perl code the user wrote, so he can expect Perl messages.
	(rewrite_message, _get_makefile_line): Remove functions.

	* Makefile.pm (expand_expression): Eliminate obsolete WARN handler
	and rewriting.
	(load): Add missing - to -build_check and trim log opts a little.

	* FileInfo.pm (BEGIN): Don't clobber and leave .makepp_log, which
	we might not otherwise be touching, depending on the options.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (move_or_link_target, load_build_info_file):
	Use warn.

	* BuildCheck/target_newer.pm (build_check): Use warn and simplify.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_check): Use warn and simplify.

	* Scanner/Verilog.pm (resolve_module): Use warn.

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm (xparse_command): Use warn.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Save two sub`s to save some memory.
	(find_all_targets_dependencies): Have consistent log file

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Adapt to fact that
	warn now produces real perl messages.

	* t/run_tests.pl (execute): Don't complain about the newly visible
	perl warnings out of makefiles.

	* pod/perl_performance.pod: Tell about the inefficiency of
	separate prints (or arguments to print).

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod: Tell about --no-log and --no-scan-log
	and RAM disk.

2006-05-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (::getopts): Handle an explicitly empty or 0 option
	value correctly.  Total rewrite to be more efficient by testing
	leading -/-- only once and then only checking for a short or only
	a long opt.

	* BuildCache.pm (cache_file): Cache only regular files, since we
	have no signature logic for fetching symlinks (and symlinks to a
	file with the same name may have prevented the real file to be
	fetched) and no code to handle other filetypes like directories.
	(copy_from_cache): Handle only normal files.

	* FileInfo.pm (S_IFREG): New constant for build cache.

	* stress-test.pl (bin/cc): Don't link to a symlink (e.g. to
	repository), which might be from a different directory, giving a
	stale symlink.
	(RootMakeppfile): Rename and don't use unreliable `` for ps.
	Create include directory as a target when needed.

	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Talk about RootMakeppfile and

2006-04-30  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (--build-check, --signature): Use right variable for the
	latter, and make both work with use strict.

2006-04-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl: Substitute htmldir in two more files.

	* makepp: By newsgroup request use strict (this uncovered a wrong

	* makeppbuiltin (helpfoot): New redefinable function.

	* BuildCacheControl.pm (c_clean): New timespec 'w'.  Fix
	size-specs (T -> G) to match find (b -> c).  New option
	(c_show): New command.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_template): Fix regexp for ${number}.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Document changes.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Mention that makepp doesn't notice a
	dependency on Perl elements you use in commands.

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod: Mention repositories, build cache and

	* pod/perl_performance.pod: Add a few hints given in the

2006-04-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	Build cache warning: The directory naming scheme redundancy has
	been eliminated.  Where it used to be 12/1234/12345... it is now
	12/34/5..., likewise for the meta information files.  Links to the
	old structure still work, but new imports are not possible.  If
	you want to save gradually recompiling everything, you must write
	a little Perl rename script.

	* makepp_build_cache_control: This has been turned into a shell
	wrapper.  The functionality has been moved to the new module
	BuildCacheControl.pm and the clean command greatly enhanced.

	* BuildCache.pm (new): Use Makecmds::c_mkdir because we have it
	anyways, and because it gets the mode right.
	(cache_file): Use simpler file name transformation eliminating
	unnecessary method lookup.  Use arithmetic instead of expensive
	bit ops.
	(lookup_file): Use simpler file name transformation.

	* t/build_cache.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2005_07_12_build_cache_cp.test:
	Use makeppbuiltin -MBuildCacheControl instead of shell script.

	* makeppbuiltin (doit): Allow loaded
	module (e.g. BuildCacheControl) to redefine metahelp.

	* pod/makepp_build_cache.pod: Document new features.

	* pod/perl_performance.pod: New documentation, very pertinent also
	beyond makepp.

	* install.pl: Install BuildCacheControl.pm and

2006-04-19  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm: Use boolean $gnu instead of $compiler.
	Cache results of running gcc -E, and fall back to guessing the
	predefs if gcc -E doesn't work.	 Avoid ``.  Don't mutilate

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_21_smartscan.test:
	Renamed from condscan (a duplicate base name).	Removed
	trailing whitespace.  Use $(PERL) instead of site-specific
	version of perl.  Removed use of if[].

2006-04-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Glob.pm (find_real_subdirs): Take DIRCONTENTS as a strong hint
	that this is a directory.

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): Output import message
	according to "$progname: ... `filename'" convention and simplify.

	* BuildCache.pm (lookup_file): Optimize (tr instead of s) and

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_cache_key): Optimize.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (makepp_no_builtin_linker): New switch
	to eliminate only these expensive rules.
	(lex): Use more correct :build_check.

	* FileInfo.pm (file_exists): Simplify.
	(lstat_array): If we can stat this, all parents must exist, so
	mark them as such.

	* BuildCheck/symlink.pm: New module.

	* pod/makepp_build_check.pod (symlink): Document.

	* stress-test.pl (Makeppfile): Use :build_check symlink.

	* Makecmds.pm (_rm): Use unlink for a symlink, even if it points
	to a directory.

	* **.pm: Make singletons reference something existing instead of
	more expensive {}.

	* Makefile.pm (*): In && or || perform cheapest tests first.

2006-04-13  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm: Handle explicit line numbering from
	gcc (v3.4) -E -dM.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_23_c_comments.test:
	Unless __GNUC__ is set, use a header file that doesn't rely
	on any GNU extensions or other unportable fanciness.

2006-04-12  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp: Cleaned up a log message.

2006-04-10  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a shallow bug that was introduced by removing
	the call to shift.  Handle too many pop_scope's more gracefully.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm: If the name of the compiler begins with
	'g', then assume that it's a GNU compiler, and obtain the
	predefined macros (for conditional scanning) using -E -dM.

	* Scanner/C.pm: Many improvements to the accuracy of conditional
	scanning and comment parsing.  Added $dont_scan_hook.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_03_21_condscan.test,
	Tests for the above.

2006-04-04  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (bg, break, case, ...): Don't have
	individual wildcards.

	* Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo): Eliminate the generated sub, as this
	only seemed to serve for precompiling the regexp.  Also revert to
	"each", as 5.005 is history, and it seems to work from 5.6
	(wildcard_action): Don't store an anonymous closure for every
	wildcard, only the data needed to do the work, reusing precompiled
	regexps.  This can reduce makepp's memory footprint by
	15% (including the default rule wildcard elimination) and CPU
	about 1%, depending on the number of active wildcards.
	(wild_to_regex): Simplify, cache compiled regexps, and only return
	a scalar.  Callers can use ref to see if it's a string or regexp.
	(find_real_subdirs): Optimize by checking already lstatted entries
	first, and for the rest having 4 classes of filenames from very
	likely a dir to very unlikely, instead of only 2.

	* FileInfo.pm: Use undef instead of 0 for frequent hash values, as
	that saves some memory.
	(publish): Add the code contained in the old wildcard_action
	closures.  As an optimisation I check is_stale only once, rather
	than again for every directory.	 I hope this is safe, on the
	assumption that a file won't be made stale by a wildcard action.
	(dir_contents): Remove doc of inexistent function.
	(find_file): Remove unused (and unoptimized) function.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (load_build_info_file): Eliminate
	parse_build_info_file and integrate it into this former one liner.

	* makepp: Use undef instead of 0 for hash values which get
	replicated a lot, as that saves some memory.

	* Makefile.pm (cleanup_vars): Simplify.

	* Dump.pm (sorter): Massage output such that we get a FileInfo { }
	pseudo-syntax instead of bless and a very far away class name.
	(import): After $::build_root has again disappeared (and there can
	now be 0..n roots) revert to dumping from cwd, but at least
	remember the one when we were called, not the random last one when
	makepp ends.

2006-03-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (import): New function to provide only the subs
	officially needed.  This allows getting them in an external module
	(_f_if_core): Rename from f_if_core_ to avoid export.

	* Makefile.pm (load): Use Makesubs to only get the official functions.

	* Glob.pm: Small optimizations.

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod, pod/makepp_speedup.pod: Document the
	new possibility of "use Makesubs" for external modules.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_28_unshift_makefile_lines.test
	* t/directories.test (Makeppfile): Don't rely on
	makepp's internal functions being exported to the makefile's
	package, as this is no longer the case.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_07_28_mkdir_wildcard.test:
	* t/verilog.test: Use builtin commands, speeding up the test by 10%.

2006-03-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (maybe_stop): Flush all output before stopping.
	($dont_build_dir_flag): Revert change of 2005-11-13.
	($build_root): Eliminated in favour of a dir ROOT property.
	(print_log, print_log_scan): Simplify.
	(parse_command_line): Eliminated option --search-upwards as this
	is now automatic in the presence of a RootMakeppfile and more
	predictable this way.  Default target is now searched in the same
	makefile an explicit target would be, rather than in first given

	* FileInfo.pm ($root): Mark as existing, else we can't stat
	it.  (Why, shouldn't it be the other way round, i.e. exists if
	(relative_filename): Fix for when when $_[2] is set.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (dont_build): Revert change of 2005-11-13.
	(set_rule): Revert change of 2006-03-17.

	* Makesubs.pm: Various small simplifications.
	(s_load_makefile): Set loaded directory buildable when we have a
	build root.
	(f_ROOT): Follow new semantics.

	* Makefile.pm: Various small simplifications.
	(find_root_makefile_upwards): New function.
	(load): Use it.
	(find_makefile_in): Find RootMakeppfile(.mk) too.

	* Makecmds.pm (&install, &uninstall): Use $ENV{INSTALL_LOG} or new
	ROOT property.

	* makeppbuiltin (doit): Use $ENV{INSTALL_LOG} or provide new ROOT
	property for install & uninstall.

	* t/implicit_load.test: Test not going out of a root
	directory, but not performing this check when leaving a dir with a
	normal makefile.

	* t/load_makefile.test: Test that load_makefile makes a
	directory outside the root buildable.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Use RootMakeppfile so we
	can test $(ROOT).

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test: Revert
	--do-build change of 2005-11-13.  Use new makefile names.

	* pod/makepp*.pod: Document RootMakeppfile and various minor

2006-03-21  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makesubs.pm: Fixed an off-by-one bug in my previous change.

2006-03-17  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: Since
	  FileInfo::relative_filename is broken when $_[2] is set, die
	  loudly instead of failing silently.  All such known calls
	  reverted to the illogical string length metric until this
	  can be fixed.

	* Makesubs.pm: Changed the semantics of f_wordlist to match
	  GNU make more closely.

2006-03-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test
	(worker.pm): Take care of Ebcdic.

	* pod/makepp.css (tall): Heighten to 150%.

2006-03-07  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Signature/md5.pm: Don't attempt to open non-files, because that
	  can succeed only to cause problems later.

	* Signature.pm, BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Put the knowledge about
	  determining which signatures are content-based in Signature.pm.
	  (This is still questionable, but at least it's in a reasonable
	  place now.)  A couple of tweaks to the delimiting of hashed
	  data that should reduce the risk of build_cache_key aliasing.

2006-03-02  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo.pm, Glob.pm, Makefile.pm,
	Handle globbing on '/' correctly.  Mkdir invalidates the parent
	directory's LSTAT info, and added a test case to show why this
	is necessary.

	* makepp: Store cached scanner info in the build cache.
	Fixes for the code that handled '--do-build' implying
	'--dont-build .'.  Fixed a warning.

	* ActionParser.pm: Deal with null commands properly.

	* Makesubs.pm: Fixed a shallow bug in f_absolute_filename_nolink.
	Support 'export VAR ?= value' syntax.

	* FileInfo.pm, BuildCache.pm: Fix the check for symbolic links
	in the build cache.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Include the relative path of the
	target in the build_cache_key.

	* Makefile.pm, Makesubs.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: If a
	warning occurs within user code and is not already identified as
	such, then report the closest enclosing user scope as well.
	Also, if this occurs when the MAKEPP_DIE_STACK_TRACE environment
	variable is set, then die with a stack trace, for debugging
	purposes.  Fix add_prefix and add_suffix GNU make compatibility.

	* Scanner/C.pm: Handle escaped newlines.  If we don't know
	whether an #if is true, then also evaluate the #else clause if
	any. (Not perfect, but usually more conservative.)

	* makepp: Print a log message when a file is copied in from a
	build cache, so that we can tell what happened (especially since
	it can make a writable file unwritable).

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: When removing a stale generated file,
	remove the associated build info file as well.

	* Rule.pm: Fixed a warning.

	* pod/makepp_sandboxes.pod: Slight clarifications.

2006-03-01  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo.pm: Fixed a shallow bug with symlink handling.

	* Scanner.pm, Rule.pm: Re-implemented add_include_suffix in terms
	of add_include_suffix_list.  (Can't get rid of it, because it's
	part of the class's legacy interface.)	Added $front parameter
	to add_include_dir.  Report the tag when an included file can't
	be found.

	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Reworked implementation to handle comments
	more accurately.

	* t/verilog.test: Basic test for Verilog scanning.

2006-02-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Use class tall in pre to have
	only a somewhat bigger space instead of a full empty line.

	* pod/makepp.css (tall): New class.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_include, s__include): Fix error message to follow
	makepp style.

	* makepp ($verbose): New variable.

	* makeppbuiltin: Major modifications.  New options -I & -M.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cut, c_grep, c_sort): Make customary Unix short
	opts take precedence over ours.
	(c_uniq): Fix option specification (S -> s).
	(frame): Replaces _opts and _close.  Update all commands to use
	it.  Inherit verbose from makepp.
	(::getopts): Optional strict mode and say which command caused
	error.	Verbose shows long option.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Don't set $File::maybe_open for
	builtin commands as they take care of this themselves.	Allow
	command to already be present in error message.

	* t/builtins.test (uc.out): New subtest to see that
	frame can be used by own command and within a module.

	* t/additional_tests/2006_02_18_makeppbuiltin.test: New

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document changed options.

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod: Document Makecmds::frame and
	possiblity of extending with Perl modules.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Document changed options in 3

	* pod/makeppbuiltin.pod: Document changes.

2006-02-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm ($opt{o}, _close): Implement inplace editing via
	Perl-like -o +<

	* t/builtins.test (sed.out): Test -o +<

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document -o +<

2006-02-16  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* pod/makepp.pod, pod/makepp_sandboxes.pod:  Added complete
	documentation of the sandboxing options.

2006-02-08  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* run_tests.pl: Work-around for bug in Perl 5.8.0 (on x86
	Redhat EL3.0) wherein $Config{perlpath} is corrupted if you
	access $Config{sig_name} first.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_06_scancache.test:
	Call wait_timestamp.pl on x.o where needed.

2006-02-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_grep): Don't add extra args to &perl.
	New option -l.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &grep -l/-xl/-xxl.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Reorder options one per line, as in
	makepp.pod.  Document &grep -l.	 Link to makeppbuiltin.pod.

	* makeppbuiltin: New command

	* pod/makeppbuiltin.pod: New documentation.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Link to makeppbuiltin.pod.

	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Insert makeppbuiltin into
	menu.  Italicise =item args only in those pods where the 1st word
	is a command/function.

	* pod/makepp.pod (UPGRADE WARNING): Make it less intimidating,
	simply recommending a clean rebuild.

	* pod/makeppclean.pod (SYNOPSIS): Use same style as makepp.pod.

2006-01-23  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Allow spaces before all modifiers (bug 1391160).

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Make hidden feature accessible with
	new options -s, --silent, --quiet.  Rename old -s to -S.  Add long
	variants --include/--include-dir.
	(common_opt): Delete function and put code into while loop.

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Allow path after build_cache.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Document new options.

2006-01-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp ($build_root): New global variable replacing the global
	use of $target_cwd, which does not always represent the same
	(parse_command_line): New option --search-upwards.

	* Makefile.pm (find_makefile_in): Also try Makeppfile.mk.

	* FileInfo.pm: Use $build_root.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_sort): New options --numeric-sort and --reverse.
	(c_uniq): Don't call $cmp before reading 2 lines.

	* TextSubs.pm (pattern_substitution): Use precalculated length.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_filesubst): Match case insensitive filenames,
	needed by pattern rules.
	(f_ROOT): Use $build_root.

	* Glob.pm (wild_to_regex): Do a regexp that's really case
	insensitive, when needed.

	* t/pattern_rule.test: Test mixed case rules.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &sort -r.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document &sort -n and -r.

	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Document --search-upwards and Makeppfile.mk.

2005-12-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Add lsbc++.

	* Makecmds.pm (&sort, &uninstall): New commands.
	(&install): New options and write all actions to log file.

	* t/builtins.test: Test new commands.

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Highlight new builtins.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document new commands and options.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Inform about builtins.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Document effect of $(MAKE).

2005-12-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner.pm (find): Remove obsolete optimization no longer
	effective since scanner caching.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cut): Use eval_or_die and Perl's autosplit
	variable @::F.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod (&cut): Document Perl's autosplit
	variable @::F.

2005-12-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm (new): Fix syntax error.

2005-12-01  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Fix bug where -include
	on the gcc command line gobbled too many words.

2005-11-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cut): Columns now only as Perl expr.  Don't die
	if only column 0 is requested.	New option --lines.

	* Rule.pm: Consider functions with trailing '_' in name as
	private, so don't look them up as methods.

	* Makefile.pm (_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Append
	continuation lines as long as a $(( )) is not complete.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &cut --lines.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test multiline $(( )).

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document &cut --lines as an alternative
	to head or tail.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Document multiline $(( )).

2005-11-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (signature): Slightly optimize
	makepp's most expensive function, by eliminating return statements
	and modifying stack, so we can repeatedly use &call syntax.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_prebuild): New main name for f_make, to be
	consistent with the equivalent statement.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (%opt): New variable for quick option
	(xparse_command): Use %opt.  Cleanup some cruft from last check

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm (%opt): New variable for quick option
	(xparse_command): Use %opt.  Should now handle all options it
	needs to.

	* makepp, **.pm: Don't redundantly anchor .* to eol with $, as
	that slows regexps down.

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod: Document --gullible.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Document $(prebuild).

	* profiler.pm (DESTROY): Say who called eval.

2005-11-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (parse_opt): New function for overriding.
	(xparse_command): Optimize, fix a few options treated
	insufficiently or wrongly and add support for gcc-4.0's funny new
	options replacing -I-.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm: Reimplemented with Gcc inheritance, by
	pushing back modified words.  Now almost fully handles Oracle

	* Scanner/Esqlc.pm (get_directive): Handle EXEC ORACLE.
	(other_directive): Handle optional include suffix, as provided by
	parser to add_include_suffix_list.

	* CommandParser/*.pm (new), Scanner/Verilog.pm (new): Don't repeat
	class determination and blessing.

	* t/esqlc.test: Test Oracle Pro*C harder.

2005-11-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm ($case_sensitive_filenames): Don't delete testfile,
	as that caused the log to be recreated as root, when making
	"install". (Reported by Rob Schaper)

	* makepp, config.pl, MakeEvent.pm (process_finished):
	Eliminate client/server mode.

	* install.pl: Eliminate client/server mode.
	(highlight_variables): Don't put markup into title.

	* makeppclient, t/client_server_unix.test:
	* pod/makeppclient.pod: Eliminate files.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test (makepp_test_script.pl):
	Also works on older Perl.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Remove warning for ./test from linker
	rule, moving it into a rule of its own, which now handles all
	Bourne Shell builtins and keywords.
	Don't use Shell for Windows phony .exe hack.

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod: Show simplified commands with aliasing.

	* pod/makepp_builtin.pod: Remove variable list, since I had
	overseen it when creating the new one in makepp_variables.pod.	It
	fits better there, and the new one is complete.

2005-11-14  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (stat_array): Fix bug where we used the wrong
	directory as a starting point for symbolic links with relative paths.

2005-11-13  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm (xparse_command): Fix bug where SWIG
	includes overwrote C++ includes if the same .h file was seen by
	both swig and C++.

2005-11-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (maybe_stop): New function.
	($dont_build_dir_flag): Removed var.
	(parse_command_line): Make $FileInfo::root DONT_BUILD because
	otherwise makepp goes barging into foreign directories where it's
	only supposed to pick up things, if they happen to have sources.
	So make $target_cwd DONT_BUILD=0, unless there's a directly
	inherited --do-build under it, which wouldn't otherwise make

	* Makesubs.pm (f_infer_linker, f_infer_objects, f_make)
	(s_prebuild): Call ::maybe_stop.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test (makepp_test_script.pl):
	Replaces Shell script and explicitly allows makepp to build
	something outside of the build tree.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (dont_build): Don't consider abolished var

	* pod/makepp_speedup.pod: New doc.

	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Make "makepp" look like in the
	logo, wherever it is used.
	Add speedup doc to nav bar.

	* Dump.pm (Dump::import): Dump $::target_cwd, when called via use.

	* stress-test.pl: The directories b, d, f and h, if present, will
	have a Makeppfile generated by makepp.

2005-11-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner.pm (new): Eliminate SCANNED, as these are now directly
	stored in the scanner (hash key collisions being impossible.)
	Introduce SEEN.
	(scan_file1): Eliminate apparently unused "local $_".
	(include): Use SEEN for only handling each file once per scanner,
	giving a nice speedup.	This is also needed so that makepp doesn't
	choke on include recursion, which the compiler catches via include
	guards.	 This works for us, but I might have missed something.

	* FileInfo.pm (lstat_array): Use -l for symlinks instead of
	erroneous -s.  Remember when it's a symlink by setting LINK_DEREF
	to false, i.e. making it exist.
	(link_deref): Eliminate and include into the only two callers.
	(dereference, is_or_will_be_dir, is_symbolic_link, stat_array):
	Use LINK_DEREF to optimize these CPU hogs.  Herewith FileInfo
	leaves the top 10.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (signature): Use LINK_DEREF to avoid statting
	when possible.	Eliminate multiple return statements.

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Don't check directory existence,
	because makdir will do it again.

	* profiler.pm: Keep microseconds as integer and do own
	calculations -- Time:HiRes converts to float, which is often one
	off (maybe more when not on Linux).

	* stress-test.pl: Generate potentially recursive includes.  Output
	memory as -1 if not obtained from ps. (Why did this happen on
	(NO_LN, LN, DUMP): New makepp CLI variables.

2005-11-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner.pm (scan_file1): Replace obsolete module FileHandle with
	"open my $fh, ..."
	(find): Calculate dir only if we get an undef.	Cache results per
	directory, but not per suffix.	This would seem to increase memory
	consumption, but in fact reduces it slightly.  But most of all it
	reduces CPU consumption yet again by 15% - 30% depending on how
	far into the include/lib paths the files have to be searched.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_CC, f_CXX, f_F77, f_LEX, f_YACC): Cache results.
	(f_ROOT): New variable.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built_or_remove): Eliminate
	2nd caching of EXISTS_OR_CAN_BE_BUILT, now handled by Scanner.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Replace unneeded module FileHandle
	with close.

	* makepp (--version): Inform about GPL as well.
	(parse_command_line): Replace obsolete module FileHandle with
	"open my $fh, ..."

	* LICENSE: Bump GPL to version 2.

	* stress-test.pl: Show memory consumption in final output.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (_CPP_SUFFIXES): Handle file-name case
	sensitivity separately from Windows, since Linux and others can
	also access such file systems.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Test $(ROOT).

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod (Predefined Variables): New section.

2005-11-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Make $target_cwd (the top of the
	build tree) generally accessible as our instead of my.

	* FileInfo.pm (relative_filename): Optimize by cutting off if
	$fileinfo is under $dirinfo or if both are under $::target_cwd.
	When new optional 3rd arg is true doesn't assemble the result as a
	string, but only returns the distance.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Some small optimizations.
	(set_rule): Use new 3 arg form of relative_filename.  This can
	change builds because it now compares the actual directory
	distance, instead of using path string length as an approximation.
	(assume_unchanged, dont_build, in_sandbox, dont_read): Eliminate
	return statements (which are expensive in some versions of Perl)
	in these extremely frequently called functions.

	New constants for indexing the array looked up by {$tag}, which
	replaces 4 separate mini hashes we used to have.  For this tags
	are now documented as required to be lowercase, so as to evite
	collision with any Scanner attributes.
	(new): Initialize fewer fields.
	(get_tagname): Address TAG_MAP the new way.
	(add_include_dir): Address INCLUDE_DIRS the new way.
	(add_include_suffix_list): Replaces add_include_suffix.	 Takes the
	whole list at once and caches it to prevent having many identical
	lists.	Address INCLUDE_SFXS the new way.
	(should_find): Address SHOULD_FIND the new way.
	(info_string): Set a whole hashref at once, on the ground that
	these are effectively constant, so can be shared across scanners.
	(scan_file1): Get directory status from FileInfo instead of from
	file system and only log "Scanning" if we can read the file.
	(find): Add a dummy argument so this can be called as &find by
	include, which is the most frequent call in makepp.  We sacrifice
	method lookup, since no subclass implements a different find.

	* Rule.pm: Use changed Scanner interface.
	(add_include_suffix_list): Replaces add_include_suffix.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm, CommandParser/Gcc.pm:
	* CommandParser/Swig.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Use changed Scanner

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod (AIX): Add 5.8.7.

	* stress-test.pl: New utility.

2005-10-31  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm (xparse_command): Fix bogus include file

2005-10-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built_norecurse): Combine
	two return statements, since it turned out that multiple returns
	are more expensive than one with a complex condition.  At least on
	Intel, on Sparc this does not seem an issue.
	Cache result in EXISTS_OR_CAN_BE_BUILT.
	(exists_or_can_be_built): Prevent call if EXISTS_OR_CAN_BE_BUILT is cached.
	(exists_or_can_be_built_or_remove): Also cache result in EXISTS_OR_CAN_BE_BUILT.

	* Scanner.pm (find): Use cached EXISTS_OR_CAN_BE_BUILT to prevent
	calling exists_or_can_be_built_or_remove half a million times.

	* profiler.pm: Don't flush so much intermediate info by default.
	Also instrument generated wildcard function in Glob.pm.
	New option -r.	New arguments: Module...

2005-10-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm: At the end add a list for most functions whether
	they are safe to call with implicit stack.
	(traverse): Make this function iterative instead of recursive.

	* BuildCache.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makesubs.pm, Rule.pm:
	* Scanner.pm, makepp: Use impicit stack for many FileInfo calls.

2005-10-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (ARCHITECTURE, PERL): New constants replacing former
	variables.  Call a few FileInfo functions with stack reuse.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm: Use the new constants.  Repeatedly
	make use of the grouped retrieval of build info.
	(build_cache_key, update_dep_sigs): Change the regexp to recognize
	a base64 sig, instead of a hex sig.

	* Makecmds.pm, Makesubs.pm: Use the new constants.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Call a few own methods as functions or with
	stack reuse.

	* Rule.pm (load_scaninfo_single): Retrieve one more build info in
	the common call.  Call Scanner methods as functions since we just
	instantiated the object ourselves, so there can be no inheritance.

	* profiler.pm: Show the times() delta at least per interval and at
	the end.

2005-10-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp ($in_sandbox_dir_flag): Rename to match predicate.
	(setup_recursive_make_socket): Since this is no longer autoloaded,
	require IO::Socket instead of using it, loading only when needed,
	as the comment promised.

	* FileInfo.pm (dereference): Make heavily used function iterative
	instead of recursive.
	(stat_array): Put in same guard as in dereference for endless

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (assume_unchanged, dont_build, in_sandbox):
	(dont_read, _test_set): These were by far the most frequently
	called functions, so eliminate the helper, generating each one
	individually instead.
	(parse_build_info_file): Profit from stack reuse possible for
	&dont_build.  (Should go over this systematically to reap the
	maximum benefit wherever possible!)

	* profiler.pm: Be smarter about not instrumenting trivial
	functions.  Fix child process profiling.
	($ENV{PROFMPP_INTERVAL}): Renamed and new options, which also get
	recorded in the log files.

2005-10-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (stat_array): Keep track of the element we're
	iterating over to prevent endless loop.	 (Why didn't the test suite
	catch this, even though it uses symlinks?)

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Remove unreachable elsif.

	* profiler.pm ($ENV{MININTERVAL}): New minimum distance for
	displaying intermediate results.  On a sufficiently fast machine,
	this interval is fairly precise.
	(DESTROY): Output correlation timestamps to .makepp_log.
	(output_child): New function not yet working (why not?)

2005-10-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* ActionParser.pm, ActionParser/Legacy.pm,
	* ActionParser/Specific.pm,
	* BuildCheck/architecture_independent.pm,
	* BuildCheck/ignore_action.pm, CommandParser.pm,
	* CommandParser/Basic.pm, CommandParser/Esqlc.pm,
	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Swig.pm,
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm, MakeEvent.pm, Makefile.pm, makepp,
	* Makesubs.pm, Scanner.pm, Scanner/C.pm, Scanner/Esqlc.pm,
	* Scanner/Swig.pm, Scanner/Vera.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm,
	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm, Signature/shared_object.pm,
	* Signature/verilog_simulation_md5.pm,
	* Signature/verilog_synthesis_md5.pm: Eliminate expensive call
	stack modifications.  Replace module "vars" by keyword "our".

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): New local var $File::maybe_open
	incremented for each Perl block we run, so that the Perl code gets
	a chance to declare that it has not left any files open.

	* Makecmds.pm: Decrement $File::maybe_open to prevent calling
	/bin/true when sure that no files remain open.

	* FileInfo.pm (STAT_NLINK): Add constant which was forgotten,
	because it was only present as a numeric literal.
	(stat_array): Make heavily used function iterative instead of

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (signature): Optimize heavily used function.

	* Glob.pm (find_real_subdirs): Use STAT_NLINK.

	* profiler.pm: Don't instrument very trivial functions.
	(@ENV{MINTIME MINCOUNT}): New minima, below which functions are
	not considered.	 Defaults to 10ms and 20 calls.
	(display): New function grouping ever the same operations, and
	optimized by eliminating values below the minima before sorting.

2005-10-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (lstat_array): Let Perl test readability while it
	has the stat structure, unless it's a symlink.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm (build_cache_key):
	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens):
	* Signature/md5.pm (signature):
	* Signature/shared_object.pm (signature_shared_lib): Use slightly
	faster and more memory efficient base64 digest instead of hex

	* Dump.pm (Dump): Put directories after names and only show
	statistics for signature lists.	 Per default dump at end of makepp

2005-10-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, BuildCache.pm, FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: Remember
	only those stat fields we use.	Eliminate stack modification.

2005-10-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm: Change documentation to underline that we very much
	want this to be used functionally.
	(@EXPORT, @EXPORT_OK): Optimize choice.
	(STAT_*): New constants instead of old vars which were duplicated
	in several modules.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (build_info_string): Allows fetching multiple
	keys at once.
	(exists_or_can_be_built_norecurse): Eliminate double test.

	* ActionParser.pm, BuildCache.pm, CommandParser.pm, Makefile.pm,
	* Makesubs.pm, Rule.pm, Scanner.pm, makepp, BuildCheck/exact_match.pm,
	* BuildCheck/target_newer.pm, CommandParser/Esqlc.pm,
	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm,
	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm, Signature/md5.pm,
	* Signature/shared_object.pm: Eliminate OO use of FileInfo.

2005-09-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (split_on_whitespace_or_commands): Revert last
	change, which could cause Perl 5.8.0 to segfault mysteriously on a
	huge project.  Reimplement it differently.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cp, c_ln): Fix -f in case target is given as a
	directory.  Used to test existence of directory for deletion here.

	* t/builtins.test: Test &ln fix.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_07_12_build_cache_cp.test:
	Skip if MD5 not available.

2005-08-18  gholt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Swig.pm, Scanner/Swig.pm, Makesubs: Add a new
	scanner/command parser for SWIG (a wrapper generator for various
	scripting languages).

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Fix a bug where a change in error
	message format in perl 5.8.7 caused perl_begin to fail.

2005-08-04  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_join): Fix bug (reported by Mark Pettigrew) in
	join function where a "0" was treated as undefined.

2005-07-14    <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_filter, f_filter_out, etc.): Give an error
	message if not enough arguments are supplied.

2005-07-12  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, BuildCache.pm, BuildCheck.pm, BuildCheck/exact_match.pm,
	Build cache policy change: Key equality now must imply
	substitutability.  Use MD5 signatures for dependencies in the
	build cache key if the signature is otherwise not MD5-based.
	Don't call build_check_from_build_info after getting a key match.
	After importing from the build cache, update DEP_SIGS as needed
	to avoid a build check failure on a subsequent makepp run.  Add
	--force-copy-from-bc option to test the different filesystem
	case, and added build_cache_cp.test that makes use of it.

2005-07-11  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm:  Because of concurrent build cache access, the
	mkdir can fail, but we don't care so long as it exists after we
	make the attempt.

	* makepp: Added --nopopulate-bc option.	 If makepp detects a
	problem when completing, print the error that caused it to bail
	out, if any.  Improved the "dangling critical section" error
	message.  Changed the final diagnsotic from "build failed" to
	"target(s) failed", because sometimes users don't think they're
	building anything (e.g. "makepp clean" and "makepp test").
	Properly handle the case in which build_target_done bails out.

	* t/client_server_unix.test: Tracked change to final

2005-07-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Document 5.8.7 and sourceforge
	compile farm results.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test (libxyz.a):
	Fix ar options for Darwin.

	* t/spar ($extractor): Fixed for Darwin.
	(Emacs spar-fix): Also update modification time stamp.

	* t/additional_tests/spar_unix.test: Test version 0.8.

2005-06-30  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (is_writable): Because of problems with Cygwin's
	directory permissions not actually corresponding to what Windows
	thinks the directory permissions are, when checking for
	writability of a directory, we look more carefully at the mode.
	If the directory is writable by no one (user, group, other), then
	we don't bother to try to create the test file.	 This way, even if
	we would succede in creating the test file, we still mark the
	directory as unwritable--which is what we want for inhibiting
	repository imports and inhibiting scanning of read-only header

2005-06-30  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (_OBJ_SUFFIX): New variable used in all
	.o rules.
	(_IS_CYGWIN): Replaced by an ifperl block.

	* Makesubs.pm (system_include_dirs): Handle /usr/include not being
	available (Windoze), but don't know how to get this right.
	(scanners, f_CC, f_CFLAGS, f_CXX, f_CXXFLAGS): Handle Visual
	Studio and Borland.

	* t/run_tests.pl (un_spar):
	* Makecmds.pm (c_mkdir): Don't call mkdir() with trailing '/', as
	this fails on Darwin.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Exec /usr/bin/true for BSD, which
	doesn't have /bin/true.

	* t/c_compilation.test: Make it work on native Windows.

2005-06-27  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_functions.pod:  $(relative_filename) and
	$(relative_to) always return filenames containing a slash, in case
	they are used as executables.

2005-06-20  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Revert undocumented commenting out of
	code line determination, as this broke 2004_12_20_errors.test.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_timestamp.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_27_srctarg.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_03_minusk.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_03_scan_build.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_31_stale.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Replace
	Shell code with Perl for native Windows compatibility.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_26_exit_status.test: New
	test combines two almost identical tests.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_26_perl_exit_status.test,
	* t/additional_tests/2003_10_17_shell_exit_status.test:
	Remove old tests.

2005-06-15  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_findfile): Fix bug in path splitting.

	* Makefile.pm (_truthval): cd to the proper directory before
	evaluating any ifperl construct, so that if the perl code accesses
	the filesystem, it works on the right directory.

2005-06-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (split_path): New function.
	(format_exec_args): Refix for MinGW.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_program, f_findfile, f_MAKE): Use

	* t/variable_expansion.test (shell_command): Eliminate
	';' on native Windows.	Add trailing space for Unix because this
	is apparently inevitable on Windows.
	(x): Extend this to cover all cases of former export.test.
	Alternately use Windows variable syntax.

	* t/export.test: Drop redundant test.

2005-06-14  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm: Deal with "cd" commands in an action.
	A couple of bug fixes as well.

	* Makesubs.pm, makepp, pod/makepp_functions.pod: Add f_temporary.

	* TextSubs.pm: Fixed bug wherein '>&' in a shell command was
	erroneously treated like '> &'.

2005-06-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (format_exec_args): Fix native Windows handling.

	* t/run_tests.pl (makepp): Return true on success (in
	case a test script ends with this).

	* t/dry_run_what_if.test,
	t/directories.test: Eliminate complex Shell commands
	for the benefit of native Windows.

2005-06-09  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm, CommandParser.pm: Refactored add_dependency
	method and its associates from CommandParser into ActionParser,
	because they're needed in both places.	Handle '>>' redirectors

2005-06-08  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (_opts): Select $outfile so perlcode can print.
	(c_perl): New command.

	* t/builtins.test (sed.out): Test &perl.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document &perl.

	* install.pl: Add new fields above nav-bar.  Add timestamp in foot
	if Id-tag is present in the pod file.

	* pod/makepp.css: Format new fields above nav-bar.

	* pod/google.png, pod/sflogo.png: New files so that local pages
	don't dial in to get the logos.

2005-06-07  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* install.pl: Install makepp_build_cache_control and
	BuildCache.pm.	Substitute the she-bang of every file, not just
	the first one with which substitute_file is called.  Also, do the
	right thing if the directory path in the she-bang starts out
	containing "perl".

	* ActionParser.pm, TextSubs.pm: Parse multiple redirectors
	properly, using max_index_ignoring_quotes.

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: Moved implementation of
	$FileInfo::directory_first_reference_hook from
	exists_or_can_be_built to is_or_will_be_dir, and made the former
	call the latter.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Rule.pm, Makefile.pm, makepp,
	t/directories.test: Handle the case in which a stale
	generated file can still be built because it now comes from a
	repository.  This is complicated, because properly handling the
	cases in which it is built after its rule is deleted becomes

	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a typo from one of Daniel's uberchanges.

	* Makesubs.pm: Add f_absolute_filename_nolink.

	* makepp_build_cache_control: Fixed a couple of spurious warnings.

	* t/build_cache.test: Fixed the test case for the
	2005-06-02 change.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_11_02_repository_rmstale.test:
	Added test case for getting a formerly generated file out of a

2005-06-06  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makesubs.pm,
	Don't use 'our', because it overrides the package inside an eval
	call from within its scope (e.g. from eval_or_die).

2005-06-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (absolute_filename_nolink): Don't assume slash
	before C:/ (this is what was completely breaking makepp on native

	* makepp ($PERL): New variable, more reliable than
	$Config{perlpath} in case of multiple installed versions.
	(@signals_to_handle): Emtpy list on native Windows 5.6.1 which
	doesn't define sigs.

	* Makecmds.pm (run_forked): Don't fork on native Windows, but run
	system $::PERL.
	(c_cat): Use copy, because syscopy can't write to file handle on
	native Windows.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_MAKE): Use $main::PERL.

	* Makefile.pm (_truthval): Don't expect uname to work.

	* t/run_tests.pl (execute): Handle un_spar failing for
	symlinks on natve Windows.
	($ENV{PERL}, $perl): Set these reliably in case of multiple
	installed versions.

	* t/builtins.test (echo.out): Don't expect native
	Windows "shell" to handle complex command.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Added 6 Linux and 3 Solaris tests.
	Document that native Windows is half working.

2005-06-02  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCache.pm, t/build_cache.test: Fixed a bug in
	which stale file attributes were not discarded after importing a
	file from a build cache.

	* Makefile.pm, t/conditionals.test: Fixed a bug in
	which a conditional after an inactive conditional was ignored.

2005-05-31  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Use File::Path::rmtree since its more
	efficient than forking 3 processes and since 2>&- doesn't work on
	native Windows.

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Add colorgcc.
	(f_warning): Use warn for consistency.

	* additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Test $(warning).

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Improve formatting and add one
	test case.

2005-05-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (file_info): Don't put empty field in server-share
	paths.	Handle C:\ (but Windows doesn't work yet).

	* Makecmds.pm (c_ln): Make MAKEPP_LN_CP a bit vector to
	individually control &ln and &ln -s.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_error, f_warning): New functions.

	* t/run_tests.pl (execute): Don't report failure
	chmod`ing to-be-deleted dir.

	* t/builtins.test: Don't fail if Perl can't chmod on
	Cygwin (probably a //server/share).

	* install.pl: Handle makepp_compatibility so that it can be easily
	edited and shown in all output formats.
	(highlight_variables): Handle $(error) and $(warning).

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Recreate the table from scratch,
	reflecting my current test results.  Those that I can't verify,
	which date from 1.40, have been dropped and need to be

	* pod/makepp.pod, pod/makepp_builtins.pod:
	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod:
	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Update.

2005-05-25  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (format_exec_args): On MinGW must start $(CC) via
	/bin/sh, or it doesn't get its arguments.

	* Makesubs.pm (@system_include_dirs): Don't add /usr/local/include
	if it doesn't exist (caused a warning on MinGW).

	* Makecmds.pm (c_ln): Add $ENV{MAKEPP_LN_CP} for making this sort
	of portable to systems where (sym)link doesn't work.

	* t/run_tests.pl (no_symlink): New constant.	 Use it to
	eliminate repository based tests on Samba mounts, Windows shares
	and MinGW.

	* t/builtins.test: Don't die on systems where chmod or
	link don't work.

	* t/wildcard_repository.test:
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_repository_unlink.test,
	2003_11_25_repository_tot.test, 2003_12_05_phony_repository.test,
	2004_01_21_repository_build.test, 2004_02_19_repository_change.test,
	2004_03_25_repository_rule.test, 2004_04_01_stale_repository.test,
	2004_11_02_repository_rmstale.test: Rename these with "repository"
	so they can be excluded where not applicable.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod (&ln): Document $MAKEPP_LN_CP.

	* FileInfo.pm (absolute_filename_nolink): Return '/' if passed an
	empty (or undefined?) FileInfo.	 (Workaround suggested by Bruce

	* Rule.pm (@ISA): Add "our" needed in subpackage.

2005-05-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm (is_windows): New exported constant.  Also covers
	MinGW (MSYS) and for the future ActiveState (MSWin32).

	* Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo): Use is_windows.

	* makepp: Abolish $can_fork.
	(common_opt): Use is_windows.

	* MakeEvent.pm (start): Use is_windows.

	* Makesubs.pm: Use is_windows.

	* Rule.pm: Use is_windows.
	(DefaultRule::BuildCheck): Import absolute_filename.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Use FileInfo::is_windows.

	* t/run_tests.pl (is_windows): New constant.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test
	(EXE_SUFFIX): Use FileInfo::is_windows.

	* t/client_server_unix.test:
	* t/parallel_unix.test:
	* t/additional_tests/spar_unix.test: Added _unix to
	file name so as to skip on all Windows environments.

2005-05-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl: Don't install new makepp_compatibility.pod as Man
	page.  Unify titles with nav-bar and overview.	Don't write final
	success message into last html file.
	(highlight_keywords, highlight_variables): Underline targets as
	Emacs does and highlight &builtins.

	* pod/makepp.pod: Unify titles with nav-bar and overview.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.pod: Convert from HTML, so as to get
	consistent look and feel with other pods.

	* pod/*pod: Whitespace cleanup and join adjacent <pre>s.  Beautify
	initial index where available.	Fix typos and the build_cache
	warning. (Miscommented in CVS due to commit handling error.)

2005-05-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (_read_makefile_line_stripped_1)
	(skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif): On initial success with else
	ifxxx, don't also do else.

	* t/conditionals.test: Test the above.

2005-05-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* install.pl: Add nav-bar to all pages.

	* pod/makepp_release_notes.pod: Update.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.html: Add nav-bar.

	* pod/makepp.css: Format nav-bar.

2005-05-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm: Remove all auto-qualifications by giving all those
	variables a my or our spec.
	(_truthval): New function extracted from
	_read_makefile_line_stripped_1.	 Implemented ifsys.
	(_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Implemented and/or/else ifxxx

	* t/conditionals.test: Test ifsys (with a match all
	wildcard), and the and/or/else ifxxx combinations.

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod: Document new conditionals and
	reorganize pod into three sections.

	* install.pl (highlight_keywords): Handle ifsys and the
	and/or/else ifxxx combinations.

2005-05-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makeppclient (--start-server): Exit if FIFO can't be created.

	* t/builtins.test:
	* t/client_server.test:
	* t/additional_tests/spar.test: These fail for various
	reason on a Samba drive, so make them irrelevant there.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Integrate
	2004_04_27_target_specific_append.test and drop that.

	* t/conditionals.test: Integrate 2004_05_13_ifdef.test
	and 2004_12_16_endif.test and drop them.

	* t/pattern_rule.test: Integrate
	2004_12_29_static_pattern_rule.test and drop that.

2005-05-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Glob.pm: Call FileInfo as functions, don't modify call stack
	and other minor optimizations.

	* profiler.pm: Actually get output called when shutting down
	(DESTROY): Don't trigger this in a rule action, only in the main
	process.  Count the time needed for this (considerable when
	outputting after 10s) neither for the profilee, nor for its
	caller.	 Record a second set of stats for each function separately
	per caller, in the hope that such pairs give better combined
	optimization ideas, or hints at where makepp's algorithm is

2005-05-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* profiler.pm: New analysis script/module.

	* Makefile.pm: Completely take out internal object orientation,
	replacing costly $mfile->method, with method( $mfile ), or where
	possible even &method, reusing stack.  Optimizations like no
	modifications of stack, no unneeded my variables, tr instead of s,
	no double quotes unless interpolation is wanted.

	* TextSubs.pm (skip_over_make_expression): Return length of
	parens, so caller needn't rescan.

2005-04-28  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm: Parse redirectors (but still need to add
	targets and dependencies for them).

	* ActionParser.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Commented
	out one of Daniel's changes from 2005-04-16, and cover the
	problem in the test suite.  (Need to discus how to fix this for

	* Makesubs.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Deal with
	diagnostics from perl actions in a rule defined in an included
	makefile, and cover in the test suite.	Call touched_filesystem
	*after* evaluating generic code.

	* Rule.pm, t/additional_tests/2004_12_06_scancache.test:
	Re-added a line that was inadvertently (I assume) deleted by Daniel
	on 2005-04-21, and cover the issue in the test suite.  Also backed
	out a few other nearby optimizations that compromise
	maintainability (e.g. relying on $_ not being modified inside a
	complex loop).	Added a comment indicating why the line numbers
	from perl action diagnostics are off by a little.

	* Rule.pm, makepp, t/client_server.test: Flush the
	log file before a perl action fails.  (Probably not robust with
	-j, but it's better than nothing.)  Made diagnostics from perl
	actions a little more readable.

2005-04-28  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (format_exec_args): Reinstate { for Bash patterns.

	* t/variable_expansion.test: Move trivial
	2004_02_11_export_colon.test into this one.

2005-04-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm: Minor optimizations, which didn't improve much but
	the code shrunk a lot.
	(%skip_over): New lookup table.
	(split_on_whitespace): Don't treat ` specially.
	(split_commands): Don't split $(cmd; cmd), $((var|5)),
	${var:-foo&bar} and "$(cmd "foo;bar")".
	(skip_over_make_expression): Handle $((perl if( $a ) {...})) or
	${{shell find . -exec ls {} \;}}.
	(format_exec_args): Recognize = only after first word, {} not at
	all (where it's special, there must also be a ;), : and . only as
	commands and additionally [].
	(strip_indentation): New function replaces whitespace_len.
	(unquote): Handle x 'y' z correctly and also barf on trailing
	slash after ".

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Handle $((perl if( $a ) {...})) or
	${{shell find . -exec ls {} \;}}.
	(parse_rule): Use strip_indentation.
	(_read_makefile_line_stripped_1): Handle comments after
	ifdef/ifeq.  Fix problems with ifeq and quoting which became
	evident after the above unquote fix.

	* t/conditionals.test: Test above ifdef/ifeq fixes.

	* t/perl.test: Test $((perl )).

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_17_idl.test: Fix problems
	with AIX and BS2000 compiler pickiness.
	This evidences a new problem with parsing $(CC) ..  >$(output),
	which only works if there is a space after >, but I didn't find
	where that gets parsed.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Document $(( )) and ${{ }} at perl and

2005-04-26  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Scanner/C.pm: Fixed a bug wherein $_ gets clobbered.

	* ActionParser.pm, ActionParser/Legacy.pm: Add a log message
	when it decides that scan info can'tbe cached.

	* Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_functions.pod,
	t/conditionals.test: Added $(iftrue).  Preload
	CommandParser::Gcc and CommandParser::Basic, and avoid some shift
	statements, for efficiency.

	* TextSubs.pm: Accept ".pp" files as cpp input files.

	* Makefile.pm, Rule.pm, pod/makepp_rules.pod: Add :dispatch
	rule option.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Track changes to is_stale in
	parse_build_info_file, and add comments that future tracking may
	be necessary.

	* CommandParser.pm: Fix a bug in add_optional_dependency, and
	add a comment so that it's more clear what's going on.

2005-04-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm: Call FileInfo as functions, don't modify call stack
	where not needed and other minor optimizations, especially within
	nested loops.

2005-04-19  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner.pm, Scanner/C.pm, Scanner/Esqlc.pm: Call FileInfo as
	functions, don't modify call stack and other minor optimizations.
	(xscan_file): Don't treat "//*...*/" as "/".

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_17_idl.test: Extend this
	as in our real use, namely that a C++ source includes a header,
	which has to be generated from IDL.  This currently gives a

2005-04-16  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: Completely take out internal
	object orientation, replacing costly $finfo->method, with method(
	$finfo ), or mostly where possible even &method, reusing stack.
	Optimizations like no modifications of stack, no unneeded my
	variables, tr instead of s, no double quotes unless interpolation
	is wanted.

	* Makesubs.pm: Alias only functions, not whole blob.
	Optimizations like no modifications of stack, no unneeded my
	variables (many set $makefile_line but never used it), tr instead
	of s, join two s which only differ in one char, no double quotes
	unless interpolation is wanted.

	* ActionParser.pm: Small optimizations like no modifications of
	stack, no double quotes unless interpolation is wanted.
	(parse_rule): Add dependency on makefile if action includes
	perl {} or a user-defined c_command.  Add dependency on external
	Perl script if that is called via &script.

	* Makecmds.pm (run): Use Makesubs::f_find_program.
	(&uniq): Invert meaning of -c.

	* t/builtins.test (&uniq): Invert meaning of -c.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_06_scancache.test: #undef
	because AIX xlc doesn't allow redefinition.

2005-04-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_cut): Repair --printf and lists.
	(c_printf): No implicit newline and thus remove --nonewline.
	(c_template): Give it an assignment and Perlcode embedding syntax,
	and allow arguments to macros.

	* t/builtins.test: Update tests.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Update.

	* pod/makepp_builtin.pod: Reflect that yacc rule uses builtin &mv.

2005-04-07  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makesubs.pm, ActionParser/Legacy.pm, pod/makepp_scanning.pod,
	pod/makepp_statements.pod: Allow a scanner subroutine from a
	rule option to return a CommandParser object.  Removed
	Makesubs::parser_c_compilation, because it's no longer needed.
	Updated docs accordingly.

2005-04-07  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm: $0 in all errors now added by Rule.
	(getopts): Moved to main in preparation for makepp (was _getopts).
	(Makecmds): New package automatically considered by Rule.
	(eval_or_die, _chomp, _escape): New functions.
	(-E, --no-escape): New option as in GNU echo.
	(-s, --separator): Lowercased short option as in GNU tac or
	(c_echo): Handle \escape sequences.
	(c_cut, c_printf, c_yes, c_uniq): New commands.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Handle #comment after builtins.  Fix
	error messages at least to line number of beginning of rule (we
	don't really know what line a single command came from).

	* t/builtins.test: Add tests for new commands and features.

	* t/special_chars_unix.test: Fix trailing slash in
	&echo by suppressing \escapes.	Remove redundant check for Cygwin
	already handled by test name.

	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Remove 5.005 fix of nested
	<dl> which was broken on newer correct pod2htmls.  Fix hyperlinks
	to names with leading &.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Embolden first chars in index.  Update

	* pod/makepp_cookbook.pod: Fix example documentation to 4 space
	indentation and use &builtins where possible.

2005-04-06  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, Scanner.pm, Scanner/C.pm: Add trailing newlines to a
	bunch of warnings that shouldn't spew makepp internals.

2005-04-04  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp, Rule.pm, CommandParser.pm: If scanning fails because
	a meta-dependency failed to build, then keep track of the failed
	dependency so that the root cause target can be reported.  Also,
	when scanning fails, don't try to build the dependencies that we
	know about unless -k is specified, because
	$MakeEvent::exit_on_error is locally reset even if it isn't.

	* Makesubs.pm: Removed the old scanner_c_compilation (again),
	this time adding a parser_c_compilation so that it will work
	when it's specified as a rule option.

	* makepp, t/client_server.test: Changed final message
	from "compilation aborted" to the more general "build failed".

	* t/variable_expansion.test,
	Moved some trivial tests into larger tests, for testing

	* t/additional_tests/2005_03_31_scanfail.test:
	Test for the scanner diagnostic change, as well as the 3/31/05
	include directive cache fix.

	* t/makepp_test_case: Issue a warning when it sees
	a cleanup_script, in case it's being used like I've been using
	it until now.

2005-03-31  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a bug in which include directives weren't
	cached unless a corresponding file was found.

	* makeppclean: Fixed she-bang.

2005-03-30  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp: Fixed an intermittent problem that has been plaguing
	recursive_make_unix.test since Gary's 1/8/05 change.

2005-03-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (_getopts): Accept `-' argument again.
	(%opt): Apply --force to --output too.	New --record-size option.
	(c_cat): Accept -f, -i & -I.
	(c_cp): Accept -f.
	(c_expr): New command.
	(c_grep): Accept -r.
	(c_mkdir): Mode defaults to 755.  Return created dirs when called
	as function.
	(c_install): Accept -g, -l & -o

	* install.pl (pod2html): Italicise item after first space only if
	there is no comma before, else after first `='.

2005-03-21  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser.pm, Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_statements.pod:
	Added s_runtime.

	* CommandParser.pm: Added add_optional_dependency method.

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makesubs.pm, Rule.pm, Glob.pm
	Scanner.pm, makepp: Trust cached stat info if the filesytem
	hasn't been touched.  (This makes the NVIDIA chip-level null
	build about 5X faster!)

	* FileInfo.pm: Fixed is_writable_owner bug (it used to always
	return 0). Fixed handling of trailing slashes (it used to turn "/"
	into ".").

	* Makefile.pm: Issue a warning if an expression resolves to undef.
	Remove trailing "\n" from a define ... endef, for GNU make

	* Makefile.pm, Makesubs.pm: Added Makefile::cd method.

	* Makefile.pm, makepp, pod/makepp_command.pod: Added
	--dump-makefile option.

	* Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_functions.pod: Added f_filter_out_dirs,
	s_register_command_parser.  Fixed s_register_scanner.

	* Rule.pm: Improved internal diagnostics.  Added setup_environment
	back, because some of our custom scanners use it. (It's now just a
	wrapper.)  Fixed exec_or_die so that it always terminates the
	process before it goes out of scope.  Refactored duplicated code
	into expand_additional_deps.  Ignore empty actions, so that we
	don't try to exec them.

	* makepp: Signal handling tweaks.  Added comment explaining why
	the "despicable idiom" is despicable.  Added descriptive error
	message if process scoping is broken.

	* makepp, Rule.pm: Added --final-rule-only option.

	* t/additional_tests/2005_01_17_runtime.test,
	New tests.

2005-03-20  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_27_else.test,
	t/conditionals.test: Merged the trivial "else" test
	into "conditionals".

2005-03-18  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/wait_timestamp.pl:
	Make it work when overwriting an empty file doesn't update the
	timestamp.  (Some of the NVIDIA machines do this, others don't.)

	* t/dry_run_what_if.test:  Don't run makepp again
	until the current time is greater than the newest file (not the

2005-03-18  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Document -v and also make it output
	time stats.

	* t/dry_run_what_if.test: Fix file not always closed

2005-03-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl (makepp, execute): New functions.
	(test_loop): For each of the possible scripts, check for an
	alternative Perl variant.  Also catch internal errors, such as
	dangling critical sections.

	* t/wait_timestamp.pl: New file.

	* t/**/*.test: Eliminate almost all sleeps, replacing
	them with the minimum wait till we get a new timestamp.	 Also fix
	tests that failed on some platform.

2005-03-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (%.y, %.l): Use a more legible &mv.

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Add purecov and quantify.
	(s_define): Delete leading whitespace at beginning of lines to be
	consistent with other kinds of rule actions.

	* Makecmds.pm (_getopts): Allow mixing options and arguments and
	don't get confused by empty argument.
	(_perform): Write versbose messages to STDERR.
	(c_cat): New command.
	(c_rm): When deleting metainfo, also delete .makepp/, if it
	becomes empty.

	* t/run_tests.pl ($makepp_path): Localize, so it can be
	accessed in modules loaded with do().
	(execute): New function for alternately running a script if found
	with .pl appended as a module, or as a shell script.
	(foreach $tarfile): Use execute for all three scripts optionally

	* t/**/*.test: Replace some shell scripts with modules, and use
	builtin commands wherever possible.

2005-03-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makefile.pm (setup_environment): Method moved from Rule.pm.

	* Makesubs.pm (%scanners): Add AIX compilers.
	(f_shell): Propagate exported variables.
	(f_shell_global_once, f_shell_once): New functions.

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Avoid dangling critical section when
	some &command isn't found.

	* Makecmds.pm (c_sed): New name for c_filter.
	(c_rm, c_chmod, c_cp, c_install, c_mv, c_rm): New commands.
	(--count, --except): New options for c_grep.

	* t/builtins.test: Test all changes.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document all changes.

2005-02-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makecmds.pm (c_grep): New command.
	(--infail, --outfail, --separator): New options.

	* t/builtins.test: Test them.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: Document them and fixes.

2005-01-21  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Set $0 while executing &builtin.

	* Makecmds.pm: New lib.

	* install.pl: Install it.

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation): Reanimate this function
	until the new variant works right.
	(f_word, f_wordlist): Negative indices count from end.
	(run, run_forked, c_ln): Moved to Makecmds.pm.

	* pod/makepp_builtins.pod: New POD.

	* t/builtins.test: New test.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_17_idl.test: New test.

2005-01-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* TextSubs.pm (unquote_split_on_whitespace): New function.
	(unquote): Default arg to global $_.

	* Rule.pm: Use unquote_split_on_whitespace and argless unquote.
	(split_actions): Find new &action.
	(execute_command): And handle it.

	* Makesubs.pm: Use unquote_split_on_whitespace and argless unquote.
	(f_perl, eval_or_die): Make $(perl) be evaluated in list context.
	(c_ln): New function.

	* CommandParser.pm, Makefile.pm: Use unquote_split_on_whitespace
	and argless unquote.

	* pod/makepp_rules.pod, pod/makepp_extending.pod: Document

	* t/perl.test: Adapt to changed context of $(perl) and
	test &action.

2005-01-08  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile), AutomakeFixer.pm: new code to get
	rid of all the unnecessary and harmful junk that automake puts
	into makefiles.	 This is a step in the direction of more full
	support for automake/configure.

	* makepp (recursive_make_connection): Fix error handling problem
	where a die in makepp when activated through recursive_makepp
	exited make in the middle of a critical section and the error was
	never printed.

2005-01-06  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile: delete this file, because it's not really useful until
	the user runs configure anyway, and it is making packaging of
	makepp harder for Debian.

	* config.pl: Add makepp_compatibility.html to the tar file.

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod (statements): Fix error reported by
	Ian Zimmerman in the documentation of _include.

2005-01-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (md5sum_c_tokens): Put one space
	after each token and ignore any whitespace after last token.

	* Makesubs.pm (run): Make @ARGV be a modifiable copy.

	* pod/makepp_signatures.pod (c_compilation_md5): Document putting
	${Log}$ (braces against this file in CVS) after last token.

	* pod/makepp_compatibility.html: Eliminate 5.005.

	* t/client_server.test: Close file to be sure to flush
	it.  Eliminate workaround for makeppclient not being executable in

2005-01-02  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (check_for_change): Fix bug where we unnecessarily
	flush the build info for files linked in from repositories.  This
	caused them not to be deleted on makepp exit.

	* makepp: Fix bug in handling of MAKEFLAGS where we always
	inserted a minus sign even if MAKEFLAGS contained a variable

2004-12-29  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (load_repository_recurse, build): If a target's directory
	does not exist, but did exist in some repository, then go ahead
	and make the directory even if we're going to execute the action
	rather than import the file from the repository.  Otherwise the
	action may fail because the directory doesn't exist.

	* BuildCache.pm (copy_from_cache): Fix bug where we got an
	undefined value warning if the output directory does not exist.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_filesubst): Fix bug where trailing whitespace
	messed up the substitution.  The symptom of this was that
	old-style pattern rules failed.	 (Reported by Ian Zimmerman.)

2004-12-26  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: Require 5.6 because that's needed for our().	Add -? for
	--help.	 Add a global __WARN__ handler and eliminate calls to
	print_warning in favour of warn.

	* Makesubs.pm (run): Restore __WARN__ and __DIE__ handlers.
	(run_forked): Close STDOUT & STDERR.

	* Scanner.pm: Eliminate calls to print_warning in favour of warn.

	* Scanner/Esqlc.pm: Reindent.
	(other_directive): Fix raised warning to cover two file names.

	* config.pl: Require 5.6.

	* install.pl: Require 5.6.  Highlight arguments to items as
	italic.	 Warn about prior installation having the old pre
	.makepp/*.mk naming convention.

	* pod/makepp.pod: Document that we require 5.6.

	* pod/makepp_extending.pod: Consistent doc of perl in all places.
	Fix indentation to always be 4, because that's what install.pl
	strips off.
	(run, run_forked): New items.

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Consistent doc of perl in all places.
	Fix indentation to always be 4.

	* pod/makepp_rules.pod: Consistent doc of perl in all places.  Put
	noecho, ignore_error and perl into an enumeration list.	 Document
	esqlc_compilation.  Fix indentation to always be 4.

	* pod/makepp_statements.pod: Consistent doc of perl in all places.
	Add arguments to statements.  Fix indentation to always be 4.

	* pod/makepp_variables.pod: Fix changed_inputs and add it to index.

	* t/perl.test: Split up script.out into the statement
	and rule generated parts, because the latter now seems to delete
	target first.

2004-12-24  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* BuildCache.pm (cache_file): Fixed major problem where files in
	the build cache could be overwitten by a subsequent compile and
	therefore be corrupted.

2004-12-23  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Add missing entry for find_first_upwards.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_changed_inputs): new automatic variable
	$(changed_inputs), which properly implements $?.

	* BuildCheck/ignore_action.pm : new ignore_action build check
	algorithm that doesn't trigger a rebuild if the action string is

2004-12-22  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Scanner/C.pm: Add filename and line number to diagnositcs.

2004-12-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm: Rebase this on Gcc.pm because some
	preprocessors call compiler.  Everything copied, because for
	inheritance to work via parse_arg, we'd need access to most my
	vars of xparse_command.

	* Scanner/Esqlc.pm (get_directive): Handle $include and lc
	unquoted filename.

	* Makesubs.pm: Add esqlc scanners.
	(run_forked): Use POSIX::_exit.

	* t/perl.test (script.pl): Be well behaved and close.

2004-12-20  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_20_errors.test: Test
	case for line numbers in diagnostics.

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Match -f only as a whole option.

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Scanner/C.pm,
	Scanner/Vera.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm: Reformatted whitespace to
	conform to the rest of makepp.

2004-12-17  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makefile.pm, Makesubs.pm: If a subroutine defined in a
	perl_begin, etc., produces a message (warn or die) when called
	from a function, the line numbers in the message are properly
	munged.	 Also, deleted some stale lines that got reinserted due
	to a merging oversight, and adjusted the line position for
	perl_begin (as opposed to s_perl, s_sub and f_perl).

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Properly parse the -f option, to that
	options such as "-full64" don't match.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_comma.test: Added
	a comment pointing out that it tests a feature that we ultimately
	don't want, and it should test what we do want when it works.

2004-12-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Scanner/C.pm (other_directive): New virtual method.
	(xscan_file): Call it.

	* CommandParser/Esqlc.pm, Scanner/Esqlc.pm: New (flaky) modules.

	* install.pl: Install them.

	* t/esqlc.test: New test.

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_esqlc_compilation): New scanner.
	(%Makesubs::scanners): Register it.

2004-12-17  Gary Holt <holt-makepp@gholt.net>
	* run_tests.pl: fix problem where delete $ENV{MAKEPPFLAGS} didn't
	work, which could cause a test failure due to the user's environment.

	* Makesubs.pm (infer_objects): if an error occurred building a
	dependency, stop immediately unless --keep-going.

2004-12-17  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCheck.pm, CommandParser.pm, Makefile.pm, Rule.pm, makepp,
	BuildCheck/exact_match.pm, BuildCheck/target_newer.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_11_16_envdep.test: Added
	support for dependencies on environment variables.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Glob.pm, Makesubs.pm, Scanner.pm, makepp,
	t/additional_tests/2004_11_02_rmstale.test: Added
	--rm-stale option.

	* Glob.pm, t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_comma.test:
	Wildcard functions don't match filenames containing commas. (A
	temporary measure, until they can be safely passed to functions
	that currently interpret them as argument delimiters.)

	* MakeEvent.pm, makepp, t/client_server.test:
	Signal handling fixes.	Don't leave processes running in the
	background.  Ignore SIGINT and SIGQUIT if the child process
	absorbs them, but propagate them if the child process terminates
	from them.  Send children signals on TERM and HUP.  Redirect
	STDIN if running in parallel.  Propagate errors from targets even
	if $error_found is set.	 Mark targets as failed the the command
	was begun and then interrupted.

	* Makesubs.pm: Removed scanner_c_compilation, because its role has
	been subsumed by CommandParser::Gcc.

	* CommandParser.pm, Scanner.pm: Reformatted whitespace to conform
	to the rest of makepp. (More of this to come, after functionality
	changes are committed, so they aren't obscured by the space diffs.)

	* Rule.pm, makepp: Added --profile option (not documented).

	* Rule.pm: Use POSIX::_exit instead of exit, to avoid garbage

	* config.pl, install.pl, makeppclean, pod/makeppclean.pod,
	pod/makepp.pod: Added makeppclean utility.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, makepp, pod/makepp_command.pod: Added
	--sandbox & --dont-read options.

	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Added support for almost every VCS 7.1
	option that generates dependencies.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_06_scancache.test:
	Tests that targets built on behalf of cached scanner info can fail
	without stopping the build if they aren't actually needed.

	* t/additional_tests/2004_12_14_clean.test: Tests
	signal propagation and makeppclean.

	* Makefile.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_12_16_endif.test: Fixed
	parsing of commands whose executable is "perl".

	* CommandParser.pm, Rule.pm: Scanner failures are propagated with
	die "SCAN_FAILED\n", so that we don't need to check for failure
	at every level of the call stack.

	* CommandParser.pm, Scanner.pm: Ignore include of file whose name
	is the empty string.

	* Scanner.pm: Log the file that included a file to be scanned.

	* FileInfo.pm, makepp: Added --gullible option (not documented).

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Refactored repetition into build_info_fname.

2004-12-17  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (run): Prefer local script over one found in $PATH.

	* t/perl.test: Revert fix.

2004-12-16  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/perl.test,
	t/additional_tests/2004_05_04_double_dollar: Fixes
	to make them work whether or not "." is in $PATH.

2004-12-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Use print_warning.
	(run, run_forked): New functions.

2004-12-12  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (rewrite_message): New function.
	(eval_or_die): Use it to also massage warning's locations.
	(s_define): Don't handle comments or conditionals since GNU make
	doesn't either.
	(read_block): New function.
	(s_perl, s_sub): Use it.
	(s_perl, s_perl_begin): Revert $makefile magic, more cleanly
	handled in skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Don't do conditionals
	in define.
	(skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif): Also handle (make)sub and
	define with regard to `else' and use read_block instead of
	$makefile magic.

2004-12-10  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Massage error location for perl

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (clear_build_info, update_build_infos)
	(load_build_info_file): Rename .makepp files with suffix .mk.

2004-12-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Fix line numbering and IDE friendly
	error message format.
	(s_perl, s_perl_begin): Add special case without argument, to only
	skip input.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Add ifperl and
	ifmakeperl.  Document two unfixed bugs.
	(skip_makefile_until_else_or_endif): Add ifperl and ifmakeperl.
	Also handle else within perl { }.  Let the statement functions do
	the parsing for perl { } and perl_begin.

	* t/conditionals.test: Test these fixes and additions.

2004-11-23  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (s_no_implicit_load): Fix bug where we didn't expand
	variables in a number of statements.

2004-11-22  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/md5.test: Back to using dumb sleep's, because
	otherwise the .o can look like it didn't change if the compiler
	runs in less than a second.

	* BuildCheck/exact_match.pm,
	BuildCheck/architecture_independent.pm: Completed
	BuildCheck::exact_match POD (which ended abruptly).
	BuildCheck::architecture_independent chains to exact_match in a
	manner that is more resilient to change.

2004-11-19  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* BuildCheck.pm, Rule.pm, BuildCheck/exact_match.pm,
	BuildCheck/target_newer.pm: Fixed the detection of changed
	dependencies for using cached scanner info.

	* Scanner/Vera.pm: Fixed a stupid //g bug.

	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Doesn't require module name and instance
	name to be on the same line.

	* ActionParser/Specific.pm: Allows specified class to be defined
	inline, instead of in its own file in @INC.  Automatically adds
	"CommandParser::" prefix to class name, if necessary.

	* t/additional_tests/2003_10_11_idash.test: Added the
	sleep calls required to make it run reliably.

	* Makefile: Reverted Gary's changes to BINDIR, etc., which were
	surely accidental.

	* pod/makepp_scanning.pod: Fixed a typo.

2004-11-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Remove MAKEFLAGS and MAKEPPFLAGS from
	the environment before running the tests.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Fix problem where
	variables tested with ifdef sprung into existence in the
	command line variables hash.

2004-09-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (sorted_dependencies): eliminate superfluous rebuilds
	that occur due to random sorting of homonymous files from
	different directories.

2004-08-14  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation): Fix problem where makepp
	did not exit with a fail status if one of the scanner prerequisites
	failed to build.

2004-07-13  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makefile.pm,
	If the first assignment is a target-sepcific '+=', then use
	deferred evaluation and don't prepend a space. Print a log
	message when we detect a recursive makefile. Added a mechanism
	for programmatically inserting text for the makefile parser to
	process. When inside an ifdef, ignore 'else' inside a perl_begin.
	In an override situation, defined but false counts.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Set default $directory_first_reference_hook
	to 0 instead of sub {} to speed things up a little. Consider
	ancestor directories "referenced" when a directory is first
	referenced. Re-read symbolic links before relying on them.
	Added more log messages for repository links.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm: Added :multiple_rules_ok.
	* FileInfo.pm: Refactored link_deref to avoid repetition.
	* Makesubs.pm: Added f_find_first_upwards. Refactored to use
	* Makefile.pm, Rule.pm: Deal with setting up environment while
	building a makefile's targets (e.g. s_prebuild) before the
	makefile is completely loaded.
	* Rule.pm: Log targets that are built as cached scanner
	dependencies. Log when attempting to retrieve scanner info.
	* Scanner.pm: Log when a file isn't scanned because it's
	unwritable or in a system area. Don't attempt to scan a
	* install.pl, makepp: If the html is installed in the usual
	place, then point to the makepp install that you're actually
	using in the --help message. (Useful when the makepp install
	emanates from source control.)
	* makepp: Print the makepp invocation at the top of the log file.
	Fixed a bug with $prune_code. Don't perform a build_check when
	linking in a *source* file from a repository.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Use named vars in loops.
	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Allow include files to define modules.
	Scan files even if they are unwritable, because compiling Verilog
	generally involves linking as well as compilation. Add xor and
	xnor to built-in primitives. Allow UDP's. Allow instances to have
	the open paren on the following line. Allow include files to
	terminate with an open module (e.g. if the include directive is
	inside a module definition).
	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Added some more info regarding
	the semantics of repositories.
	* pod/makepp_scanning.pod: Added info for ActionParser::Specific
	and for --force-rescan.

2004-05-28  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* BuildCheck/architecture_independent.pm: New build check method
	that ignores architecture.

2004-05-24  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Fix broken build_cache and build_check

	* Makesubs.pm (s_build_cache): Fix broken build_cache statement.

2004-05-21  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp_build_cache_control: Give error if bogus command entered.

2004-05-20  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Rule.pm (load_scaninfo_single): Fix bug in scanner where files
	included with #include "filename" were not found correctly from
	the cached scan info if they were located in the current
	directory, so the meta dependencies were always regarded as out of

2004-05-17  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (s_include): Look for <filename>.makepp before
	looking for <filename> to help with builds that have to work with
	both makepp and make.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Accept comments on
	ifeq (,) lines too.

2004-05-11  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp: Check environment variable MAKEPPFLAGS as well as
	MAKEFLAGS to get options.  This allows a user to specify options
	in his .bashrc file that apply to all makepp builds but not to
	make builds.

	* makepp (print_log_scan): Make it possible to turn off the log
	messages from the scanner separately from all the others.  Added
	the --nolog-scan option.

2004-05-10  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Add .sl as a shared
	library extension (for HPUX).

2004-05-08  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (move_or_link_target): Fix bug where build
	info on files copied from repositories was flushed, which meant
	the files sometimes didn't get cleaned up on makepp exit.

2004-05-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Fix bug reported by Ian Zimmerman
	where $$ with rc_substitution=0 wasn't working.

2004-04-22  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_22_envexe.test,
	CommandParser.pm: Don't add executable dependency if it contains
	shell metacharacters.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: A target of additional dependencies is not
	considered stale. (See earlier comment in the same file.)
	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Support multi-line comments.
	* makepp: Eliminated deprecated --default-makeppfile. Allow
	--load-makeppfile as a synonym for --load-makefile. Fixed a bug
	with --load-makefile in which other makefiles were sought before
	the initial makefiles were loaded. Issue an error rather than
	executing a rule that would build a target marked for
	--dont-build (in case the user modified it on purpose).

2004-04-19  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Glob.pm, t/additional_tests/2004_04_19_onlyphony.test:
	With $(only_phony_targets), only the file part of the glob is
	supposed to be phony, *not* the ancestor directories.

Version 1.40 beta1 released

2004-04-16  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Fix problem where if . was not in
	path, run_tests.pl failed if invoked as "perl run_tests.pl".

2004-04-14  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_skip_word): Add entries for if, then, and
	else, so we can handle actions like "if gcc main.o -lxyz -o
	program; then ...".

2004-04-13  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makesubs.pm, makepp,
	Signature/exact_match.pm, Signature/target_newer.pm,
	pod/makepp_command.pod: Added --load-makefile (a replacement for
	the now deprecated --default-makeppfile), and --do-build. Made
	--assume-unchanged and --dont-build apply recursively to
	* ActionParser.pm, CommandParser.pm, Scanner.pm, makepp:
	Doc fixes. Scanner failures cause the build to stop, but known
	dependencies are still built if -k is in effect.
	* FileInfo.pm: Fixed a bug in relative_filename.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Moved was_built_by_makepp and is_stale
	out of the "private" area.
	* Makefile.pm: Improved makefile line reporting for rules.
	* Rule.pm: Fixed a bug reading scan info when the trailing item(s)
	in a list are empty strings.
	* Scanner/C.pm, Scanner/Vera.pm: Allows whitespace to precede the
	"#" in directives, per the ANSI C standard.
	* makepp: Added a hook to allow pruning of repositories. This
	isn't used by makepp itself, but it comes in handy sometimes when
	the repository is loaded on behalf of some other perl code.

2004-04-10  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (file_info): Support the Cygwin //server/share
	* FileInfo.pm (guess_case_sensitivity): Allow case-insensitive
	filesystems on Unix.  Autodetect whether we are in a
	case-insensitive file system and set flags appropriately.
	* Added --no-case-sensitive-filenames switch.
	* t/wildcard_repositories.test: don't try this on a
	Windows share because making files unreadable doesn't seem to

2004-04-07  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Signature/shared_object.pm: Special-purpose signature rule to
	run a signature check only on a shared library's interface,
	because normally if a shared library changes, one doesn't need to
	relink things that depend on it.  Added this as an example in
	makepp_extending.pod of how to write your own signature method.

	* Makesubs.pm: added lsbcc to recognized list of compilers.

2004-04-08  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die): Allow $(perl code) to be undef.
	* install.pl (highlight_variables): Beautify new functions.
	* pod/makepp_functions.pod: Extend index and adapt $(perl) doc.
	* pod/makepp_repositories.pod: Whitespace fixup to allow
	install.pl cleanup.

2004-04-01  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_append_to_undef.test,
	Makefile.pm: Deal with appending to an undefined variable in
	the same way as GNU make.
	* Makesubs.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm, pod/makepp_functions.pod,
	t/additional_tests/2004_04_01_stalerep.test: Added
	$(only_generated) and $(only_stale) functions. Nukes a repository
	symlink if there is no current alternate version.
	* Rule.pm, makepp: If scanning fails, then propagate error
	status to the rule, and don't bother building dependencies.
	Print a warning if a stale file is used.
	* pod/makepp_incompatibilities.pod: Nuked outdated double colon
	rule info. Added note that "export FOO := $(BAR)" and
	"export FOO = $(BAR)" are the same in makepp, but not in make.

2004-04-01  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (execute_command): Respect ignore_error on Cygwin.

2004-03-26  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_24_scanner_c_lib.test: fix
	for Cygwin.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule), Makefile.pm (parse_rule): set
	$finfo->{PATTERN_LEVEL} only if the rule is not overridden
	(suggestion by Anders Johnson).

	* t/additional_tests/2003_10_17_shell_exit_status.test:
	fix so that it works on Cygwin.
	new test.

2004-03-25  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, Makefile.pm: Comments indicating what I
	think might be a bug with FileInfo->{PATTERN_LEVEL}.
	* Scanner.pm: Include suffixes are reported in quotes, in case
	any of them is the empty string.
	* makepp, t/additional_tests/2004_03_25_reprule.test:
	Fixed a nasty bug in which files from a repository were published
	before they actually could be built, which caused them *not* to
	be published when a rule to build them was encountered. Added a
	test case for this.

2004-03-24  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm, CommandParser.pm: CommandParser must return
	undef to indicate build failure; 0 means no meaningful scanner
	found instead. Fixed handling of build failures in
	ActionParser::parse_rule, and allow find_command_parser to return
	0 without thinking that no meaningful scanning happened.
	* Makefile.pm,
	t/additional_tests/2004_03_16_recscan.test: Fixed
	parsing of :option on a subsequent rule line, and added support
	for :\s+smartscan and :\s+quickscan. Added this to existing test
	* TextSubs.pm: Fixed POD bug.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Model the fact that the C compiler is
	run in a subdir. Fixed build failure (undef return val) handling.
	* pod/makepp_scanning.pod: Documented the new scanner interface.

2004-03-24  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_make): New function to make it possible to have
	shell commands that compute a list of files, rather than having a
	fixed list or having makepp compute it.

	* ActionParser.pm (parse_rule): Move check for missing C/C++
	scanner so we don't print a warning unless no scanners of any sort
	were found in any of the actions.

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_skip_command): Remove legacy subroutine
	that used to hande "echo" commands but is no longer useful and
	causes problems because it doesn't handle quotes correctly.

2004-03-23  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* ActionParser.pm, CommandParser/Basic.pm, install.pl:
	Rather than no scanning at all, the default scanner adds a
	dependency on the executable if it's a relative path.
	* FileInfo.pm: Don't complain about phony targets "changing"
	outside of makepp.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Print a log message when build info is
	discarded, because that can otherwise cause confusion.
	* Makefile.pm, Scanner.pm: Added rule options to control
	conditional scanning.
	* Makesubs.pm: Added cpp to the list of programs that use
	* Scanner.pm: Added include recursion limit. Added dont_scan.
	Reports the include suffix list (if there is one) if it can't
	find an include file. Fixed set_var and pushd_scope. Changed
	return semantics of pop_scope to better fit most applications.
	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm: Fixed handling of -l options. Added
	support for -U, -gcc, -traditional. Fixed the user include path
	to contain the sys include path.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Scanner/C.pm, Scanner/Vera.pm:
	Added NTB (Vera) support. Added support for -P, -CFLAGS, -LDFLAGS,
	things to pass to a C command parser, more Verilog file
	extensions. Refactored Scanner::C so it can be reused as a base
	class for Scanner::Vera. Added support for #else and #elif.
	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Don't return undef when you resolve a
	module that is already resolved. Added support for `else.
	Don't process modules and instances when the scanner is inactive.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_12_condscan.test:
	Test case for conditional scanning.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_16_recscan.test:
	Test case for conditional recursive scanning.
	* pod/makepp_extending.pod: Noted that functions aren't always
	evaluated in the environment that you might expect.

2004-03-22  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* CommandParser/Gcc.pm (xparse_command): Fix minor bug in handling
	of -lxyz.

2004-03-09  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2003_08_13_load_makefile_quotes.test,
	Makefile.pm: Generate an error if an unterminated reference is
	found. Fixed a test that had an unterminated reference in it.
	* Makesubs.pm, CommandParser/Gcc.pm, Scanner/C.pm:
	Completed new object-oriented C++ scanner. Made it the default.
	Ignores C-style comments at the end of a line.
	* Rule.pm: Allows cached dependencies where the tag is not
	mentioned in INCLUDE_PATH.
	* makepp: Removed undocumented --eval option. It is no longer
	needed due to changes in the precise semantics of -F.

2004-03-05  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_expression): Fix bug where inner variables
	in $(X:%.$(Y)=%.$(Z)) were not expanded.

2004-03-03  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_03_03_minusk.test,
	Tests for -k option.
	* t/run_tests.pl: Keep the .makepp_log file around,
	but rename it.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_27_srctarg.test:
	Fixed so that it doesn't rm -f w/o args, which isn't portable.
	* makepp, MakeEvent.pm: Fixes for -k. Don't throw away the build
	handle if there was non-zero status. If a process fails, then
	still notify its waiters, save their status and call their error
	handlers, but don't call the error handlers twice.
	* install.pl, config.pl, Makefile, Rule.pm, Makefile.pm,
	ActionParser.pm, ActionParser/Legacy.pm, ActionParser/Specific.pm,
	RuleParser.pm, RuleParser/Legacy.pm, RuleParser/Specific.pm:
	Renamed RuleParser to ActionParser.
	* Scanner.pm, CommandParser.pm: Report a dependency to
	the Rule class if a file was sought but not found, because that
	affects scaninfo caching.
	* Rule.pm: Allow build errors to files built on behalf of
	replaying cached scan info (and don't use the cached scan info
	if it fails), but _not_ on behalf of ordinary scanning.

2004-02-29    <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (print_msg): Fix modification of argument that was
	causing extremely weird crashes in other modules because their
	private variables got changed.
	* makepp (build_target_done): Fix bug where recursive make
	commands were stored in the build info.
	* t/recursive_make_unix.test: Add test for above bug.
	* makepp: Suppress warning message about getcwd redefinition by
	not importing symbols from POSIX.
	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_upwards): Improved error message.
	* pod/makepp_statements.pod, makepp_cookbook.pod: Minor fixes to
	* install.pl, config.pl: Update to current file list.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_25_only_targest_rule.test:
	Add missing test file for bug fixed earlier.

2004-02-27  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_27_srctarg.test,
	FileInfo_makepp.pm: Fixed a nasty bug which would cause files
	with no rule to look like targets, and added a test case.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Vera files are treated as simple
	dependencies. (Still need to handle their includes too, though.)
	* t/additional_tests/2003_08_13_non_readable_makefile.test:
	Fixed n_files to track phony target accounting changes.

2004-02-27  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Handle the .exe extension for Cygwin,
	and make a phony target xyz for each xyz.exe so the default
	build rules do what you'd expect.

	* makepp (build_target_done): Count phony targets separately from
	real files, and report only the number of real files built.  This
	makes it so the expected file counts are the same on Cygwin and
	regular Unix, because for making executables, Cygwin has an extra
	phony target.

	* FileInfo.pm (is_writable): If the permissions are 000, don't try
	to write a file in the directory. This fixes a problem on Cygwin
	where even though the permissions were 000, it was possible to
	create a file in the directory.

2004-02-26  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Makefile.pm: Variables defined on the command line are visible
	from perl.
	* makepp: the -C option affects the directories relative to which
	targets are specified (duh!)
	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Explains the nuances of -f, -F and -C
	in more detail.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_19_rep_change.test:
	Also covers the case in which a generated repository file is
	regenerated in the repository before it is used locally.

2004-02-25  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule): When we remove a rule to try to
	save memory, leave a tag that there used to be a rule, so
	$(only_targets ) and $(only_nontargets ) continue to work.
	(Bug 899128, reported by mlovell.)

	* makepp (setup_recursive_make_socket): Fix broken code to delete
	the recursive makepp socket (bug report by Henrik Goldman).

2004-02-23  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_19_rep_change.test,
	FileInfo_makepp.pm, Rule.pm: Test case and fixes for files
	in the repository changing after links are left behind.
	* Rule.pm: Fixes so that we don't try to build things unnecessarily
	on behalf of cached dependencies, and so that we handle errors
	gracefully if any result in that case.
	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a diagnostic so that it does the right thing if
	one of the include path directories is undef.
	* makepp, pod/makepp_command.pod: Added --default_makeppfile.
	With a -F option, only further targets (and not further
	repositories and Makefile's, etc.) are relative to that directory.
	* makepp: After building a target that is a symbolic link, mark
	both the link and its referent as possibly changed. (A well-behaved
	build system doesn't write through symbolic links, but we need to
	be prepared for that anyway.)
	* t/run_tests.pl: Before removing $testname.failed, try
	to change its permissions so that it's more likely to succeed.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_11_export_colon.test,
	Makefile.pm, Makesubs.pm: Added a new syntax rule so that we can
	support the "export FOO := bar" syntax.
	* t/additional_tests/2004_02_12_xargs.test,
	Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_functions.pod: Added $(xargs) function.

2004-02-15  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_first_available, f_findfile, f_find_program): add
	new functions, and document some that already existed but weren't
	listed in the documentation.
	(f_find_upwards): Make it clear that the error comes from

2004-02-09  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Don't try to put in a rule if
	expansion of $(foreach) is delayed.  This is a temporary hack.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_infer_objects): Don't insist that this be run
	from inside a rule, since there's really no reason for that

2004-02-05  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (print_warning): new function
	* makepp, t/client_server.test, Makefile.pm,
	Makesubs.pm, MakeEvent.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm,
	FileInfo_makepp.pm, Signature/exact_match.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm,
	RuleParser.pm, Scanner.pm, Rule.pm: use it and put anything that
	can be gone to (`file' or `file:lineno') into quotes so an IDE can
	turn messages into hyperlinks.
	* t/run_tests.pl: remove old <test>.failed dir first

2004-02-02  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm,
	Don't try to build things in a repository, because it doesn't
	really work even if you try.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Copy over the build info from the
	repository even if the existing symlink is OK, because the build
	info may have changed since the revious makepp run.
	* Makesubs.pm, pod/makepp_statements.pod: Added s_prebuild.
	* Rule.pm: load_scaninfo can now pick up scanner info from a
	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a diagnostic that was affected by the changes
	on behalf of caching scanner info.
	* install.pl, RuleParser/Specific.pm: Added a RuleParser class
	that can use a particular class of CommandParser.
	* makepp: Removed code that I thought was just vestigial, but in
	fact was wrong. Moved caching of scanner info after target is
	linked in from a repository, so that it doesn't get clobbered.
	Added an option to load a repository manifest from a file, which
	is much faster than traversing the directory tree (at least in
	my environment).
	* RuleParser/Legacy.pm: Fixed a couple of bugs, and cleaned up
	the POD.
	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Deals with primitives correctly. Improved
	a few diagnostics.

2004-01-19  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser.pm: If the executable includes a relative
	directory, then add an implicit dependency on the executable.
	* CommandParser.pm, Rule.pm, RuleParser.pm, Scanner.pm,
	Signature.pm, makepp, CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm,
	RuleParser/Legacy.pm, Signature/exact_match.pm:
	Scanner caching clean-up. It appears to work pretty well now,
	although I'd be surprised if there aren't a couple of latent bugs
	to be hunted down. Added --nocache_scaninfo and --force_rescan
	* FileInfo.pm, makepp: Added check_for_change method, to replace
	may_have_changed in instances in which there is no reason to
	believe that the file was actually affected.
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Uses "END=" as an end-of-file delimiter
	on build info files, so that we can be 100% sure that the build
	info wasn't truncated by an interrupt.
	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm: Added excludes_file(). If the
	file type is unrecognized, then never use a specialized MD5.
	Fixed call to md5sum_c_tokens. Improved implementation of keyword
	* Signature/md5.pm: Formatting fix.
	* makepp: Prints a log message when loading a repository.

2003-12-24  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* CommandParser.pm, Rule.pm, RuleParser.pm, Scanner.pm:
	Added stuff for caching info gleaned from scanning. It's not
	actually used yet. This implied a significant scanner interface
	change, because you need to cache specified path names rather
	than FileInfo's if you want to have any chance of detecting
	retargeted symbolic links (which doesn't work yet anyway, but it
	isn't too hard to fix).
	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Don't mark build_info for update unless a
	value actually changed.
	* CommandParser.pm: Uses TextSubs::unquote.
	* Rule.pm: Fixed a bug in which the action wasn't split into
	commands before being scanned.
	* RuleParser.pm, CommandParser.pm, Scanner.pm,
	CommandParser/Gcc.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm,
	Scanner/C.pm: Stop scanning on an error. (Still not sure if this
	is really the correct thing to do).
	* Scanner.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm: Moved suffix handling logic to
	Scanner base class, so that it will play with caching better.
	* TextSubs.pm: Added split_commands and join_with_protection.
	* install.pl, Signature/verilog_simulation_md5.pm,
	Signature/verilog_synthesis_md5.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Added
	signature methods for Verilog.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Allows a -f file to be specified multiple
	* makepp: Fixed a bug that prevented @end_blocks from being
	registered by FileInfo_makepp. Also named a for index to avoid
	sensitivity to changing $_ anywhere inside the loop.
	* Scanner/C.pm: Expands macros as appropriate.
	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm: Refactored this so that verilog
	signature methods can use it as a base class.

2003-12-12  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp: Fix bug in parsing of --dont-build, and also in reporting
	unrecognized options.

2003-12-09  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Also redirect cleanup to log.  Don't
	back up .. unless it's the full name.  Also check files in subdirs.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test: Don't assume
	PATH contains '.'

2003-12-08  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Phony targets never exist, even if they
	are found in a repository. Don't create symbolic links to files
	in a repository that can't exist.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_12_05_phonyrep.test: Test
	case for not creating links to files that don't exist.
	* Rule.pm: Factored out setup_environment().
	* Scanner.pm: Fixed a bug caching the list of INCLUDES.
	* install.pl, CommandParser/Gcc.pm, Scanner/C.pm: Added the
	beginnings of a replacement C/C++ scanner.
	* Scanner/Verilog.pm: Removed vestigial "use FileHandle".
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_reptot.test,
	t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test: Made
	cleanup_script less noisy.

2003-12-01  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_reptot.test,
	FileInfo_makepp.pm: Fixed a nasty bug in exists_or_can_be_built
	(wherein a file could be made to exist by virtue of having
	previously been sought), and added a test case.
	* CommandParser/Vcs.pm: Fixed a couple of obvious bugs in calls
	to $scanner->add_include_dir.

2003-11-25  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm: Added hook for taking an arbitrary action
	the first time a directory is referenced.
	* makepp: Added --eval option for executing perl code before loading
	the first Makeppfile. (This is often useful for installing a
	first reference hook.)
	* t/makepp_test_case: Handles "." as an arg. Don't
	makepp clean if there is a cleanup_script.
	* MakeEvent.pm, Makesubs.pm, Rule.pm: If exec fails, print the command.
	(This is useful if there are a lot of noecho actions, and you can't
	otherwise tell which one is barfing.)
	* Makesubs.pm: Inside a perl_begin/perl_end block, an array called
	@Cxt is defined. These are the additional args that you have to pass
	to f_* and s_* subroutines. It's not safe to call those routines
	from a perl block otherwise.
	* Makefile.pm: Make sure that expressions not inside a rule are
	evaluated without $Makesubs::rule defined, even if the Makefile was
	loaded implicitly on behalf of a scanner.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_25_wild.test: Test case for
	the bug fixed by the change to Makefile.pm.

2003-11-17  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* makepp_test_case, spar: Added utilities for generating test cases.
	spar comes from CPAN, but it's sort of hard to find there.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_rep_unlink.test,
	t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_timestamp.test: A couple
	of portabilitiy fixes.

2003-11-14  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm, makepp, Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm,
	Signature/exact_match.pm, Signature/md5.pm,
	Signature/target_newer.pm: When a file is generated, first make
	sure that its repository symbolic link and build info (if any) is
	completely nuked. Then, ignore its FileInfo signature when
	running build_check, because we know that it was written.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_11_14_rep_unlink.test,
	Tests for the previous item.
	* t/additional_tests/2003_10_11_idash.test: Because of
	the first item, it doesn't need to sleep any more.
	* t/run_tests.pl: Supports absolute paths to tests.

2003-11-14  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Signature.pm: Fixed typos in POD.
	* pod/makepp_command.pod: Added documentation for
	* Makesubs.pm: Added missing "use Glob".
	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: To tell if a file is
	invisible, look only at the stat array. Also,
	FileInfo::is_readable does something a little more reasonable for
	named FIFO's.

2003-11-11  Anders Johnson  <ajohnson@nvidia.com>

	* Rule.pm, Makefile.pm, RuleParser.pm, RuleParser/Legacy.pm,
	CommandParser.pm, Scanner.pm, Makefile, config.pl, install.pl:
	Added new object-oriented scanner interface. This isn't
	complete yet, but it's been blessed by Gary and I didn't want to
	get too far out of sync.
	* Makesubs.pm, CommandParser/Vcs.pm, Scanner/Verilog.pm: Added
	scanner for Synopsys VCS (Verilog).
	* Makefile, config.pl, install.pl: Added FINDBIN parameter to
	install flow.
	* makepp: Added --implicit-load-makeppfile-only (not documented
	* makepp: Added provision to avoid having a repository contain the
	directory based on the repository (e.g. "repository .=..").
	* t/run_tests.pl: Save the failed test products even
	if the die message is more than one word.

2003-11-03  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (update_build_infos): Don't use
	EBCDIC-incompatible character ranges.  Mask only strict minimum.

2003-11-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo & friends): More fixes to support
	--case-sensitive-filenames on Cygwin.

2003-11-02  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/url.png: new file
	* install.pl: use it and fix item links
	* pod/makepp_signatures.pod, pod/makepp_functions.pod,
	pod/makepp_command.pod, pod/makepp_variables.pod,
	pod/makepp_statements.pod: manually added mini-index

2003-11-01  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* infer_objects.mk: Remove obsolete file.
	* c_compilation_md5.mk: Remove obsolete file.

	* t/repository.test and wildcard_repositories.test:
	Make sure that soft links are supported by the file system.  Skip
	the test if they aren't.

2003-10-29  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* pod/pod2html: deleted file
	* pod/makepp.xcf, pod/makepp.gif, pod/makepp.css, pod/pre.png:
	new files
	* install.pl: use them and highlight makepp keywords in html

	* FileInfo.pm, FileInfo_makepp.pm: moved exists_or_can_be_built
	to restore 5.005_03 compatibility

	* t/additional_tests/*.tar: renamed to .test
	* t/**/*.test: recreated with spar, so the tests can
	run on platforms not compatible with GNU tars (Ebcdic indicator)
	* run_tests.pl (un_spar): new function

2003-10-27  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm: Miscellaneous fixes so error messages are properly
	printed out when it fails in an implicit load or an include.

2003-10-24  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp: New option --case-sensitive-filenames

	* FileInfo.pm: New variable $case_sensitive_filenames

	* t/run_tests.pl: pass $^O to is_relevant and move a
	failed tdir to testname.failed.

2003-10-17  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_assignment): Don't even run the variable
	expansion for variables that are overridden on the command line.
	This is more compatible with GNU make and is more useful to the
	user, since it allows a user to override side effects of $(shell )
	from the command line.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_shell): Exit with a message if the shell command
	returns a non-zero exit status, instead of aborting with no
	indication of why.

2003-10-04  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (common_opt, perform): new functions.
	(forget_stale_info): Removed function.
	(parse_command_line): Perform server invocations in same process.

	* makeppclient: kill -USR1, because server must survive.

	* install.pl: Figure out numerical USR1.

2003-09-27  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (BEGIN, forget_stale_info): new functions.
	(parse_command_line): Use forget_stale_info and open retval once.

	* makeppclient: Replace --tee with $MAKEPPSHOW.

	* install.pl: Also install makeppclient.

2003-09-22  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Move server action behind common
	loading of makefiles.

	* makeppclient: New option --tee & made it robust against very
	fast server.

2003-09-15  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp (toplevel, parse_command_line): Client/server model.

	* makeppclient, pod/makeppclient.pod: new files.

2003-09-11  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* makepp, install.pl (BEGIN): Eliminate when installing.

2003-09-10  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation): If a file has an
	unrecognized extension but it's a text file, go ahead and scan it
	for includes.

	* TextSubs.pm (is_cpp_source_name): Add missing .idl extension to
	list of extensions that we recognize as C source code.

2003-09-09  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_assignment): Fix bug where wildcards for
	target-specific assignments were expanded in the wrong subdirectory.

2003-09-06  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Makesubs.pm (eval_or_die, f_makeperl, f_perl, s_makeperl)
	(s_makesub, s_perl): new functions
	(all aliases): alias only {CODE}

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): protect $(perl) from expansion.

	* TextSubs.pm (skip_over_make_expression): add missing next

2003-08-31  Daniel Pfeiffer  <occitan@esperanto.org>

	* Rule.pm (execute, execute_command): introduced perl {...} syntax.
	Pass in $self so functions can work in perl.
	(find_all_targets_dependencies): don't $(expand) in perl {...} code.

	* makepp (build_dependencies_done): pass inputs and outputs, so that
	they can be queried in perl.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk (test, %.l, %.y): take advantage of perl.

2003-09-06  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Lots of minor changes for speed improvements, especially on
	large builds.

2003-08-27  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* MakeEvent.pm (when_done): Provide workaround for apparent bug in
	handling closures in perl 5.8.0, where on very rare occasions the
	variable would have the wrong value when passed to a subroutine.
	Now we pass info using argument lists rather than closures, which
	seems to solve the problem.

2003-08-14  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Add slightly improved support for ::
	rules so we can handle MakeMaker's makefiles.

2003-08-13  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (s_load_makefile): fix bug in handling variables
	whose values are quoted strings with whitespace (reported by Chris
	van Engelen).

	* Makesubs.pm (f_CURDIR): Support $(CURDIR) as GNU make does
	(reported by Daniel Pfeiffer).

	* pod/makepp.pod: Corrections for typos in the documentation
	(reported by Anders Johnson).

2003-08-12  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built): fix bug in handling
	of targets which are soft links to non-existent files.

2003-08-11  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_skip_word): ignore "time" in compilation

	* Makefile.pm (load): minor speed up for expand_text(): convert
	variables from = style to := style if it won't matter.

	* t/run_tests.pl: Support additional tests in other
	directories so we can have additional tests that aren't shipped
	with every distribution.

2003-08-09  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text), Makesubs.pm (s_define): support the
	define statement for multi-line variable values.  Also had to
	change the expression expansion logic so that we don't convert
	newlines to spaces.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_PWD): Support $(PWD) to be the directory the makefile
	was invoked from.

2003-08-08  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Fix bug where
	ifeq (a, a) was false but ifeq (a,a) was true (reported by Chris
	van Engelen).

2003-08-07  gholt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (is_readable): Fix bug reported by Hagen Ulrich
	where a makefile with mode 400 was ignored.

2003-08-04  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (may_have_changed): Fix bug where if a rule produced
	a target which was a soft link, and the file that the link pointed
	to changed, makepp incorrectly did not realize that the file had

2003-08-02  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Signature.pm (build_check) and others: reorganize the
	build_check interface so we can implement --assume-new,
	--assume-old, --dont-build, and the -n option.

	* makepp: Support the -r and --no-builtin-rules options.

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (cleanup_temporary_links): Add new
	--keep-repository-links option not to delete the symbolic links
	from repositories.

2003-07-24  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule): Get rid of undefined symbol
	warning when we give an error message about conflicting rules.

2003-07-23  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Glob.pm (zglob_fileinfo): Don't bother to expand /** as a
	wildcard because it's almost certainly an error.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: support percent_subdirs for C++
	compilation rules (bug reported by Chris van Engelen).

2003-07-18  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm (signature): Scan files using
	lexer even if they don't have typical C/C++ extensions, as long as
	they aren't binary files.  This allows us to handle include files
	with odd suffixes gracefully.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_shell): Fix bug first reported by Chris van
	Engelen where $(shell ) was returning a null string.

2003-07-13  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_find_upwards, s_include): Add fix for problem
	mentioned by mlovel, where going upwards indefinitely caused
	problems with an automounter.

2003-07-11  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Fix wrong order of processing of -I
	options.  (Fix submitted by Chris van Engelen.)

2003-07-08  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Fix bug that caused an undefined
	value message when expanding the :foreach clause.

2003-07-07  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Improve compatibility
	with GNU make, where ifdef on a variable set to a null string
	is false, not true.

2003-07-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_origin): Support this function--there's no reason
	why we can't, and it simplifies using existing makefiles.

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: Move the default values for variables
	like CC, etc., back into Makesubs because they weren't accessible
	until very late: makepp_builtin_rules.mk wasn't loaded until after
	makefiles were parsed.

2003-06-30  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* config.pl, install.pl: Blow up if it's perl 5.005_02, since
	there are still people out there running that broken version.

2003-06-28  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (load_repository): Fix bug where implicit loading of
	makefiles gotten from repositories ceased to work.

2003-06-25  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (exists_or_can_be_built): If a file is
	unreadable, ignore it entirely.	 This enables users to remove a
	file and not have it copied in from the repository.

	* makepp (load_repository and other places): if a directory is not
	writable, don't attempt to link files into it from the repository.
	Creating an unwritable directory enables users to disable the
	repository for a specific directory.

	* Makesubs.pm (s_sub): Add no_strict to prevent errors accessing

2003-06-21  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm: Get rid of the SelfLoader, because it isn't working
	under 5.8.0 on Cygwin, and I'm not really sure it saves anything
	anyway.	 Reorganize file so it's easier to find things.

2003-06-20  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp_builtin_rules.mk: move definitions of all these things
	here so they can be seen and understood by other people more
	easily.	 Also cleans up the clutter in Makesubs.pm.

2003-06-18  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (s_no_implicit_load): Expand variables in the
	no_implicit_load statement.
	(f_find_upwards, f_relative_filename, f_relative_to): New
	functions from Matthew Lovell.

	* Support target-specific assignments.

2003-06-15  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (print_error): Fix bug where --verbose output messages to a
	file called &STDOUT (reported by mlovell).

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Minor change to expand_text to speed
	up processing when there are no $.

2003-06-14  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Signature/c_compilation_md5.pm: improve handling of whitespace
	so that newlines do affect the signature but trailing whitespace
	on a line does not.

2003-06-13  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* t/run_tests.pl: Add an is_relevant script in the
	tests so that we can easily skip tests on different platforms.
	This was intended to be able to skip the C compilation test on
	platforms where we can't find a C compiler.

	* configure: New gnu-like configure command so that configuration
	is more like other products.

	* makepp: New system for updating the version number
	automatically.	VERSION is the only file that actually contains
	the number.

2003-05-02  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm ($?): Make it equal to $+, not $^, to match the

2003-05-01  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* doc/incompat.html: Note that whitespace in variable names is not

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation): Support -I and -L with
	spaces after them in the c command line scanner.

Version 1.18 released:

2002-01-09  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_skip_word): Remove broken libtool scanner,
	since libtool has changed and the current version didn't work
	anyway.	 More work is still needed for seemless libtool support.

	* Clean up documentation and fix a few other minor things for the
	next release.

2001-10-08  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule): Give a warning if the same
	pattern rule makes the output file in two different ways.  (This
	can happen if some funny things are done with the directory, for

2001-03-01  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* TextSubs.pm (pattern_substitution): Incorporated Roman
	Levenstein's fix to copy words that don't match the pattern into
	the output string unmodified.

Version 1.10 released.

	Lots of changes I forgot to log to support signature methods

2001-01-01  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo_makepp.pm (set_rule): Don't give a warning message
	that the new rule was seen after the target was rebuilt, if the
	target was rebuilt in order to rebuild the makefile.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line and friends): Read the whole
	makefile in at once, so we can know before parsing any rule
	whether there is a $(MAKE) anywhere in the makefile.
	(parse_rule): If the makefile contained $(MAKE), turn off implicit
	(parse_rule): Support .SUFFIXES: with a blank target to suppress
	loading of builtin rules.

	* makepp (build): Don't save build information for targets which
	invoke recursive make.
	(build): If the makefile contained $(MAKE), turn off implicit loading.

	* Makefile.pm (read_makefile_line_stripped): Look for $(MAKE) and
	set the RECURSIVE_MAKE flag if true

2000-12-29  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (f_MAKE): If --traditional-recursive-make, put the
	path to the perl binary into $(MAKE) in case the #!/usr/bin/perl
	path isn't what we were run with.
	(scanner_c_compilation): Use c_compilation_md5 for C compilation,
	if the Digest::MD5 module is actually available.

2000-12-27  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (build): Shorten the phony target warning message so
	it's not so overwhelming, at least after the first warning.

	* Rule.pm (find_all_targets_dependencies): remove any dependencies
	where a file depends on itself.	 The Linux kernel has a couple of
	examples of this (which I assume are mistakes).	 Later we'll have
	to handle these differently when we implement iteration to a fixed

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Fix a bug where we weren't properly
	keeping track of the depth of pattern rule inference.
	(parse_assignment): Broke out code to parse
	assignments into a separate function so it was easier to modify.
	Support indirect assignments (e.g., $(xyz) = value instead of
	xyz=value), which are needed for the Linux kernel.
	(expand_expression): Expand variable values that were set on the
	command line again, so if they contain '$(var)' it is set
	properly.  The gcc makefiles actually depended o this.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_foreach): Support the GNU make foreach function.
	We need this to compile the Linux kernel.
	(f_if): Support partial evaluation on the operands.
	(f_join): New function needed for Linux kernel.

2000-12-26  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm (s_include): Look in the makefile structure for the
	include path.
	(s_load_makefile): Support -I on the line.

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Added support for the -Idir option.

	* Makefile.pm (load): load in a default rules makefile before
	reading in each makefile.  Also, if there's no makefile in a
	directory, read in only the default rules makefile.  This is the
	way we support builtin rules.
	Keep the include path in the makefile structure, so it can be
	different for different makefiles.
	Allow the same makefile to apply to multiple directories--there's
	no reason to disallow that, and it's getting in the way of loading
	the default makefile.
	Support the MAKEFILES environment variable.

2000-12-25  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makesubs.pm: autoload a larger fraction of the subroutines.  Put
	infer_objects into Makesubs so it doesn't have to be activated
	with that silly "include infer_objects.mk" statement.

	Also, added support for infer_libraries and infer_linker.  Added
	support for all the various variables that GNU make has default
	values for.

2000-12-06  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_expression): Fixed strange error message
	when an unknown function was called.

Version 1.06 released.

2000-12-05  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* makepp (parse_command_line): Set up the variable MAKECMDGOALS.

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Fixed another bug with indented rules
	that cropped up in Werner Lemberg's freetype2 CVS sources.

2000-12-03  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* FileInfo.pm (is_writable): Fixed bug where a file called
	.testfile was left around because of a trailing space on the
	filename.  Also changed the filename to .makepp_testfile so it's
	less likely to collide with any other file.

	* Makefile.pm (load): fixed bug where makefiles loaded with -f
	were also implicitly loaded while trying to build the makefile,
	causing problems if the makefile was in a different directory.

Version 1.05 released.

2000-11-26  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (expand_text): Support the --norc_substitution
	option so we can handle those weird makefiles that need trailing
	space on variables.

	* TextSubs.pm (split_on_colon): don't look for colons after a
	semicolon.  This solves a bug with a rule that looks like this:
	    $(srcdir)/cat-id-tbl.c: stamp-cat-id; @:

Version 1.03 released.

2000-11-11  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* MakeEvent.pm: simply increment a value in the signal handler,
	rather than pushing something onto an array.  This seems to fix
	the erratic perl core dumps that we were having.

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): use filesubst instead of patsubst for
	pattern rules, so we handle directory aliases properly.

	* Makesubs.pm (f_filesubst): new function to handle directory
	names like "./src" which were making patsubst fail when used with
	GNU make style pattern rules.

2000-11-02  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Makefile.pm (parse_rule): Attempt to fix problems with indented
	rules using a much more complicated heuristic.

	* Makesubs.pm (scanner_c_compilation): fixed bug where indented
	#includes were not found.

2000-10-27  Gary Holt  <holt-makepp@gholt.net>

	* Glob.pm (find_real_subdirs): avoid usage of undefined value
	warning if the directory doesn't exist.

	* Rule.pm (find_all_targets_dependencies): return the explicitly
	targets and dependencies in the order they were specified, so they
	are built in a predictable order.  Previously, they were returned
	in a random order.