Revision history for Perl extension CPAN.

=head2 December 1998 after 1.41

Win32 could not process 2>&1. Fixed now. Thanks to Randy Kobes
<> for the report.

'make test' seemed to hang because configuration was not yet done.
Changed the test to run without configuration.

=head2 July-November 1998 after 1.40

Added documentation by Graham Barr about perl on firewalls. Thanks,

Added documentation how I manage the populating of a perl freshly
installed perl.

Keep a backup copy of configuration files during commit.

Applied a patch by Norbert Goevert
<> to fix the "
overwrites Bundle/" bug. Thanks, Norbert!

Introduced a signal PIPE ignore in CPAN::FirstTime so that hitting 'q'
during sitelist cannot throw you out of the whole program. Thanks to
chris patti <> for the report.

Applied a patch by Slaven Rezic <> to introduce
policies how often the cache is scanned for sizes. Currently
implemented "atstart' and 'never'. Interesting further options should
be 'after_install' (i.e. only after an install) and 'threaded' (i.e.
in a low priority thread).

Added a summary feedback at the end of a bundle install for easier
checking of what went wrong.

Don't require CPAN::Nox in CPAN::FirstTime::init if there is already loaded. Thanks to Albert Dvornik <> for the

=head2 July 1998 after perl5.005 is out which contains 1.3901

Improved documentation of Bundle::CPAN, upped version number to
prevent accident where overwrites Bundle/

Added a warning when CPAN::Bundle->contains() returns zero entries.

Disabled a shortcut in find_bundle_file() that was responsible for the
C< overwrites Bundle/> bug.

Added C<h> to DSLI statuses C<L> and C<I>.

Added some blurb for CPAN::WAIT in the manpage.

Changed the shell loop to check for question marks with a regex
instead of eq().

=head2 July 1998 after 1.3901

Added support for ncftpget and don't use ncftp anymore if ncftpget is

In the routine hosthard, add an optional C< < /dev/null >, so that
ncftp doesn't hang. I fear this would introduce incompatibilities with
other OSes, so it must be turned on explicitly. [Left undocumented]

Larry Virden reports that nonsense files can result from bad user
input. Fix: Delete files after localize() if we didn't succeed.

=head2 July 1998 after 1.39

Insert a few C<local($/)="\n"> to work around a bug in threaded perl.
Sarathy puts this version into 5.004_72 as 1.3901

=head2 July 1998 after 1.38

Folded in Ilya's changes to the CPAN::FirstTime that comes with perl.

=head2 June 1998 after 1.37

Applied a patch by Lupe Christoph <> that fixed a
newly introduced bug in FirstTime due to the recent %Config "fix". The
recent fix introduced a check of %Config for external programs tar,
gzip, etc. This fix revealed that does not check for many of
these externals but nonetheless defines them as "". Lupe introduced
more checks to guard against such Configs.

=head2 June 1998

Made help an alias for h (Thanks to Stig HackVan <>
for the hint)

Constant functions in Compress::Zlib now called with FOO() instead of

"Preston L. Bannister" <> reported two Win32 problems
in CPAN::FirstTime: don't test for existance of exe files and try to
determine make from %Config. Fixed.

Following a suggestion by Tkil <>, I made bye and exit
aliases for quit.

Thanks to a bug report by Andrew Johnson
<> tracked the buggy translation from
distribution names to authors' names after the authors' directories

Thanks to a suggestion by Jarkko Hietaniemi, added output of the
author's email address in several places, so the users can pester them
more easily.

=head2 May 1998

Courtesy Mark Conty <> patch to let the funkyftp
programs deal with any protocol, not only ftp. We'll see how well this
works out.

=head2 April 1998

Disables Compress::Zlib with CPAN::Nox.

Added email address to ``Contact Author'' message, so they are
encouraged to write them immediately.

Suppressing ``There's a new available'' when they are already
trying to install exactly that.

=head2 February 1998

Fixed the logic when to use Archive::Tar and when to use a system
call. Priority takes the system call because Archive::Tar is slow. If
tar or gzip isn't there, we use the modules. Besides, this fixes a
horrible bug in 1.35 that breaks havoc if Archive::Tar is there but
Compress::Zlib is missing. That's the reason why I make this release
so quickly. Thanks to D Roland Walker <> for the

=head2 January 1998

Activated the code for Archive::Tar support. After Sarathy's updates
to Archive::Tar it seems ready for prime time.

Retrofit for 5.003 again.

FirstTime: Moved the configuration of proxies up, so they are
configured before the URLs come.

=head2 January 1998

Renamed packages CPAN::Gzip and CPAN::Tar to CPAN::Tarzip.

Discovered that version 1.33 was broken for modules that want to
implement a dialog in Makefile.PL. Released 1.34 with a step back to
calling system() for the 'perl Makefile.PL' call instead of the
proposed open(PIPE).

=head2 January 1998

Larry Virden reported: "cpan> install Image::Colorimetry" doesn't give
an answer at all. We are more verbose now.

Applied a patch by Ilya Zakharevich to improve the documentation.

Simplified CPAN::FirstTime for Newbies (automatic configuration
available), advanced users (the MIRRORED.BY list is available for
selecting CPAN sites) and myself (code overhaul).

Made the output of 'o conf' more verbose: now tells us which
Configuration files have been read.

Added a Gzip abstraction layer that works with Compress::Zlib as well
as with the previously used system().

Added support for Archive::Tar. I had to comment it out again, because
I found a bug in Archive::Tar.

Updated Bundle::CPAN to reflect Compress::Zlib and Archive::Tar.

Documented how the signal handling within the shell is supposed to

Added a Signal breakpoint to 'r' and 'u' command.

Changed the 'perl Makefile.PL' call from system() to open().

=head2 January 2, 1998: v1.32

This release fixes the most urgent bugs reported during the last 5
months. See the Todo file for unfixed bugs and planned features.
Please let me know if your bug report isn't addressed in one of the
"Changes" or "Todo" file. Let me know, if your favorite feature
request doesn't show up there. Maybe I've overlooked something. Thank

CPAN::Config::load no longer changes @INC (bug spotted by Ed Peschko)

Build a new perl only when C<force> is in effect or they asked for it
via the Distribution name. (Thanks to Ulrich Pfeifer and many others
for reporting this)

Reenabled the Cache Manager that was disabled for a long time, I don't
know why. Thanks to Paul-Joseph de Werk <Paul.deWerk@MCI.Com> and
Hallvard B Furuseth <> for spotting the bug.

Fixed a "Use of undefined value" warning in the completion when

Fixed the signal handling code to go back to the cpan prompt and not
leave the shell loop. Still a second ^C is interpreted as user panic
which causes a cleanup and bye bye. (Thanks to Tom, Jarkko and Ilya
for reporting the deficiency in the old code)

If LWP is present, Net::FTP is now being tried directly. It turned out
that some networks setups work well with only one of them, not the
other (Thanks for the reports from e.g. Alan Burlison, Stephen Zander,
Phil Aston, et al.).

If a package comes with a Makefile but no Makefile.PL, we now try to
use that Makefile. Previously we overwrote the delivered Makefile.
(Thanks to Larry Virden for spotting that)

The MANPAGE headline now gets extracted from a .pod file if the .pm
file doesn't contain any.

=head2 October, 1997

In CPAN::FTP::hosteasy no longer skip Net::FTP when LWP is available.
Thanks to Alan Burlison for the report.

=head2 September, 1997

Made it 5.003 compatible again.

Applied a *big* documentation patch by Larry Virden. Thank You, Larry!

=head2 September, 1997

Hugo van der Sanden sent me a patch to (a) ignore a SIGPIPE when in
the readme, and (b) enable the cache to be used as an incomplete CPAN
site that in turn offers its files via ftp. The index files are now
stored with their original names instead of the 8.3 counterparts. I
very much like this new feature. Thanks, Hugo!

=head2 still September, 1997

is_reachable had to go again, firewalls may not allow us to ping

sorting of hosts did lead to some use of undefined value warnings ->

Released as 1.3101

=head2 September, 1997

Fixed Bundle::Foo::Bar. More than one level deep nesting could not be
read. Thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi for the hint.

STDOUT/STDERR abstraction layer introduced to allow a Tk frontend to
do its own output. Current output producing methods are myprint,
mywarn, mydie, myconfess. I don't know how many of these will
evolve. I'm coordinating this development with Nathan Patwardhan from
O'Reilly who is likely to produce something along Tk or so. There's a
routine print_ornamented where colorprinting may be turned on manually
to allow easy debugging. Please see the code. Please speak up if you
have an opinion on that matter.

Introduced the use of Net::Ping to check for reachability, because the
timeouts seem too long for Net::FTP or LWP::Protocol::ftp.

Allowing continuation lines in the shell.

Improved method readme for packages without a README, but still it
hurts to use ncftp and lynx. But still we can't be sure that we don't
need ncftp or lynx, e.g. for firewalls.

CPAN::FTP::localize broken into 4 routines that should be accessible
in any order. If we encounter the first successful download we
remember both method and host and try to stick with it. I'm not in
favor of making this accessible publicly as I regard it as heavily
session-dependent. (Thanks to Martijn Koster for the suggestion)

Fixed unnecessary recursion in has_inst(). An eval {require...} should
do in any case.

=head2 August 28, 1997

Jarkko's suggestion for a better message when they type an unknown
command: Unknown command "..." Type ? for help.

=head2 August 21, 1997

Always try file: URLs first (except for index files) to avoid traffic
when we have the file already on a CDROM somewhere.

=head2 August 11, 1997

Tidied up the inheritance of CPAN -> MM. In a future version this
inheritance will go away and MM will be just used statically.

Now delaying the require CPAN::WAIT until somebody really runs a w*

CPAN::Module::cpan_version now also returns the string "undef"
whenever we can't determine which version is out there.

Now trying to get files as gzipped files earlier immediately after we
fail to get a file and that file has no .gz suffix. Earlier versions
delayed this try until we had visited all hosts in the urllist.

=head2 August 2 1997

Retrofit for 5.003 again (thanks to Vladimir Alexiev
<> for the patch)

Touch files back to 1997. There were files with timestamps 2020 due to
an error on my side.

Protocol change in the file 02packages on CPAN. A version of 0 is OK
from now, a version of "undef" is an unrecognized version. This means
that with the upcoming release there will only few "undef" versions be
reported, because we have to tell CPAN to re-investigate all "0"
versions, and that'll probably take some time.

Fixed a bug in Bundle when we have no clue what Bundle they are
talking about.

Fixed completion for array options. Try ``o conf urllist TAB''.

Reordered sequence how we try to access an URL: first we try all URLs
with LWP and Net::FTP, then we switch to lynx and ncftp, last resort
is ftp. Introduced new subroutine talk_ftp to factor out some
duplicate code.

Made code clearer wrt gzip/gunzip during lynx and ncftp calls.

=head2 July 1997

Applied a patch by Ilya Zakharevich <> to use
binmode before checking the checksum.

Got "cwd" patch from Ilya and accomodated it by introducing CPAN::cwd
and CPAN::getcwd.

Eliminated the hasLWP, hasFTP, hasWAIT, hasMD5 routines in favor of a
runtime solution with a single has() method. This makes it possible
use the packages immediately after installation without restarting

Major code review under the light of a new AutoLoading
doesn't work yet, but we're closer, I hope.

Updated Bundle::CPAN to fit better current needs and changed the
initial prompt to suggest Bundle::CPAN instead of just the Term

Skipping lynx, ncftp, and other external programs if they aren't
defined or empty strings.

=head2 June 1997

After carefully checking which changes have been made in perl5.00401,
I dare to release what I'm currently working with as 1.25.

Many small improvements have been made, but several bigger things are
still missing.

=head2 May 1997

Richard L. Maus, Jr. <> patch that adds -c switch to

Improved CPAN::FirstTime to better check for valid options.

Removed a stupid -x check on external ftp programs that hindered
executing of programs in the PATH.

Improved debugging to inhibit "use of undefined..." messages.

Improved renaming to .bak files and renaming back in case we cannot
download for some reason.

Now advertise Bundle::libnet instead of Net::FTP.

Improved debugging and error checking of system calls, especially
added a test after a download if the file has >0 bytes (lynx returns
status 0 despite some errors).

Added support for files that can still be found on CPAN.

=head2 April 16 1997

Applied patch by Achim Bohnet to the TRL logic (To: Subject: CPAN & TRL-Gnu Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997
10:09:03 +0200 From: Achim Bohnet <>)
which was already in 5.003_97e btw.

Fixed leading whitespace bug discovered by Karl Glazebrook

=head2 March 31 1997

Fix bug with Bundle files that are not in the distribution's root

Added tolerance when a file is available in an older version but
cannot be retrieved for some reason. (Suggested by Dale Amon and
Ulrich Pfeifer)

Fixed the duplicate writing of a Makefile and experimented with
alternatives in the inactivity_timeout code. Thanks to Randal Schwartz
and Larry Virden for continued heads up on this.

=head2 Feb and March 1997

Speedups during reading of the indices (Revision 1.125-128).

Tiny speedups of CacheMgr. Elimination of clean_cache and substituing
a call to force_clean_cache. Changed a couple of debugging statements.

Improved feedback upon the invocation of a FirstTime dialog: we tell
user which variables are missing.

Beautified spacing with the help of Ilya's newest cperl-mode.

Made the use of Cwd::cwd configurable. Default is ->cwd, but ->getcwd
makes sense on some non UNIX systems (hint by Dominic Dunlop).

Added an __END__

Improved message "don't know what it is" with a hint to try "i" command.

External programs are now run even more blindish. No check if they
look executable before we run them.

Released 1.22_01.

=head2 Feb 11, 1997

Wrong "Unknown argument" message when argument was lowercase fixed.

Better help for "reload".

Fixed the mysterious "loss of ReadLine" bug which was really a hidden
call to $Suppress_readline++ :-(.

Fixed Config->{wait_list} becoming larger and larger.

Reading with $/=undef now (Thanks to Dominic Dunlop
for the hint).

Added the somehow lost display of "CONTAINS" for bundles.

Released 1.21

=head2 Feb 5, 1997

Changed warn to print for the "Reading..." messages.

1.19 issued the ->load command too early, so inheritance was not yet
set up correctly. Now later.

Inserted the -Mops test suggested by Tim Bunce. Backed it out again,
because it caches too many Makefie.PLs. Restructured
CPAN::Distribution::make preparing for better (i.e. arbitrary) safety
handlers. Not yet finished.

Workaround for bug in _25: return statements at the end of

released 1.20

=head2 Feb 3, 1997

With ReadLine suppressed, CPAN didn't exit of EOF. Fix by Roderick
Schertler E<lt>roderick@gate.netE<gt> applied.

=head2 Feb 2, 1997

Ulrich Pfeifer reports another permission problem with the Config
file. Fixed.

Found another $^X problem and fixed that too.

We now try to give sensible diagnostics when the CHECKSUMS file is
missing or incomplete.

Included a Bundle::CPAN file.

Released 1.18.

=head2 Feb 2, 1997

Now fetching MIRRORED.BY whenever we get the first URL in the init
dialogue. Offering a loop to correct the URL. Reading MIRRORED.BY if
it is younger than 30 days.

Simplified the inheritance tree considerably: Replaced MY with MM,
left CPAN::Debug only in the leaves.

Globalized the $term variable to have at least a chance to debug why
we're losing connection to ReadLine when we run 'o conf init'.

We have no API yet, but we have a Plugin :-) Thanks to Ulrich Pfeifer
for WAIT. Try 'wh' to see what gives.

Released 1.17.

=head2 Jan 29, 1997

More feedback for non-cooperative users.

Several potentially undefined variables now initialized.

Added support for ncftp. It is said to have superb features for sites
behind firewalls. We're now trying to use lynx or ncftp _before_
ordinary ftp.

Added option 'o conf init' to set all Configuration options
interactively whenever needed. Cannot document yet, because it breaks
ReadLine. Somehow ReadLine loses the connection to STDIN.

=head2 Jan 24, 1997

New Makefile.PL asks only questions to the very first user (when there
are no CPAN::Config nor CPAN::MyConfig files to load).

Again improved debugging capabilities for external ftp and
the completeness of Configuration parameters (load_succeeded).

Released 1.15.

=head2 Jan 24, 1997

Larry Virden discovered his hundredth bug. When the .netrc file
contains an autologin routine with "cd" for a given host, we did not
cd to the right directory. Fixed and improved debugging for the
external ftp invocation.

=head2 Jan 22, 1997

Found more incompatibilities: ParseWords had a bug that needs a
workaround. ref() worked slightly different too.

Fixed a bug in CPAN::Config::edit which set any value to undefined
when we just wanted to query it.

Fixed CPAN::FirstTime to have a locally set $/.

Gave FirstTime an automatically increasing version number.

=head2 Jan 22, 1997

Made it compatible with 5.003 for testing purposes. Thanks for
precious hints go to Mark D. Baushke again!

Released 1.11

=head2 Jan 20, 1997

Made the proxy environment variables configurable in the Config hash
(once again ;-)

Added documentation for readme and look.

Added completion for readme and look and fixed it for force.

reload cpan now just counts the redefined subroutines instead of
writing all the warnings to the screen. Made waiting less painful by
printing single dots (".") for very slow phases of the game.

Released as 1.10.

=head2 Jan 17, 1997

Raphael Manfredi considerably improved the logic of the external ftp
program. No .netrc needed anymore.

Made the proxy environment variables configurable in the Config hash.

Introduced the "Don't be silly..." message when they try to make,
test or install an author.

MD5 is now checked earlier (before we unroll the tarball).


Finished the readme method _without documenting it_. Documentation
follows after a short testing period. This method just displays the
readme file through a pager.

Implemented the look method _without documenting it_. Documentation
follows after a short testing period. This method opens a subprocess
shell in the associated directory, e.g. for manual building or
inspection. (Thanks to Gisle for the idea!)

=head2 Dec 23, 1996

Implemented the external-ftp fallback. We're deep in UNIX land here
again, sorry for that. We'll see how it goes on UNIX, then we can find
OS dependent fallbacks.

Released that as 1.08.

Another big documentation fix.

Fixed big bug in the parsing code for .netrc.

=head2 Dec 22, 1996

An afternoon of intense email exchange with Mark D. Baushke
E<lt>mdb@cisco.comE<gt> helped to iron out some nits and make the
whole thing more robust. A big thank you to Mark.

The CPAN::Bundle class now knows about force.

File::Copy was not use()d but needed.

Documentation turned out to be wrong and contain references to dead
code. Especially the bundle() and the bundles() functions are now
removed. Muchly improved docu.

Made the whole source text friendlier to read by adding comments to
each subroutine hinting the package.

Inactivity timeout introduced that may kick in when a Makefile.PL
expects a response but doesn't get it.

Implemented a lynx fallback.

=head2 Dec 21, 1996

Improved bundle mechanism.

Eliminated the star "*" that should save us some memory but introduced
complications far beyond what its worth.

Checked over occurrences of rename(). Replaced the one that might fail
due to file system boundaries with File::Copy::copy.

Introduced Text::ParseWords::shellwords instead of split for the
parsed command lines. This means, you can now set variables to such
complicated things as

cpan> o conf make_install_args 'CC="gcc.96q1 -B/usr/ccs/bin/" UNINST=1'

Thanks to "Mark D. Baushke" <> for the hint!!!

=head2 Dec 1, 1996

Added security, evals of CHECKSUMS and now take
place in Safe compartements.

CacheMgr now skips symlinks.

Released 0.45a.

=head2 Nov 30, 1996

New module CPAN::Nox is a wrapper with same functionality as,
but it will not load XS modules. Useful in a situation where you get
caught by binary incomapatibility (Where nights are longest) of a new
perl installation and (say) MD5 kills your CPAN session. Makefile.PL
now uses CPAN::Nox.

New method recompile() recompiles all installed dynamically loadable
extensions in one go.

=head2 Nov 21, 1996

Introduced a few sanity checks on data in urllist in the Makefile.PL
to prevent bogus URLs being consulted over and over.

Doug sent me another patch because commit didn't work. Thank you, Doug!

Small fixes in read_modpacks: read all entries, even those without a +
sign; read all entries, even if we know them already, pay special
attention to the entry :-)

The output of C<u> seemed a bit boring with all those C<Contact
author..> entries. I'm skipping those for now and display only those
that have a distribution file associated.

Introduced 'clean'. Works just like test and install.

=head2 Nov 17, 1996

Doug MacEachern contributed a powerful suite of interactive
manipulation of $CPAN::Config variables. Try 'o conf urllist' to get
an impreesion of the feature. The interactive changes can even be
committed back into the Config file. Wow. Thanks, Doug!

CHECKSUMS files were never reused. Now CPAN checks if an existing
CHECKSUMS file contains the checksum we're looking for.

C<install> quite a few times too often answered with "Foo::Bar is up
to date". Should be fixed now.

index files were never refetched. Fixed now.

Renamed misleading configuration option C<cache_expire> to
C<index_expire>, C<more> to C<pager>, and C<inhibit-startup-message>
to C<inhibit_startup_message>.

If make install does not succeed we now check for permission problems
and suggest to become superuser. The feature was suggested by Jon
Orwant. This will need a bit more work: check for uid, let them become
superuser without leaving the program and such.

Improved help in several places.

Released 0.42a.

=head2 Oct 1, 1996

Implemented "force". Usage is simply:
    force make args...
    force test args...
    force install args...
This forces the fetch, untar, makefilepl, make and install even in
cases where CPAN thinks, the package is either up-to-date or cannot be
built or whatever.

=head2 Sep 28, 1996


cpan> ! install(CPAN::Shell->r)    # install all recommendations
cpan> ! install(CPAN::Shell->u)    # install all uninstalled

or if you prefer

cpan> ! install(grep(/^[F-I]/,CPAN::Shell->r)) # only install from File to IO :-)

following a Dale Amon suggestion. CPAN::Shell->r and u return the list
of module names that are printed on STDOUT.

Released 0.40a

=head2 Sep 26, 1996

Write Bundle/ (even if no previous call to "b" happened) whenever

Check for a "Configure" script before writing your own
Makefile.PL. Run ./configure if you find it.

Don't check for %Term::ReadLine::Perl::, because that may be defined
without a good reason. Better check for
Term::ReadLine::Perl::readline. That's still silly, but I don't
pretend it's clever. We need a way to determine if a readline
interface is governing us.

Checking if STDIN is a terminal and not running Term::ReadKey and
ReadLine if not. Saves time _and_ allows batchmode to forgive
keystrokes during program execution.

=head2 Sep 22, 1996

More friendly setting of debugging options.

More checking of write permissions.

Rename of bundles/ directory to Bundle/ (allows perldoc read the pods).

Simplified the code shared between "r" und "u" command, added

Deprecated "o index" because it isn't really an option but an action
and renamed it to "reload index". Added "reload cpan". Added "o update".

Released 0.35a.

=head2 Sep 17, 1996

Support for CHECKSUMS files that have been gzipped by your CPAN site
admin. Check if file is readable if it is a local file (and you are
your own CPAN site admin :-) Released 0.29.

Direct call of install/make/test/bundle etc. without shell was
broken. Fixed and relleased 0.28.

=head2 Sep 12, 1996

Release of 0.26a.

Local source cache was ignored, now working.

'perl Makefile.PL < /dev/null'  now possible.

After release of 26a: Limit depth of modules to two levels to save
memory. Release of 0.27a.

=head2 Sep 11, 1996

Isolated both the FTP and the Shell subroutines into their own packages.

Made debug a method in package CPAN::Debug.

Added command o for setting options.

Added a newline here or there.

Added Ulrich's support for proxies.

=head2 Sep 10, 1996

Releasing Version 0.14-alpha. Nearly everything has been
rewritten. Too numerous changes to remember. This version is shell
oriented not batch oriented. Batches should be possible though.

Dropped the recommendation to install LWP, dropped the dependance on
LWP completely for UNIX systems.

Introduced CPAN::Config->{keep_source_where} as a pointer to the
directory where we store the fetched sources locally.

Introduced CPAN::Config->{makeplarg}, arguments to the '$^X
Makefile.PL' call.

Check for Net::FTP even when LWP is available.

Remove the lockfile in a signal handler.

Motherhoodified the pod section ;-)

=head2 Apr 28, 1996

0.04-alpha version announced only to the porters

0.01  Mon Feb 19 15:06:30 1996
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.16