Revision history for WWW-Sitemap-XML

2.00   2014-11-30 02:03:03
    Automatically lowercase the changefreq when loading invalid sitemaps
        (Requested in GH#5 Case insensitive values, by rkleemann)
    Ignore comments from loaded XML files
        (GH#3 Sitemap with comments not working, by astuanax)
    Support Google sitemap video, image and mobile extensions
        (Requested in GH#4 Image, Video, and Mobile sitemaps/extensions, by ianmcorvidae)

1.121160    Wed Apr 25 23:33:25 2012
            [github#2] Updating documentation to use consistent forms of XML
            and URL
            [rt#69660] Moose version dependency
1.103500    Thu Dec 16 22:04:08 2010
            fix invalid schemaLocation for sitemap index files
                - reported by Michael Schaap

1.103300    Fri Nov 26 15:17:18 2010
            Add support for sitemap index files.
            Replace XML::Twig with XML::LibXML.

1.103270    Tue Nov 23 23:55:01 2010
            First version.