Revision history for Perl extension Test::Exception:

    -   Patch to fix my broken code with the now working Sub::Uplevel. Many
        thanks to David Golden

    -   Added some more exposition on the usage of dies_ok() and lives_ok() for 
        those who found them confusing. Also reordered presentation of docs so
        more specific throws_ok() comes first.
    -   Some misc. documentation tweaks.
    -   Added some tests for RT#24678, but not actually fixed them yet
        (thanks to Joshua ben Jore & David Golden). They skip for now.
    -   Tests should now pass on Strawberry/Vanilla Perl (thanks Nadim Khemir
        & Chris Dolan)
    -   Added comment in docs about T::E not catching exit() in eval() blocks 
        (thanks Peter Scott)
	-	Updated Test::* & Sub::Uplevel version dependencies to something modern

    -   Updated Test::Simple dependency to make sure it is in sync with
        the latest T::B::T (thanks David Cantrell)

    -   Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes in the POD
    -   Added an (optional) spelling test in t/developer

    -   Added a bunch of missed acknowledgements
    -   Made the fact that $@ is preserved by T::E subroutines explicit in
        the synopsis

0.22 - or the "about bloody time" release
    -   We now test that the import works (it does :-)
    -   Now works with exception classes that override isa
    -   Added link to AnnoCPAN
    -   Applied patch from Ben Prew to turn the misused TODO tests into
        proper Test::Builder::Tester tests - thanks Ben
    -   Now cannot pass undef as the exception to throws_ok
    -   The optional test description for lives_and is now optional :)
    -   Can now have empty test description for throws_ok
    -   Requires Sub::Uplevel 0.13 - squashing several bugs (thanks to David 
        Golden for fixing Sub::Uplevel, and for reporting the issue - along 
        with Cees Hek & Steve Purkis)
    -   Uses Test::Pod::Coverage rather than home grown script
    -   Added (optional) Perl::Critic tests
    -   Updated Test::Builder::Tester dependency to 1.04
    -   Tidied up tests, code and POD a little
    -   All developer tests live in t/developer and do not run by default
    -   Added example of only using Test::Exception if it's installed (thanks
        to Rob Muhlestein for suggesting this)
    -   Test coverage now at 100% (statement, branch, condition, subroutine
        & POD) according to Devel::Cover 0.58

    -   Most of build_requires should have been in requires, which was 
        causing CPANPLUS to choke on installs. Fixed (thanks Jos I. Boumans)
    -   Test names now called test descriptions to fit in with latest TAP 
    -   Added link to tada list to TO DO section of documentation
    -   Added COMMUNITY section to POD
    -   Added description of how to use Test::Exception in a sub-passing non
        prototype style (after feedback from Jim Keenan & Perrin)

    -   fixed bug in lives_and where $Test::Builder::Level was
        set to high if test in block lived

    -   Added support for Module::Build

    -   Cosmetic POD tweaks
    -   Added Test::Warn and Test::NoWarnings to SEE ALSO (thanks to
        Andy Lester for pointing out the lack)

    -   Tests now pass with Test::Simple 0.48

    -   pod.t now uses Test::Pod
    -   cleaned up code a little
    -   Fixed year in copyright in POD
    -   Added import() after suggestion from Peter Scott
    -   tidied tests a bit

    -   Removed live() and added lives_and() after an excellent 
        suggestion from Aristotle
    -   Default name for throws_ok now has better output when passed
        exceptions that overload "".
    -   Refectored t/Exception.t a bit
    -   Now handles bad exception classes that overload "" without      
        overloading eq (thanks to Mark Fowler for bug report & patch).
    -   extended _exception_as_string to cover undef and normal exit
    -   made format of exception display in throws_ok constant with 
        other functions.
    -   extended _exception_as_string to add appropriate prefix

    -   Added live()
    -   Added default test name for throws_ok if no supplied

    -   fixed MANIFEST and added MANIFEST.SKIP
    -   better output for lives_ok and throws_ok if exception classes 
        overload ""
    -   bug where it would fail if Test::Builder::ok ever threw 
        exceptions internally fixed.

0.12  Mon Aug 26 2002 2002
    -   patched return.t so that it skips if we don't have a 
        Test::Harness that can handle TODO tests (thanks to 
        <> for pointing this out).
    -   tweaked POD and README
    -   Fixed prototypes

0.11  Sat Jun 29 2002
    -   corrected README file
    -   refactored code a little
    -   minor tweaks to POD
    -   Added test to Exception.t that demonstrated bug in throws_ok
        (you couldn't regex an empty string - i.e. normal exit).
    -   Fixed bug.

0.10  Sun Jun 2 2002
    -   Stopped over-exuberant pod.t and documented.t checking that 
        other peoples modules were documented and had legal POD!
    -   Couple of minor tweaks to the docs.
    -   Added caller.t and patch to from Michael G Schwern 
        to stop dies_ok, lives_ok and throws_ok interfering with 
        caller(). Much better than the regex hack added in 0.08 --- 
        which has now been removed.

0.09  Sat Jun 1 2002
    -   Fixed poor English in throws_ok docs.

0.08  Fri May 31 2002
    -   Added reference to Test::Inline to docs
    -   Test::More now in PREREQ_PM
    -   Culled some code that could never be called
    -   Added t/pod.t and t/documented.t
    -   Now bails if cannot load module in tests
    -   Fixed typo of Text::Differences in docs
    -   Added stacktrace.t to demontrate error reported by Janek 
        Schleicher <> where a stacktrace in the 
        exception can cause throws_ok to always succeed.
    -   Stopped stacktrace.t failing.

0.07  Fri Apr 12 2002
    -   may_be_regex -> maybe_regex in Test::Builder

    -   couple of minor tweaks to the docs

    -   now uses may_be_regex public method from Test::Builder
    -   should work & test under 5.005, don't have a perl to hand
        to double check so feedback welcome

    -   Can now pass regex-like strings as well as regexes. Thanks to 
        Mark Fowler for the suggestion and Michael G Schwern for adding
        code to Test::Builder.

0.03  Tue Apr 9 2002
    -   dies_ok, lives_ok & throws_ok now all return the result of the 
        underlying ok
    -   $@ is now guaranteed to be preserved (and is documented as 
        such). Thanks to Michael G Schwern for suggesting this.
    -   Tests run tainted, strict & with warnings 
        (just to be on the safe side :-)

0.02  Tue Apr 9 2002
    -   Documented properly

0.01  Wed Mar 20 00:18:07 2002
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -AX -n Test::Exception