Revision history for Perl extension MouseX-Getopt

0.35 2014-03-10T07:02:02Z

  * GLD 0.097 no longer defaults to no_ignore_case
    See also

0.32 Thu Jul 29 20:21:56 JST 2010

  * added workaround for $@ issue in Data::Util.

0.31 Mon Jul 26 20:52:38 2010
  * Just copied from MooseX-Getopt 0.31. See MouseX-Getopt.diff for details.

NOTE: This distribution is a copy of MooseX-Getopt, so the following history
      is that of MooseX-Getopt's, not MouseX-Geopt's.

0.31 Wed 7 Jul 2010
  * Fix issue causing tests to fail if MooseX::SimpleConfig isn't installed.

0.30 Tue 6 Jul 2010
  * MooseX::Getopt::Basic
    - uses attribute insertion order when determining the order in which
      options are documented in the usage (e.g. in $obj->usage->text). (Karen

  * MooseX::Getopt::Basic
    - store the usage object to the usage attr (RT#58715)
    - properly checks whether the *option* --help, --usage, or --? were used,
      rather than the attribute 'help', 'usage' or '?' were set
  * MooseX::Getopt::GLD
    - add the usage attribute for storing the Getopt::Long::Descriptive::Usage
      object, and the help attribute for storing --help, --usage and --? state
  (RT#47865, RT#56783, RT#52474).  (Karen Etheridge)

  * MooseX::Getopt::Basic
    - Disable auto_help config in Getopt::Long, to avoid calling into
    pod2usage when the --help option is used while MooseX::ConfigFromFile
    is in use (the intent is just to fetch the value of the configfile
    option) (RT#57683). (Karen Etheridge)

0.29 Tue. Jun 15 2010
  * Fix repository metadata. Thanks Robert Bohne for noticing!

0.28 Sat. Jun 05 2010
  * MooseX::Getopt::Strict
    - Make it work with Getopt attribute traits in addition to
      attribute metaclasses.

  * Switch from Module::Install to Dist::Zilla.

0.27 Sun. Feb 10 2010
  * Makefile.PL:
    - Bump dependency to Getopt::Long::Descriptive to 0.081 in an attempt to
      avoid test failures.

  * MooseX::Getopt::Dashes
    - Document that using a cmd_flag argument to attributes can be used to
      override the tr/_/-/ replacement ::Dashes does on attribute names

0.26 Thu. Dec 10 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt::Basic
    - Fix bug with attribute names containing upper case letters.
  * Test suite:
    - Add t/106_no_ignore_case.t for testing the compatibility with

0.25 Thu. Nov 26 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
   - Split out the warnings and the exception from Getopt so that they can be
   - Split out calling ->die on Getopt::Long::Descriptive::Usage so that
     it can be overridden.
   - Properly split roles as promised in 0.22.

0.24 Fri. Oct  23 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
    - Fix bug with mixed case attribute names (MAROS)

0.23 Fri. Oct  02 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
    - Allow the config file to return a code ref which is called to return
      the config file location (Gordon Irving)

0.22 Sat. Sept 05 2009
    - Require GLD 0.077 for RT#49427 as some versions are broken

  * MooseX::Getopt
    - Split into MooseX::Getopt::Basic (without the G::L::Descriptive support)
    and MooseX::Getopt::GLD.

  * Tests
     - Ensure author tests get run when in author mode.

0.21 Thu. Aug 27 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
    - Enable and document the argv parameter to the constructor.
    - Applied patches in RT43200 and RT43255
    - Applied patch from RT#47766 to not die if SimpleConfig cannot find the
      default config file name.

0.20 Wed. July 9 2009
    - fix MANIFEST.SKIP to avoid double-packaging

0.19 Wed. July 8 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
    - Fix Getopt config spec for --configfile (t0m)
    - Add support for --usage/--help/--? (
    - Fix new_with_options to accept a hashref (

  * Tests
    - Fix warning from tests with new Moose (t0m)
    - Fix tests on Win32 from RT#44909 (taro-nishino)

0.18 Thu. April 9 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt::Dashes
    - New module, for converting undercores to dashes (ilmari)

0.17 Wed. April 8 2009
  * MooseX::Getopt
    - work with latest Moose (hdp)

    ~ unify module version numbers with dist version (hdp)

0.16 Tue. February 17 2009
    * t/
        - run pod tests only if RELEASE_TESTING env var is set

0.15 Sat. July 26 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt::OptionTypeMap
      - Accept type constraint objects in the type mapping, not just names

0.14 Thurs. July 10, 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt::OptionTypeMap
      - Change 'Float' which doesn't exist to 'Num' which does (perigrin)

    * MooseX::Getopt
      - removed the default handling with Getopt::Long::Descriptive
        as it would override constructor parameters and that was
        bad. Besides, Moose will just DWIM on this anyway. (stevan)
        - added test for it (stevan)

    * t/
      - fixed Getopt::Long::Descriptive specific tests to only run
        if Getopt::Long::Descriptive is there (stevan)

0.13 Saturday, May 24, 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Commandline option shouldn't be required in the
        case that the given "required" attribute has
        been loaded from config (MooseX::ConfigFromFile)
      - Support for MooseX::ConfigFromFile shouldn't require
        that role be added at the same level as Getopt.
      - fixed miscapitalization of NoGetopt in the docs
      - added links to the traits in the docs

    ~ converted to Module::Install instead of

0.12 Fri. March 14, 2008
    ~~ updated copyright dates ~~

    - upped the Moose dependency to support
      the custom metaclass traits
    - added Getopt::Long::Descriptive as an
      optional dependency

    * MooseX::Getopt
      - added support for custom metaclass traits
        - added tests for this

0.11 Sun. Jan. 27, 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Commandline option shouldn't be required in the
        case that the given "required" attribute has
        a default or a builder method.

0.10 Wed. Jan. 23, 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Support default configfile attribute when
        used with MooseX::ConfigFromFile-based roles

0.09 Tues. Jan. 22, 2008
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Use Getopt::Long::Descriptive if it's available

0.08 Tues. Dec. 8, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Added support for configfile loading via
        MooseX::ConfigFromFile-based roles with
        the -configfile commandline option.

0.07 Tues. Dec. 4, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::NoGetopt
      - fixed miscapitalization of NoGetopt in the docs

0.06 Fri. Nov. 23, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - refactored &new_with_option some so that
        this will work better with other Getopt
        modules (nuffin)

    + MooseX::Getopt::Strict
      - version of MooseX::Getopt which requires
        you to specify which attributes you want
        processed explicity
        - added tests for this

    + MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::NoGetopt
      - a custom meta-attribute which can be
        used to specify that an attribute should
        not be processed
        - added tests for this

0.05 Tues. July 3, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt::OptionTypeMap
      - added some checks to make sure that the type
        constraints are found properly and to give
        better diagnostics

0.04 Tues. June 26, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt::OptionTypeMap
      - Added support for subtype constraint inference
        from parent types
        - added tests and docs for this
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - Added extra_argv attribute
        - added tests and docs for this
      - We now unmangle the Getopt::Long-mangled @ARGV
        - added tests and docs for this
      - We now throw an exception from new_with_options
        if Getopt fails due to bad arguments.
        - added tests and docs for this

0.03 Wed. May 2nd, 2007
    ~ downgraded the Getopt version requirement
      to 2.35 as per RT #26844
    ~ adding blblack to the authors list

    * MooseX::Getopt
      - doc update to show simple way to of excluding
        an attribute, but not having accessors with
        underscores (thanks to Zaba on #moose for this)
    * MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute
      - tightening up the type constraint in the
        cmd_alias coercion to only accept strings

0.02 Friday, April 6, 2007
    * MooseX::Getopt
      - added the ARGV attribute (thanks to blblack)
        - added tests and docs for this

    * MooseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute
      - added the cmd_aliases attribute (thanks to blblack)
        - added tests and docs for this
      - added support for Moose 0.19's custom
        attribute metaclass alias registry.
        - added tests and docs for this

0.01 Friday, March 9, 2007
    - module released to CPAN