2006-08-31  k

	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: preparing 1.87_58

2006-08-30  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: closer to a release? Need more 
	  testing at home

2006-08-29  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, t/30shell.t: work in 
	  progress to get "o conf init MATCH" working; all tests pass at 
	  the moment but chances of breakage are high; the initial 
	  question for manual/automatic configuration has now opposite 
	  meaning and defaults with yes to an affirmation to autoconfig, 
	  so only a tiny change to 30shell.t was needed

2006-08-28  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: trying to special-case readline so it behaves like 
	  a normal module

2006-08-27  k

	* Changes: note the "protect against a bug in MakeMaker 6.17" 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: protect against a bug in MakeMaker 6.17
	* README, t/12cpan.t: properly comment the tests so we do not have 
	  to guess what exactly failed

2006-08-26  k

	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.87_57
	* lib/CPAN.pm: what is mandated for CPAN::Reporter is cheap for 
	  CPAN too: extend strictness to the very first line
	* lib/CPAN.pm: add CPAN::Reporter to reloadable modules

2006-08-25  dagolden

	* ., lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: 
	  merge CPAN::Reporter support from CPAN-dagolden branch

2006-08-25  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: tiny pod fixes

2006-08-24  k

	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.87_56
	* Changes, Todo: prepare 1.87_56

2006-08-23  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: small pod tweaks

2006-08-19  k

	* README, Todo, bin/cp-to-perl.pl: blah

2006-08-07  dagolden

	* lib/CPAN.pm: suppress "no termcap" warnings from 

2006-07-29  k

	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/03modlist.data: document CPAN::Module::as_glimpse 
	  changes and fix the case where we
	  have no author or no distro and added some tests for these cases
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: round off scripts support so I could install 
	  a large random selection of scripts; I have no plans yet for the 
	  scripts command, so I leave it as experimental for now
	* Changes, Todo: docs only

2006-07-23  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: remove debug code
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: brrrr, what an enourmous typo
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare _54
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: 
	  fix #18165: new config option term_ornaments
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: fix #20272: FirstTime::init did not 
	  preserve the space that signifies "disabled program"
	* Changes: typos

2006-07-22  k

	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix on "b" command: it clashed with the 
	  new format of the "m" command output
	* README: prepare for 1.87_53 release
	* Todo: prepare for 1.87_53 release
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: result of a train hackathon with Slaven 
	  Rezic: basic support for direct installation of scripts from the 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: CPAN::Module::as_glimpse now indicates if a 
	  module is not installed,installed,uptodate
	* lib/CPAN.pm: supposedly fix #18438; apply fix provided by 
	  requestor; document which doubts I have about this area
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: a slightly different fix to rt.cpan.org 
	  #20168 than the supplied patch by David Golden: turn off that 
	  warning if the user has intentionally disabled gpg
	* MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: applied a patch 
	  by matisse enzer to improve handling of proxies which demand 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: upgrade command needs the "failed" mode at 
	  the end
	* Changes, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: support the upgrade command

2006-07-21  k

	* Makefile.PL, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: support for check_sigs parameter
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/MANIFEST: we need to test the validity of 
	  the sig before uploading
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/MANIFEST, related/Bundle-CPAN/t, 
	  related/Bundle-CPAN/t/00signature.t: we need to test the 
	  validity of the sig before uploading
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm, related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: 
	  remove Module::Signature as prereq and update ReadLine; add a 
	  release target to the Makefile

2006-07-12  k

	* Makefile.PL, Todo: comments

2006-04-26  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: honour the spirit of META.yml:dynamic_config
	* Todo, patches/enzer-matisse-CPAN-1.87.patch: got a patch from 
	  Matisse Enzer

2006-04-19  k

	* Todo: notes
	* lib/CPAN.pm: applied a patch by Steven Schubiger to the docs 
	  about Module::Build::Convert

2006-04-14  k

	* Todo: blah

2006-03-17  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: since #18196 is resolved now, remove the local($_) 

2006-03-16  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm, 
	  t/12cpan.t: make test 12 wor again since we commented some 
	  TestConfig varibles out to have less Linux centrism; and 
	  inspired by RT ticket #18196 I added another test to verify that 
	  $_ surives a call to xpand

2006-03-12  k

	* Todo: comment
	* Todo, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: Vassilii in #18011 suggests 
	  propaating erros during loading of Config files. I think, the 
	  suggestion boils dow to this change in the trunk (untested!)

2006-03-10  k

	* t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm: rid of external programs in TestConfig 
	  because they may provoe warnings on other systems than mine

2006-03-06  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: address #18011: suggest_myconfig as a method to 
	  convince new users that we do not bite
	   t/README.shell.txt: fetch the distro from CPAN and take it 
	  under version control; explain the reaoning in t/README.shell.t
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.87_51
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: move 
	  safe_quote to HandleConfig; document commands_quote
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: s/100/300/
	* t/30shell.t: speciy the requirement for tab completion more 
	  precicely: it is not ReadKey but one of the ReadLine packages
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm: readline cannot be a bundle member 
	  because of its irregular behaviour wrt require: one needs to 
	  C<require Term::ReadLine::readline> in order to get he package 
	  C<readline> and this cannot be mapped to bundle files except by 
	  naming the distro directly
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN release
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::CPAN 
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: prepare a new Bundle::PAN 

2006-03-05  k

	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm: add File::Which and readline and 
	  add a comment on Readline
	* lib/CPAN.pm: now we pass make test again
	* lib/CPAN.pm: applied a patch from Max Maischein to fix commands 
	  with spaces in them
	* lib/CPAN.pm: do not print dslip if it is empty

2006-02-28  k

	* Todo: bugreport
	* patches/HandleConfig.diff, patches/sanity_check.t: two patches 
	  from Max Maischein
	* lib/CPAN.pm: cosmetics on the "o conf" command
	* bin/cp-to-perl.pl: cp-to-perl.pl silence a perlwarning and 
	  remove a self written one

2006-02-27  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: security advice; fixes #17868 (hopefully)
	* Changes: release notes for 1.87
	* MANIFEST, README: forgot 30hell.pod in the manifest
	* lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.pod, t/30shell.t: bugfix: when make clean 
	  failed, we did not list this as a fail
	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm, related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: a 
	  new release of the Bundle::CPAN because Archive::Zip was missing
	* lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.pod, t/30shell.t: small cosmetics in the 
	  shell test and cheap 2.5% coverage gain

2006-02-26  k

	* related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.pod: coverage break-in???
	* t/30shell.pod, t/30shell.t: move the coverage memos out of the 
	  30shell.t in a separate pod file
	* t/dot-cpan: make the dot-cpan directory empty in te repository; 
	  we must always start with an empty one to have predictable tests
	* MANIFEST, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/dot-cpan/Bundle/CpanTestDummies-1.55.pm: new method on 
	  Modules: dslip_status

2006-02-25  k

	* Makefile.PL: a bit reformatting and simplifying

2006-02-24  k

	* t/30shell.t: cleaup temporary file
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: several small cleanups 
	  for 5.004, unfortunately 30shell.t fails on this platform with 
	  SEGV. Comment about that in 30shell.t
	* Changes, Todo: prepare 1.86_53
	* t/30shell.t: add filtering capability to shel test so that we 
	  now pass 100% on bare 5.8.8 when CPAN_RUN_SHELL_TEST is set
	* t/30shell.t: use a different format for the tests to make room 
	  for a filter

2006-02-23  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm: fixing ticket 
	  #17816 on rt.cpan.org (Adam Kennedy): t/30shell emits two test 
	* Todo, t/30shell.t: a small step towards the user of the 
	  30shell.t test script that leads the way to test success
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: make Tarzip work better 
	  on uncompresed files; lets test 12cpan work under mre conditions

2006-02-22  k

	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, t/30shell.t: simplification of the 
	  concepts of home and of the CPAN/MyConfig.pm and
	  the CPAN/Config.pm. There were too many place that tried to do 
	  the same
	  thing. Should now be centralized and consistent.

2006-02-21  k

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: prepare 1.86_51
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, README, t/30shell.t: prepare 1.86_51
	* Changes: prepare 1.86_51
	* lib/CPAN.pm: it tuned out that we need 0.52 of File::HomeDir -- 
	  if at all
	* t/30shell.t: shell.t now can run without Expec, but still 
	  disabled without Expect per default; can be enabled with 
	  CPAN_RUN_SHELL_TEST envariable
	* t/12cpan.t: silence the qr test on 5.004
	* Makefile.PL, bin/no_CR.pl: make sure that none of our files 
	  contain a CR
	* t/12cpan.t, t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm: AAAAARGH! revert partially 
	  647, we require people to set mbuild_install_build_command if 
	  NOT on Windows
	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm: fix #17770: do 
	  not try to use $CPAN::Frontend before it exists (on Windows)
	* Makefile.PL: return empty string instead of undef when HAVE_MAKE 
	  is false; fixes #17768
	* t/30shell.t: limit the use of the Expect object to ~30 lines
	* t/30shell.t: significantly simplified the expect portion in 
	  30shell.t by moving the first sample into DATA
	* Changes, MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CHECKSUMS@588: for 30shell.t add an 
	  old CHECKSUMS file to the cache so that we test the behaviour 
	  against oudated cache entries
	* Todo: remove a spurious CARRIAGE RETURN in the Todo file: it 
	  breaks Module::Signature on Windows:(((

2006-02-20  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm: try fixing #17759: the 
	  concept of a home directory on Windows
	* Changes, Todo: prepare 1.86
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: revert a few hot changes I did 
	  yesterday after the 1.85 release and fix the bug that is 
	  described in Todo as of 2006-02-20 against old hecksums files

2006-02-19  k

	* t/30shell.t: keep a record of the state of the coverage
	* t/12cpan.t, t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: nothing but 
	* t/30shell.t: nothing but coverage
	* MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm, t/12cpan.t, t/30shell.t: more coverage 
	  with a new test and removal of unused code
	* bin/post-prc-coverage.pl: error handling of the coverage 
	  postprocessing script
	   prepare 1.85
	* Makefile.PL, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: a few edges 
	  uncovered by testallperls, mainly 5.005_04 was choking a few 
	* Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, Todo, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: prepare 1.85
	* t/30shell.t: test more bundle stuff and cover the case that lead 
	  to the 1.85 release
	* lib/CPAN.pm: local_bundles id list nonsense files not fiting the 
	  perl identifier rules; be a bit stricter
	* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, related, 
	  related/Bundle-CPAN, related/Bundle-CPAN/CPAN.pm, 
	  related/Bundle-CPAN/MANIFEST, related/Bundle-CPAN/Makefile.PL: 
	  move Bundle::CPAN in its own distro because due to a bug in all 
	  versions up to 1.84 the Bundle could not be installed on Windows 
	  when both Bundle/CPAN.pm and CPAN.pm were living in the ame 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: in debug mode we should never call methods that 
	  might change the flow: remove calls to asstring indebugging mode
	* lib/CPAN.pm: error condition "disto not in CHECKSUMS file" was 
	  broken -- reactivated now
	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, t/README.shell.txt: 
	  testdistro finished
	* Makefile.PL, 
	   prepare a new version of our "Make" testdistro that contains a 
	  bundle file

2006-02-18  k

	* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/dot-cpan/Bundle/CpanTestDummies.pm: rename the directory where 
	  CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make lies to contain no version number
	* Makefile.PL: another idea about the root of #17701 (cannot mix 
	  single and group recipe lines), but I leave the previously 
	  invented $HAVE_MAKE thing in place
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Adam Kennedy analysed a long standing bug that only 
	  happened on Windows in ticket #17699 and I turned it into this 
	  change tht also renames variables to clarify the intent
	* Todo: notes
	* lib/CPAN.pm: talk about older perls; fixes #17706
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: dmake has issues with my Makefile; 
	  maybe fixes 17701
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/00signature.t: move safe_chdir up in the 
	  inheritance tre so we inherit it in CPAN::Bundle too and use it 

2006-02-17  k

	* Todo: bugreport from a box without make

2006-02-16  k

	* Makefile.PL: better clean target in the top level
	* Todo: note about 30shell future direction

2006-02-15  k

	* t/03pkgs.t: patch 27193 from bleadperl
	* README: preparing 1.84
	* lib/CPAN.pm: preparing 1.84
	* lib/CPAN.pm: preparing 1.84
	* README: preparing 1.84
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: preparing 1.84

2006-02-14  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: going through old bugs in my own Todo file, 
	  found one about clean against an inexistent distro
	* Todo: notes
	* MANIFEST.SKIP: prepare 1.83_69
	* Changes, README: prepare 1.83_69
	* lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.83_69
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: prepare 1.83_69
	* t/30shell.t, t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: add the test 
	  that proves prefer_installer to work
	* lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CHECKSUMS, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: update CHECKSUMS after 
	  the upload of BuildOrMake; switch to non-greedy matching in some 
	  tests to safe on backtracking; sort Dumper on the dump command

2006-02-13  k

	* MANIFEST: mostly finished with the build-or-make
	   mostly finished with the build-or-make
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-BuildOrMake, 
	   starting work on a new pseudodistro buildormake

2006-02-12  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: more often check $Signal, I just tried a ^C that 
	  did not return as quickly as one would expect
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: lost a branch while patching to rev. 588
	* bin/post-prc-coverage.pl, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t: remove 
	  unused code, add tests, sub coverage nearly 70%

2006-02-11  k

	* t/30shell.t, t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: finish the 
	  zip thingie
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CHECKSUMS: use 
	  the newest CHECKSUMS file from CPAN; find another spot where we 
	  could protect a typical Distrostatus object with a can()
	* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL, t/README.shell.txt: zip 
	  distro finished and uploaded to CPAN, waiting for CHECKSUMS
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Zip-1.01.zip:
	   adding the distro itself
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Zip/lib/CPAN/Test/Dummy/Perl5/Make/Zip.pm:
	   working on zip
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Zip/lib/CPAN/Test/Dummy/Perl5/Make.pm,
	   working on zip
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Zip/lib/CPAN/Test/Dummy/Perl5/Make:
	   working on zip
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Zip, 
	   starting with a zip distro
	* README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, 
	  t/30shell.t: deprecate dontload_hash, introduce dontload_list; 
	  add make_test to the error conditions that are reset on force
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt: made the writemakefile 
	  attribute a distrostatus object so that a fail during perl 
	  Makefile.PL is visible by the failed command; added Failearly 
	  dummy distro to test for this effect

2006-02-10  k

	   add the failearly testdistro
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Failearly-1.01/SURVIVE:
	   need SURVIVE to build
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Failearly-1.01/MANIFEST,
	   new distro failearly finished
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Failearly-1.01,
	   nearly complete
	* lib/CPAN.pm: sort the module names when displaying a HASH 
	  (containsmods looks better that way)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: rename method InfoObject::author to fullname so 
	  that Distribution::author does not override
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: env FTP_PASSIVE now set to true also when 
	  config variable ftp_passive does not exist

2006-02-08  k

	* t/30shell.t: patch by Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni to avoid a SEGV 
	  with 5.004_05 which happens when exit is called within BEGIN
	* lib/CPAN.pm: preparing 1.83_68 (previous checkin comment was 
	  wrong, _67 is already out)
	* Changes: svn diffprepare 1.83_67
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: working around all 
	  limitations we have to face when running 5.004; hopefully this 
	  makes us more robust in other broken environments too -- at 
	  least it forces me to revisit code that seemed untouched or 
	  untested for a long time
	* t/30shell.t: test the incredients to the expect soup beforehand
	* Todo: notes

2006-02-07  k

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, Todo, t/30shell.t: continue the renaming 
	  and discover that the shell.t can run under 5.004_05 if one is 
	  stubborn enough
	* bin/cp-to-perl.pl, t/00signature.t, t/01loadme.t, t/02nox.t, 
	  t/03pkgs.t, t/10version.t, t/11mirroredby.t, t/30shell.t, 
	  t/50pod.t, t/Nox.t, t/loadme.t, t/mirroredby.t, t/pod.t, 
	  t/shell.t, t/signature.t, t/vcmp.t, t/version.t: the big rename 
	  in the t/ Directory
	* Todo: contemplating
	* bin/cp-to-perl.pl: express clearer which tests, so we recognize 
	  them after a rename
	* lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, lib/CPAN/Debug.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/Version.pm: unify pkg version handling
	* t/version.t: getting an overview how we handle our pkg versions 
	  right now
	* Makefile.PL, t/shell.t: new target testallperls

2006-02-06  k

	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, t/shell.t, t/vcmp.t: Ken Williams sent 
	  me a patch to silence a 5.8.1 warning; which reminded me about 
	  testing with 5.004_05 and this patch at least passes the test 
	  suite when the 5.004_05 user installs all prerequisites despite 
	  errors in their test suites
	* Makefile.PL: run the shell test conveniently
	* lib/CPAN.pm: close #17498: we now warn about missing Digest::SHA 
	  with the eye attraction only once and from then on with a single 
	* Changes: forgot these release notes before uploading
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt, t/README.shell.txt, 
	  t/dot-cpan/Bundle/CpanTestDummies.pm, t/shell.t: the new distros 
	  as of yesterday included in new tests

2006-02-05  k

	* Makefile.PL: we did this CP step both in distdir and release, 
	  the former should do
	* Todo, t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CHECKSUMS: update the checksums
	* MANIFEST, t/README.shell.txt, t/shell.t: missing checkins, docs
	* t/README.shell.txt: docs
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL, 
	   t/README.shell.txt: failing MBuild script
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Build-1.01.tar.gz,
	   t/README.shell.txt: step "finished .tar.gz"
	* Makefile.PL: s/MAKE/Build/ in the top Makefile.PL
	* Makefile.PL, 
	   t/README.shell.txt: let us drop the README from the dummies
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Build-1.01/Build.PL,
	   t/README.shell.txt: verifying the new t/README.shell.txt, step 1
	* ChangeLog.local, MANIFEST, Todo, t/README.shell.txt: docs only

2006-02-04  k

	* Changes, README: prepare 1.83_66
	* lib/CPAN.pm: add a new method CPAN::Distribution::author; 
	  protect the usage of Text::Glob with a has_inst; add a new 
	  experimental and undocumented method fast_yaml; document 
	  CPAN::Module::distribution; alphabetize the documentation again
	* MANIFEST.SKIP: skip was still not correct
	* MANIFEST.SKIP: skip was still not correct
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare for _65
	* MANIFEST: missed our Bundle in the manifest
	* t/shell.t: adding another few easy commands
	* Makefile.PL, bin/post-prc-coverage.pl: make the subrouting 
	  coverage html of CPAN.pm better readable
	* bin/cp-to-perl.pl, cp-to-perl.pl: move to bin what bin is
	* bin, cp-to-perl.pl: about to introduce a bin directory
	* t/dot-cpan, t/dot-cpan/Bundle, 
	  t/dot-cpan/Bundle/CpanTestDummies.pm, t/shell.t: with bundles we 
	  reached the 60% sub coverage in CPAN.pm
	* lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: protect "make test" from outer environment 
	  variable MAKEFLAGS

2006-02-03  k

	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CHECKSUMS, 
	  t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/CHECKSUMS, t/CPAN/authors/id/A/CHECKSUMS, 
	  t/CPAN/authors/id/CHECKSUMS, t/shell.t: All sub values over 50%
	* t/shell.t: notes about coverage
	* lib/CPAN.pm, t/shell.t: allow the case that a file we want to 
	  localize is already uncompressed on the local disk
	* t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-1.01.tar.gz:
	   it seems more practical to have the test distro in the 
	  repository than to build them again and again
	* Makefile.PL, 
	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, t/CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/03modlist.data, t/shell.t: enter our own test 
	* t/CPAN/authors/id, t/CPAN/authors/id/A, t/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN, 
	   steal a dummy from PITA
	* t/shell.t: typo
	* t/shell.t: notes about coverage
	* t/shell.t: test early that readline is enabled so a tester does 
	  not have to guess long what happens without readline
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, t/shell.t: bring "o conf 
	  help" back which was lost; and enable testing of readline 
	* t/shell.t, t/vcmp.t: adding Unknonw Command and "h"
	* t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm, t/shell.t: getting the switches right so 
	  that Devel::Cover really works
	* t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm, t/shell.t: enable coverage analysis for 
	  shell.t if we turn it on for the whole testsuite
	* Todo, t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm, t/CPAN/authors, 
	  t/CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt, t/CPAN/modules, 
	  t/CPAN/modules/03modlist.data, t/shell.t: start populating our 
	  own CPAN mirror with index files

2006-02-02  k

	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.83_64
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: when M:B specifies both 
	  requires AND build_requires AND then
	  has no YAML to write the META.yml file, THEN we did not merge 
	  the two

2006-02-01  k

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: give skip the fodder for letting cover_db live
	* Changes: prepare for release _63
	* lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: when the CHECKSUMS file contains garbage, 
	  tell the user and default to aborting the process (bug reported 
	  by Linda W)

2006-01-31  k

	* Todo: document chasing a bug
	* Todo: collect facts for a bugreport into Todo
	* Changes, README: README was autogenerated suring the release; 
	  add the releasenotes for _62 after the release to the Changes 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: move mkmyconfig into CPAN::Shell package so we have 
	  a new ordinary command as well
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, t/signature.t: add a runadmin and a 
	  testcover target; fix signature.t to deal with an empty 
	  SIGNATURE file; up version to _62
	* Makefile.PL: rename the LC_ALL macro so that it does not infect 
	  the whole environment (Ken Williams)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: repair indentation
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Applied a patch by Tyler MacDonald to conveniently 
	  generate the myconfig file

2006-01-30  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: preparing _61
	* Makefile.PL: trivial warning fix in Makefile.PL
	* Changes: preparing for _61
	* lib/CPAN.pm: whitespace problems at the wrong moment. I had to 
	  bring the emacs stanza back to the first line, otherwise it 
	  seemed to have no effect, at least not the indent line
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This should provide a full fix against Randy's 
	  bugreports, in case the code somehow can slip through the 
	  previous bugfix 488
	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: I suspect this will fix Randy Kobes 
	  bug with "./Build install", but I will continue to look for 
	  holes to plug
	* Makefile.PL: subversion stuff
	* README, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: 
	  rethinking how we should handle the Windows case for sudo 
	  support: I believe we better disable the two keys as a whole and 
	  make other places react to the existance of the key;
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: rename Thesite to ThesiteURL so a reload 
	  cpan cannot break the logic with a leftover integer from pre-467 
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Do not use 
	  ./Build directly on Windows, it must be called together with the 
	  perl (fixes #17313)

2006-01-28  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: this whole patch may be reverted after 1.85 
	  or so because then it is garanteed that these objects are 
	  objects, but now during an "update cpan" they may still be 

2006-01-27  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: more words about ftp_passive
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: if a META.yml specifies a 
	  prerequisite module that we do not
	  know, the whole prereq_pm became undef

2006-01-26  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: revisited FAQ section of the manpage
	* Makefile.PL, Todo: add a cjheckout target
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: both curl and lynx could trick 
	  CPAN.pm to believe that a failed download succeeded (bugreport 
	  from Tyler MacDonald)
	* Todo, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: drop unknown config variable at 
	  "o conf commit" time
	* Todo, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: resetting a config hash can now 
	  be done with "o conf xxx_hash \"\""

2006-01-25  k

	* MANIFEST.SKIP, README: add .rej to manifest.skip
	* Changes, Todo: notes
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: honour build_requires which 
	  was ignored
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: start the release process for _59
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: 
	  make ftp_passive a configure item and default it to 1 and set 
	  envariable FTP_PASSIVE accordingly
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: discovered unnecessary code in the faq
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: have 2 Default Hosts instead of one; fixes rt 
	  #17238 (Adam Kennedy)
	* Makefile.PL, Todo, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: add rundb target to 
	  the makefile; replace MakeMaker::neatvalue with our own
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: be much more verbose when reaching the last 
	  ressort external; fixes rt #17237

2006-01-24  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: protect 
	  dontload_hash from being edited wrongly by enabling real editing 
	  with {@args}
	* lib/CPAN.pm: revisit ls: let the methods return the result; 
	  better docs;
	* lib/CPAN.pm: give the cwd command more flexibility (stimulated 
	  by Ashley M. Kirchner)

2006-01-22  k

	* t/vcmp.t: silence version.pm in the CPAN::Version tests
	* Changes: releasenotes for _58
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: notes
	* Makefile.PL: Fix the process of README creation

2006-01-21  k

	* Makefile.PL: make the LC_ALL settable on the commandline for the 
	  chlog target of the Makefile
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: remove leading and trailing spaces from 
	  MANPAGE parts
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: toss the word "installations" in the "failed" 
	  command, it may talk about make/test/install, not only 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: double check the later attribute 
	  before you excuse and unset it if it is obsolete
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: make the output of the Module->as_glimpse 
	  method more space efficient and prettier
	* lib/CPAN.pm: remove the emacs line at the top and fix the one at 
	  the end of the file
	* lib/CPAN/Version.pm: give Version.pm a handmade version number

2006-01-20  k

	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Jan Dubois has another COMSPEC patch that 
	  was brought to my attention by Gisle Aas
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Jim's "redone-prep.patch"
	* t/vcmp.t: another round of tests
	* t/vcmp.t: yet more tests and comparison wih version.pm
	* t/vcmp.t: add some more tests and compare to Sort::Versions
	* lib/CPAN/Version.pm: add a vlt method and add some docu
	* lib/CPAN/Debug.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: enable "o debug 
	* README, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Jim Cromie's "final prep patch" 

2006-01-19  k

	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: factor out an unrecoverable_error method 
	  for the two new error cases
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: better error dialog on unrecoverable 
	  errors; preparing _57

2006-01-18  k

	* t/shell.t: and catch two die()s with proper messages
	* t/shell.t: and the greeting before the first prompt too
	* t/shell.t: want to see the lockfile dialog
	* t/shell.t: sanitize the output of shell.t for better debugging
	* Changes, README: README automatically built and Changes updated 
	  to reflect _56
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare _56
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Fix rt #17089 (Adam Kennedy) that the 
	  existance of a Build.PL without a Makefile.PL implies a 
	  Module::Build dependency

2006-01-17  k

	* Todo: a note about #17089

2006-01-15  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, t/shell.t: fix "o conf 
	  default" and add tests for it

2006-01-14  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: revised docs: remove CPAN::WAIT, add a paragraph 
	  about the Lockfile (a sad trade)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: adding documentation; adding the method 
	  CPAN::Module::distribution; fixing a few places that tested for 
	  -x directory without checking -e directory first
	* eg/who-wrote-broken-sig.pl: found again a script that I had to 
	  write a few weeks ago. Checking in to have a blueprint for 
	  similar tasks
	* lib/CPAN.pm: failed() produces output in the order in that the 
	  events happened
	* t/shell.t: test if o conf commit works
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: o conf commit was broken
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: re-introduce the living 
	  prompt becuae I need it again for debugging -- leaving 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: make skipping the signature test possible with 
	* Todo: prepare for _55
	* t/shell.t: let them switch the test on with an environment 
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, t/shell.t: do not try 
	  to require CPAN::Config when CPAN::MyConfig is already in %INC 
	  (should fix the long standing shell.t bug)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: preparing for release _55
	* lib/CPAN.pm: improve error handling on Net::FTP connections (R. 
	  Hauser; fixes rt #1572)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: double fix buglet in usage of a Distrostatus object 
	  by using overload/fallback
	* lib/CPAN.pm: fix buglet in usage of a Distrostatus object

2006-01-13  k

	* Todo: notes about a newly discovered bug
	* Todo: notes about the resistent bug in shell.t that was worked 
	  around in rev 411
	* t/shell.t: this patch fixes shell.t on Slavens box
	* MANIFEST.SKIP: MANIFEST.SKIP ignores more files
	* Changes: prepare 1.83_54
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare 1.83_54
	* t/shell.t: give credits
	* Changes, t/shell.t: shell.t wrote to stderr what I intended to 
	  go to stdout
	* lib/CPAN.pm: patch from Gisle Aas that makes it convenient to 
	  let $Config->{make} empty
	* Changes, Todo: just notes
	* scripts/cpan: grabbed the newest cpan from brian on his 
	* Todo: shuffle todos
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: make force ls work as a force to refetch the 
	  checksums files
	* t/shell.t: make test output TAP conform
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Change 239877 by gisle@rogn on 2006/01/12 
	  Camel: Provide a default shell for Windows.
	  A shell is needed for look command.
	* t/shell.t: this must be the reason why shell.t fails for Jim

2006-01-12  k

	* MANIFEST, README: automatic files from make dist on 1.83_53
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: fixed failing determination of 
	  prereqs when neither YAML available nor a Makefile produced
	* Todo: notes about a new buglet
	* lib/CPAN.pm: typo
	* Changes: once again prepare the release of 1.83_53
	* lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix for the b command: $ro not always available, 
	  e.g. for not published bundles
	* Makefile.PL: make sure we have the same MANIFEST as the last 
	  distro had
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: missing bracket from rev 387
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare release 1.83_53
	* lib/CPAN.pm: remove the CPAN::Prompt package, I have currently 
	  no use for it. For the record: it displayed the current command 
	  id and a fun variant changed the cpan promt randomly
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: replace the NO from make_test with a 
	  FAILED-but when force_update is in effect
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: bringing back a few lost dialoges
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, t/shell.t: Jim's patch 3 as it arrived
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: remove the die() after a failed signature 
	  check and replace it with the nosayer mechanism; introduce 

2006-01-11  k

	* Makefile.PL: trying to survive pass XX
	* Makefile.PL: trying to survive pass XiX
	* Makefile.PL: trying to survive pass XVIII
	* Makefile.PL: trying to survive pass IX
	* lib/CPAN.pm: wherever we mention lockfile, we now also say which 
	* Makefile.PL: trying to survive when everything is checked out 
	  into an empty directory and there are no remains from a former 
	* Todo: Notes about how Debian does *not* alter the prompt
	* Todo: blah
	* Todo: new grouping in the Todo file
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: introduce brokensig; introduce class 
	  CPAN::Distrostatus; bring "failed" one step further; collect 
	  notes about todos in the "failed" area

2006-01-10  k

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL: lost META.yml from manifest; need to copy 
	  it from the tarball before removing it
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, README: add the t/CPAN/MyConfig
	* Changes: preparing 1.83_52
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: document CPAN_SHELL_LEVEL
	* t/shell.t: fix the shell test for the case that a lockfile was 
	  lying around
	* MANIFEST: re-sort MANIFEST and discover that shell.t and 
	  companion were forgotten last time
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: what a quick shell-test comparison reveals
	* MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: Jim's second installment

2006-01-09  k

	* Todo: notes

2006-01-08  k

	* t/shell.t: error, error, error
	* t/shell.t: make run target; add comment about Expect in shell.t; 
	  remove duplicate strictness
	* Makefile.PL, t/shell.t: make run target; add comment about 
	  Expect in shell.t; remove duplicate strictness
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: finishing touches for a 
	  devel release
	* lib/CPAN.pm: CPAN_SHELL_LEVEL protect from unini warnings
	* lib/CPAN.pm: set envariable CPAN_SHELL_LEVEL in the subshell 
	  (Slaven Rezic)
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: fix yes/no selection on show_upload_date 
	  (Ask B. Hansen)
	* t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm: remove sudo and nonsense from TestConfig.pm
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: now also for me the output of the shell.t 
	  test before and after the patch are identical
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: applied patch by Jim Cromie to get a 
	  structure on top of FirstTime that will allow us to ask single 
	* Todo, t/CPAN, t/CPAN/TestConfig.pm, t/shell.t: add a shell test 
	  skeleton before Jim's patch gets applied
	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: try harder to hide CPAN::Config 
	  package which is only a stop gap solution
	* Makefile.PL: write two ChangeLogs, one in svn style and one in 
	  traditional style

2006-01-07  k

	* Makefile.PL: cannot copy after rm
	* Changes, MANIFEST, Releasenotes: get rid of releasenotes, 
	  Changes was the standard name
	* Changes: remove Changes, I will rename Releasenotes to Changes 
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: remove the dist dir at the end of 
	* Makefile.PL: dialog
	* Makefile.PL: always overwrite the ./SIGNATURE after a release

2006-01-06  k

	* Todo: intended prompt for subshells (Slaven)
	* Todo: intended file changes
	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: give CPAN::Config a version number, 
	  otherwise CPAN wants to install itself again because a newer 
	  version is on CPAN
	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: prettyprinting of the dontloadhash was 
	  extremely ugly
	* lib/CPAN.pm: enable date/time warnings without HTTP::Date; 
	  improve the system date warning
	* lib/CPAN.pm: add a warning when the system time is more than a 
	  day back

2006-01-05  k

	* Releasenotes: add releasenotes
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: automatic choice of 
	  configuration breaks without a default value

2006-01-04  k

	* lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: clarify comment
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: Two 
	  bugs reported by J. Nick Koston: (1) do not check filename in 
	  Tarzip for conformance because we may get uncompressed files; 
	  (2) rename of CPAN::Config to CPAN::HandleConfig broke his 
	  application, so we add an autoload

2006-01-03  k

	* lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: the indexer showed me that a few 
	  version numbers were not being maintained
	* README: autogenerated during dist

2006-01-02  k

	* Makefile.PL, README: Use Debian's pod2text because mine is broken
	* Releasenotes, Todo, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: finish up for the release of 1.81 
	  including full documentation in the Releasenotes file

2006-01-01  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: completion of debug options was not case 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: installation of distributions was 
	  broken for distros without {RO}
	* Makefile.PL: Let Debian perl make the release, it can SSL, mine 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Bugfix: with MM<6.2502 we emptied prereq_pm 

2005-12-31  k

	* README: autogenerated README during release
	* Releasenotes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Finish _57 instead of goign 
	  1.81 directly -- too many changes
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: although "force ls" still does not force an 
	  immediate new read of the checksum files, we now can at least 
	  say "force ls FOO/B*": before this gave us a horrible error 
	  message about distributions
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: for "reload cpan" search in INC instead of 
	  relying on the old path
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: remove empty local files that are targets for 

2005-12-30  k

	* lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: honour the return value of $tar->extract 
	  (bug reported by Slaven Rezic wrt 
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: s/die/mydie/ and more concise 
	  error messages
	* lib/CPAN.pm: try to chmod when modules come with bad directory 
	  permissions so that rmtree and chdir are possible and eror 
	  messages become more meaningful
	* Todo: blah
	* Todo, eg, eg/find-module-install-sudo-bugs.pl, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm, t/mirroredby.t: 
	  add an eg/ directory; the first eg/ script found several bugs in 
	  CPAN.pm and CPAN/Tarzip.pm and problems with distributions that 
	  I had overlooked so far; the tar/permission bugs are fixed too 
	  -- we still need a test case that proves the basename() fix to 
	  be correct
	* Todo: blah

2005-12-29  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: update the POD 
	  about security
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: revert the dangerous 
	  parts of rev. 305 and clarify the manpage in the "force get" area
	* Todo: blah
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Fix rt.cpan.org #321: when current directory 
	  ceases to exist; protect some code from running when our own 
	  directory cannot be determined

2005-12-27  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: dangerous stuff!!! Most probably wrong. Trying to 
	  use less memory, doing it partly right and partly wrong. I 
	  suppose that the cache becomes degenerated with the current 
	  code, maybe there is no update after DSLI changes or some such 
	  -- we need a decent test bed
	* lib/CPAN.pm: add an undocumented and experimental method status 
	  that displays some stats de-jour

2005-12-26  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: protect whitespace in filenames (fixes 
	  #3201) fix by Roland Bauer (CORION)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: short dist id
	* lib/CPAN.pm: add "notest" to the completion commands; introduce 
	  a better error message when they say "notest" without another 
	  argument; introduce a new experimental and undocumented command 

2005-12-25  k

	* Makefile.PL, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm: add File::Temp to both prereq 
	  and bundle
	* lib/CPAN/Debug.pm: make less noise when debuging again
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Debug.pm: make less noise when debuging is 
	  on and cpan reload is called
	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: Fix rt #15580 "Make uptodate message more 

2005-12-24  k

	* README, Releasenotes, cp-to-perl.pl, lib/CPAN.pm, scripts/cpan: 
	  once again finish th release, this time we found a new upstream 
	  release of cpan script 
	* Makefile.PL, Releasenotes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: docu to make the 
	  release ready

2005-12-23  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: fix ls command without a joker

2005-12-22  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: fix bad META.yml files

2005-12-21  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: stricter checking of prereq_pm from YAML
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: complete o conf bug
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: filter prereq "perl"
	* Todo: prettyprint bug
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prettyprint bug
	* MANIFEST: add HandleConfig to the MANIFEST
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Config.pm, lib/CPAN/Debug.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm: rename the 
	  Config.pm ackage to HandleConfig because we hae used Config.pm 
	  for the Config values
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Config.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: complete 
	  the M:B support
	* cp-to-perl.pl: separate file for Config package
	* lib/CPAN/Config.pm: separate file for Config package
	* lib/CPAN.pm: separate file for Config package

2005-12-20  k

	* lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: patch by Guillaume Filion to drop the long 
	  gzip options to support busybox's own gzip

2005-12-19  k

	* Todo, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm: revisit Bundle::CPAN
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: remove the incommandcolor attribute at the 
	  end of rematein

2005-12-18  k

	* Makefile.PL: more dependencies
	* README: readme
	* Makefile.PL: INC
	* Makefile.PL: dependency release->dist
	* Todo: blah
	* Releasenotes, Todo: blah
	* ChangeLog.local, Makefile.PL, Releasenotes: let ChangeLog be in 
	  text mode
	* Releasenotes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: 
	  prefer_installer allows to choose MB over EUMM

2005-12-17  k

	* Todo: blah
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Module::Build seems to work fine, it is 
	  current the default chosen whenever a Build.PL exists
	* Releasenotes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: Fix 'reload cpan' for changes 
	  in the now separated files.
	  Read metadata from META.yml if there is one and YAML is 
	* Todo: todo
	* Releasenotes: releasenotes
	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: found an area without use strict
	* MANIFEST, Todo, cp-to-perl.pl, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Debug.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm: bzip2 support

2005-12-15  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: replace MD5 with SHA256; make tighter strict 
	  cleanlines by repeating "use strict" after every package decl, 
	  so if we move later, we do not forget
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: mak 4th column of r command compact
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: allow single colons in module names on the 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: while debugging the recently introduced globbing on 
	  the ls command, found a major bug in the "expanding objects on 
	  regexes" code: fixing that gives a considerable speedup on all 
	  regexes on the shell; nonetheless reintroduce some feedback 
	  during the expansion of ls-globbing, it can still be very slow

2005-12-13  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: support limited globbing on the ls command; 
	  toss the idea of doing ls * in a silent mode

2005-12-03  k

	* Makefile.PL: version typo (off by one:)
	* Makefile.PL: Protect me from using a MakeMaker version that 
	  doesn't do sign woodoo
	* Makefile.PL: Protect me from using old MakeMaker for a release
	* MANIFEST, Releasenotes, lib/CPAN.pm, t/pod.t: Up the version 
	  number to 1.80, add a quick test for pod, tweak th releasenotes

2005-12-01  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Version.pm: revisit "use strict"
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: fit help page on console size again adding an 
	  explanaion what a WORD is (suggested by David Golden)
	* lib/CPAN.pm: remove invalid optimization that supposed that same 
	  distro always means same version

2005-11-30  k

	* Releasenotes, Todo: notes on a newly discovered bug

2005-11-24  k

	* Releasenotes: typo
	* Releasenotes: notes about the pause indexer
	* Releasenotes, Todo: doc

2005-11-07  k

	* README: Keep in mind: the README must be in the current 
	  directory and so it must be in the repository
	* README: remove the automatically generated file README
	* README, cp-to-perl.pl, lib/CPAN.pm, scripts/cpan: prepare _65
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: prepare _64
	* cp-to-perl.pl: script to copy the release to a perl tree
	* lib/CPAN.pm: prepare _63
	* Makefile.PL: add a memo how to release
	* MANIFEST, cpan: there were two identical cpan scripts starting 
	  to diverge
	* lib/CPAN.pm: prepare release of 1.76_62
	* t/version.t: do not test for CPAN::Admin when in core

2005-11-06  k

	* lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, t/version.t: With this simple change in 
	  version.t from S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni,
	  we compile and run fine under 5.004_05.
	  The change in CPAN/Admin.pm silences a warning in very old 
	* Makefile.PL: protect me from using an old perl for the release 
	* Makefile.PL: more signature related targets
	* Makefile.PL: typo/thinko/buglet
	* Makefile.PL: add some signature related targets
	* t/vcmp.t: make the output of TEST_VERBOSE=1 easier to read
	* lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/Version.pm, t/version.t: VERSION dependent on 
	  subversion -- but with only %.2f instead of .3 
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, lib/CPAN/Version.pm, 
	  t/Nox.t, t/vcmp.t, t/version.t: Now runs again under 5.005_03 
	  with List::Util 1.14, Cwd 3.12, Test::Harness 2.56, Test::Simple 
	  0.62, File::Temp 0.16
	* MANIFEST, Todo: add PAUSE2005.pub to the MANIFEST; update Todo 
	  to reflect current state
	* cpan: make VERSION dependent on subversion revision

2005-11-05  k

	* PAUSE2005.pub: add the batch signing key 2005

2005-11-03  k

	* MANIFEST, Releasenotes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: add releasenotes, 
	  cleanup todos, add releasenotes to manifest, up the version 
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL: Makefile.PL: the dependency on the 
	  tarball caused a re-build
	  MANIFEST.SKIP: as we want MakeMaker to package the SIGNATURE, we 
	  do not have it in MANIFEST which again was not liked by cpansign 
	* Makefile.PL: need eval to get the version numeric
	* Makefile.PL: 1. Broken pipe; 2. die too early
	* Makefile.PL: missing plus
	* Makefile.PL: s/ne/!=/
	* Makefile.PL: s/echo/ECHO/
	* Makefile.PL: Now that we have introduced $version_set_manually, 
	  we must also
	  care for a version comparison between CPAN.pm and Makefile 
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Up the version number to _59
	* release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: More cautious approach of 
	  aliasing -- only CODE ref
	* Makefile.PL: Write my own disttest target

2005-11-02  k

	* Todo: more notes about what I expect from make release
	* Todo, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: fixed the endless loop bug 
	  described in Todo
	* Todo: notes about new bugs
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: short-circuit 
	  the dist target
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: colon even with 
	  ticks not allowed here
	* Makefile.PL: colon not allowed here
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: it was not 
	  stderr, it was stdout; now matching against explicit string
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: stderr broke 
	  our expectation
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: release depends 
	  on running make dist for finding out the release name; we follow 
	  the rule but we do not run make dist when make disttest 
	  overwrites the release anyway
	* Makefile.PL, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: now already 
	  exhausted from fighting against release
	* Makefile.PL: do not make an extra checkin cycle if version is 
	  not set via SVN
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_203
	* release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: typo in my Release subclass
	* .releaserc, MANIFEST.SKIP, release-lib, release-lib/Module, 
	  release-lib/Module/Release, release-lib/Module/Release/ANDK.pm: 
	  still trying to tame release
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_200
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_198
	* MANIFEST.SKIP, README: trying to release with BDFOY/release

2005-11-01  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: rename rename 
	  do_ls_on_m_and_d => show_upload_date
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_195

2005-10-31  k

	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: To prevent people from misunderstanding 
	  the second suggestion to sudo as something to copy and paste, 
	  change the wording to make clear that this is an example
	* Makefile.PL, Todo: replace the touch with a voluntary die

2005-10-29  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: * Todo: notes
	  * CPAN.pm: change the wording of the two 'unknown command' error
	    messages so they are not identical;
	    -- refactor the generation of all the CPAN::Shell methods in a 
	    -- reword the message/warning if make install fails (curtesy 
	    -- add a FAQ about what to do if a make install has failed and
	    you want to repeat

2005-10-28  k

	* Todo: reorder todo items: bring the undone items to the top
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: * Todo: notes about a 
	  fixed bug
	  * CPAN/FirstTime.pm: support for do_ls_on_m_and_d
	  * CPAN.pm: support for do_ls_on_m_and_d; completion of the 'o 
	    command now shows all registered variables and also sorts 
	  them; ls
	    command now has better feedback messages when a directory does 
	    exist; do_ls_on_m_and_d now plays its role when dir_listing is
	    called from upload_date

2005-10-27  k

	* Makefile.PL: patch by Adriano Ferreira to replace touch with the 
	  macro TOUCH
	* lib/CPAN.pm: patch by Gisle Aas, applied to blead and brought to 
	  my attention by Adriano Ferreira (Thanks!) to silence redefined 
	  warnings on Windows
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: another patch from Daniel (whose second name 
	  is not Wingedmail:) because I was applying his patch wrongly.
	* lib/CPAN.pm: patch by Daniel Wingedmail to make wget work more 
	  similar to ncftp. Fixes bug on Windows where cmd.exe currupted 
	  the file

2005-10-21  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: bugfix: cant call method upload_date on 
	  undefined value...
	* Todo: notes in Todo
	* lib/CPAN.pm: forgotten debugging code
	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: implement upload_date without much testing

2005-10-20  k

	* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.old, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, Todo, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm: prepare for the next devel release with an 
	  automatic ChangeLog and correct dependencies that prevent a 
	  release with the old version number
	* Todo: note about "force ls"
	* lib/CPAN.pm: fixed bug that caused "force ls" to not turn its 
	  argument into an author
	* Todo: note about dependencies and ChangeLog
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: finish support for sudo in 
	  the make install command; introduce a new warning when somebody 
	  sets an unregistered Config variable

2005-10-19  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: patch by Michael Richardson to support sudo for 
	  make install--still pondering about the ideal name of the option
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_175
	* README: automatically generated README wants to be checked in
	* lib/CPAN.pm: up the version number for the next devel release
	* Todo: installation of scripts--a note

2005-10-18  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: fix installation of the 12 or so modules that 
	  come without a distribution, just as *.pm files
	* lib/CPAN.pm: make the output of "ls *" a bit more silent
	* lib/CPAN.pm: notest for bundles; docs for notest -- patch by 

2005-10-17  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: implement an "ls *" command that can act as a 
	  prefetch for all checksums files; discuss an ls bug in Todo
	* lib/CPAN.pm: replace the creation of tempfiles within 
	  _getsave_url and _display_url with standard File::Temp; at the 
	  same time do some whitespace adjusting

2005-10-13  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: * CPAN.pm: whitespace only; * Todo: bugs

2005-10-11  k

	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: fixed reload bug with "0 subroutines 
	* Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: note two newly discovered bugs
	* Todo: reformat to ChangeLog style to make room for new entries

2005-10-01  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_162
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, README: blah
	* lib/CPAN.pm: up the version number
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: Patch from David Storrs to 
	  consistently use CPAN::Frontend
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Patch from Toni Prug to support recent and perldoc
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Patch by Slaven Rezic to undo notest after a ^C
	* patches, patches/CPAN-1.76_53-notest-eval.patch, 
	  patches/toni-prug-CPAN.pm-perldoc.patch: patches

2005-09-27  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: blah

2005-09-23  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: Remove $Revision
	* BUNDLE, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, inc, lib/CPAN.pm: manually 
	  applied suggestions by Adriano Ferreira

2005-09-22  k

	* MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm: forgot Version.pm in MANIFEST
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/Version.pm, t/signature.t, t/vcmp.t: notest patch + 
	  CPAN::Version sparation

2005-09-19  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_150
	* Makefile.PL: just dist stuff

2005-09-18  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_148
	* Makefile.PL: just dist stuff
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_146
	* Makefile.PL: just dist stuff
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_144
	* Makefile.PL: just dist stuff
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_142
	* MANIFEST: just dist stuff
	* lib/CPAN.pm: Property set for release after_140
	* Makefile.PL: just dist stuff
	* MANIFEST, META.yml, Makefile.PL, SIGNATURE: the usual difficult 
	  things to bring checkin, sign, make dist under one hat
	  SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, 
	  t/Nox.t, t/loadme.t, t/mirroredby.t, t/signature.t, t/vcmp.t, 
	  t/version.t: 	* Shame, two years without a release. Most of the 
	  code in this
	  	release has been collected by perl5porters over the last two
	  	years. Thanks a lot to all of them. The whole Module::Signature
	  	code has been written by Autrijus two years ago and I have to
	  	apologize that I didn't make a release with it. Real life was
	  	intruding too strongly.
	  	I have made cautious changes to the version comparison 
	  	anticipating the likely changes we're gonna see with a better
	  	indexer on CPAN courtesy John Peacock.
	  	I'm releasing 1.76_51 as an orientation for CPANPLUS so we can
	  	find the smoothest transition possible between the old and the 
	  	The new indexer will be based on version.pm 0.48 and will bring
	  	the substantial change that all modules that are using version
	  	strings will be represented as floats according to the 
	  	routine implemented in version.pm. Up to now the conversion from
	  	version strings to floats was lossy but with the new version.pm 
	  	is a well defined 1 to 1 mapping. See version.pm for the 
	  	To make the transition smoother, I'm intending to leave the
	  	indexer with the old algorithm for all strings that look like
	  	floating point numbers, and for other strings that contain an
	  	underline character or alphabetical stuff.
	  	Future plans: once we have rolled out the version related 
	  	I'm planning to fix open bugs and integrate waiting patches that
	  	have not yet made their way into CPAN.pm.

2004-03-16  k

	* lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: default to 100 instead of 10 MB cache 
	  directory size

2004-02-18  k

	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: blah

2003-10-20  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: Cosmetic change: add a label to a loop

2003-10-13  k

	* lib/CPAN.pm: PERL5LIB bug fixed by Anthony Heading and Jan Dubois

2003-09-21  k

	* META.yml, Makefile.PL, SIGNATURE: I'm surprised to see META.yml 
	  and SIGNATURE in the checkin. This I dislike and
	  I don't think that the other project (Perl::Repository::APC) has 
	  this problem.
	  The Makefile.PL has now disabled ci/co for META.yml

2003-09-20  k

	* ChangeLog, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: Makefile.PL: start saying 
	  goodbye to RCS
	  CPAN.pm: Fix for unknown author of an inexistent module 

2003-08-04  k

	* ChangeLog, META.yml, Makefile.PL, SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm: This 
	  was CPAN-1.76/
	* ChangeLog, META.yml, SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm, t/signature.t: This 
	  was CPAN-1.75/
	* ChangeLog, META.yml, Makefile.PL, SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  t/signature.t: This was CPAN-1.74/
	* META.yml, Makefile.PL, SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, META.yml, Makefile.PL, 
	  PAUSE2003.pub, SIGNATURE, lib/CPAN.pm, t/signature.t: This was 
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.71/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.70_53/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm: This was 
	* CPAN/MakeMaker.pm, ChangeLog, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: This was 
	* CPAN/MakeMaker.pm, ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm, scripts, scripts/cpan: This was CPAN-1.65/
	* BUNDLE, BUNDLE/Test, BUNDLE/Test/Builder.pm, 
	  BUNDLE/Test/More.pm, CPAN, CPAN/MakeMaker.pm, ChangeLog, 
	  MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, t/Nox.t, t/mirroredby.t: This was 
	* ChangeLog, cpan, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.63/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, cpan, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  t/mirroredby.t: This was CPAN-1.62/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, Changes.old, MANIFEST: This was CPAN-1.60b/
	* t/Nox.t: This was CPAN-1.60a/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, t/Nox.t: This was CPAN-1.60/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.59_54/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.59_53/
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.59_52/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.59_51/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.59/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_93/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_92/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_91/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_90/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_57/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_54/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Admin.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_52/
	* ChangeLog, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.58_51/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.58/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_66/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_65/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_62/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_61/
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_60/
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_59/
	* ChangeLog, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_57/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/vcmp.t: This was 
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57_54/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  t/vcmp.t: This was CPAN-1.57_53/
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: 
	  This was CPAN-1.57_51/
	* ChangeLog, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.57/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.56/
	* ChangeLog, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.55/
	* ChangeLog, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.54/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.53/
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.52/
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm: This was 
	* ChangeLog, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.50/
	* ChangeLog, MANIFEST, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.49/
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, t/loadme.t: This was 
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.47/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.46/
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.45/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.44_53/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.44_52/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.44_51/
	* Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, cpan, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.44/
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.43/
	* Changes, README, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, t/loadme.t: This was 
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, README, Todo, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.40/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.38/
	* Changes, MANIFEST, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm, t, t/loadme.t: This was 
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.36/
	* Changes, Todo, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, Todo, 
	  lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, MANIFEST, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, Todo, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.32/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.3101/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.31/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.30/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.29/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.28/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm: This was 
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.25/
	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.24/
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This 
	  was CPAN-1.22_01/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/Nox.pm: This was CPAN-1.21/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.20/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.19/
	* Changes, MANIFEST, lib/Bundle, lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN.pm: 
	  This was CPAN-1.18/
	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.17/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.16_01/
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This 
	  was CPAN-1.15/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.14/
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was 
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.11/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.10/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, README, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.09_01/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.09/
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.08/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.07/
	* README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.06/
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.05/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.04/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-1.03/
	* lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.02/
	* Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This 
	  was CPAN-1.01/
	* MANIFEST, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm, 
	  lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm: This was CPAN-1.00/
	* MANIFEST, lib/CPAN, lib/CPAN.pm, lib/CPAN/Nox.pm: This was 
	* Changes, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.45a/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was 
	* Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.43a/
	* Changes, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was 
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.41a/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.40a/
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.39a/
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.37a/
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.36a/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.35a/
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.31a/
	* lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.30a/
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.29a/
	* MIRRORED.BY, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.28a/
	* Changes, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.27a/
	* Changes, Makefile.PL, README, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.26a/
	* Makefile.PL, lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.20-alpha/
	* Changes, MANIFEST, MIRRORED.BY, Makefile.PL, README, lib, 
	  lib/CPAN.pm: This was CPAN-0.17-alpha/
	* .: blah