Changes for Perl extension Module-Install

0.70 Tue 18 Mar 2008 - Adam Kennedy

* Temporarily restoring auto_install until Matt Trout can craft a
  replacement for their installdeps needs, and for feature support.

0.69 Sat 15 Mar 2008 - Adam Kennedy

* Removing auto_install support (ADAMK)

* Removing Build.PL support (ADAMK)

* Enabling configure_requires support (ADAMK)

* Automatically set a configure_requires for the version of
  ExtUtils::MakeMaker that the author is running.

* Refactoring a number of modules for reduced size (ADAMK)

* Add 'share' to the list of directories automatically no_index'ed (ADAMK)

* license_from correctly marks "GNU lesser public license" as lgpl,
  not gpl [ 24635] (AVAR)

* set author mode ($Module::Install::AUTHOR) when first creating
  ./inc (RJBS)

* Don't write perl into PREREQ_PM when using perl_version (ADAMK)

[Changes for 0.68 - Ricardo Signes]

* The author entry in META.yml is now a sequence, as required

[Changes for 0.67 - Adam Kennedy]

* Tweaked the license detection code a bit

* Previous changes working well, going production

[Changes for 0.66_02 - Adam Kennedy]

* Adding detection of 'proprietary' license.

* "All rights reserved" clashes with or can invalidate most Open Source
  licenses. Adding a warning to this effect.

[Changes for 0.66_01 - 2007-03-15]

* Adding tests_recursive to have M:I search for and explicitly list
  all test scripts recursively.

* Adding configure_requires, test_requires and install_requires.
  These are currently aliases for build_requires but will later result
  in alternative consequences internally (ADAMK)

* Reorganising Module::Install::With on the assumption that will
  be implementing PERL5_CPAN_IS_EXECUTING.

[Changes for 0.65 - 2007-03-06]

* Add install_as_core, install_as_cpan, install_as_vendor
  commands to control the "installdirs" metadata field.
  Requested by: Tels (renamed by ADAMK and AUDREYT)

* Add the preop command for users to customize the PREOP rule. (BINGOS) 

* Implement support for $ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING} in the
  experimental Module::Install::With. (ADAMK)

* Remove the use of features in the Module::Install Makefile.PL.
  Developers should be quite capable of installing them all. (ADAMK)

* Remove the use of auto_provides in Module::Install Makefile.PL
  until we fix it to not break without a pre-existing MANIFEST. (ADAMK)

* YAML::Tiny is now used as a fallback for generating META.yml. The
  order of precedence is now YAML::Syck, YAML::Tiny, then YAML.

* META.yml output is now conformant to spec 1.3.

* Add MIT license to those detectable by license_from() (GAAL)

[Changes for 0.64 - 2006-08-24]

* auto_install() will no longer invoke or CPANPLUS
  recursively when running under CPANPLUS (i.e., when 
  $ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING} is set to a true value.)

* auto_install() would not follow prerequisites of requires() when
  the module is installed from the command line and only is
  installed. [ 21139] (MSCHWERN)

[Changes for 0.63 - 2006-06-05]

* "make" gets confused if the Makefile.PL time is in the future, but there
  is no universal fix for this. As an initial solution, catch the error
  situation and die with an error to the user. (ADAMK)

* Adding additional notes on no_index package (ADAMK)

* Removing hashbang from Makefile.PL and using a $^W = 1 instead (ADAMK)

[Changes for 0.62 - 2006-05-03]

* Various small back-compatibility bugs squashed, since we advertise
  that a M:I installer should run back to 5.004 (AUDREYT)

* Allow non-admin installs to do so without the need for (AUDREYT)

* Adding an initial implementation of Module::Install::With, containing
  code to detect the existance of other members of the Perl toolchain,
  and how we are related to them in any given install run.
  Initial experimental implementation of and CPANPLUS detection,
  based on code extracted from Module::AutoInstall, and other code
  recommended by the relevant authors.
  Leaving the new commands undocumented for now, and recommend NOT making
  general use of them until tested. (ADAMK)

* In order to implement any form of version locking, which need to know
  which extensions are in the core (and thus version-locked) and which
  are custom extensions with legally out-of-sync versions.
  Added $ISCORE = 1 global to every potentially-bundled core extention,
  for when we start to do version locking. (ADAMK)

* The install_share Makefile fragment fails on older ExtUtils::Install
  versions. When we install_share, add an explicit EU::MakeMaker dependency.
  Would have done on just ExtUtils::Install, but it isn't

* Some/many versions of MakeMaker incorrectly set PERL_LIB and PERL_ARCHLIB,
  which is only supposed to be used for building the core Perl. Since we'll
  never be doing that, make the Makefile munger blank them if they exist.
  This lets PREFIX + PERL5LIB for installing private modules work again.
  (except not PERL_ARCHLIB for now, it's not getting in the way, and for
  some reason it's used for something else) (ADAMK)

[Changes for 0.61 - 2006-03-15]

* ActivePerl::Config on case-insensitive filesystems interacts
  erroneously with Module::Install's (outdated) @INC hack, so remove it.
  (Patch from Gisle Aas)

* Improve compatibility with ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.x by not relying
  on FIRST_MAKEFILE being set in the MM instance.

* Remove optional dependency on CPANPLUS. (INGY)

* Add "realclean_files" command to add files to be cleaned on
  "make realclean", instead of "make clean". (INGY)

* Add $VERSION back to inc::Module::Install so we can implement
  workarounds and back-compatibility code later on. (ADAMK)

[Changes for 0.60 - 2006-03-11]

* Cleaned up the 0.59 fix a bit and added a bunch of comments explaining
  the bootup mechanism. A misunderstanding of this on my part led to
  the 0.58 bug. Sorry folks (ADAMK)

* Resolved #18040: bundled Module::Install leaks private information
  Debugging information in Module::Install::Admin was leaking potentially
  sensitive information. Removed just the files, left the lines (TELS)

* Fixed a smaller part of the problem with 0.58 that still hurts people if
  that are an installer AND an author as well. (Reported by dha)

[Changes for 0.59 - 2006-03-07]

* Resolved #18020: 0.58 was broken; inc::Module::Install's @ISA
  and $VERSION needs to be set by Module::Install on its behalf.

[Changes for 0.58 - 2006-03-04]

* Made Module::AutoInstall generally aware of AUTOMATED_TESTING

* Added compatibility with 5.9.3 proxy constants

* Resolved #11169: problems on VMS.
  This doesn't mean there won't be problems on VMS though,
  as this path is oldish and their may be more problems.

* Added AUTOMATED_TESTING support to prompt() to force the
  selection of the default (via PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT) when it
  is enabled.

* Added infinite loop protection to prompt() just in case automated
  and/or shortcutted responses to prompts go badly and leave us
  looping over the same question.

* Fixed #17961 Use of uninitialized value in array dereference at
  Module/Install/ line 163. (TELS)
[Changes for 0.57 - 2006-02-23]

* Fixed a bug where a misnamed hash key was making the extensions
  fruitlessly reload (or at least try to reload) every command call.

* Fixed a pod bug for the requires_external_bin head2

* Because external deps will need versioning eventually, we can
  never provide a hash to requires_external, and so it's really
  just supurfluous and invites more bugs. Removed.

* Experimentally added support for the META.yaml dynamic_config flag.
  We don't set ANY default value, because of a lack of clarity. It is 
  undocumented in the META.yaml spec, but false in Module::Build, which
  is really really bad, as it leads to falsely assuming dynamic
  Makefile.PLs are static when no dynamic_config is provided.
  Personally, I think it should be static_config anyway, and we may well
  change it to be that anyway.

* Added support for requires_external_cc (requires a C compiler) that will
  integrate with whatever central method we use later to signal to
  whatever is calling Makefile.PL that there is a missing external
  dependency. This will also be called by other methods if there is an
  implicit dependency.

* Synchronised all the module versions to all be 0.57.
  This will be used a few versions down the line to add integrity testing
  of Module::Install's own extension loading process.

* Added a $VERSION and C<use strict> to the extensions that didn't have
  one or both of the two already.

* Fixed a number of minor bugs discovered after turning on C<use strict>.

* Very carefully beginning to clean up some of the code so it's much more
  boring (i.e. maintainable).

* Changed recursion to always preference the installer we are currently
  running under. So use in, and CPANPLUS in CPANPLUS.
  This simplifies anti-dupe recursion algorithms, and dramatically
  reduces memory use under

* Documented the install_script command

* Caught _install_cpanplus happily passing completely illegal
  config params to CPANPLUS, and worse, eval-wrapping the set_conf so
  it could happily ignore errors.
  Added _cpanplus_config to try and auto-convert CPAN config params to
  CPANPLUS, and die if we can't. Add more translators as needed.

* Moved the deprecated commands into their own module
  Module::Install::Deprecated to stop them being included and reduce
  package bloat.

[Changes for 0.56 - 2006-02-12]

* Added experimental support for requires_external_bin to forcefully
  require the installation of a script or command.

* Removed a warning in Module::Install::Admin::MetaData when
  perl_version doesn't have a third part.

[Changes for 0.55 - 2006-01-27]

* This release only not signed (Released by ADAMK who has no keys)

* Another pass over the POD to clean up and remove mistaked (ADAMK)

* Module::Install::Share installs to blib/lib rather than blib/arch.
  Most files will be non-arch-specific, and it was causing problems
  down the road with File::ShareDir.
  All existing working install_share/File::ShareDir continues to work.

* New command auto_include_dependent_dists() to recursively include dependent
  CPAN distributions for modules declared with build_requires().
  This differs from auto_include_deps() because it works with whole
  distribution source trees, not just single modules.

* Fix POD syntax so t/2-pod.t passes.
  Contributed by: Ishigaki Kenichi

* Disable 5.005-specific qr// construct in t/3-autoinstall.t so
  Perl 5.004 can build this module again.

* YAML::Syck 0.27+ is now a preferred dependency over YAML 0.35+ for
  platforms with a C compiler and without either one available.

[Changes for 0.54 - 2006-01-11]

* Fix can_run() on Cygwin for real.
  Contributed by: Mark Grimes

[Changes for 0.53 - 2006-01-11]

* Fix can_run() on Cygwin for paths beginning with /cygdrive/.
  Reported by: Mark Staggs

* If YAML::Syck is present on the system, use it instead of
  to write out META.yml.

[Changes for 0.52 - 2006-01-03]

* Module::AutoInstall - disable "sudo" prompting for CPANPLUS 0.050
  and 1.80+ which already has "sudo" support.
  Reported by: Andreas Koenig

[Changes for 0.51 - 2005-12-31]

* An additional 100+ lines of documentations in the Module::Install POD file.

* all_from() with no args now attempts to decude the "from" file
  from the "name" property.

* On Cygwin, sometimes AUTOLOAD is called with a gensym'ed package
  that does not define _top.  Try to accomodate for this.

* Do not ever attempt "sudo" without interactive consent from the user;
  make the _prompt() in Module::AutoInstall default to 'n' if we are
  not running in an interactive terminal.

* Add lib_paths and lib_links commands to Module::Install::Compiler for
  setting LIBS flags.

[Changes for 0.50 - 2005-12-26]

* Fixed the bug where cpan signing was set forcibly to true instead
  of defaulting to false.
  Reported by: Martin Thurn and Randal Schwartz

* Module::Install::Admin's copy() subroutine was using a lot of CPU
  on inefficient regex matches, where a simple passthrough while()
  line-processing loop would do.

* The t/ directory is now listed in META.yml's no_index entries by
  default, along with inc/.

* is now listed as an explicit dependency.

[Changes for 0.48 - 2005-12-26]

* New Module::Install::Compiler extension with commands:
  c_files(), inc_paths(), optimize_flags().

[Changes for 0.47 - 2005-12-25]

* Slight documentation cleanup and update Module::Install::Admin
  version to 0.47; no functional changes.

[Changes for 0.46 - 2005-12-22]

* tests() should always take effect even if auto_install() or
  makemaker_args() had set it before.
  Reported by: Jesse Vincent.

[Changes for 0.45 - 2005-12-16]

* Improved detection for author_from() based on the copyright line
  in addition to =head1 AUTHORS.

* Bump version of Module::Install::Admin to match Module::Install.
  Reported by: Sebastian Riedel

[Changes for 0.44 - 2005-12-13]

* Module::Install::Bundle now extract files correctly again;
  this was a regression since 0.40.
  Reported by: Randal Schwartz

* Add support to Module::Includes::Bundle so each subdirectory
  can use Module::Install for bundling. 

* The "bundles:" key in META.yml is now populated even if the
  bundled modules already exist on the system.

[Changes for 0.43 - 2005-12-12]

* Better documentation to install_share().

* New author_from() command to guess the author name from POD.

* all_from() no longer probes for metadata that has been set before.

[Changes for 0.42 - 2005-12-11]

* auto_provides() was broken due to a typo.

* New command install_share() to put a directory's content into the
  per-distribution auto/ directory.

[Changes for 0.41 - 2005-12-11]

* Only query '$self->tests' if we haven't been given an explicit list
  (From Paul Fenwick)

* New command auto_provides() to calculate "provides:" information using
  Module::Build.  Requested by Chia-Liang Kao.

[Changes for 0.40 - 2005-12-07]

* Massively updated documentation (more to come later).

* Parentheses are now optional in Makefile.PL.

* Includes Module::AutoInstall, a cleaned-up version of ExtUtils::AutoInstall.

* New command all_from() to combine all *_from() tests into one.

* New command test() to Support specifying test files.

* New command feature() to list individual features easily.

[Changes for 0.37 - 2005-08-04]

* Always include ExtUtils::AutoInstall in inc/ if auto_install() is called.

* Fixed a bug where modules having shared libraries would sometimes
  be included in inc/.

* The needs shared library message will now only be printed if the module
  version indicates that it would otherwise be included. The module name has
  also been corrected so that "::" is used everywhere instead of "/".

[Changes for 0.36 - 2004-09-09]

* First version under SVK management.

* install_scripts() now takes multiple scripts to install.

[Changes for 0.35 - 2004-07-13]

* Jos Boumans reported that "use inc::Module::Install 0.34"
  was failing because Module::Install does not assign VERSION
  to inc::Module::Install.

* Implemented auto_include_deps() for real.

[Changes for 0.34 - 2004-07-01]

* auto_include() will not include recursive dependencies now;
  that functionality is refactored into auto_include_deps().

[Changes for 0.33 - 2004-03-11]

* abstract_from() was broken; it works now thanks to SHAY.

* WriteAll() now takes (inline => 1) to support
  Inline-based modules.

[Changes for 0.31 - 2003-12-31]

* Allow auto_install() to take -core-specific options like
  (-default => 0).

* No longer use inc/SCRIPT but simply modify the scripts to install.

* Make can_cc() to probe the program part of $Config{cc}

* Bundled M::I-using modules (or subdirs) used to break up
  spectacularly by overriding ::AUTOLOAD and reusing their
  parents' inc/*.  Now the namespaces are keyed by cwd and
  more readily unregistered.

[Changes for 0.29 - 2003-12-14]

* Introducing &WriteAll, a combination of &Meta->write,
  &check_nmake, &Makefile->write, and if a Build.PL is
  present (which should read "require 'Makefile.PL'"),
  also supports transparent &Build->write.

* Real Module::Build support in WriteAll and in this module.

* Transparent Build.PL, as promised in README, is back.

* WriteAll now takes three non-metadata flags:
  check_nmake (default 1), meta (default 1) and
  sign (default 0).

* The "private" key in META.yml is officially obsoleted by "no_index".

* Now warns if the user did not specify a license.

* "requires( perl => $version )" is now supported.

* include_deps() now no longer takes its second argument;
  it must be separately supplied with the syntax above.

* "&WriteAll" now officially replaces "&Build->write",
  "&Makefile->write", "&Meta->write" and "check_nmake()".

* Implemented auto_include() and bundle_deps().

* Add "#defaults" to MANIFEST.SKIP.

[Changes for 0.28 - 2003-12-11]

* Module::Install::Bundle now works, thanks to Adam Foxson!

* Unbreak against newer EU::MM.

* Let "inc" work with "make test" on 5.6.x too.

* mcdavis pointed out that Microsoft now wants
  "Nmake15.exe", not "nmake15.exe".

[Changes for 0.27 - 2003-10-27]

* Make the include'd modules actually work during
  "make" and "make test", by adding "inc" to the
  Makefile targets.

* Graham's patch for 5.004 backcompat.

* Graham Barr points out that readdir() can return 0.

* Do not sign the distribution if we are not the admin.

[Changes for 0.26 - 2003-10-17]

* sign(1) support for automatic digital signing.

* no_index(directory => 'example') support, for telling
  PAUSE and search to skip indexing modules.

[Changes for 0.25 - 2003-10-13]

* Add no_index as an alias to private in META.yml.

* Support for YAML::Parser::Syck.

* No point in supporting Build.PL now.

[Changes for 0.24 - 2003-09-01]

* 0.17 is simply too old as it scans in POD sections.

* Kingpin <mthurn@carbon> notes that we are using "next"
outside a loop block in ScanDeps.

* and should be exempted too.

[Changes for 0.23 - 2003-08-18]

* Implemented $self->is_admin to properly test if it's running
  on the admin side.

* Andreas Koenig reports that we are writing META.yml
  even on the user side, because of this bug.

* sWitch to PAR::Dist to do make_par().

[Changes for 0.22 - 2003-07-16]

* Turns out that MakeMaker's NAME corresponds to
  META.yml's module_name, and DISTNAME corresponds
  to name.  Reflect this in the relevant files.

* Introduce a new module_name metadata key that may
  be automatically generated from name.

* /\.pm/i should be /\.pm$/i.

* Iain Truskett wants us to not overwrite alien META.yml files.

- PREREQ_PM wasn't being filled out.

- Should be including YAML dependencies too.

* POD cleanups.

[Changes for 0.21 - 2003-06-15]

* Lindsay Morris pointed out that include_deps()
  does not work with non-core modules; fixed.

[Changes for 0.20 - 2003-06-05]

* Add pointer to ingy's TPJ article.

* Eliminated warnings on 5.005.

* Added the "package inc::Module::Install;" line at
  request by Graham Barr, for

* Close META.yml before zipping; otherwise trips on win32.

* requires(), build_requires(), recommends() etc can now take
  multiple pairs in addition to a single pair.

* Add standard MANIFEST and META.yml to generated PAR file.

* Implemented the &Meta->read mentioned in the main docs.

* Our version of WriteMakefile was failing to fine Meta
  object; fixed.

* 'make reset' now just an author side alias for 'make purge'.

* The whole #! business is unneeded since MakeMaker does that.

* Don't skip other non-pm inc/ stuff when checking MANIFEST.

* The hashbang line should be the first, not last, in scripts.

* Also people may not always like -w.

* We reall want to rmtree() the distdir so that 'make manifest'
  won't include clobbered files after an aborted 'make dist'.

* Fix consistency: ->prompt() should only take one line of
  prompt and expects y/n.