Revision history for Pod::PseudoPod

0.16 Mar 29, 2010
        - Remove Pod::Simple tests, Pod::PseudoPod is compatible with
	  old and new versions of Pod::Simple, doesn't need to be
          dictating the behavior of an external module.

0.15 Jun 11, 2009
        - Update Tutorial for change in maintainership.
        - Further improvements to the DocBook formatter.

0.14 Mar 20, 2007
	- Add a DocBook 4.4. formatter, to output the new format
	  O'Reilly needs for book production with help from Lakshmi
	  Sadasiv at O'Reilly.

0.13 Aug 03, 2006
	- Resolve failing tests, check for encoded entities with
	  pattern match instead of exact text match.

0.12 Jul 17, 2005
	- Now install ppod2html, ppod2txt, and ppodchecker during the
	  make or build process.
	- Applied patch from chromatic and Timothy Appnel to
	  HTML formatter to automatically escape certain characters in
	  verbatim sections.
	- Added support for listing blocks at the request of a user.

0.11 Jun 26, 2004
	- Applied patch from Boris Zentner to make example scripts 
	  use File::Basename.
	- Applied patch from chromatic to display figure titles in HTML
	  formatter, and display a "no errors" message from the checker
	  when the file parses without errors.
	- Updated main Pod::PseudoPod module to take advantage of
	  Pod::Simple 3.02 (pieces of Pod::PseudoPod were integrated
	  into Pod::Simple).

0.10 Apr 26, 2004
	- Added the tutorial to the manifest, ooops.

0.09 Apr 24, 2004
	- Added a PseudoPod tutorial, based on O'Reilly's docs.
	- Added rudimentary text index generation.
	- Now supports 'Build' or 'make'.
	- Makefile.PL explicitly generates list of tests (change
	  suggested by Jeff Zucker because Win98 couldn't read the

0.08 Feb 18, 2004
	- Parse formatting codes in verbatim code blocks.
	- Preserve entities in HTML formatter.
	- Update text formatter to take advantage of new features.

0.07 Jan 6, 2004
	- Also allow =for directives with '=end for' directives. The
	  PseudoPod docs disagree on which is right, so I'm allowing

0.06 Jan 5, 2004
	- Allow =for directives with empty =end directives.

0.05 Jan 2, 2004
	- Fixed sidebars and tables so they can handle codes within
	  their text.

0.04 Jan 1, 2004
	- Add support for tables, including: "=begin table", =row,
	  =cell, =headrow, =bodyrows.

0.03 Dec 31, 2003
	- Add generic support for =begin entities with title text
	  after the target name.

0.02 Nov 30, 2003
	- Switch to call style similar to Pod::Simple::Methody.

0.01 Jan  6, 2003
	- Original simple subclass of Pod::Simple.