Revision history for Perl extension Test::Apocalypse

	Released: 2011-03-08 21:37:20 UTC

	Tweaked the OutdatedPrereqs test so it will correctly FAIL if a prereq wasn't found on CPAN
	Tweaked the Dependencies test so it correctly filters provided packages

	Released: 2011-03-04 23:37:23 UTC

	Converted to Dist::Zilla for the release process!
	Tweaked the internals to cleanup automated issues
	Ported the META.(yml|json) tests to the new Test::CPAN::Meta infrastructure, thanks JAWNSY! ( RT#66215 )
	Changed some plugins so they execute tests as TODO, to not cause spurious FAILs
	Added Test::Vars to the testsuite
	Added Test::Script to the testsuite
	Added Test::Pod::LinkCheck to the testsuite
	Added Test::Pod::Spelling::CommonMistakes to the testsuite
	Added debugging of test info, thanks POE::Test::Loops!
	Replaced Test::Dependencies with homebrew solution utilizing Perl::PrereqScanner
	Removed Test::Module::Used plugin ( see above )
	Removed the Test::Prereq plugin because it never worked reliably and we already have a plugin for it ( see above )
	Removed the Test::UseAllModules plugin because we have other plugins that do the same thing
	Bumped Test::NoPlan prereq to 0.0.6 so it works properly under Test::Block
	Bumped Test::Pod prereq to 1.41 so it doesn't complain about L<text|scheme> being invalid
	Added Pod::Coverage::TrustPod as the coverage class for Test::Pod::Coverage
	Fixed a bug in Test::Spelling where the file stopwords weren't added right
	Fixed a bug in OutdatedPrereqs where it complained if the CPAN version was older than what was specified
	Revamped the Perl::Critic test to automatically use a default config if one wasn't found in t/perlcriticrc


	Added smart AUTOMATED_TESTING logic so we are now behaving in the same way as Alias envisaged
		This means certain tests are disabled when AUTOMATED is set :)
	Minor POD/Build.PL/test output tweaks
	Added META.json to FileChecks test
	Bumped Test::Strict prereq to 0.14 because now it works with Moose!
	Tweaked the module loading logic so we have less duplication now + less bugs, yay!
	Fixed a warning in the OutdatedPrereqs test so we don't cause FAILs with the Test::NoWarnings module :(
	Added Test::NoPlan to the testsuite


	Added the PERL_APOCALYPSE env var to override test selection and test all plugins
	Run the plugins in alphabetical order, which is prettier :)
	Removed the crappy stopwords addition in Pod_Spelling test
	Added Test::JSON::Meta to the testsuite


	Minor POD tweaks
	Added Test::Pod::No404s to the testsuite
	Fixed a warning in the PerlMetrics test so we don't cause FAILs with the Test::NoWarnings module :(


	Fixed a issue with META.yml quoting causing parse failures when using tools that depend on it
	Upgraded Module::Build to 0.3601, had to change prereq from '0.2.2' to '0.002002' to satisfy M::B::Compat :(


	Fixed OutdatedPrereqs test so it doesn't blow up on zero prereqs - thanks Ryan52!
	Added $@ to the module load failure output, for better debugging - thanks Ryan52!
	Minor POD tweaks
	Added more common terms to the Pod_Spelling test
	Added Test::NoBreakpoints to the testsuite
	Added Test::ConsistentVersion to the testsuite
	Added Test::EOL to the testsuite
	Added Test::AutoLoader to the testsuite
	Modified is_apocalypse_here() to accept options, you can now enable/disable specific tests!
	Test::Apocalypse now finally passes it's own testsuite under RELEASE_TESTING, ha! ( thanks to Debian guys for prodding me )
	The Kwalitee test for EXPERIMENTAL/EXTRA metrics is not treated as a failure now
	Oops, Module::Pluggable wasn't listed as a prereq!
	Sorry - added a lot of Perl::Critic extensions so you will not get failed tests because you missed to test an extension!


	Added Test::Module::Used to the testsuite
	Added Test::Synopsis to the testsuite
	Enabled the Test::Pod::Coverage test, it was previously disabled by mistake!
	Changed to the new ENV var scheme, proposed by Alias ( and thanks to JAWNSY for prodding me )


	Removed Test::CheckManifest and replaced with Test::DistManifest, thanks JAWNSY!
	Various POD cleanups and additions


	Added more tests :)


	fix bad test


	initial release