Revision history for local::lib

1.004004 2009-08-05

        - Add dependency on Extutils::Install 1.43 and install in --bootstrap
          otherwise we fail to build with latest MakeMaker on OpenSolaris (t0m)

        - Fix Win32 / Cygwin detection (emazep).

1.004003 2009-16-16
        - Stop Makefile.PL exploding if your CPAN is too old to have
          CPAN::HandleConfig. Needed when installing local::lib via CPAN
          using an old CPAN version (t0m)
        - Fix warning from Makefile.PL about ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt (t0m)
        - Set PERL5LIB back to calculated @INC with --self-contained, to stop
          invoking other perl scripts from losing the local::lib if they
          mangle @INC from $ENV{PERL5LIB}, and fix install of 'difficult'
          modules with such as Test::Deep (t0m)

1.004002 2009-06-15
        - Fixed up INC untaint procedure to skip/ignore CODE, ARRAY,
          blessed entries. (grink)
        - Include test in xt/ for the above

        - Put PERL5LIB first, so it'll be favored over privlibexp and
          archlibexp when self contained.
        - Automatically untaint @INC (t0m)
        - Prevent @INC from growing when you have multiple scripts using
          --self-contained called from inside one another. (grink by way of t0m)
        - eg/ now no longer requires TARGET, but still
          respects it. (confound)

1.004001 2009-05-21
        - Clean up's environment variable the same way we do for
          CPANPLUS. Add an example program showing local::lib employed
          programmatically (confound).

        - Add the beginnings of a troubleshooting section (pattern).

1.004000 2009-05-14
        - Don't allow dangerous settings for that affect where CPAN
          installs stuff, as this conflicts with what we're trying to do.

        - Make sure that our Makefile is written to the correct directory when
          bootstrapping (confound).

1.003004 2009-05-12
        - Additional documentation and examples concerning having multiple
          local::lib enviornments (amiri)

        - Some install tests courtesy of Hans Dieter Pearcey <>.

1.003003 2009-04-09
        - Expose the internals per RT #36846.
        - Fix the MANIFEST up a bit.

1.003002 2009-02-25
        - Add a doc patch from Torsten Raudssus <> that
          clarifies how to specify a directory other than ~/perl5.

1.003001 2009-01-14
        - Properly bail if given fancy dashes obtained by copy-pasting from a
          UTF8-happy POD formatter. This will bail in both the Makefile.PL and
          in local::lib::import().

1.003000 2009-01-13
        - Add the --self-contained flag from Mark Stosberg, which also contains
          a doc patch warning about the dangers of UNINST=1. Thanks, Mark!

1.002000 2008-08-06
        - make CPAN config reinit non-prompting but still robust
        - make bootstrap auto-init CPAN config and set USE_DEFAULT for deps

1.001000 2007-09-19
        - refactored shell command generation
        - implemented C shell command generation based on this (checks $SHELL}
        - improved docs
        - modified Makefile.PL to install an up-to-date if needed

1.000000 2007-09-13
        - initial release
r6546 | hdp | 2009-06-08 15:44:47 -0400 (Mon, 08 Jun 2009) | 1 line

make TARGET optional