Revision history for relative

0.04    2008.02.01  (SAPER)
        [BUGFIX] Really make the errors appear as coming from the caller.

0.03    2007.10.26  (SAPER)
        [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug in the regexp that resolve parent names.
        [FEATURE] New short-hand syntax for sibling modules.
        [FEATURE] Implement alias support (Curtis Poe).
        [CODE] Check the eval(import) as well (Eric Wilhelm).

0.02    2007.10.07  (SAPER)
        [FEATURE] import() now returns the list of loaded modules (thanks 
        to Ken Williams).
        [API] Changed to short form from "to => ..." to "-to => ..." in 
        order to avoid module name clash.

0.01    2007.10.06  (SAPER)
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.