Revision history for Config-Neat

0.3     28 February 2014

		- By default, hashes are now merged (no need to set '+'
		  prefix for the merged key); arrays, on the contrary,
		  are replaced by default, so '+' is needed to merge
		  their values

		- When merging nodes, the original order of the keys
		  is preserved

		- Support for hashes with mixed explicitly set and
		  automatically generated indexed keys; hashes
		  with sequential numbering can be cast to ARRAY
		  automatically using Config::Neat::Schema

        * Initial CPAN release *

0.2     23 February 2014

        - Support multiple key declarations at the same level
          (these will be converted to an array).

        - Support installation via Module::Build


0.0     22 September 2012

		* Code published on GitHub *