Revision history for Perl extension Test::Block.

0.13 - 24 Jan 2012
    -   Marked as depreciated 
    -   Fixed RT#74295 (thanks Andreas Koenig)

    -   Moved to github

    -   Removed spelling.t, pod.t, signature.t and documented.t from mandatory 
    -   Added a bunch of optional developer tests
    -   Added reference to Test::Group (thanks to Nadim Khemir)
    -   Named blocks are now 'quoted' if they're not the default number (thanks
        to Nadim Khemir for pointing this out)

    -   Can now name a block with a string that maps to false if you want
    -   Test coverage now at 100% (statement, branch & condition)

    -   Moved stuff from build_requires to requires so it works with
    -   Added COMMUNITY section to POD
    -   Removed a bogus UNIVERSAL::isa just in case somebody wants to 
        subclass nicely
    -   Tidied code a little
    -   Stopped Test::Block accepting some bad plans
    -   Added Test::Class to SEE ALSO section
    -   Added link to tada list to the TO DO section of the POD

    -   Cosmetic changes to POD

    -   Requires Test::Builder::Tester 1.01 so tests will pass with
        Test::Simple 0.48.
    -   New signature file since old key about to be revoked

    -   Fixed incorrect comment that 0.05 wasn't released on CPAN (doh!)
    -   Fixed incorrect README (double doh!)
    -   Switched to Module::Build so I won't make that darn README 
        mistake again
    -   Added signature tests

    -   removed blocks declaration
    -   pod.t now uses Test::Pod
    -   documented.t now uses Test::Pod::Coverage
    -   cleaned up code a bit
    -   now dies if you don't specify the number of tests
    -   block names default to the block number
    -   blocks now named NAME => NUM_TESTS

0.04 (not released on CPAN)
    -   Added named blocks (suggested by Fergal Daly)
    -   Added all_in_block, builder and block_count class methods
    -   Added $Plan (suggested by Michael G Schwern)
    -   Renamed C<expecting> to C<plan> for consistancy
    -   Rewrote POD

0.03 (not released on CPAN)
    -   Rewrote as a sane object to avoid evil tie/Hook::LexWrap code :-)

0.02 (not released on CPAN)
    -   Rewrote so that it would cope with nested blocks

0.01  Mon May  5 21:28:59 2003
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
        --compat-version=5.6.1 --use-new-tests --skip-exporter -APX -n Test::Block