Revision history for Perl extension Text::Highlight.

Legenda: + = new feature, ! = updated feature/bug fix, - = removed feature
0.04  Tue May 12 22:47:00 2005
	+ get_styntax() has returned to take syntax from text grammar files from 
	  either EditPlus or UltraEdit. These custom grammars will override any
	  built-in support for the language specified.
	- import method dropped, as the loaded grammar hash is now only for custom
	  grammars loaded with get_syntax, which cannot be run at import time
	+ Added 'options' parameter to highlight() that will be passed on to the 
	  package's highlight method for any custom configuration
	! All public methods can take a hash parameter list in addition to a 
	  simple flat list.
	! Bad parameters to configure now cluck with an error instead of just ignored
	! Updated forum default settings
	! Filled out an initial chunk of the POD
	! Added a default syntax hash to T::H::HTML and changed the structure of 
	  the reparsing.
	! Altered HTML test to work without external modules
0.03  Tue May 04 18:00:00 2004
	! Removed HTML::SyntaxHighlighter dependency in Makefile.PL [Enrico]
	! Removed use of Exporter (not used) [Enrico]
	+ Added import method to T::H in order to preload all bundled grammars with
	  use Text::Highlight 'preload'; [Enrico]
	+ Text::Highlight::HTML backs to _highlight standard method 
	  if require of HTML::SyntaxHighlighter fails [Enrico]
	+ Added initial POD (simple skeleton with some descrtiptions)

0.02  Sun May 02 17:02:11 2004
	! dropped the get_syntax method, going to make a stand-alone script to
	  generate the Text::Highlight:: sub-modules
	+ wrote Text::Highlight::HTML as a wrapper around HTML::SyntaxHighlighter,
	  which is now a prerequisite module
	+ bundled languages now include C++, CSS, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, and SQL
	+ added a short hello-world-ish test for each bundled language
	! other small changes (this early in the module's life, there's bound to be

0.01  Thu Apr 22 19:32:23 2004
	+ original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X -A -n Text::Highlight