Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::SpreadClient.

* 0.09

	Made the constructor return the sessionID, RT#65383 ( thanks RDB! )
	Fix a long-standing bug where it dropped multiple messages in a processing run, RT#59423 ( thanks RDB! )

* 0.08

	Fixed mis-rename of AUTHOR section into CREDITS :(

* 0.07

	Converted to Build.PL
	Fixed multiple group subscribe bug, thanks RT#38854
	Removed stupid Test::* module requirements, thanks BiNGOs!
	revamped test suite to modernize it
	bumped perl requirement to 5.006 for sanity

* 0.06

	Kwalitee-related fixes

* 0.05

	tweaked the POE::Session::AttributeBased code for compatibility, apologies for the late release!
		- thanks to XANTUS and FMERGES

* 0.04

	Added the custom_flags arg to publish
	Totally revamped the _sp_admin event
	Removed the $type variable from _sp_message
	Added 1 more error type to _sp_error
	POD tweaks as usual
	Kwalitee-related fixes

* 0.03

	learned about the difference between ref $self and ref( $self )
	Squashed a bug where it would send a sp_error then sp_disconnect, should be sp_error only!
	Added new destroy event
	POD tweaks

* 0.02

	POD tweaks
	Updated the _sp_error routine to include $priv_name ( arguments shifted right by 1 ) does not like 1-member arrayref ( publish/subscribe/unsubscribe now does array collapsing )

* 0.01
	first release