[Changes for 0.56 - ]

* Added experimental support for requires_external_bin to forcefully
  require the installation of a script or command.

* Removed a warning in Module::Install::Admin::MetaData when
  perl_version doesn't have a third part.

[Changes for 0.55 - 2006-01-27]

* This release only not signed (Released by ADAMK who has no keys)

* Another pass over the POD to clean up and remove mistaked (ADAMK)

* Module::Install::Share installs to blib/lib rather than blib/arch.
  Most files will be non-arch-specific, and it was causing problems
  down the road with File::ShareDir.
  All existing working install_share/File::ShareDir continues to work.

* New command auto_include_dependent_dists() to recursively include dependent
  CPAN distributions for modules declared with build_requires().
  This differs from auto_include_deps() because it works with whole
  distribution source trees, not just single modules.

* Fix POD syntax so t/2-pod.t passes.
  Contributed by: Ishigaki Kenichi

* Disable 5.005-specific qr// construct in t/3-autoinstall.t so
  Perl 5.004 can build this module again.

* YAML::Syck 0.27+ is now a preferred dependency over YAML 0.35+ for
  platforms with a C compiler and without either one available.

[Changes for 0.54 - 2006-01-11]

* Fix can_run() on Cygwin for real.
  Contributed by: Mark Grimes

[Changes for 0.53 - 2006-01-11]

* Fix can_run() on Cygwin for paths beginning with /cygdrive/.
  Reported by: Mark Staggs

* If YAML::Syck is present on the system, use it instead of YAML.pm
  to write out META.yml.

[Changes for 0.52 - 2006-01-03]

* Module::AutoInstall - disable "sudo" prompting for CPANPLUS 0.050
  and CPAN.pm 1.80+ which already has "sudo" support.
  Reported by: Andreas Koenig

[Changes for 0.51 - 2005-12-31]

* An additional 100+ lines of documentations in the Module::Install POD file.

* all_from() with no args now attempts to decude the "from" file
  from the "name" property.

* On Cygwin, sometimes AUTOLOAD is called with a gensym'ed package
  that does not define _top.  Try to accomodate for this.

* Do not ever attempt "sudo" without interactive consent from the user;
  make the _prompt() in Module::AutoInstall default to 'n' if we are
  not running in an interactive terminal.

* Add lib_paths and lib_links commands to Module::Install::Compiler for
  setting LIBS flags.

[Changes for 0.50 - 2005-12-26]

* Fixed the bug where cpan signing was set forcibly to true instead
  of defaulting to false.
  Reported by: Martin Thurn and Randal Schwartz

* Module::Install::Admin's copy() subroutine was using a lot of CPU
  on inefficient regex matches, where a simple passthrough while()
  line-processing loop would do.

* The t/ directory is now listed in META.yml's no_index entries by
  default, along with inc/.

* YAML.pm is now listed as an explicit dependency.

[Changes for 0.48 - 2005-12-26]

* New Module::Install::Compiler extension with commands:
  c_files(), inc_paths(), optimize_flags().

[Changes for 0.47 - 2005-12-25]

* Slight documentation cleanup and update Module::Install::Admin
  version to 0.47; no functional changes.

[Changes for 0.46 - 2005-12-22]

* tests() should always take effect even if auto_install() or
  makemaker_args() had set it before.
  Reported by: Jesse Vincent.

[Changes for 0.45 - 2005-12-16]

* Improved detection for author_from() based on the copyright line
  in addition to =head1 AUTHORS.

* Bump version of Module::Install::Admin to match Module::Install.
  Reported by: Sebastian Riedel

[Changes for 0.44 - 2005-12-13]

* Module::Install::Bundle now extract files correctly again;
  this was a regression since 0.40.
  Reported by: Randal Schwartz

* Add support to Module::Includes::Bundle so each subdirectory
  can use Module::Install for bundling. 

* The "bundles:" key in META.yml is now populated even if the
  bundled modules already exist on the system.

[Changes for 0.43 - 2005-12-12]

* Better documentation to install_share().

* New author_from() command to guess the author name from POD.

* all_from() no longer probes for metadata that has been set before.

[Changes for 0.42 - 2005-12-11]

* auto_provides() was broken due to a typo.

* New command install_share() to put a directory's content into the
  per-distribution auto/ directory.

[Changes for 0.41 - 2005-12-11]

* Only query '$self->tests' if we haven't been given an explicit list
  (From Paul Fenwick)

* New command auto_provides() to calculate "provides:" information using
  Module::Build.  Requested by Chia-Liang Kao.

[Changes for 0.40 - 2005-12-07]

* Massively updated documentation (more to come later).

* Parentheses are now optional in Makefile.PL.

* Includes Module::AutoInstall, a cleaned-up version of ExtUtils::AutoInstall.

* New command all_from() to combine all *_from() tests into one.

* New command test() to Support specifying test files.

* New command feature() to list individual features easily.

[Changes for 0.37 - 2005-08-04]

* Always include ExtUtils::AutoInstall in inc/ if auto_install() is called.

* Fixed a bug where modules having shared libraries would sometimes
  be included in inc/.

* The needs shared library message will now only be printed if the module
  version indicates that it would otherwise be included. The module name has
  also been corrected so that "::" is used everywhere instead of "/".

[Changes for 0.36 - 2004-09-09]

* First version under SVK management.

* install_scripts() now takes multiple scripts to install.

[Changes for 0.35 - 2004-07-13]

* Jos Boumans reported that "use inc::Module::Install 0.34"
  was failing because Module::Install does not assign VERSION
  to inc::Module::Install.

* Implemented auto_include_deps() for real.

[Changes for 0.34 - 2004-07-01]

* auto_include() will not include recursive dependencies now;
  that functionality is refactored into auto_include_deps().

[Changes for 0.33 - 2004-03-11]

* abstract_from() was broken; it works now thanks to SHAY.

* WriteAll() now takes (inline => 1) to support
  Inline-based modules.

[Changes for 0.31 - 2003-12-31]

* Allow auto_install() to take -core-specific options like
  (-default => 0).

* No longer use inc/SCRIPT but simply modify the scripts to install.

* Make can_cc() to probe the program part of $Config{cc}

* Bundled M::I-using modules (or subdirs) used to break up
  spectacularly by overriding ::AUTOLOAD and reusing their
  parents' inc/*.  Now the namespaces are keyed by cwd and
  more readily unregistered.

[Changes for 0.29 - 2003-12-14]

* Introducing &WriteAll, a combination of &Meta->write,
  &check_nmake, &Makefile->write, and if a Build.PL is
  present (which should read "require 'Makefile.PL'"),
  also supports transparent &Build->write.

* Real Module::Build support in WriteAll and in this module.

* Transparent Build.PL, as promised in README, is back.

* WriteAll now takes three non-metadata flags:
  check_nmake (default 1), meta (default 1) and
  sign (default 0).

* The "private" key in META.yml is officially obsoleted by "no_index".

* Now warns if the user did not specify a license.

* "requires( perl => $version )" is now supported.

* include_deps() now no longer takes its second argument;
  it must be separately supplied with the syntax above.

* "&WriteAll" now officially replaces "&Build->write",
  "&Makefile->write", "&Meta->write" and "check_nmake()".

* Implemented auto_include() and bundle_deps().

* Add "#defaults" to MANIFEST.SKIP.

[Changes for 0.28 - 2003-12-11]

* Module::Install::Bundle now works, thanks to Adam Foxson!

* Unbreak against newer EU::MM.

* Let "inc" work with "make test" on 5.6.x too.

* mcdavis pointed out that Microsoft now wants
  "Nmake15.exe", not "nmake15.exe".

[Changes for 0.27 - 2003-10-27]

* Make the include'd modules actually work during
  "make" and "make test", by adding "inc" to the
  Makefile targets.

* Graham's patch for 5.004 backcompat.

* Graham Barr points out that readdir() can return 0.

* Do not sign the distribution if we are not the admin.

[Changes for 0.26 - 2003-10-17]

* sign(1) support for automatic digital signing.

* no_index(directory => 'example') support, for telling
  PAUSE and search to skip indexing modules.

[Changes for 0.25 - 2003-10-13]

* Add no_index as an alias to private in META.yml.

* Support for YAML::Parser::Syck.

* No point in supporting Build.PL now.

[Changes for 0.24 - 2003-09-01]

* 0.17 is simply too old as it scans in POD sections.

* Kingpin <mthurn@carbon> notes that we are using "next"
outside a loop block in ScanDeps.

* threads.pm and warnings.pm should be exempted too.

[Changes for 0.23 - 2003-08-18]

* Implemented $self->is_admin to properly test if it's running
  on the admin side.

* Andreas Koenig reports that we are writing META.yml
  even on the user side, because of this bug.

* sWitch to PAR::Dist to do make_par().

[Changes for 0.22 - 2003-07-16]

* Turns out that MakeMaker's NAME corresponds to
  META.yml's module_name, and DISTNAME corresponds
  to name.  Reflect this in the relevant files.

* Introduce a new module_name metadata key that may
  be automatically generated from name.

* /\.pm/i should be /\.pm$/i.

* Iain Truskett wants us to not overwrite alien META.yml files.

- PREREQ_PM wasn't being filled out.

- Should be including YAML dependencies too.

* POD cleanups.

[Changes for 0.21 - 2003-06-15]

* Lindsay Morris pointed out that include_deps()
  does not work with non-core modules; fixed.

[Changes for 0.20 - 2003-06-05]

* Add pointer to ingy's TPJ article.

* Eliminated warnings on 5.005.

* Added the "package inc::Module::Install;" line at
  request by Graham Barr, for search.cpan.org.

* Close META.yml before zipping; otherwise trips on win32.

* requires(), build_requires(), recommends() etc can now take
  multiple pairs in addition to a single pair.

* Add standard MANIFEST and META.yml to generated PAR file.

* Implemented the &Meta->read mentioned in the main docs.

* Our version of WriteMakefile was failing to fine Meta
  object; fixed.

* 'make reset' now just an author side alias for 'make purge'.

* The whole #! business is unneeded since MakeMaker does that.

* Don't skip other non-pm inc/ stuff when checking MANIFEST.

* The hashbang line should be the first, not last, in scripts.

* Also people may not always like -w.

* We reall want to rmtree() the distdir so that 'make manifest'
  won't include clobbered files after an aborted 'make dist'.

* Fix consistency: ->prompt() should only take one line of
  prompt and expects y/n.