Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple
0.17    2007-05-11 11:00:00
        - Added serve_static_file, to serve a given file as static. (groditi)

0.16    2007-04-30 15:00:00
        - Allow all files in directories defined by the config option 'dirs'
          to be served as static even if the file matches ignore_dirs or
        - Fixed bug where 204 or 304 status codes would result in a 500 error
          under mod_perl.
        - Switch to Module::Install.

0.15    2006-12-08 22:30:00
        - Quote metacharacters used in $c->config->{dirs} (Vlad Dan Dascalescu)
        - store Mime::Types object in config hash instead of as classdata
        - cleanup code a bit

0.14    2006-03-24 11:15:00
        - Unescape the URI path before looking for the file.  This fixes
		  issues with files that have spaces.

0.13    2005-12-15 10:00:00
        - Fixed bug in ignore_dirs under win32.
        - Doc rewriting

0.12    (released only with Catalyst)
        - Made prepare_action play nice with other plugins by not short-
        - Added tmpl to the ignored extensions.
        - Fixed security problem if req->path contained '..'.

0.11    2005-11-13 16:25:00
        - Removed the code that set the 304 Not Modified header.  This caused
          problems with IE under Apache.
        - Changed 5.50 writing method to pass an IO::File object directly to
        - This version is included with Catalyst 5.50.

0.10    2005-10-19 17:20:00
        - Added tt2 to the list of ignored extensions.
        - For Catalyst 5.5+, replaced File::Slurp with a buffered read/write
          process.  This will improve memory usage and performance on larger
          static files.
        - Removed Apache integration feature.  It is slower than serving
          through Catalyst and as far as I know no one is using it.  If you
          need the best performance, use a separate Location block for static

0.09    2005-10-07 13:40:00
        - Added new configuration options to improve security:
          ignore_extensions - keep certain extensions from being static
          - This option defaults to tt, html, and xhtml to prevent
            template files from being accessible.
          ignore_dirs - keep certain dirs from being static
        - include_path is no longer experimental.
        - Added support for hiding log output, depends on Cat 5.50. 
          (Marcus Ramberg)

0.08    2005-09-07 18:50:00
        - Added tests for everything except Apache support.

0.07    2005-09-05 21:05:00
        - POD fixes. (Thomas L. Shinnick)

0.06    2005-09-05 15:40:00
        - Moved initial file check into prepare_action so processing can
          bypass other plugins.
        - Added error-checking to static dir regexes.
        - Cleaned up various code as per Best Practices.

0.05    2005-08-26 12:00:00
        - Added use_apache option to enable the Apache DECLINED
          support.  Default is disabled as it appears Catalyst is
          faster at serving the files!
        - Added a check that Apache's DocumentRoot matches Catalyst's
          root before serving DECLINED.
        - Preload MIME::Types index during setup() so it's not built on
          the first request.
        - Added a note on performance of Apache vs. Catalyst.

0.04    2005-08-22 12:00:00
        - Fixed bug where static files were searched for on every request
          even without a file extension.
        - Fixed bug where files without extensions in defined static dirs
          were not served with text/plain.
        - Consolidated the debug log messages.

0.03    2005-08-21 23:50:00
        - Added config option for include_path to allow for multiple 
          directories with static files.  This option should be
          considered experimental!
        - Documentation cleanups.

0.02    2005-08-16 18:00:00
        - Return DECLINED when running under mod_perl to allow Apache to
          serve the static file.  This is not done when any custom MIME
          types have been specified, however.

0.01    2005-08-11 22:00:00
        - Initial release.