- atnodes: added a '-q' parameter to run SSH in quiet mode,
  which prevents banners and motd messages from being
  displayed in the output. thanks Mithun Ayachit for the patch.

- atnodes: fixed tmp file leaks.
- atnodes: automatically check if openssh version >= 4.1.

- added support for the environment SSH_BATCH_RC to specify a
  different file name than the default ~/.fornodesrc.
  thanks Mithun Ayachit.
- updated host variable format check to /\w[-\.\w]*/.
- added the SSH_BATCH_PASSPHRASE environment for -P and
  SSH_BATCH_PASSWORD env for -w.
- added passphrase support.
- added some docs for tty option.

- tonodes: added rsync archive, update and compress mode. (liseen)
- fornodes: trim expressions when parsing them. (liseen)
- atnodes: added the use-tty option.
- fornodes: now we automatically create a default ~/.fornodesrc when it's missing.
- atnodes: added the "StrictHostChecking no" option for the first login.

- key2nodes: more examples added to SYNOPSIS in its POD. thanks cnhackTNT++.
- added repository address into Makefile.PL, thanks Alexandr Ciornii.

- tonodes: now we automatically expand ~ and ~foo using local USER env if set
- added support for SSH_BATCH_SSH_CMD env and --ssh option to key2nodes.
- tonodes now print a warning message while expanding ~ and ~foo locally in the target path.
- added more docs explaining how to disable StrictHostKeyChecking for ssh

- fixed the homedir mocking bug of the test suite for Mac.
- no longer skipped those tests marked as linux_only on non-linux systems.

- explains the "sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo" error a bit in
  the POD.
- fixed the license name in Makefile.PL (and thus META.yml too).

- fixed the typo in the fornodes usage and docs. it should be -x rather than
- fixed the test suite on non-linux systems.

- now the fornodes script puts hosts in a single line. use -x to get the
  old one-host-per-line behavior.
- now the use can set the SSH_BATCH_LINE_MODE env to set -L for every
  atnodes/tonodes execution.

- now in the test scaffold, we use LC_ALL=C rather than LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8.
  the latter is not available on certain systems.
- skipped the "no home" tests on non-linux systems.
- minor doc fixes.

- fixed a doc typo found by franck.

- added a tip for port and user name integration in the cluster spec

- display Net::OpenSSH's error messages when failures occur.
- added a lot more docs.

- apply the invalid PID fixes to tonodes and key2nodes as well.
- implemented -L option in tonodes.
- now we install key2nodes in Makefile.PL as well.

- fixed the special case when Net::OpenSSH::spawn returns invalid PID (-1).

- now we ignore user's SSH_BATCH_SSH_CMD environment settings in the test
  scaffold, fixing a bogus test failure on some user's machines with
  the env set.

- added -L option to use host-very-output-line output format.

- ignored status code difference in t/fornodes.pm so that there won't be
  bogus test failures on BSD.
- added support for the SSH_BATCH_SSH_CMD environment to let user specify
  his own ssh path. But it could be further overriden by the -ssh command
  line option.
- added docs to explain how to pass custom options to the underlying "ssh"
  program by means of custom ssh wrapper scripts.
- added docs to make clear that we require at least OpenSSH 4.1 client
  side executable "ssh".

- added -ssh <path> option to atnodes.

- added -c <concurrency> option to atnodes/tonodes/key2nodes and it has the
  default SSH concurrency limit of 20.
- skip directories in tonode if no -r specified.

- fixed a bug in multiline expression handling in ~/.fornodesrc parsing.
- added multi-line expression samples to the POD docs.

- updated the POD docs.
- fixed the bogus test failures on machines with a different locale.

- no longer set tty => 1 explicitly to Net::OpenSSH's call.
- implemented the set division operator.
- now we consider set opeartor precedence.
- added -rsync option to tonodes to use "rsync" rather than the default "scp".
- added -b <num> option to limit transfer bandwidth.

- added the key2nodes script.
- fixed the waitpid bug in atnodes.
- minor doc cleanup.

- added the tonodes script.
- more tests added.
- more docs added.

- initial CPAN release.