Revision history for the LaTeX::Driver module                -*- indented-text -*-

0.20_02  2013-10-29
    - added -timeout option (requires IPC::ShellCmd 0.003)
    - added -capture_stderr option and stderr() method to retrieve captured stderr

0.20_01  2013-10-18
    - Now maintained on github
    - reformatted Changes file
    - removed MYMETA.{json,yml} from MANIFEST and added to MANIFEST.SKIP (RT89155)
    - use IPC::ShellCmd to run commands
    - remove LaTeX::Driver::Paths - paths determined at runtime
0.12  2012-08-31
    - fixed typo in settings of ps2pdf/pdf2ps (RT79233)
    - add missing dependency on Readonly (RT79330)

0.11  2012-08-30
    - rewrote loop in run_latex() and need_to_run_bibtex() to use a
      lexical variable to avoid subtle errors with
      Template::Plugin::Latex (RT50684)

0.10  2011-09-18
    - use system tmp directory rather than hardcoded /tmp
    - Makefile.PL exits if latex binary is not found (rather than dieing

0.09  2011-08-18
    - Tidied up for perlcritic

0.08  2009-01-19
    - Added two elements to the stats hash - 'pages' and 'bytes'
    - Added check for rerun required by use of the longtable package
      (patch submitted by Yitzchack Scott-Thoennes - cpan id: YSTM),
      also added test script
    - also check for generic /rerun to get .* right/ warning
    - expand documentation for Pod::Coverage

0.07  2007-10-12
    - Updated documentation - specifically the diagnostics section for
      LaTeX::Driver and just expanded LaTeX::Driver::FilterProgram
    - fixed Makefile.PL, which was using LaTeX::Driver to get the
      module version, but this broke horribly if the prerequisite
      modules were not installed.
    - added missing test and test data files to MANIFEST

0.06  2007-09-27
    - rationalized the constructor arguments - now the source and
      output are controlled just by three arguments: "source" and
      optionally "output" and "format".
    - the "source" and "output" parameters can be scalar references,
      in which case the LaTeX source and formatted output is taken
      from or output to the variables referenced respectively.  This
      facilitates the creation of Unix filter type scripts.
    - added the Unix-style filter programs latex2dvi, latex2pdf and
      latex2ps (these use the common module

0.05  2007-09-25
    - default output type is now 'pdf' (that is probably what most
      people are going to want to generate)
    - added texinputs option
    - added the following methods: latex_path, pdflatex_path,
      bibtex_path, makeindex_path, dvips_path, dvipdfm_path,
      ps2pdf_path and program_path
    - the program path defaults are now stored in a package-level hash

0.04  2007-09-24
    - Expanded documentation a bit more
    - added option parsing to test library so that test scripts can be
      run with -d to switch on debug messages
    - added basic Exception::Class based exceptions (still need to
      differentiate between exception types.

0.03  2007-09-24
    - Expanded documentation
    - Reorganized testdata so that the directories/files match the
      names of the test scripts that use them
    - Added tests for constructor errors, running the module on broken
      LaTeX files, specifying options to makeindex, and quality

0.02  2007-09-21
    - First public release.

0.01  2007-09-20
    - Initial version.  Code extracted from the Template-Latex distribution.
      New maintainer: Andrew Ford.