version 0.43 (2011/05/26):

    - added support for Net::Server by allowing the usage of
      distinct filehandles for input and output
      (patch by Alexei Znamensky)

version 0.42 (2009/10/01):

    - don't hangup when receiving abandonRequest in order to support
      clients like Evolution which expect that the socket is still
      alive after such a request (patch by Bill Lindley)

version 0.4 (2007/10/27):

	- added support for method "abandon"
	- full request is now passed to methods
	- compatibility with the changed behaviour of the 'use fields' 
	  pragma in Perl 5.9.x (thanks to Peter Karman)

version 0.3 (2005/12/22):

	- added t/02-pod.t and t/03-podcoverage.t
	- moved pm to lib/
	- fixed POD error

version 0.2 (2005/11/28):

	- new