Changes for Perl extension SDL-Tutorial-3DWorld

0.33 Wed 19 Jan 2011
	- Added a GridPlane actor for generating wolfenstein-like levels
	- Added a basic Fog implementation. Because it doesn't really mix
	  well with the skybox I've kept the intensity and range down so it
	  looks a little like a light ground mist. It will do for now.
	- Added partially working eight-sided sprite of a Wolfenstein guard.

0.32 Fri 7 Jan 2011
	- Added a smallish test video
	- Added the beginnings of an implementation of a flat screen TV
	  actor. Unfortunately, the underlying SDL implementation of MPEG
	  support isn't quite working yet, so it is disabled for now.
	- Nesting file parsers under Asset:: wasn't really working for me
	  logically, so moved them all to the root level.
	- Added a test script for the ::Mesh class.
	- The beginning of OpenGL::Array integration for ::Mesh objects,
	  as a stepping stone to moving from display lists to more modern
	  OpenGL Vertex Arrays (before we move all the way to OpenGL
	  Vertex Buffer Arrays).
	- Fixed the surface normal scaling gotcha described at this URL.
	- Restored specular material component to the teapots now they will
	  be displayed correctly.

0.31 Tue 4 Jan 2011
	- Added a billboard actor for sprites that always orient towards
	  the camera like particle effects and lens flares etc. Unlike the
	  plain sprite actor, this one DOES do blurring up close because it
	  is often used for more serious effects in 3D programs.
	- Added a billboard demonstration which is completely unlike the
	  way most real things will be done (this is an actual thing,
	  instead of some spherically symmetric particle/effect)

0.30 Tue 4 Jan 2011
	- The file for the previous release was accidentally
	  not bundled with the release.
	- Added a class for generating hedrons of other actor objects,
	  representing the first time that actors exist in the world
	  without being part of the main actor array.
	- Added a 2 level recursive toilet plunger icosahedron to world.
	- Unitised the sprite display, and correct the scaling of the
	  demonstration sprite directly when we add it to the world.
	- Added support for configurable GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER values.
	- We now disable blurring of sprites by default so that they
	  intentionally look pixelish and old-school.

0.29 Tue 4 Jan 2011
	- The debug display now changes correctly when you turn debug on and off,
	  and does so correctly for new objects in both states as well.
	- Added support for basic Wolfenstein style sprites.

0.28 Mon 3 Jan 2011
	- Stripped a few superfluous methods out of the lighting setup.
	- Make sure the camera direction vector is set up early to prevent
	  warnings before the first mouse move event.
	- Added a grid of 400 texture boxes to prove that the culling algorithm
	  can support 500-1000 models without the need for a scene graph.
	- Added a ::Bound class to store richer bounding data in preparation
	  for more complex layered frustrum culling. It automatically calcaultes
	  both the sphere and cube vales, needing only one of the two as
	  constructor input.
	- Moved frustrum culling from Z-cube to sphere-sphere, which should be
	  both faster and use less CPU.
	- Camera now pre-calculated a huge amount of frustrum data in advance,
	  and recalculates them when the camera moves.
	- Actors are now added by a method, which allows us to automatically
	  attach the debugging actors to all objects including those created
	  dynamically at run-time.

0.27 Fri 31 Dec 2010
	- Massive optimisation and tuning release to maximise the level
	  of raw performance before we absolutely HAVE to start using a
	  scene graph. This release should reach 100-500 world objects
	  it gets too slow to be useful. This should be more than enough
	  for many simple games and simulations.
	- For improved profiling accuracy when starting the world with
	  --benchmark we immediately enable the three "hide_" properties
	  accessed via F1, F2, F3 so they don't show up in the profiling
	- When --benchmark is enabled, we also avoid the creation of all
	  of the ::Actor::Debug object entirely for more accurate
	  measurement of any O(N) operations.
	- The entire display culling logic has been removed from the camera
	  class and inlined into the main display_actors method. Once the
	  number of actors gets large just the Perl method call costs alone
	  become significant for O(N) operations.
	- Added support for a origin-relative ->{boundary} propery to avoid
	  recalculating boundary boxes of objects that don't move.
	- Added support for a ->{display} property to encapsulate the
	  entire rendering process for static objects that don't move.
	  This lets us call glCallList directly in the top level loop and
	  avoids O(N) calls to ->display methods. Instead, we only need to
	  call the ->display method for complex actors or those in motion.

0.26 Thu 30 Dec 2010
	- The left mouse button now generates new actors. In true FPS
	  style these are crates! Since this results in a surprisingly
	  large amount of trivial but creative minecrafty fun I'm doing a
	  new release just for this one change. :)

0.25 Thu 30 Dec 2010
	- The mouse scroll wheel now controls the distance away from the
	  camera that the selector box will float.
	- 3DWorld now does a $VERSION integrity scan of all child classes
	  during initialisation to make sure kthakore hasn't corrupted his
	  installation (again).
	- Adding a global texture cache. No noticable impact as we don't
	  do much reuse of textures in the current world.
	- Adding a global model cache. Because of the 121 toilet plungers
	  in our scene this one change reduced startup time by 75%, total
	  memory consumption by 7 meg (15%) and improved framerate by 5%.

0.24 Thu 29 Dec 2010
	- Disable solid object display order optimisation, as I suspect it
	  that the Perl cost to sort them is bigger than the cost of just
	  brute force drawing all of them in hardware.
	- Added neato grid select tool

0.23 Wed 29 Dec 2010
	- Sort solid objects from nearest to farthest to increase the
	  chance that OpenGL only needs to depth test far objects and won't
	  need to do any colour/texture/light work at all.
	- Added support for explicit normals in meshes and model files
	- Moved Moved SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Asset::Mesh up a directory,
	  as it didn't really make sense having it in the Asset namespace.
	- Added F3 toggle to enable/disable the console/FPS (which costs
	  a remarkably large amount for what it does).

0.22 Wed 29 Dec 2010
	- The bounding box actor now also displays a traditional
	  red/green/blue axis on the original of each actor.
	- Flying camera renamed as the God camera.
	- All textures now wrap by default removing the need for the
	  Tile class at all.
	- In light of it's expanded role, renamed ::Actor::Box to the
	  more general sounding ::Actor::Debug.
	- We don't need to clear the color buffer when we have a skybox.
	  Clearing only the depth buffer will have the exact same effect.
	- Adding support for a ->{hidden} property on actors that allows
	  them to intentionally make themselves invisible.
	- Left CTRL now provides negative lift to the God-mode camera.
	  i.e. It makes you go vertically downwards.
	- Added F1 toggle to enable/disable debuging actors
	- Added F2 toggle to enable/disable abusively expensive actors

0.21 Tue 28 Dec 2010
	- Adding directory-based asset support, which is needed for linking
	  model files to their supporting texture (etc) files.
	- Reorganised the file parsers into the ::Asset::* namespace.
	- Adding a basic MTL file parser to add materials to OBJ models.
	- Added an actor for showing the contents of a MTL file
	- Added support for transparent materials in MTL files
	- Actor display order is now sorted by descending distance from the camera
	  to allow the alpha blending of transparent and anti-aliased objects
	  to render correctly and prevent objects behind them "dissapearing".
	- Added angle and elevation to the diagnostic console.
	- Rewrote all my camera movement math as it was rotten. The new version is
	  much easier to read and supports holding space down to go "up" in a camera
	  angle relative direction.
	- Added support for bounding boxes to actors.
	- Added a bounding box actor, which is a semi-transparent white line cube
	  that follows another actor around and highlights their bounding box.
	- Added support for loading materials in OBJ files automatically from their
	  respective MTL files.
	- Added a plain => 1 option for disabling automatic MTL loading in cases
	  where there is no MTL file and you just want a plain OBJ model.
	- Added a herd of dangerous wild toilet plungers.
	- Added a simple demonstration of actor-culling optimisation that skips
	  drawing any actor that is behind the camera. This is nowhere near as good
	  as frustrum culling (culling to the cemera's observation pyramid) but is
	  simpler to implement and does the job for now.

0.20 Mon 20 Dec 2010
	- Apparently OpenGL convention dictates that all polygons have their
	  points declared counter-clockwise to the "front" of the polygon.
	  Once turning on face culling to save GL work, it turns out that
	  all my shapes would inside out. Oops :)
	- Importing a local fork of OpenGL::RWX
	- Adding a life-sized nutcracker doll to help test RWX support.
	- Expanded OpenGL::RWX's per-face surface normals to face-averaged
	  per-vertex surface normals, allowing OpenGL to currectly smooth the
	  polygons (important on polished wood toys)
	- Added preliminary support for OBJ models (only with per-face surface
	  normals at this point).
	- Added a superbly detailed and giant freaking table to demonstrate the
	  greater quality of objects you tend to be able to find for obj files.

0.19 Mon 20 Dec 2010
	- Added a "God Mode" flying camera which uses the left shift key
	  as an exponential speed accelerator, and make it the default.
	- Added ->current static method to ::3DWorld to get currently
	  world. Removes the need to pass things like the camera around
	  everywhere all the time.
	- The skybox now locates the camera via ->current->camera instead
	  having to be passed the camera.
	- Added a console for overlaying the world with diagnostic text.
	- Set min_t to zero to push frames per second as high as possible.
	- Correcting some broken versions

0.18 Sun 19 Dec 2010
	- Moving the landscape to a typical 2000-era infinite ground plane,
	  but with a more detailed texture than in that era.
	  Unfortunately, the new ground plane means our skybox looks wrong
	  now, as it was never designed for use with a ground plane.
	- Reorganised some internals so we don't need to export from OpenGL
	  so much. This will be removed later, once OpenGL fixes it constants.
	- Added support for tiling textures with SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Tile

0.17 Sat 18 Dec 2010
	- Added preliminary support for loading models from RWX files

0.16 Sat 18 Dec 2010
	- Switch from manual GL display list code to OpenGL::List
	- Implemented left shift for "running"

0.15 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- Because we can be fairly certain that TextureCube (i.e. crates)
	  will be popular, use that class to demonstrate the use of OpenGL
	  display lists via glGenLists(), glNewList(), and glCallList().
	- Noting that, of all things, glLineWidth() is insanely expensive.

0.14 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- Actors are now rendered in random order to expose any places
	  where material property state management is being done badly.
	- Added some simple utility methods for getting paths to files
	  and directories in the share directory.
	- Added a TextureCube package for creating floor-origin rotatable
	  resizable cubes with the same (and correctly oriented) texture
	  on each face. Which is to say...
	- Fear the mighty Crate! Weep! Swoon!

0.13 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- Factored the teapot-specific logic into a separate class
	- Added a new "grid cube" actor which demonstrates points, lines,
	  multiple element actors and grid-snapping for worlds which
	  inherently consist of a cube space (think original Wolfenstein).
	- When a texture is displayed it now inherently defends itself
	  against being altered by previous alpha channel settings of
	  other objects.
	- The 3dworld launcher now supports a --window option to disable
	  fullscreen in places where it's weird (like on my giant portrait
	  orientation monitors at $work)

0.12 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- Increase default (only) resolution to 1024x768
	- Turned on double buffering to prevent mouselook flicker

0.11 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- OpenGL::GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR definitely looks better, especially
	  when it has text on it.
	- Change the skybox overlap to a minimum amount for slightly tighter
	  welding of the skybox edges.
	- Change to 24 bit colour depth so we don't get colour gradient steps

0.10 Fri 17 Dec 2010
	- The three teapots now match the official colours for the three axis
	- Adding direction label text to the chessboard image
	- Adding direction label text to all of the skybox image
	- The chessboard texture was upside down, corrected
	- The skybox images were backwards and inverted, corrected
	- Moved the "examples" (that weren't) into the private directory

0.09 Thu 16 Dec 2010
	- The skybox cube faces now overlap just slightly, which removes the
	  visible tearing between each face.
	- Now the skybox doesn't suck, tweak the light position closer to
	  where the sun is on the skybox should the shading and reflection
	  look absolutely correct.

0.08 Thu 16 Dec 2010
	- Low-sophistication (Smooth Hinting) anti-aliasing enabled for all
	  three of points, lines and polygons.
	- Fixed the chessboard material so it works with blending enabled.
	- Add GL hinting to make the texture scaling prettier.
	- Movement is now done via the move callback, locking movement to real
	  world time and making it independant of render speeds.
	- Half-assed support for identifying speeds in real metres per second.
	- Fixed a stupid trig bug in the camera movement logic, walking no
	  longer makes you skew sideways like a drunken troll when facing east.

0.07 Thu 16 Dec 2010
	- Like all good games, 3DWorld now runs full screen

0.06 Wed 15 Dec 2010
	- The landscape is now a 10x10 metre chess board
	- A new "at the origin" event filter for removing warp_mouse events,
	  as the first "ignore next" one didn't account for event queueing
	  and stuttering was starting to occur.
	- Moved the light to approximately the location of where the sun is
	  on the skybox for added "realism"
	- All actors now have a velocity vector.
	- Slightly less sucky material for the teapots.
	- The teapots slowly fly away in the positive X, Y and Z directions

0.05 Wed 15 Dec 2010
	- Skybox is now both optional and actually works

0.04 Wed 15 Dec 2010
	- Adding a texture abstraction library
	- Adding a simple implementation of a skybox

0.03 Wed 15 Dec 2010
	- Do not show the mouse cursor
	- Capture the mouse cursor to allow infinite mouselook travel
	- Adding a trivial constructor test (that doesn't init OpenGL)
	- Adding Test::NoWarnings to the tests

0.02 Wed 15 Dec 2010
	- Fixed the lighting and material of the objects

0.01 Tue 14 Dec 2010
	- Created the initial game model