- implement tests for the new CWB::CQP interface, using the included VSS corpus

Version 3.0

This is the first official release of the redesigned CWB/Perl interface.
It is compatible with version 3.0 of the IMS Open Corpus Workbench.

New features:

  - complete reorganisation of CWB/Perl modules into packages CWB (utility functions,
    corpus encoding, CQP interface) and CWB-CL (API for low-level corpus access);
    WebCqp functionality and demo Web interface will be released as a separate package
    at a later time (with improved and extended implementation)

  - all modules are in the CWB namespace now (e.g. CWB::CQP instead of CQP)

  - new implementation of standard simple query language CEQL for Web interfaces,
    providing a common core syntax that can easily be adapted and extended

  - CQP interface has been re-implemented with better consistency and ease of use,
    faster performance, and non-blocking operation

  - improved auto-configuration, using information from the "cwb-config" utility