Revision history for threads-lite

0.033      2013-05-27
           Disable smartmatch warnings

0.032      2013-02-19
           Fixed C89 issue
           Postpone store_self a little

0.031_001  2012-02-05
           Use vtable for queues
           Use hash table for threads and queues
           Use per thread thread tables
           Fix C89 compatibility
           Fix loading of

0.031      2011-05-27
           Rewrote allocation strategy for messages to be more straightforward
           Start new interpreters in new threads, not earlier; This makes cloning impossible
           Depend on 5.10.1 instead of 5.10.0, as the latter has different smartmatching semantics
           Fixed FSF address in license (RT #68064)
           Fixed linkage (fixes RT #68111)

0.030      2011-03-05
           Released 0.029_005 as 0.030

0.029_005  2011-02-16
           Start threads in scalar context
           Fixed queue_dequeue_nb linkage
           Fixed queue_receive_nb return type
           Added test for queue->dequeue_nb

0.029_004  2011-02-16
           Renamed receiving functions
           Fixed more allocation issues on Win32

0.029_003  2011-02-14
           Remove av_create_and_push usage

0.029_002  2011-02-10
           Fixed return values of receive, receive_nb and receive_match_nb
           Fixed deallocation issue on Win32 
           Fixed list of exports

0.029_001  2010-12-08
           Replaced receive_table with receive_match
           Don't clone when creating a set of threads
           Improved C89 compatibility

0.028      2010-06-13
           Refactoring and bugfixing for greater stability

0.027      2010-05-11
           Fixed two typos in the code

0.026      2010-04-26
           Reimplemented commonly used subs in XS
           Fixed initalization bugs
           Fixed documentation

0.025      2010-04-11
           Added packed encoding
           Fixed calling the thread waiter
           Solved compilation error
           Fixed overallocation

0.024      2010-04-09
           Restored message queues
           Added thread waiter and counter

0.023      2010-04-02
           Fixed dependencies

0.022      2010-03-26
           API break: made spawn a function instead of a method.
           Hopefully fixed destuction locker.
           Fixed bug with handling undefined $options.
           Added dependency on Test::Difference.
           Fixed building on Win32.
           Export parallel_grep, check for child thread death.
           Refactored receiving, added receive_table_nb.
           Fixed serialization bug.
           Added an example.

0.021      2010-03-24
           Fixed locking during destruction time.
           Refactored and documented parallel_map and tids.
           Made requirement on perl 5.10 more explicit.

0.020_002  2010-03-23
           Documentation updates

0.020_001  2010-03-22
           Complete rewrite of thread creation routines

0.010_001  2009-08-17
           First version, released on an unsuspecting world.