Revision history for Perlude

0.61    2015-05-11    Marc Chantreux

    * removed FUTURE text file as it's now present (also some bloat canceled)
    * reviewed all the PODs, seems to be complete and in the good place now
    * installation tested and approved by Travis
    * improved test suite

0.60    2015-05-04    Marc Chantreux

    * installation and documentation cleanups

0.58    2014-02-18    Marc Chantreux 

    * t/pod.t fixed encoding

0.57    2014-02-17    Marc Chantreux 

    * t/pod.t now pass with the very last Test::Pod version
    * Perlude::Lazy and Perlude::builtins are now in $VERSION '0.0'
      (PAUSE indexer will appreciate)

0.56    2014-02-13    Marc Chantreux

    * remove ruins from the Module::Starter era
        * removed deprecated files
        * README becomes README.textile 
        * added example from the euler project (see eg/euler)

    * fix all known bugs (some where fixed for long time)
        * merged MetaJSON pull request (fix #86899) (thanks Dolmen)
        * this file (Changes) updated (fix RT#86923) (thanks Dolmen)

    * new features
        * Perlude::Open (open_file)
        * chunksOf (named after

    * lines rewritten
        * now uses open_file, so much richier prototype
        * no longer relies on &records

            in the first era of Perlude, it was decided to reuse a lot of
            Perlude to write Perlude. that's why we used apply {} on records. 

            however, i broken this law for lines because: 

            * this part of Perlude is stable for years now
            * lines performance is critical enough to break laws

0.55    2013-01-06    Marc Chantreux

    * &nth consumer added to pick the nth element of a stream
    * minor doc fixing

0.54    2012-11-27    Marc Chantreux

    * Updated documentation
        * README to README.textile
        * POD from lib/ to lib/Perlude.pod
        * lot of improvement of tutorial (yet unfinished)
    * Module::Starter replaced by Dist::Zilla
    * &pairs iterator added (on pairs of an associative array) 
    * lines now coerce path to file handle 
    * traverse is now DEPRECATED: use &now instead

0.53    Never released

0.52    Never released

0.51    2011-08-20    Marc Chantreux - Burak Gürsoy

    CPAN installation

    * now works thanks to Burak

    Back to the roots 

    * () remains
    * lazy lists are now in Perlude::Lazy
    * Perlude namespace back to the roots (just streams)
    * traverse is replaced by now
    * traverse will be removed in 0.60

0.50    2011-08-20    Marc Chantreux - Philippe Bruhat - Olivier Mengué

    Rewrite from FPW

    * () replaces undef as terminator
    * lazy list added
    * enlist added

0.42    2011-06-14    Marc Chantreux

    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.