* v0.3.8 Sat Mar 16 10:58:22 CET 2013

- fixed a serious problem with the sentence splitter
- added a timout-option to uplug-hunalign

* v0.3.7 - Sat Jan 19 19:03:24 CET 2013

- hunalign wrapper with tokenized and lowercased text
- default dictionaries for hunalign
- fixed bug in tools/xces2plain
- fixed opus/ru/anotate
- fixed problems with malformed data handling in uplug-tag, uplug-toktag and uplug-chunk

* v0.3.6 - Sat Jan  5 19:34:41 CET 2013

- added tools/xces2plain
- fixed tests that require java
- added dependency for DB_File and GDBM_File
- added auto_install

* v0.3.5 - Fri Dec 28 23:28:20 CET 2012

- added all dependencies in Makefile.PL

* v0.3.4 - Mon Dec 17 17:08:09 CET 2012

- fixed several issues with installation routines
- added config files for preparing OPUS data
- changed handling of Uplug environment variables and standard locations
- fixed call to Grok tagger/chunker
- fixed word alignment test
- fixed POS-tagging for Swedish with Grok

* v0.3.3 - Mon Dec 10 19:14:00 CET 2012

- fixed some problems with documentation
- prepared language packs and Uplug add-ons
- added documentation for language packs

* v0.3.2 - Fri Dec  7 20:33:14 CET 2012

- added documentation
- global installation
- makefile for generating documentation in different formats

* v0.3.1 - Thu Dec  6 20:33:14 CET 2012

- install now compiles external tools on systems without pre-compiled binaries
- improved uplug-treetagger package (automatic download/install)
- added flag for fallback modules
- added test if modules exist to uplug startup script
- added help information to uplug via command line flags
- added documentation to uplug startup script
- list available modules
- fixed problem with uplug-giza

* v0.3 - Mon Nov 26 11:57:26 CET 2012

- re-arranging modules, scripts, config-files
- include installation routines
- divide Uplug in several packages (language packs etc)
- integrate MaltParser and pre-trained models
- new pre-compiled binaries (also for Mac OSX)
- improved pre-processing pipelines for several languages
- pre-trained hunpos models
- integration of Europarl/Moses sentence splitter/tokenizer
- (some) unit tests
- moved to git and bitbucket
- added Moses-style word alignment format for clue alignment output

* unversioned

- toktag.pl: better handling of already tokenized documents
- added wrapper for alpino (dutch) tokenizer)
- tools/subtitles/srt2xml: handling of formating tags (<i> etc) is fixed!
- tools/subtitles/srtalign.pl: added check for illegal subtitle
  synchronization scaling factor (<=0) and made it possible to use cognates
  and dictionaries together for automatic synchronization
- ICA: show only non-empty sentence alignments (x:0 sentence alignments don't
  make sense for word alignment), changed in include/xmldoc.inc
- added -adj to all word alignment config files for the 'link' step

* v0.2.0c and v0.2.0d

- added scripts to tools/subtitles to handle (pre-process and sentence align)
  movie subtitle in srt format
- robust conversion of encodings in tag.pl/toktag.pl/chunk.pl
- added treetagger startup scripts for es and nl, replace "nbsp" to " "
- robust conversion between encodings in bitext-indexer.pl/opus-indexer.pl
- added startup scripts for spanish and dutch tree-tagger models
- updated startup scripts for other treetagger models according to latest
  TreeTagger distribution
- fixed hunalign (bug in converting alignment output to xml)
- added missing ';' at line 40 in Uplug.pm

* 13-10-2006 joerg

- ISA & ICA with simple user management (multiple users, password protection)
- integrated hunalign sentence aligner
- integrated GMA sentence aligner
- alternative sentence aligner with cognate filter: uplugalign

* 26-05-2006 joerg

- improved ISA & ICA (some fixes, allow empty alignments in ISA ...)
- bin/wordalign.pl can bee run in server mode (hard-coded port, localhost) to 
  serve ICA

* 16-03-2006 joerg

- nothing really new, serveral bug-fixes done since last time
- ISA & ICA - two web interfaces for interactive alignment (in web/php)

* 28-07-2005 joerg

- fixed a bug in learning bootstrapped clues with linkclue.pl
  (target language feature strings were not produced correctly)
- took away Makefile.PL (isn't used anyway and seems to confuse)
  (there should be a proper installation script but there is none ...)

* July 2005 joerg

- added web interfaces for interactive alignment (web/php)
- fixed some bugs in word alignment (problems with bitext segments
  other than 1:1 sentence)

* 21-06-2005 joerg

- fixed some stupid bugs in bin/markup.pl

* 20-06-2005 joerg

- fixed some more bugs in word alignment configuration files
- added subtree indexing for XML files (enables jumping to certain positions
  in the corpus)
- added experimental align.php file for alignment visualization

* 24-03-2005 joerg

- found&fixed some bugs in systems/align/word/link and 
  systems/align/word/test/link (shortcut definitions for dynamic clue 
- fixed a bug in Uplug/Config.pm in CheckParam

* 03-03-2005 joerg

- re-implementation of Uplug.pm, Uplug/Config.pm, uplug
- some minor changes in Uplug/IO* (mainly cleaning up, it's still messy though)
- some minor changes in the configuration files for pre-processing and

* 15-02-2005 joerg

- new version of ini/DataStreams.ini
- new/changed configuration files for word-alignment 
  (basic, default, tagged, advanced)

* 15-02-2005 lars

- started manual
- started installation script
- changed Uplug.pm to call converter.pl from $UPLUGHOME

* 26-10-2004 joerg

- Grok source code files removed from Uplug release
- added Giza.pm for running GIZA++

* 15-02-2005 joerg

- giza.pl creates 2 clue-dbms when running in both alignment directions
- standard word alignment settings: basic, default, tagged, advanced
- some minor bug-fixes