Revision history for Perl module utf8-all

0.024     2018-01-05
  * Adapted force_global test to work when the perl unicode flag is active
                                                              [gh-48; HayoBaan]

0.023     2017-05-29
  * Global effects (e.g. adding UTF-8 to STD* layers) now only enabled when
    utf8::all is used from the main package. Options exist to override this
    default behaviour                                         [gh-47; HayoBaan]

0.022     2017-04-22
  * Adpated to changes in Encode v2.89                               [HayoBaan]

0.021     2016-08-16
  * Fixed: Not encoding readdir DIRHANDLE argument            [gh-35; HayoBaan]
  * Fixed: Enforcing LEAVE_SRC on $utf8::all::UTF_CHECK              [HayoBaan]
  * Skipping thread test on Perl<=v5.10.0 (threads unstable there)   [HayoBaan]

0.020     2016-08-11
  * Always using PerlIO::utf8_strict as I/O conversion         [gh-44; schwern]
  * Fixed "UTF-16 surrogate 0xd800" error in some builds             [HayoBaan]

0.019     2016-08-10
  * Removed Build.PL, require >= v0.009 of PluginBundle              [HayoBaan]

0.018     2016-08-10
  * Now choosing a utf-8 encoding that will not break threads  [gh-43; schwern]
  * Handling utf-8 encoding/decoding errors                   [gh-35; HayoBaan]
  * New maintainer: [HayoBaan]

0.017     2015-11-13
  * Tests now correctly handle the PERL_UNICODE env variable  [gh-40; HayoBaan]
    and the -C perl command-line flag.
  * Implemented "no utf8::all"                                [gh-33; HayoBaan]
  * Corrected a number of tests                                      [HayoBaan]
  * Added wrapper for readlink                                [gh-21; HayoBaan]
  * Added test for readpipe, qx, and backtick operator               [HayoBaan]
  * Rewrote documentation                                            [HayoBaan]

0.016     2015-01-08
  * Not decoding @ARGV when perl is run with -CA              [gh-32; HayoBaan]
    Thank you [saulery] for the tip!
  * Fixed exclusion of Windows platform                              [HayoBaan]
  * Excluding DOS and OS/2 platforms                                 [HayoBaan]
  * Moved utf-8 aware implementation of File::Find and Cwd to [gh-40; HayoBaan]
    their own module (File::Find::utf8 and Cwd::utf8)

0.015     2014-08-28
  * Fixed changelog for 0.014
  * Removed overly optimistic use of v5.20.0 syntax

0.014     2014-08-27
  * Skip locale tests on systems without locale support        [gh-27; Hugmeir]
  * Added wrapper for:                                               [HayoBaan]
    - glob                                                           [HayoBaan]
    - File::Find::find, File::Find::finddepth,                       [HayoBaan]
    - Cwd::cwd Cwd::fastcwd Cwd::getcwd Cwd::fastgetcwd              [HayoBaan]
    - Cwd::abs_path Cwd::realpath Cwd::fast_abs_path                 [HayoBaan]

0.013     2014-08-19
  * Warn instead of bailing out of the test suite when autodie   [gh-26, gh-22]
    is old
  * Only decoding @ARGV when called from the main package     [gh-18; HayoBaan]

0.012     2014-08-03
  * Disable wrapping readdir on Windows                                 [gh-17]
  * Don't ship files with names that aren't portable to Windows         [gh-17]

0.011     2013-08-03
  * Only decode readdir entries if utf8::all is in effect               [leont]
  * Support direct dirhandles in readdir                                [leont]

0.010     2013-02-02
  * Don't depend on localizable error strings

0.009     2012-10-27
  * Don't depend on filesystem ordering                          [leont, gh-14]

0.008     2012-10-24
  * Enable unicode_strings (see perldoc feature)                         [gh-2]
  * Enable unicode_eval (see perldoc feature)                            [gh-2]
  * Enable fc (see perldoc fc)                                           [gh-2]
  * Wrap CORE::readdir to provide UTF-8 filenames                       [gh-11]

0.007     2012-08-01
  * Use for comparing versions in the test suite
  * Better detection of warnings in t/FATAL_utf8.t
  * Don't fail the test suite if autodie is too old

0.006     2012-07-29
  * Be less strict with detecting fatal UTF-8 error in test suite       [gh-12]

0.005     2012-07-29
  * Use Import::Into instead of home-grown "solution"                   [gh-10]
  * Don't permit running with autodie < 2.12, due to RT #54777           [gh-7]
  * Promote utf8 warnings to fatal errors                                [gh-1]

0.004     2012-01-04
  * Fix test suite for less current versions of Perl           [getty, doherty]

0.003     2011-12-21
  * Internal refactoring
  * Load charnames                                                     [sartak]

0.002     2011-04-21
  * Expand test suite slightly

0.001     2011-04-20
  * Split code out of perl5i