2003-07-02  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.7.1)

        * Applied patches, updated documentation and shipped as 2.7.1

2003-07-02  Craig DeForest  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

        * Patched to correct the column locations in the COMMENT and HEADER
          cards, and removed explicit stripping of leading blanks from COMMENT
          and HEADER card values upon input.
        * Fixed test errors and added more explicit tests on the parsing.    
2003-07-02  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.7)

        * Applied patches, updated documentation and shipped as 2.7

2003-06-27  Craig DeForest  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

        * Header.pm: Added slash-based comment parsing to the tied interface

        * t/tied.t: Added test cases.
2003-06-23  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Item/Item.pm (configure): automatically sets type to COMMENT
	  when keyword is COMMENT, HISTORY, or is blank. (_stringify): comment
          keyword values/comments are in columns 9-80, unlike other cards which
          are in columns 11-80.

2003-05-27  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* t/parse.t: added test for index() regexep functionality.

	* Header.pm: index() now handles regexps as well as exact matches.
          itembyname(), value(), comment(), replacebyname(), and removebyname()
          now call index() instead of doing the search themselves, so they
          inherit the new behavior.
2003-04-28  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.6.2)

        * Applied patch by Diab, shipped as 2.6.2

2003-03-28  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* t/subhdr.t: code cleanup to avoid undefined warning

2003-03-26  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO/CFITSIO.pm (writehdr):
	   if there was no END card in the existing header the initial
	   card was not written.  also, additional streamlining of code.
	* CFITSIO/CFITSIO.pm (configure):
	   the code assumed that there was an END card in the existing
	   header read by CFITSIO, which is not always the case.  Now
	   explictily adds one.

2003-03-13  Malcolm J. Currie <mjc@star.rl.ac.uk>

        * Item/Item.pm: Allow for a HIERARCH hierarchical header following
          a blank keyword.

2003-03-12 Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.6.1)

        * t/hierarch.t: Added more test cases.

2003-03-12 Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.6)

        * Minor documentation tweaks and released as Version 2.6
2003-03-12 Craig DeForest <deforest@boulder.swri.edu> 

        * Header.pm 
	   - FETCH: END card always returns ' ' if present, undef if not.
	   - STORE: END & SIMPLE cards are always put in the right place.
	   - STORE: Cleaned out some extra cruft in the card assignment 
	   - new:   SIMPLE & END cards are assigned automagically
	   - Documentation: several improvements.

	* Item.pm
	   - 'F' evaluates false if assigned to a card of type LOGICAL
	     (already evaluated false if assigned to a card of unknown type).
	   - END cards no longer emit warnings with 'use strict'.
2003-03-11  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.5.1)

        * Minor documentation tweaks, badged as version 2.5
        * t/hierarch.t: Added test harness for ESO HIERARCH header keywords

2003-03-10  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* Header.pm: Add tiereturnshash, and configure it from TIEHASH
	* Header.pm (FETCH): Respect the new tiereturnshash method. If
	  true, will return multi-valued items as a reference to an array
	  rather than as a joined string (tied interface does not respect
	  calling context).

	* Header.pm (FETCH/STORE): Tied interface can now retrieve or set
	  the comment string associated with an item by adding '_COMMENT' to
	  the keyword.

2002-01-19  Malcolm J. Currie <mjc@star.rl.ac.uk>

        * Item/Item.pm: Added support for HIERARCH hierarchical keywords.

2002-12-05  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* Header.pm (FETCH): Tied interface now returns a hash ref when a
	  subheader is encountered. (STORE): And accepts a hash via STORE

2002-12-04  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* NDF/NDF.pm (configure): Allow for someone to supply an explicit
	  HDS path to an NDF

	* Item/Item.pm: Sub-headers can now be stored with
	  Astro::FITS::Header objects, using type HEADER

	* Header.pm (STORE): Allow an Astro::FITS::Header object to be
	  stored through the tied interface.

2002-12-03  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* Header.pm (insert{): Fix problem with tied hash when
	  doing %$tieref = %new

2002-12-02  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* NDF/NDF.pm (configure): Fix problem with SCUBA raw data. The
	  files are NDFs but are not declared as such in the type field

2002-11-27  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.4)

        * Added patch provided by Diab Jerius <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>
          which allows you to open files in ReadOnly mode. Additionally
          it moves the module over to using the new Astro::FITS::CFITSIO 
          rather than the older CFITSIO module.

        * Minor documentation changes to reflect new versions of the
          Astro::FITS::CFITSIO library now needed by the module.
2002-11-14  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* GSD/GSD.pm: Add GSD reader 

	* NDF/NDF.pm (configure): Workaround a bug in NDF when reading

2002-06-24  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> (Version 2.2)

        * Minor documentation tweaks to reflect Tim's changes,
          released as v2.2.

2002-06-19  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* NDF/NDF.pm: Add first support for .HEADER HDS containers 

	* Item/Item.pm (_stringify): Support blank lines

	* Header.pm: Add stringification overload 

2002-06-12  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* t/tied.t: Use two argument form of ok()

	* t/parse.t: Use two argument form of ok()

2002-06-10  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> 

        * Minor documentation changes, integrated patches into the main
          CVS tree, released as v2.1. The major change from v1.x is a
          much improved tied interface, see the POD for details.

2002-05-14   Craig DeForest <deforest@boulder.swri.edu>

        * Header.pm: Fix to typecasting of string in tied interface 

        * t/parse.t: Added single-quote case

2002-05-10   Craig DeForest <deforest.@boulder.swri.edu>
        * Header.pm: Minor bug fix for FETCH of undefined tag values 
          (used to return ''; now returns undef)

        * Header.pm: FETCH and STORE convert tags to ALL UPPERCASE
          per the FITS standard.

        * Header.pm: undefine the type of newly-assigned cards in the 
          tied-hash code, so that the autotyper can figure it out.

        * Header.pm: Hash-ref passing now forces string interpretation
2002-05-09   Craig DeForest <deforest@boulder.swri.edu>

        * Header.pm: Added multiline support to the tied interface, using
          multiline string return -- which should preserve 0th-element 
          functionality in arithmetic expressions, as expected by legacy code.

        * t/tied.t: added multline tests.

2002-03-29   Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk> 

        * Header.pm: Added freeze() function
        * Item.pm: Added freeze() function
2001-10-16   Diab Jerius  <dj@head-cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Header.pm: itembyname(), index(), value(), and comment() now
	  return a single element when called in scalar context.

	* t/parse.t: test new behavior of above routines in scalar environment
2001-06-26  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * Header.pm: Fixed bug in removebyname() method

2001-06-18  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>
        * Header.pm: Added allitems() method	

2001-03-30  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * Packaged for CPAN distribution, included README and GPL files
2001-03-29  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * CFITSIO/CFITSIO.pm: Implemented writehdr
	* t/cfitsio.t: Added test harness for new class

2001-03-28  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * CFITSIO/CFITSIO.pm: Implemented configure
2001-03-27  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * Header.pm: Added tied hash to header class
	* t/tied.t: Added test harness for new tied interface

2001-03-24  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * CFITSIO/CFITSIO.pm: Skeleton structre for CFITSIO module added
        * t/parse.t: Rewrote test harness for Header
	* Header.pm: Fixed bugs in array maps being returned by some functions
	* t/ndf.t: Rewote test harness using some harder tests
2001-03-17  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* Header.pm: configure Now uses map and _rebuild_lookup

2001-03-16  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

        * NDF/NDF.pm: Add

	* t/ndf.t: Add test

	* Header.pm: Use map. Add dump(). Use hash for configure()

2001-03-15  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* Item/t/parse.t: Add caching test 

	* Item/Item.pm: Fix caching

	* Item/t/parse.t: Rewrite to use a for loop and add some harder tests

	* Item/Item.pm: Fix some warnings with undef and add an UNDEF type

2001-03-15  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * t/parse.t: Rewrote test harness

        * Item/Item.pm: Added some work arounds for common non-standard entries

2001-03-12  Tim Jenness  <timj@jach.hawaii.edu>

	* t/parse.t: Update test to fix array comparison.

2001-03-10  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * Original version