History for the Lab-Measurement Perl distribution

This document is work in progress (in the sense of adding
historical information).

3.610 2017-12-07

  * Simplify network timeout handling
  * Add Moose version of NI VISA connection
  * Add Moose drivers of R&S SMB100A, HP3458A, YokogawaGS200, HP34410A
  * Moose datafile: Add support for pm3d plots, optimize
  * R&S SMB100A: Add device cache
  * Add initial OI Mercury magnet support
  * VNAs: Calculate amplitude and phase data directly in instrument driver
  * Autoload Lab::Moose instruments in XPRESS again
  * Fix harmless error messages and decrease terminal noise
  * Add more examples and more documentation

3.600 2017-09-21

  * Add vector cache functionality
  * Add device cache for the ZI MFLI
  * Add new connection backends: USB and VXI11
  * Socket connection: do non-blocking IO
  * Add driver for Zurich Instruments MFIA Impedance Analyzer

3.554 2017-07-25

  * Complete the PodWeaver conversion
  * Move Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Sweep to Lab::XPRESS::Sweep
  * Documentation fixes and improvements
  * Start with OI Mercury magnet control support
  * Separate documentation build system into its own distro and repo
  * Adapt normal Perl directory structure
  * Clear executable bits of pm files in git

3.553 2017-07-03

  * More PodWeaver conversion of documentation

3.552 2017-07-02

  * Test release after converting a few files to PodWeaver

3.551 2017-06-29

  * Add some help on hacking Lab::Measurement (HACKING)
  * Re-add RPM building functionality, now via Dist::Zilla

3.550 2017-06-21

  * Port build system to Dist::Zilla
  * Fix lab-measurement/issues/4 (pgnuplot.exe became gnuplot.exe)

3.544 2017-06-12

  * Do not load of Lab::Moose instruments in XPRESS::hub
  * Lakeshore 340: Only use 6 digits for setpoint
  * XPRESS Datafile: Replace '#COLUMNS#' with '#' in file header
  * TRMC2: Enable XPRESS step/list temperature sweep
  * Add docs for DataFile::Gnuplot precision attribute
  * Moose Gnuplot Datafile: Use default precision of 10 digits
  * Add initial support for Zurich Instruments devices
  * Moose SR830: Fix and test 'calculate_settling_time'
  * Moose SR830: Add 'calculate_saturation_time' method

3.543 2017-05-19

  * Remove obsolete Lab::Data utility scripts
  * Add subclass example for IPS magnet control: IPSWeissDillFridge
  * Enable XPRESS sweeps (step or list) with Lakeshore340
  * Skip test Analysis/DataAnalysis.t if perl uses long doubles
  * Remove remaining Lab::Data and XPRESS::Xpression.pl legacy code, 
    fixes lab-measurement/issues/6

3.542 2017-05-01

  * Clean up module descriptions
  * Add explicit license texts
  * Move Lab::VISA, homepage, and poster files to separate git repositories
  * Fix VNA sweep example script

3.541 2017-04-10

  * Add VNA sweep example script
  * DataFile::Gnuplot::2D: Fix log_block: Do not replot for each added line
  * Moose/Connection/Socket: Do proper timeout handling with IO::Socket::Timeout
  * Fix t/Analysis/DataAnalysis.t on Windows
  * Early implementation of LeCroy WaveRunner 640 digital oscilloscope 
    Instrument code
  * Add TCP socket connection with support for binary transmissions
  * Fix DataFile/Read.pm
  * Fix frequency setter/getter of RS_SMB
  * Make read_2d_gnuplot_format a function
  * Add more docs for set_get_test and scpi_set_get_test
  * RS_FSV: Add getter and setter for resolution bandwidth
  * Add basic driver for Rohde & Schwarz SMB RF source
  * Moose::Developer: Add docs for automated testing
  * Add common setter/getter/cache test t/Lab/Test.pm and use it in RS_ZVA and 
    SR_830 tests
  * Add experimental support for Lakeshore 340 temperature controller
  * Fix tests with latest gnuplot 5.0.5
  * OI_ITC503: Allow manual setting of PID parameters
  * Time Sweep: Add missing return statement and fix status messages
  * Time Sweep: Add config option for get_value() arguments
3.540 2017-02-01

  * Fix tests on windows
  * Document several SCPI roles
  * Add help option in Moose MockTest
  * DataFile::Gnuplot::2D: Add hard-copy of plot in data folder
  * RS_ZVA: Add power and IF-bandwidth settings
  * Get started with pod file Lab::Moose::Developer
  * Delete Lab::Moose::BlockData and replace with PDL
  * Add DataFile::Gnuplot::2D
  * Moose: put plot_options into HashRef
  * Moose: Add driver for SR830 LIA
  * Add Lab::Moose::Plot: Moose based thin wrapper to PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot
  * fix bug in TDS2024 envelope waveform handling
  * scpi_parse_sequence bugfixes
  * Add docs for Lab::Moose::DataFile::Gnuplot
  * Add Lab::Moose
  * Skip Yokogawa7651 test, if the system printf is not C99 compatible
  * Yokogawa7651: Add more tests for set_level
  * Yokogawa7651: use %g instead of %e in set_level
  * DataFolder: Use getlogin instead of getpwuid for portability
  * Fix UTF-8 bug in POD
  * Do not use taint mode for t/Lab/Test/test.t
  * New Datafolder and Datafile modules
  * Add code for controlling a Tektronix TDS2024B digital oscilloscope over a 
    USBtmc interface
  * Do not require Term::ANSIScreen, allow Term::ReadKey >= 2.32
  * Remove GenericIO subsystem

3.531 2016-11-04

  * Use one package per source file
  * Clean up xt directory
  * Do not put code before 'use strict'

3.530 2016-11-04   [ _ needs condensing ]

  * XPRESS voltage sweep: Do not call active method for mode 'step' (speed gain)
  * Add minimal test for XPRESS voltage sweep with YokogawaGS200
  * Add Charles Lane to dist_author
  * Sweep/Voltage.pm: Do not check instrument activity for step/list sweeps
  * Fix Term::ReadKey version requirements
  * Minor edits to scpi parsing, to eliminate newlines
  * Clean up USBtmc code, add timeout handling
  * Fix LinuxGPIB and update tests
  * Fix Example5_VNA_gate_and_frequency
  * Remove Test::Files dependency, as it breaks the tests on windows
  * Use Instrument function for VNA examples
  * Enable Lab::Moose::Instrument drivers in XPRESS::hub::Instrument
  * Remove all read_length stuff from Lab::Moose
  * Clarify meaning of tolerance and std_dev in temp sweep examples
  * Add examples to address both temperature sweep and VNA in XPRESS
  * Apply various workarounds for temperature sweep with one sensor and Socket 
  * Add examples to set Triton temperature and do temperature sweep
  * Make OI_Triton able to do XPRESS temperature sweeps
  * Perltidy
  * Fix docs in Moose/Instrument.pm
  * Fix 'XPRESS with VNA' example
  * Add Moose version of LinuxGPIB connection
  * Fix scpi value parsing to handle 'blank string' cases without failures
  * Update MakeRPM to allow an (optional) parameter for setting the "release 
  * Add docs for the Lab::Moose::Instrument::SCPIBlock role
  * Add docs for Lab::Moose::Instrument::Common
  * Use delegation to get connection methods in Lab::Moose::Instrument
  * Add examples script of VNA in XPRESS voltage sweep
  * Add RS_FSV: driver for Rohde & Schwartz FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
  * Improve docs of RS_ZVA and RS_ZVM
  * Add docs for Lab::Moose::BlockData
  * Add files for automatically building rpm distribution packages from the 
    Lab::Measurement code
  * Add some more Perl::Critic policies from "Perl Best Practices"
  * Add a $self->{config}->{default_read_mode} to be applied to 
    get_{cache parameter} when read_mode is not otherwise specified
  * Add 'average' option to sparam_sweep
  * Fix command ordering in VNASweep
  * Improve on RS_ZVM test
  * Moose tests: Add commandline options for mock tests
  * Fix bug in scpi_canon: was ignoring 'shorter' form inputs, so not properly 
    shortening subsequent keywords
  * Start documenting and testing the VNAs
  * Add connection logging and mock connection
  * Turn off recursion warnings, because deep recursion is normal for SCPI parsing
  * Remove prototypes from SCPI.pm routines
  * Get started with Moose version of RS_ZVM.
  * Add RS_ZVM driver. Factor out common code of RS_ZVA and RS_ZVM.
  * Start documenting the SCPI roles.
  * Fix path creation in XPRESS datafile