=head1 Revision history for Perl module Convert::UU.

=head2 0.10  Feb 6, 1997

Thanks to Kurtis D. Rader <krader@sequent.com> who describes that a
uuencoded chunk that consists of nothing but backtick triggers a "Use
of uninitialized variable" warning. Although I'd like to see it as a
bug in perl this version takes precautions to avoid the warning.

=head2 0.05  Nov 25, 1997

Updated to perl5.004 using m//gc instead of s///.

Using binmode() for filehandles to (hopefully) make it work on
Non-UNIX systems (Thanks to Bill Baxter <bill@visix.com> for the

=head2 0.04  Feb 10, 1997

Integrated a patch by leachcj@bp.com that allows array references
being passed to uudecode.

=head2 0.01  Mon Feb 19 15:06:30 1996

original version; created by h2xs 1.16