v0.8	20040914	Jewish New Year (And circa 1-year anniversary of v0.1)

- Lots of POD & cleanup for CPAN release!
- Added languages directory with examples & support files for PIR/XML/Perl
- Proof of concept PIR translation kinda supports 35 or so opcodes
- Proof of concept XSL translation for XML outputs "supports" 20 or so opcodes
- Tests in t/: 20_parser.t, 40_trans_perl.t, 80_all.t (576 tests)
- MakeMaker-compatible directory created by h2xs 1.22 with options
	-AX -b 5.6.0 -n Language::Zcode -v 0.8
- Directory structure overhaul - more like a real Perl module, now
- Parser::Perl removes dependence on external txd program
- 'save' and 'restore' opcodes, using Quetzal format.
  Language::Zcode now supports all v3 opcodes, and I believe supports ALL
  v3 functionality except for stream 3!

v0.7	20040401	April Fools!

- 'restart' opcode
- txd is read in one big gulp at the beginning. (In theory, we could now read
    a file with the necessary info for a given Zfile and not need txd.)
- rudimentary XML output with XML::Simple (could theoretically be converted 
  with XSLT's)
- (Internal) partial refactoring of PlotzPerl::IO input and output streams,
  replacing a couple Rezrov bugs with many more Plotz bugs.
- Found out having two kids is hard, and reduces programming time

v0.6	20031119

- win32 UI is mostly working
- output_stream for streams 2 and 4 is mostly working
- input stream is mostly working
- 'read' opcode tested somewhat
- Stole a whole bunch of code from Games::Rezrov and broke it:
  output_stream, input_stream, set_window, split_window, erase_window,
  set_cursor. All implemented but not very tested.
- Release t8.inf separately as czech 0.8. It's now its own project.

v0.5	20031031

- Zork1.pl runs at least a few turns. So does Planetfall!
  (Haven't confirmed story is running properly yet, though.)
- Handle indirect opcodes (load, store, inc, etc.)
- read (and show_status) implemented but not rigorously tested
- String abbreviations
- Improvements to t8.inf: version-dependent code. Works under z3, 4, 5, 8!
- Fix global variables, bugs related to variables
- Depend less on txd (only use it for routine addresses)
- version-specific opcodes

v0.4	20031010

- Object/property/attribute opcodes (15), plus verify and (ha!) piracy
- Improvements to t7.inf: prints (much better) descriptions of failed tests

v0.3	20031001

- Changed name to plotz! Poly-Lingual Opcode Translation for the Z-machine
  (because it's now designed to allow output in various languages)
- Runs t6.inf
- Many improvements to t6.inf: it now counts passed & failed tests, e.g.
  and calls (skippable) subs which test sets of functionality.
- Parsing now uses txd -d, which dumps hexcodes: that means we're one
  step closer to not needing txd. Parsing also uses the syntax table
  from the spec to make sure we get the right number of args, etc.
  (v5 still supported best, though, and other v's may break totally).
- more ops: store[wb]/load[wb], random, print_addr
- Made some ops more spec-compliant
- Hardcode dynamic & static memory into output file

v0.2	20030919

- Runs t4.inf
- Add some more simple ops (e.g., "new_line". stack ops, e.g., not tested)
- Move all output-language-specific stuff into language packages

v0.1	20030917

- Initial version
- Translate arithmetic, variables, subs to Perl
- Runs t3.inf