#1 $Id: ChangeLog 37535 2009-03-17 22:21:02Z allison $

2009.03.17    allison
	* Released 1.0.0
	See NEWS for more.

2009.02.17    kjs
	* Released 0.9.1
	See NEWS for more.

2009.01.20    chromatic
	* Released 0.9.0
	See NEWS for more.

2008.12.16    Whiteknight
	* Released 0.8.2
	See NEWS for more.

2008.11.18    chromatic
	* Released 0.8.1
	See NEWS for more.

2008.10.21    particle
	* Released 0.8.0
	See NEWS for more.

2008.09.16    pmichaud
	* Released 0.7.1
	See NEWS for more.

2008.08.19    rgrjr
	* Released 0.7.0
	See NEWS for more.

2008.07.15    barney
	* Released 0.6.4
	See NEWS for more.

2008.06.17    smash
	* Released 0.6.3
	See NEWS for more.

2008.05.20    chromatic
	* Released 0.6.2
	See NEWS for more.

2008.04.15    particle
	* Released 0.6.1
	See NEWS for more.

2008.03.18    bernhard
	* Released 0.6.0
	See NEWS for more.

2008.02.20    pmichaud
	* Released 0.5.3
	See NEWS for more.

2008.01.15    rgrjr
	* Released 0.5.2
	See NEWS for more.

2007.12.18    jonathan
	* Released 0.5.1
	See NEWS for more.

2007.11.20    chromatic
	* Released 0.5.0
	See NEWS for more.

2007.10.17    coke
	* Released 0.4.17
	See NEWS for more.

2007.09.18    particle
	* Released 0.4.16
	See NEWS for more.

2007.08.22    pmichaud
	* Released 0.4.15
	See NEWS for more.

2007.07.17    particle
	* Released 0.4.14
	See NEWS for more.

2007.06.19    allison
	* Released 0.4.13
	See NEWS for more.

2007.05.15    chromatic
	* Released 0.4.12
	See NEWS for more.

2007.04.17    mdiep
	* Released 0.4.11
	See NEWS for more.

2007.03.20    coke
	* Released 0.4.10
	See NEWS for more.

2007.3.10     coke
        * removed parakeet

2007.02.22    pmichaud
	* Released 0.4.9
	See NEWS for more.

2007.01.17    chromatic
	* changed 'name' method on namespaces to 'get_name' per pdd21

2007.01.16    particle
	* Released 0.4.8
	See NEWS for more.

2006.12.12    particle
	* added C<isnull> opcode

2006.11.14    chip
	* Released 0.4.7
	See NEWS for more.

2006.11.07	tewk
	* added :init pragma functionality to subs

2006.10.28	jonathan
	* added :vtable pragma functionality to subs

2006.09.18    chromatic
	* added Parrot::Embed under ext/Parrot-Embed

2006.08.18    leo
	* remove the None PMC - if needed it can trivially be reimplemented
	  in languages from r14189

2006.08.16    creiss
	Merged Software Transactional Memory branch into trunk, adds:
	* several new opcodes whose names start with stm_
	* read-only PMC support
	* several new PMC types (whose names start with STM*)
	* support for threads (again)

2006.08.08    chip
	* Released 0.4.6
	See NEWS for more.

2006.08.02    chip
	* opcodes: "in PMC" is no longer a synonym for "invar PMC";
	there are opcodes now that want the real "in PMC".
	* namespace and global opcodes now accept name arrays again, as
	well as keys; the corresponding namespace PMC methods are gone.

2006.07.21    leo
	* Parrot_exit, Parrot_on_exit take now an Interp * argument

2006.07.25    chip
	* add experimental op find_type_i_p
	* fix longstanding bug that sometimes didn't encode pasm keys as
	Key PMCs (specifically "[S0]" and "['stringliteral']").

2006.07.24    chip
	further implementation of new pdd21:
	* new opcodes {get,set}*global
	  (old {find,store}*global will be supported for a short while)

2006.07.20    audreyt
	* --maintainer prerequesites are now bison 2.2+ and flex 2.5.3x
	  (or some such --leo)
          (at the moment code is checking for 2.0 -- ambs)

2006.07.17    chip
	partial implementation of new pdd21:
	* old: "get_namespace KEY".  new: "get_hll_namespace KEY"
	* get_namespace and find_global opcodes no longer accept arrays
	  of strings.  To use arrays, call namespace object methods.

2006.06.19    leo
	* Released 0.4.5
	See NEWS for more.

2006.06.03    leo
        * I and N registers are never cleared to 0 / 0.0 on subroutine entry

2006.05.14    leo
	* Released 0.4.4
	See NEWS for more.

2006.04.30    bernhard
	* Make the Perl PMCs dynamic and move them to src/dynpmc

2006.04.02    leo
	* Released 0.4.3
	See NEWS for more.

2006.03.06    leo
        * Shifted argument type bits left by 2 according to r11754
	  change of docs/pdds/pdd03_calling_conventions.pod
	* if you are creating PASM then code needs adjustment

2006.02.22    leo
	* Released 0.4.2
	See NEWS for more.

2006.01.16    bernhard
	 * rename src/dynclasses to src/dynpmc
	 * rename src/classes to src/pmc

2006.01.15    leo

	 * find_global and friends returns a .Null PMC instead of .Undef on
	  lookup failure, iff lookup exceptions are off

2006.01.08    leo
	* Released 0.4.1
	See NEWS for more.

2005.12.28    particle
	* renamed all .imc files to .pir
	* modified all doc references to .pir as well

2005.12.13    particle
	* moved jit/ directory to src/jit/

2005.12.12    particle
	* moved io/ directory to src/io/
	* moved classes/ directory to src/classes/
	* moved dynclasses/ directory to src/dynclasses/

2005.12.08    particle
	* moved types/ directory to src/types/
	* moved pf/ directory to src/packfile/
	* moved ops/ directory to src/ops/

2005.12.08    particle
	* moved charset/ directory to src/charset/
	* moved encodings/ directory to src/encodings/

2005.12.07    particle
	* moved imcc/ directory to compilers/imcc/

2005.12.06    particle
	* moved util/ directory to tools/util/
	* removed imcc/examples/ directory
	* moved ast/ directory to compilers/ast/

2005.12.05    particle
	* moved imcc/docs/ directory to docs/imcc/
	* moved build_tools/ directory to tools/build/
	* modified MANIFEST, MANIFEST.generated, and MANIFEST.SKIP

2005.12.04    leo
	* Released 0.4.0
	* See NEWS for changes

2005.11.06    leo
	* Released 0.3.1
	* See NEWS for changes

2005.10.01    leo
	* Released 0.3.0
	* See NEWS for changes

2005.08.05    leo
	* Released 0.2.3
	* See NEWS for changes

2005.07.03    leo
	* Released 0.2.2
	* See NEWS for changes

2005.06.04    leo
	* Released 0.2.1
	* allow short names for object attributes
	* string encoding and charset can now be set independently
	* experimental mmap IO layer for slurping files
	* enable compile opcode support for compilers written in PASM/PIR
	* improved HLL support with .HLL and n_operators pragmas
	* simplified hash code
	* more strength reduce optimizations
	* distinct debug and trace flag settings
	* glob support in PGE
	* new character classification opcodes and interfaces
	* numerous bug fixes and enhancements

2005-05-08    leo
	* Released 0.2.0
	* parrot repository is now under subversion
	* MMD (Multi Method Dispatch) enhanced
	* new unary and infix opcodes that return new result PMCs
	* dynamic scalar PMCs inherit now almost all from Parrot core PMCs
	* more unification of PMCs and ParrotObjects
	* tailcalls for functions and methods
	* PGE (Parrot Grammar Engine) reworked
	* Pugs creates Parrot code and Pugs is a registered compiler now
	* new languages/lisp
	* the usual bug fixes and improvements

2005-03-06    leo
        * Released 0.1.2
	* big rewrite of string code, not yet finished but ...
	* partial implementation of a generational garbage collector
	* indirect register frame addressing
	* .return(args) PIR syntax
	* moved most of the Python code to dynclasses
	* a lot more Python functionality
	* precalculate opcodes with all constants
	* PGE - Parrot Grammar Engine
	* scalar classes refactoring
	* much more tests and big test system cleanup
	* improved documentation
	* and as always a lot more

2004-10-09    leo
        * Released 0.1.1
	* Need Perl 5.6 now for building
	* Basic AST support, PAST file parser, bits of code generation
	* BigInt PMC using GMP
	* Complex PMC
	* Dynamic loading improved including bundles of PMC classes
	* Experimental support for "make install"
	* IA64 and hppa JIT support
	* ICU unicode support
	* IO layer handling code
	* IO readline and buffered IO fixes
	* Incremental GC
	* Internal pythonic functions: filter, map, reduce, max, min ...
	* Languages updates for m4, tcl, perl6, regex. New parakeet language.
	* Library updates, Stream and SDL library
	* MMD - multi method dispatch for binary vtable methods
	* Many new array PMCs
	* Method call syntax in PIR obj."meth"(...)
	* More OS stuff: stat, exec, system, gmtime, piped read and write
	* New Python PMCs like Enumerate, None
	* Non-branching compare opcodes
	* PIR support for += and friends
	* Python language subdir
	* Python types mapped to existing PMCs
	* Slices and range support
	* Tons of bug fixes, documentation updates, new tests
	* Win32 COFF exec support
	* ... and a lot more

2004-02-29    leo
        * Released 0.1.0
        * "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... objects!"
        * Huge documentation overhaul
        * More supported platforms, s. PLATFORMS
        * Basic thread support for pthread based architectures
        * Basic event handling for timers and signals including:
        * PASM callbacks for NCI (native C) functions.
        * Improved platform configuration
        * COW stacks now working, stacks code redone
        * Structure handling vastly improved
        * Random PMC and rand primitives
        * Better subroutine call syntax in PIR
        * Make PIR subroutines compliant with pdd03
        * Improved profiling (DOD, GC timings)
        * Hash code improvements, incl. random key order support
        * Experimental freeze/thaw code for some PMC types
        * IO improvements for buffered layer and Win32
        * String iterators
        * String bitwise vtables
        * Many new opcodes
        * Support for JIT, where malloced memory isn't executable
        * Priority DOD scheme for objects that need timely destruction
        * Improved bytecode loading (e.g. onLoad functions)
        * Language updates: forth, Perl6/P6C, m4
        * Libraries: Getopt_Long, SDL, Dumper, Sort
        * new JAPH examples
        * Unified imcc and parrot test handling
        * Many new tests (make test reports 1386 tests)
        * Numerous bug fixes

2003-10-31    leo
        * Released 0.0.13
	* Yep thirteen - haunted by the ghost of 0.0.12
	* Build imcc as parrot
	* Objects more finished
	* Delegate vtable methods to byte code
	* Binary multi-method dispatching
	* Isa and does methods for PMCs
	* Call byte code from C
	* Start of extension interface
	* Experimental struct handling
	* Catch access to NULL PMCs
	* Experimental network socket interface code and opcodes
	* IO fixes and improvements
	* Dynamic opcode libraries
	* Fix-assigned opcode numbers
	* Argument flattening for function calls
	* More native call interface (NCI) signatures
	* Ncurses, postgres, and pcre interface libraries
	* Forth language is vastly improved
	* BSD and Win32 build improvements
	* Many new tests and fixes

2003-10-22    melvin
        * imcc moved from parrot/languages/ to parrot/

2003-09-20    sfink

	* updated the native_pbc test files (from Leo)
	* built release tarball

2003-09-20    sfink

	* Executable output
	* Dynamic PMC registration
	* Trial exception system
	* Beginnings of object system
	* Iterators
	* Ordered hashes
	* I/O system improvements
	* References
	* Documentation for basic PMC types
	* IMCC support of Parrot Calling Conventions
	* Runtime loading of chartypes (and other string improvements)
	* Conditional breakpoints
	* Dramatically accelerated sweeps for finalizable objects
	* Small PMCs (PMCs split into core and extensions)
	* Loadable bytecode packfiles
	* Constant PMCs
	* Sub variants that deal with the stack correctly
	* Switched runops core
	* Line numbers in warnings
	* Environment access
	* Many documentation cleanups
	* Conversion to CPS style!
	* BASIC debugger and many other wacky features
	* Filename, line number parsing support in IMCC

2003-07-21 17:31 chromatic
	* applied copyright patch from Josh Wilmes

2003-06-14 13:50 dan
	* Moved the registers out of the context structure, since they
          really aren't context
	* Changed the register stack frames to hold only 16 registers
	  rather than 32, added half-set push and pop ops, and reworked
	  the full set push/pops to do two half-set push/pops. Should
	  speed up saving register data on calls, since we usually only
	  care about the top half of the registers anyway.
	* Started committing some of the new class/object framework
	* Remembered to finally start updating the Changelog

2003-03-18 03:50  ask

	* Various files
	  Update Yet Another copyright statements to reflect the (no longer
          so) shiny new year.

2003-03-11 22:06  chip

	* Configure.pl: print help on non-option command line args

2002-12-18 20:38  sfink: changes since 0.0.8

	- Allow suppression of cgoto core to save memory during compile
	* Native function calling interface
	* Major rewrite of stack and list aggregates
	- Scalar PMC added
	* Scratchpads implemented
	- Win32 libraries
	- Internal memory subsystem documentation
	* Preliminary DotGNU support
	- Packfile fingerprinting
	* Buffer/PMC unification (into PObjs)
	* stabs debugging information support
	* Major Jako overhaul, including:
	  - imcc integration
	  - native function calling
	- Perl6 string interpolation
	- languages/regex now targets IMCC
	* Optional Lea memory allocator
	* Full sprintf implementation
	* Many, many new tests
	* Miniparrot
	- exchange ops
	- runtime-controllable gc debugging
	* PMC properties
	- Crash info
	* JIT: various improvements
	  - register usage tracking
	  - block register allocation
	  - optimizations
	  - more jitted ops
	  - restartable
	  - architecture abstraction layer
	  - debugging via GDB
	* Beginning support for extensible packfiles
	* Much better key support, generally
	* splice()
	* Restructured PMC hierarchy with better functionality inheritance
	* IMCC: many, many improvements. See imcc/ChangeLog
	* Perl6: index map grep join reverse defined
	* Scheme with functions!

2002-03-19 22:54  nicholas

	* docs/running.pod: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org>:

	 We can now get usage information for test_parrot without having to
	 grep the source.

2002-03-19 22:53  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Parrot is called parrot.

2002-03-19 22:53  nicholas

	* docs/tests.pod: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org>:

	 1. There are tests in t/pmc as well as t/op now.
	 2. Adds a comment about Parrot::Test

2002-03-19 18:09  dan

	* Configure.pl, examples/assembly/life.pasm: Toss a prompt that
	messes up automated builds

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-03-19 00:33  mrjoltcola

	* core.ops: Doc cleanup from Simon Glover.

2002-03-18 23:52  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_unix.c: Typo fix for invalid lvalue caught by David Loyd.

2002-03-18 22:09  dan

	* include/parrot/resources.h: Checked in old version

2002-03-18 20:17  dan

	* include/parrot/resources.h: Forgot a prototype

2002-03-18 20:15  dan

	* resources.c: D'oh! Thinko, fixed.

	Courtesy of "Peter Gibbs" <peter@emkel.co.za>

2002-03-18 17:33  josh

	* Configure.pl: Lowering the bar a bit.

2002-03-18 17:33  sfink

	* languages/regex/: MAINTAINER, Makefile, README, regex.pl,
	test.pl, lib/Regex.pm, lib/Regex/AsmOps.pm, lib/Regex/CodeGen.pm,
	lib/Regex/Generate.pm, lib/Regex/Grammar.pm, lib/Regex/Grammar.y,
	lib/Regex/Optimize.pm, lib/Regex/Parse.pm, lib/Regex/Pasm.pm,
	lib/Regex/PreOptimize.pm, lib/Regex/RegexOps.pm,
	lib/Regex/Rewrite.pm, lib/Regex/CodeGen/Re.pm,
	lib/Regex/CodeGen/Rx.pm, lib/Regex/Rewrite/Re.pm,
	lib/Regex/Rewrite/Rx.pm, lib/Regex/Rewrite/Stackless.pm,
	t/example.t: Whoops, wrong time to check this in.

2002-03-18 16:42  dan

	* memory.c, resources.c: Partial fix for GC's memory trouncing. At
	least we consider the PMC and Buffer free pools worth collecting,
	and initialize the Buffer pool stuff.  Still not 100% correct,

2002-03-18 15:35  simon

	* packfile.c:
	Fix format arg bug.

2002-03-18 07:45  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Warn if you're using 64-bit ints on a 32-bit

2002-03-18 00:09  sfink

	* languages/regex/: MAINTAINER, Makefile, README, regex.pl,
	test.pl, lib/Regex.pm, lib/Regex/AsmOps.pm, lib/Regex/CodeGen.pm,
	lib/Regex/Generate.pm, lib/Regex/Grammar.pm, lib/Regex/Grammar.y,
	lib/Regex/Optimize.pm, lib/Regex/Parse.pm, lib/Regex/Pasm.pm,
	lib/Regex/PreOptimize.pm, lib/Regex/RegexOps.pm,
	lib/Regex/Rewrite.pm, lib/Regex/CodeGen/Re.pm,
	lib/Regex/CodeGen/Rx.pm, lib/Regex/Rewrite/Re.pm,
	lib/Regex/Rewrite/Rx.pm, lib/Regex/Rewrite/Stackless.pm,
	t/example.t: Buggy 1st version of regex compiler implementation.
	Warning: the test code depends on features of the assembler that do
	not yet exist.

2002-03-17 21:35  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum_atest.pl: Added a couple of quick routes
	through addition and subtraction.  Also added the ability to run
	all the tests, including the ones which deal with overflow and
	underflow.  These fail, but that's expected.  Soon they'll pass.
	Then I'll show them.  Yesssssss.  Tessssssssts my precioussssss,
	passsssssssings tesssstsssss.

2002-03-17 20:06  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_test.pl: Modified
	check_(under|over)flow to test bignumbers, rather than values.
	context now carries E_limit, from which max and min exp are found.

	Added a default-context-creating function (although this isn't the
	same as either of the default contexts defined in the eda).

2002-03-17 13:31  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h: Made BN_round and BN_iround so that
	exported version matches prototypes of other public functions.

2002-03-17 06:44  josh

	* chartype.c, encoding.c, memory.c, misc.c, packdump.c, packfile.c,
	packout.c, resources.c, string.c, include/parrot/encoding.h: Some
	last-minute re-indenting.

2002-03-17 05:07  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_unix.c: Clear up unsigned compare caught by Solaris GCC.

2002-03-16 23:17  nicholas

	* classes/default.pmc: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org> to
	remove warnings:

	 default.pmc: In function `Parrot_default_get_integer_keyed':
	 default.pmc:50: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
	 default.pmc: In function `Parrot_default_get_number_keyed':
	 default.pmc:58: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
	 default.pmc: In function `Parrot_default_get_string_keyed':
	 default.pmc:67: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
	 default.pmc: In function `Parrot_default_get_pmc_keyed':
	 default.pmc:87: warning: control reaches end of non-void function

2002-03-16 18:50  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h: Lots of prototypes changed in
	readiness for nicely telling your caller about any oddness you've
	caused in the persuit of flow.

2002-03-16 17:38  dan

	* interpreter.c, resources.c, docs/pdds/pdd09_gc.pod,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/resources.h: Now we
	can control the GC and DOD, to stop it when we don't really want

2002-03-16 16:58  dan

	* resources.c, vtable.tbl, classes/default.pmc,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Added the last code to let PMCs control
	their marking at DOD time

2002-03-16 16:57  ajgough

	* types/bignum.c: Ok, I worked out how to not have lots of tabs.  I
	feel a little more virtuous now.  Really I do.	You might not
	believe me, but you should.  perl -pne 's/\t/	     /g', if you're

2002-03-16 16:57  josh

	* packfile.c, packout.c: M-x untabify is my new friend.

2002-03-16 16:50  josh

	* trace.c, resources.c: Minor whitespace tweak for the benefit of

2002-03-16 16:50  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h: More documentation, separate
	functions into public and private sorts, some initial stuff to cope
	with over and underflow correctly.

2002-03-16 16:49  josh

	* resources.c: Re-indented (sorry bout the big diff)

2002-03-16 16:47  bdwheele

	* examples/assembly/fact.pasm: This fixes fact.pasm so it will
	assemble again, both with Simon's new assembler and with the old

2002-03-16 16:33  mrjoltcola

	* io/TODO: Get the TODO up-to-date for 0.0.4.

2002-03-16 16:11  josh

	* Configure.pl: Patch from Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>: stops
	silly people (such as me) running Configure with
	/usr/local/bin/perl (which is 5.004_05) and not realising their
	mistake until the pmc subdirectory, where the first qr// is

	Syntax error messages don't tell you what you did wrong. This does:

	/usr/local/bin/perl Configure.pl Perl 5.00503 required--this is
	only version 5.00405, stopped at Configure.pl line 10.

2002-03-16 14:38  ajgough

	* Makefile.in: Small fix to Makefile.in to keep Irix make happy
	with commenting.

2002-03-16 11:45  simon

	* MANIFEST, examples/assembly/xml_parser.pasm:
	Added Clint Pierce's XML parser.

2002-03-15 22:24  simon

	* packout.c:
	Don't need that function.

2002-03-15 21:56  simon

	* Makefile.in, include/parrot/packfile.h:
	Rebuild packout.o, since it'll be used for the Packfile XS module

2002-03-15 19:45  dan

	* include/parrot/: memory.h, pmc.h: Another add-in for GC

2002-03-14 19:48  dan

	* core.ops: No string to int for some reason

2002-03-14 18:45  dan

	* string.c, t/op/string.t: Fix 0-length substr problem

2002-03-14 14:46  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, resources.c, classes/array.pmc,
	classes/perlarray.pmc, examples/assembly/life.pasm,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/resources.h: Added in
	a counter for copied memory, with a display in life.pasm

2002-03-14 03:16  mrjoltcola

	* MANIFEST: Update MANIFEST courtesy of Simon Glover.

2002-03-13 23:43  simon

	* packfile.c:

2002-03-13 23:43  simon

	* packfile.c:
	Hangs head in shame.

2002-03-13 21:31  simon

	FAQ moved.

2002-03-13 18:06  simon

	* string.c:

	Fix string_compare screw-up.

2002-03-13 18:02  brentdax

	* docs/: parrot.pod, ParrotFAQ.htm, faq.pod: Move the FAQ into POD
	and add a new question/answer pair.

2002-03-12 22:53  mrjoltcola

	* io.ops: Quick and dirty read ops for PIO. No warranty provided.

2002-03-12 22:48  mrjoltcola

	* examples/assembly/io2.pasm: Quick and dirty read ops for PIO. No
	warranty provided.

2002-03-12 22:29  ajgough

	* docs/pdds/pdd14_bignum.pod: Ooops, it is #14, really.

2002-03-12 22:24  ajgough

	* docs/pdds/pdd14_bignum.pod: Creation of bignumber pdd, update to
	version 1.1, Don't know if this is the correct number, but I don't
	want this stuck on my harddrive where it will get lost, so 14 it is

2002-03-12 11:35  simon

	* MANIFEST, packdump.c, packout.c:

	Just so the functionality doesn't disappear.

2002-03-12 11:33  simon

	* Makefile.in, chartype.c, encoding.c, packfile.c,
	chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c, encodings/singlebyte.c,
	encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf32.c, encodings/utf8.c,
	include/parrot/chartype.h, include/parrot/encoding.h,

	Packfile axing.

2002-03-11 23:06  nicholas

	* core.ops: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>:

	  Core.ops documentation nits

2002-03-11 23:05  nicholas

	* t/pmc/pmc.t: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>:

	  Most of the PerlUndef tests in pmc.t appear to have been added
	  Enclosed patch removes the duplicates.

2002-03-10 23:40  nicholas

	* t/pmc/perlstring.t: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org>:

	 More tests for the PerlString test-suite.

2002-03-10 23:40  nicholas

	* t/op/time.t: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org>:

	test for sleep with negative argument

2002-03-10 21:58  nicholas

	* t/op/rx.t: Patch from Simon Glover <scog@amnh.org>:

	 Enclosed patch fixes up a few more holes in our test coverage.

2002-03-10 21:18  mrjoltcola

	* classes/array.pmc, classes/default.pmc, classes/intqueue.pmc,
	classes/parrotpointer.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	classes/perlhash.pmc, classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, classes/perlundef.pmc,
	include/parrot/pmc.h, core.ops, pmc.c, vtable.tbl: Add size
	argument to the init() vtable method so PMCs have the option to
	know how to size themselves at creation. size could be N elements
	or a byte count, depending on the PMC or it may simply be ignored.
	Overloaded 'new' opcode for optional arg.

2002-03-10 21:15  mrjoltcola

	* lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: Minor patch to the assembler for the
	new_p_ic_ic opcode to work same as new_p_ic (looks up a named

	Also added small hack for .sub directive (which simply translates
	to a label, however we might eventually want to collect these to
	validate bsr calls.

2002-03-10 15:09  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_atest.pl, bignum_test.pl:
	Added round_floor and round_ceiling.  3403 tests pass, none fail.

2002-03-10 03:56  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum_atest.pl: Added extended stuff to
	divide, divide integer and remainder.  All filled in functions now
	have special values capability.

	Much remains to be done though, and the pdd needs to catch up.

2002-03-10 01:36  ajgough

	* types/bignum.c: Added extended stuff to _add, _subtract.

2002-03-10 00:14  nicholas

	* t/op/: integer.t, number.t: Patch from Simon Glover

	 The enclosed patch fixes a few of the holes in our test coverage
	 uncovered by Josh Wilmes

2002-03-09 23:03  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h: Modified compare to work with
	extended values.  Made a couple of changes here and there to allow
	BN_comp to take a context, so that an is_zero check doesn't clobber
	negative zeros.

2002-03-09 22:19  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_atest.pl, bignum_test.pl:
	Unary plus now copes with special values.

2002-03-09 04:25  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum_atest.pl, bignum_test.pl: Exception
	traps and flags are now enabled and tested for all the standard
	tests for all the functions which are currently implemented.  Test
	harness faffed with to allow these to be tested.

2002-03-09 02:29  josh

	* encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf32.c,
	encodings/utf8.c, chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c:

2002-03-09 02:22  josh

	* config_h.in: tab-blastin'

2002-03-09 02:21  josh

	* check_source_standards.pl: Play nicer with M-x compile- don't
	bother giving line numbers for things you don't want to look at.

2002-03-09 02:10  josh

	* examples/mops/mops.c: re-indented

2002-03-09 02:07  josh

	* classes/pmc2c.pl: Use the usual header so that we can detect the

2002-03-09 02:05  josh

	* jit2h.pl: Avoid accidental /* inside a comment, which generates a
	compiler warning

2002-03-09 01:59  josh

	* io/: io.c, io_stdio.c, io_unix.c, io_win32.c: Another large
	patch- re-indent io/*.c.

2002-03-09 01:52  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_test.pl: Added handling of
	special values to the string conversion functions, some other
	functions now need context (to let -0 pass through really_zero)
	which have also been added.

2002-03-09 01:47  josh

	* test_main.c: Re-indented.

2002-03-09 01:41  josh

	* rx.c: killed a stray tab

2002-03-09 01:38  josh

	* rx.c: Re-indented.

2002-03-09 01:36  josh

	* misc.c: Oops, some tabs remained- cleaned up.

2002-03-09 01:31  josh

	* misc.c: Re-indented (major patch, sorry)

2002-03-09 00:59  josh

	* embed.c: Re-indented.

2002-03-08 23:08  simon

	* MANIFEST, docs/pdds/pdd10_embedding.pod,
	docs/pdds/pdd11_extending.pod, docs/pdds/pdd12_assembly.pod,
	Placeholder PDDs.

2002-03-08 21:12  ajgough

	* include/parrot/string.h: Added private flags to string.h, mostly
	so that other GCed stuff can also have its very own private flags.

2002-03-08 19:53  simon

	Great PDD Renaming

2002-03-08 19:41  robert

	* docs/pdds/: pdd0.pod, pdd1.pod, pdd2.pod, pdd4.pod, pdd5.pod,
	pdd6.pod, pdd7.pod: Renamed...

2002-03-08 18:51  simon

	* MANIFEST, docs/pdds/pdd08_keys.pod:
	Add keys PDD.

2002-03-08 18:20  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_atest.pl, bignum_test.pl:
	Introduced exception handlers and exception flags to context, will
	allow support of extended standard.  Unified exception checking
	mechanism (sort of) and made minimal changes to bulk of code to use
	this.  Tests pass, I'm happy, and further changes will happen more

2002-03-08 04:38  josh

	* interpreter.c, string.c, testparrotsizes_c.in: More indenting

2002-03-08 04:37  josh

	* platforms/: generic.c, generic.h, win32.c, win32.h: Re-indented

2002-03-08 04:24  josh

	* embed.c: A bit more re-indenting

2002-03-08 04:20  josh

	* embed.c: Indenting fixes

2002-03-08 04:14  josh

	* jit.c: Re-indented (run_indent.pl)

2002-03-08 03:36  josh

	* ops2c.pl: Fix the line numbers which get reported while compiling

2002-03-08 03:22  josh

	* packfile.c: -1552 cc: WARNING File = packfile.c, Line = 1537
	The variable "type" is set but never used.

	      opcode_t type;

2002-03-08 03:04  josh

	* resources.c, stacks.c, string.c, io/io.c, io/io_stdio.c,
	io/io_unix.c: Clean up unused and set-but-not-referenced variables
	noticed by the sgi compiler.

2002-03-08 03:02  josh

	* misc.c: Fixes this warning (SGI) cc-1188 cc: WARNING File =
	misc.c, Line = 417   The indicated type qualifier is meaningless on
	cast type.

	(const char) 'f');

2002-03-08 02:55  josh

	* Makefile.in: Clean up one of the object files it was missing

2002-03-08 01:15  josh

	* include/parrot/interpreter.h: Fixes the following error (tcc):
	"./include/parrot/interpreter.h", line 27: Error:   [Syntax]: Extra
	comma at end of list.

2002-03-06 22:15  simon

	* stacks.c:
	Tidy up stack chunk allocation.

2002-03-06 21:00  simon

	* interpreter.c:
	Create strings only once we've got string register heads set up.

2002-03-06 20:31  simon

	* classes/perlarray.pmc:
	malloc(0) considered harmful.

2002-03-06 20:24  simon

	* include/parrot/resources.h:
	I like it when Parrot compiles.

2002-03-06 17:02  dan

	* classes/array.pmc: Changed over to data pointing to a Buffer.

2002-03-06 15:45  dan

	* core.ops, embed.c, exceptions.c, interpreter.c, memory.c,
	packfile.c, pbc2c.pl, pdump.c, resources.c,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/memory.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h, io/io.c: Three quick things: 1) INTVALs
	and opcode_t > longs will now be even more suspect than what they
	were beforehand.  2) Feel free to bicker with names.  I don't think
	we've come to *any* sort of agreement with these, although we
	really, really, need to.  3) I forget the third thing.	4) But I
	thought of a fourth.  5) I've now remembered the third thing: IIRC,
	ANSI C states that enums will fit within the smallest type (int or
	greater) that can hold the values. Is that actually correct, and
	does it state whether unsigned is preferred to signed for
	non-negative enums? 6) Since I'm no longer constrained by "three"
	or "quick", I'm going size_t happy for a lot of memory-related
	storage.  (That's good.  No sense wasting the size or performance
	of an UINTVAL for strange values of UINTVAL.)  I'm also using it in
	a couple other internal things (like the GC stat counters, seen
	here).	Size and performance, again, and unpromotable to a bigint,
	so we know that we (theoretically) will wrap.  However, size_t
	isn't the best choice for the type.  (Not that there's anything
	wrong with size_t, just that it shouldn't be called size_t.)  Any
	thoughts?  I was thinking of just doing unsigned int, because,
	IIRC, int is usually the natural word size, and will be most
	efficient.  Thoughts? 7) I forgot what the fourth thing I thought
	of was while writing down the others.  Sorry.

	Courtesy of  "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-03-06 15:26  dan

	* memory.c, resources.c, string.c, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Now we allocate generic Buffers from
	arenas too

2002-03-05 21:42  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Minor cleanup and enhancements.

2002-03-05 21:25  dan

	* resources.c: non-special GC now works with PMCs

2002-03-05 19:48  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, DEVELOPING, MANIFEST, config_h.in, test_main.c:
	Parrot now "knows" if it's a development version or a release
	version.  See the instructions in the DEVELOPING file.

2002-03-05 18:05  brentdax

	* MANIFEST: pasm.vim wasn't in the manifest.

2002-03-05 17:57  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Now, through much evilness, make distclean and make cvsclean work

2002-03-05 17:38  dan

	* memory.c, resources.c, docs/pdds/pdd09_gc.pod,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/pmc.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h: PMC tracing complete

2002-03-05 16:28  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile.in:
	Changed -I ../../ to -I ../../lib when calling the assembler, since
	the perl modules have moved.

2002-03-05 05:30  josh

	* packfile.c, pdump.c, pmc.c, register.c, rxstacks.c, stacks.c,
	string.c: More re-indenting via run_indent.pl.

2002-03-05 05:17  josh

	* runops_cores.c, trace.c, warnings.c: Re-indented (via

2002-03-05 04:26  josh

	* key.c, memory.c, test_gnuc.c, testparrotfuncptr.c: Re-indented
	using run_indent.pl and some minor tweaking.

2002-03-05 04:21  josh

	* chartype.c, encoding.c, exceptions.c, global_setup.c,
	interpreter.c: Re-indented using run_indent.pl and some minor

2002-03-05 03:30  josh

	* include/parrot/trace.h: These functions are no longer used (or
	even implemented)

2002-03-04 18:21  josh

	* include/parrot/trace.h: Fix a typo in the argument type.

	Patch from <daniel.ritz@gmx.ch>

2002-03-04 03:39  josh

	* check_source_standards.pl, jit2h.pl: Add the "autogenerated file"
	header to jit_struct.h so we don't try to check it for conformance.
	 (no way will it conform)

2002-03-04 03:38  josh

	* include/parrot/: chartype.h, interpreter.h, io.h, rx.h, trace.h,
	unicode.h, warnings.h: Remove some remaining tabs and split some of
	the remaining long lines.

2002-03-04 03:17  josh

	* include/parrot/: chartype.h, embed.h, encoding.h, exceptions.h,
	global_setup.h, interpreter.h, io.h, jit.h, key.h, memory.h,
	misc.h, op.h, oplib.h, packfile.h, parrot.h, pmc.h, register.h,
	resources.h, runops_cores.h, rx.h, rxstacks.h, stacks.h, string.h,
	string_funcs.h, trace.h, warnings.h: This is the first batch of
	re-indenting.	This patch is the result of running run_indent.pl
	on the header files and manually tweaking the results where errors
	were noticed.	This should get us closed, but some refinement may

2002-03-04 03:06  josh

	* resources.c: Return without parens, as mentioned in PDD 7

2002-03-04 03:01  josh

	* core.ops: POD fixes.

2002-03-04 02:58  josh

	* config_h.in, ops2c.pl, classes/pmc2c.pl: More consistent headers
	on autogenerated files- used by the check_source_standards.pl
	script (for now) to exempt autogenerated files from the checks.

2002-03-04 02:51  josh

	* embed.c, key.c, pmc.c, resources.c, rx.c, testparrotfuncptr.c,
	warnings.c: Added the editor "boilerplate" footer to a few files
	which were missing it.

2002-03-04 02:34  josh

	* check_source_standards.pl, interpreter.c, jit.c, test_gnuc.c,
	include/parrot/io.h, include/parrot/parrot.h, io/io_win32.c: Fixes
	c preprocessor directive indentation to comply with pdd 7.

	(also fixes the check for this indentation in

2002-03-04 02:32  josh

	* lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Fixes this error seen on perl 5.005_02 on

	perl t/harness t/op/basic..........Use of uninitialized value at
	lib/Parrot/Test.pm line 81.  #	   Failed test (t/op/basic.t at
	line 6) #	   got: undef #     expected: ''

2002-03-04 02:30  josh

	* MANIFEST, run_indent.pl, docs/pdds/pdd07_codingstd.pod,
	docs/pdds/pdd7.pod: Added documentation and code to invoke the GNU
	"indent" program to enforce some of the code style standards
	outlined in PDD 7.

	Usage: ./run_indent.pl <file>

2002-03-03 19:04  simon

	* examples/mops/mops.c:
	Let's make it compile, huh?

2002-03-03 19:04  simon

	* examples/mops/mops.cs:

2002-03-03 18:11  simon

	* examples/mops/mops.cs, examples/mops/mops.il, MANIFEST:
	Added C# and MS-IL versions of mops tester.

2002-03-03 14:52  simon

	* core.ops:
	Add a sub() op to make mops_p work.

2002-03-02 18:12  nicholas

	* examples/mops/mops.c, include/parrot/embed.h,
	include/parrot/interp_guts.h, include/parrot/jit.h,
	include/parrot/misc.h, include/parrot/packfile.h,
	include/parrot/rx.h, include/parrot/warnings.h,
	platforms/generic.c, platforms/generic.h, platforms/win32.c,
	platforms/win32.h, types/bignum.c, types/bignum.h: Patch from Josh
	Wilmes to add the emacs and vim "ending boilerplate" that sets the
	indent variables correctly.

2002-03-02 17:41  nicholas

	* resources.c: Patch from Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>: Little
	patch to fix a compiler warning.

2002-03-01 22:35  dan

	* memory.c, resources.c, include/parrot/pmc.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h: PMCs now come out of arenas.

2002-03-01 06:15  dan

	* string.c:
	A non-existing buffer + a non-existing buffer should be a
	non-existing buffer, not "", which is really '\0'.

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-03-01 06:02  dan

	* classes/: array.pmc, perlarray.pmc, perlhash.pmc, perlstring.pmc:

	TMTOWTDI, but strcmp is probably the worse.

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-03-01 02:32  brentdax

	* embed.c: Debug mode now prints out the GC data.

2002-02-28 23:44  dan

	* core.ops, resources.c, include/parrot/resources.h: Added collect
	and sweep opcodes

2002-02-28 22:58  dan

	* docs/pdds/: pdd06_pasm.pod, pdd6.pod: Add docs for interpinfo

2002-02-28 22:50  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, resources.c,
	examples/assembly/life.pasm, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Add some stat gathering to the resource
	allocation code.

	Also add an interpreter info retrieval op, and teach it about the
	different things it can retrieve.

	Finally, add some stat info to life.pasm as an example

2002-02-28 21:27  dan

	* editor/pasm.vim: VIM mode commands for parrot assembly files

	Courtesy of Scott Beck <scott@gossamer-threads.com>

2002-02-28 19:20  dan

	* examples/assembly/life.pasm: Fix a creeping string length leak.

	Courtesy of  "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-02-28 18:26  dan

	* string.c: When you clone a constant, it ain't constant no mo'.

	Cocurtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-02-28 00:51  dan

	* MANIFEST: Add missing files

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <Bryan.Warnock@raba.com>

2002-02-28 00:49  dan

	* docs/pdds/: pdd0.pod, pdd00_pdd.pod: The pod version of PDD 0 in
	CVS seems to have several chunks missing out of it, too.  This
	patch is simply an administrative patch, with the differences
	between my last version, and the one currently in there.  There
	will be a forthcoming patch for some minor tweaking to the PDD, but
	I wanted a common baseline before I make any (potential) semantic

	There's only one semi-major change, which noone needs to worry
	about just yet.  That's a change from PDD Format 1 to PDD Format
	6.0 - rationale can be found under 'Standard (Version #)' of the
	STANDARDS TRACK infomation.  Don't worry about this yet, because it
	should be 6.0.0, and we need to discuss Perl versus Parrot with

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-02-28 00:27  dan

	* packfile.c, resources.c, examples/assembly/life.pasm,
	include/parrot/register.h, include/parrot/resources.h,
	include/parrot/string.h: First pass of semi-full GC. (Strings only,
	no PMCs yet)

	This patch now implements a real copying collector. We trace from
	our root set and compact the contents of Buffer structs.


	*) It's very STRING-centric and doesn't handle memory stuffed in
	Buffers.  But, then, we don't have pool allocation for Buffers
	either, and we need to have that soonish for this to work.

	*) Doesn't trace PMCs, so if you trigger a collection and there's
	memory or STRING structs only accessible from PMCs, you'll fail
	horribly. That needs fixing too

	*) Better algorithms for when to trace or collect vs when to just
	go allocate more memory from the system. Should probably be more
	cache friendly too.

2002-02-27 21:04  dan

	* jit.c, memory.c, resources.c, string.c, docs/pdds/pdd09_gc.pod,
	examples/assembly/life.pasm, include/parrot/resources.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, include/parrot/string_funcs.h,
	jit/i386/core.jit: Start of GC in

2002-02-26 16:41  dan

	* jit/i386/string.jit: Fix a typo

	Courtesy of Jonathan Stowe <gellyfish@gellyfish.com>

2002-02-26 16:37  dan

	* interpreter.c: Fix solaris test failures

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-26 16:36  dan

	* include/parrot/: interp_guts.h, io.h, packfile.h, rx.h,
	unicode.h, warnings.h: Fixes various warts in header files, such
	as: * macros   -added parens to prevent problems with operator
	precedence   -removed ; at end * removed SSIZE_MAX, since ssize_t
	is no longer used * added some more INLINE definitions for MSVC and
	C99 compilers

	Courtesy of Brian Lee Ray <blray@ualr.edu>

2002-02-26 16:20  dan

	* Configure.pl: Turns out we were using a warning flag which
	doesn't exist on 2.7.  Simple tweak though:

	Courtesy of  Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-25 22:58  dan

	* MANIFEST, docs/pdds/pdd09_gc.pod: Add docs of GC

2002-02-25 17:36  dan

	* include/parrot/pmc.h: Fix the bits

2002-02-23 21:57  dan

	* include/parrot/resources.h: Another 1.5% never hurts

2002-02-23 21:44  dan

	* global_setup.c, memory.c, resources.c, string.c,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Allocate STRING headers from an arena
	with freelist rather than with the system malloc. First step in a
	good (or even a bad) GC system.

2002-02-23 20:37  brentdax

	* misc.c: lint has been doing Evil and Wrong things to misc.c.

2002-02-22 14:59  ajgough

	* types/bignum.c: BN_multiply split into BN_multiply and
	BN_imultiply, the internal version to be used by idivide so that
	rounding isn't performed during intermediate stages of division.

	following test scripts now all pass: divide divideint add multiply
	subtract remainder compare rounding plus minus (these are all the
	operations currently implemented, rescale and power must still be
	written, so don't pass right now).

2002-02-22 13:13  ajgough

	* types/bignum_atest.pl: Test harness modified to understand
	comments better, and be able to run unary (and rounding) tests.
	Currently a few rounding tests fail, which are being investigated.

2002-02-22 01:41  dan

	* key.c: Although there's more work being done on the key stuff and
	this isn't the final fix, applying this patch does get parrot to
	build with two more compilers, so it's probably worthwhile.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-22 00:53  dan

	* config_h.in, misc.c, include/parrot/embed.h,
	include/parrot/exceptions.h, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/io.h, include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/pmc.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h, include/parrot/rx.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, include/parrot/unicode.h,
	include/parrot/warnings.h, io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c,
	io/io_win32.c: Fixes the following (lcc) warnings:

	  - interpreter.c:470: warning: expression with no effect elided
	       (related to the way warnings flags were defined)

	  - misc.c:352: warning: unreachable code
	    misc.c:483: warning: unreachable code
	       (i introduced these with some overzealous de-linting)

	  - numerous warnings like this:
	    io/io_unix.c:383: warning: conversion from pointer to void' to
	pointer to
	    pointer to struct _ParrotIO function(pointer to struct
	    to struct _ParrotIOLayer,pointer to const char,pointer to const
	    to pointer to void)' is compiler dependent

	Fixes the following nits:    - remove bad indenting (tabs) in the

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-21 21:12  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h: These might look like massive
	changes, but really it's just he imposition of coding standards.
	The file still isn't entirely compliant, but is now much more so.

	Also changed:

	 o a few more comments
	 o BN_compare uses internal BN_comp to compare
	 o lost_digits behaviour is now correct (test harness modified to

	All binary functions now pass all the tests in the basic standard.
	Unary functions not yet tested, will be soon.

2002-02-21 18:20  dan

	* lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm: The "inline" bit of that patch
	was no longer needed, and the ssize_t thing really shouldn't be
	needed either.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-21 18:15  dan

	* Configure.pl, embed.c, pdump.c, hints/mswin32.pl,
	include/parrot/parrot.h: this patch adds support for the freely
	available borland c++ 5.5.1 compiler

	depends on: - josh's patch to remove ssize_t from CPrederef.pm -
	working borland compiler (compiler must know where to find headers
	and libs) - Perl's Config.pm modified to use cc='bcc32.exe' not of
	cc='cl.exe' - a working make utility (borland make doesn't work,
	nmake does)

	changes: - add bcc in hints/mswin32.pl - clean up for msvc++ in
	hints/mswin32.pl - remove a space from Configure.pl (very very
	important for bcc) - add a O_BINARY flag to open() in pdump.c,
	embed.c (required by bcc) - define O_BINARY 0 when it's not defined
	(win32 knows it, linux not)

	and the why: - parrot is MUCH faster when compiled with borland c
	(make test on p2-450, 320MB):	* msvc++: 313 seconds	* bcc: 251

	Courtesy of "Ritz Daniel" <daniel_ritz@gmx.ch>

2002-02-21 18:09  dan

	* jit.c, testparrotfuncptr.c, trace.c, classes/array.pmc, io/io.c,
	io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c, io/io_win32.c: This patch removes
	cuddled elses, as required by PDD 7.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-21 18:04  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, check_source_standards.pl: This patch adds
	a new Makefile target called "check_source".  This target scans all
	the .c and .h files in the directory and checks for conformance to
	a number of the standards outlined in PDD 7.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-21 16:38  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_atest.pl: Modifications to
	allow arithmetic with numbers with a fixed fractional part, buffer
	structures now more ready to be integrated into the parrot memory
	allocation game, test harness modified to allow lost_digits
	condition to be checked.  Some more comments.

2002-02-21 15:53  simon

	* io/io_unix.c:
	Fix typo

	Courtesy of: "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-02-20 16:41  dan

	* MANIFEST, docs/pdds/pdd_template.pod: Added in template PDD

2002-02-18 18:25  dan

	* MANIFEST, lib_deps.pl: Added in lib_deps.pl and MANIFEST change.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-18 18:21  dan

	* lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm: this is a quick fix for
	CPrederef.pm to make to generated code compile with the MS

	fixes: - ms compiler allows inline only for c++, for c there's
	__inline - ms header files knows nothing about ssize_t

	Courtesy of "Ritz Daniel" <daniel_ritz@gmx.ch>

2002-02-18 17:49  dan

	* MANIFEST: Add the PDDs

2002-02-18 17:47  dan

	* docs/pdds/: pdd07_codingstd.pod, pdd7.pod: Added in PDD 7, the
	coding standards PDD.

2002-02-18 17:40  dan

	* docs/pdds/: pdd06_pasm.pod, pdd6.pod: Updated to latest rev

2002-02-18 12:41  gregor

	* test_main.c:
	Remove warning about exit() not being declared.

2002-02-18 08:29  simon

	* misc.c, warnings.c, include/parrot/misc.h,
	This patch adds some missing const's to silence a number of gcc

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-18 08:26  simon

	* Makefile.in, core.ops, embed.c, interpreter.c, key.c, misc.c,
	ops2c.pl, packfile.c, pdump.c, stacks.c, string.c,
	classes/array.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc, classes/perlhash.pmc,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/rx.h,
	include/parrot/stacks.h, io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c,
	   - add makefile target and script to test for external libc
	   - fix return values in hash and array PMCs (returning 0 in a
	void func)
	   - remove unnecessary data pointer <=> function pointer
	     outside of the JIT code.
	   - move the definition of the "INLINE" macro out of the rx header
	and make
	     available for general use on C++ compilers and gcc.
	   - remove a few unused variables

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-17 16:29  simon

	* docs/pdds/: pdd0.pod, pdd00_pdd.pod, pdd01_overview.pod,
	pdd02_vtables.pod, pdd04_datatypes.pod, pdd05_opfunc.pod,
	pdd06_pasm.pod, pdd1.pod, pdd2.pod, pdd4.pod, pdd5.pod, pdd6.pod:
	We're organised and responsible. Honest.

2002-02-17 02:46  sfink

	* Makefile.in: Remove $^ for nmake compatibility.

2002-02-16 09:20  brentdax

	* config_h.in, test_main.c, include/parrot/chartype.h,
	include/parrot/embed.h, include/parrot/encoding.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, include/parrot/string_funcs.h: Better
	embedding exposure and hiding, part 1.

2002-02-16 04:38  dan

	* Makefile.in, core.ops, interpreter.c, pbc2c.pl, pdump.c,
	runops_cores.c, docs/running.pod, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm:
	Anyway, here's a patch to repair pbc2c.pl, combined with removing
	typecasts in various places throughout the code. It probably won't
	work for Windows yet. The libparrot.a target might need to be
	modified to at least prevent it from confusing make on Windows; I
	don't know.

	Preliminary instructions for using pbc2c.pl are in
	docs/running.pod.  I'll try to do better later.

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-02-16 04:15  dan

	* exceptions.c, include/parrot/exceptions.h: Warnings cleaned up

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-16 00:03  simon

	* classes/: perlarray.pmc, perlhash.pmc:

	pmc is already defined!

2002-02-15 23:20  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, config_h.in, exceptions.c, pmc.c,
	include/parrot/exceptions.h: Far more informative panic messages.

2002-02-15 03:24  dan

	* lib/Parrot/: Op.pm, OpsFile.pm, OpTrans/CPrederef.pm: Here's a
	much more extensive patch that fixes it to work properly, and
	deletes a bazillion casts as well.  It also points to the question
	"can we make the byte_code be an opcode_t* already?"

	Oh, and it makes some of the formatting prettier, so it's gotta be

	Courtesy of * Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-02-15 02:30  dan

	* Makefile.in, core.ops, embed.c, misc.c, packfile.c, rx.ops,
	stacks.c: I've tweaked the "lint" target somewhat and fixed a few
	of the things it finds.  Attaching the patch as well as the current
	lint output.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-02-15 01:59  dan

	* t/pmc/: array.t, perlhash.t: Disable non-functional bits for the

2002-02-15 01:48  dan

	* t/pmc/perlarray.t: Skip tests for features that need twiddling

2002-02-15 01:40  dan

	* t/op/rx.t: Skip a test that's waiting for us to rejig some array

2002-02-14 23:30  dan

	* resources.c: Added comment for buffer tag routine. D'oh!

2002-02-14 23:28  dan

	* resources.c, include/parrot/resources.h: Added buffer mark
	routine for GC

2002-02-14 23:17  dan

	* memory.c, classes/array.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	include/parrot/memory.h, include/parrot/string.h, t/pmc/perlhash.t:
	Rejigged memory system a bit. Now should be ready for the horror
	that is garbage collection.

2002-02-14 19:33  gregor

	* ops2c.pl, include/parrot/oplib.h:
	Added code to automatically generate a function within an oplib to
	lookup opinfos given the op name. This will come in handy in future
	when we want to twiddle opcode tables at run time and possibly at
	startup time.

2002-02-14 19:25  gregor

	* examples/assembly/queens.pasm:
	Regenerated queens.pasm from queens.jako since the clone_* stuff
	went away.

2002-02-14 17:12  dan

	* resources.c, include/parrot/resources.h: Finished up the
	interface for memory and tracked interpreter thingies.

2002-02-14 16:53  dan

	* memory.c, include/parrot/memory.h: intercept free and realloc

2002-02-14 05:53  dan

	* interpreter.c, runops_cores.c: The type changes in struct
	Packfile break the pointer math used in a few places to calculate
	the address of the end of the loaded byte code. This causes
	segfaults in build_asm in jit.c when using -j. It also breaks the
	bounds checking on opcode address in runops_slow_core.

	The patch adds the necessary cast to correct the code_end

	Courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-02-14 01:01  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_test.pl: Added support for
	BigInt operations (I think), tests for normal operation continue to
	pass.  Also a shed load of comments.

2002-02-13 01:34  ajgough

	* types/: bignum.c, bignum.h, bignum_atest.pl, bignum_test.pl: This
	is a (mostly) working bignumber library.  There remains much work
	to do though, some functions are not yet implemented and headers
	need to find their way to the correct place RSN.  Also support for
	bigints and a sensible error reporting mechanism are needed.

2002-02-12 18:51  dan

	* misc.c: Fix some warnings

2002-02-12 17:10  dan

	* misc.c: Run through indent -kr -nce so I can read it

2002-02-12 16:49  dan

	* misc.c: Need standard header/footer comments

2002-02-11 20:32  simon

	* classes/array.pmc:
	get and set pmc methods.

2002-02-11 20:19  simon

	* classes/array.pmc:
	Maybe the keys aren't integer...

2002-02-11 20:03  simon

	* core.ops, vtable.tbl, classes/default.pmc:

2002-02-11 19:07  simon

	* vtable.tbl, classes/default.pmc:
	Add set_pmc. Usee with caution.

2002-02-11 18:20  dan

	* classes/: array.pmc, perlarray.pmc: Patch array classes to

2002-02-11 17:59  simon

	* core.ops, embed.c, global_setup.c, key.c, rx.ops,
	classes/perlarray.pmc, classes/perlhash.pmc:
	Make it compile.

2002-02-11 17:57  simon

	* packfile.c, include/parrot/packfile.h:
	Reduce warnings

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2002-02-11 17:55  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Document some key ops

2002-02-11 09:20  brentdax

	* pmc.c, include/parrot/exceptions.h: Adding a panic ought to be
	disgustingly easy.

2002-02-11 00:34  simon

	* core.ops, include/parrot/exceptions.h:
	This is what keyed set ops look like. Remember, however, that for
	keyed functions, all operands must be PMCs. set(PMC, PMC, INT)
	means $1 = $2[$3], not $1[$2] = $3. set(PMC,PMC,PMC) is so
	obviously ambiguous that you ought to use the 4-arg version

2002-02-10 23:12  jgoff

	* classes/: array.pmc, perlarray.pmc: Properly allocate
	SELF->data's array of PMC* data in array and perlarray.pmc.  This
	isn't tested yet, but should be fairly straightforward.  PerlHash
	needs to be finished before the system will compile again, and that
	should be done in the next few days.

2002-02-09 04:46  jgoff

	* classes/: array.pmc, default.pmc, intqueue.pmc,
	parrotpointer.pmc, perlarray.pmc, perlhash.pmc, perlundef.pmc:
	Added basic _keyed member functions.  Unfortunately this still
	doesn't fix the problems that are causing the build to break. It's
	a start though. I'm not implementing the PMC add functions just

2002-02-08 15:59  simon

	* classes/array.pmc:
	Some more work on getting the array stuff up to date.

2002-02-08 12:23  simon

	* classes/array.pmc, classes/perlhash.pmc, include/parrot/key.h,
	Got array->get_integer_keyed doing what I think it ought to. One
	down, all the rest to go.

2002-02-08 11:47  simon

	* vtable.tbl:
	Although I didn't intend it to be quite that broken...

2002-02-08 11:42  simon

	* vtable.tbl, include/parrot/parrot.h, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm:
	Completely break Parrot, but at least we get the key stuff right
	for now.

2002-02-08 06:25  dan

	* hints/darwin.pl: Silences the warning about passing in
	-flat_namespace to the compile.  That's a link-only flag.

2002-02-08 04:52  jgoff

	* classes/: array.pmc, default.pmc, intqueue.pmc,
	parrotpointer.pmc, perlarray.pmc, perlhash.pmc, perlint.pmc,
	perlnum.pmc, perlstring.pmc, perlundef.pmc: Filled in missing
	return values in *.pmc, added some missing casts to the repeat_foo
	members, and deleted the _index members from the perlscalar
	classes.  Basic cleanup, and getting ready for _keyed functions.

2002-02-07 04:49  mrjoltcola

	* examples/assembly/bsr.pasm: Elaborated on the bsr/ret example,
	added a nested subroutine call.

2002-02-07 04:32  jgoff

	* vtable.tbl, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm: vtable.tbl got some minor
	changes in order to give the whitespace rules a little workout, and
	do a little bit more testing. No actual structural changes were
	made.  lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm got an interface change, and more
	importantly should be ready to support the new '_keyed' attribute,
	which will work roughly thus: PMC* src_value gets remapped to 'PMC*
	src_value' followed by 'KEY* src_key'.	This will be how the new
	_keyed operators will function, and those should be written within
	a few days.

2002-02-06 18:00  doughera

	* misc.c: Change C++-style comments to C comments (again).  Remove
	unused perl5 code that was in #if 0/#endif.

2002-02-06 17:59  doughera

	* warnings.c: Add trailing newline.

2002-02-06 04:14  mrjoltcola

	* include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c: Minor cleanup.

2002-02-06 03:11  mrjoltcola

	* examples/assembly/io1.pasm, io/io.c, io/io_win32.c: Tied up a
	couple of loose end in win32 IO stuff. Open behaves now but needs
	more work.

2002-02-05 21:02  brentdax

	* classes/pmc2c.pl: Length on whoami init was always 7--a problem
	which showed up in Purify builds.

2002-02-05 17:15  simon

	* misc.c:
	Warning fixes.

	Courtesy of: Jonathan Stowe <gellyfish@gellyfish.com>

2002-02-05 17:08  doughera

	* misc.c: Avoid C++-style comments.

2002-02-05 17:07  doughera

	* lib/Parrot/Jit/sun4Generic.pm: Generated assembly programs were
	not valid assembler for Sun's /usr/ccs/bin/as.	Now they are,
	thanks to Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>.

2002-02-05 14:04  simon

	* misc.c:
	Make the problem different, perhaps even better.

2002-02-05 13:49  simon

	* misc.c:
	Possibly fix a `short int' is promoted to `int' when passed through
	`...' scary error, possibly make things absolutely worse.

2002-02-05 13:15  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Placate Tru64.

2002-02-05 13:12  simon

	* warnings.c:
	Not going to get far without this one...

2002-02-05 11:41  simon

	* string.c:
	Don't barf when handed null pointers.

2002-02-05 10:04  simon

	* misc.c, include/parrot/misc.h:
	Fix some trivial bugs in warnings code.

2002-02-05 09:27  simon

	* misc.c:
	Oops, forgot this one; also added %P support.

2002-02-05 09:20  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, embed.c, interpreter.c,
	test_main.c, classes/perlundef.pmc, include/parrot/embed.h,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/misc.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/warnings.h:
	Warnings support.

	Courtesy of: Brent Dax <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-02-05 05:41  jgoff

	* vtable.tbl, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm, t/pmc/perlstring.t: Changed the
	format of vtable.tbl to get rid of the tab-dependence.	The format
	now looks roughly like this:

	init() # 'void' and 'unique' are assumed INTVAL type ( ) # 'unique'
	is assumed str void concatenate (PMC* value, PMC* dest) # Nothing
	assumed here, but note the C-like prototyping.	Also had to disable
	one test that depended upon 'concat_p_p_s', which isn't necessary

	Vtable.pm will change again when the type '_keyed' is added,
	because that requires remapping parameters slightly differently
	again.	Also, note that it assumes 'value' is the first parameter
	in the list. This assumption will go away at the same time.

2002-02-04 16:57  ajgough

	* core.ops, t/pmc/perlstring.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: More tests for pmc
	functions.  Thanks to Simon Glover.

2002-02-04 02:47  ajgough

	* hints/os2.pl: Removes a flag from the os/2 hints file that isn't
	needed.  I suspect that the entire hints file isn't really needed,
	but there's no one to actually tell us this.

2002-02-02 15:45  ask

	* docs/ParrotFAQ.htm: fix internal links

2002-02-02 04:06  jgoff

	* classes/: array.pmc, intqueue.pmc, perlarray.pmc, perlhash.pmc:
	Moving the internal KEY structure from the cache.struct_val member,
	where it doesn't really belong, to the internal SELF->data member.
	This frees up the cache/type members for other usage.

	This is the first step in moving PMCs to the point where we can do
	multidimensional PMC handles. The next step is to change the
	assembler to accept the syntax of 'set P0["foo"],7'.

2002-02-02 00:13  nicholas

	* include/parrot/global_setup.h: Patch from Jonathan Stowe to
	prototype Parrot_Array_class_init

2002-02-02 00:13  nicholas

	* embed.c: Casts to tidy up warnings from Jonathan Stowe Change
	time to sum_time to avoid warning on FreeBSD about tracking a
	global [No, this warning does not appear on Linux. Yes, it is real

2002-02-01 23:02  nicholas

	* embed.c: Fix fprintf format warning in Parrot_runcode. From Simon

2002-02-01 20:20  nicholas

	* t/pmc/pmc.t: Add end at end of asm in test (from Simon Glover)

2002-02-01 18:20  nicholas

	* lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Env.pm on 5.005_03 doesn't do a use vars for

2002-02-01 13:22  nicholas

	* MANIFEST: Add docs/embed.pod and t/op/ifunless.t

2002-02-01 12:19  simon

	* core.ops, t/op/ifunless.t, t/op/integer.t:
	Added "unless" op.

2002-02-01 12:11  simon

	* lib/Parrot/Test.pm:
	Remove a warning.

2002-02-01 01:38  nicholas

	and a manitest target to Makefile.in that lets one test the

2002-02-01 00:03  dan

	* core.ops, global_setup.c, include/parrot/pmc.h: More setup for
	PMC dynaloading

2002-01-31 21:46  gregor

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, hints/mswin32.pl:
	A few more things are now configable, so we are closer to win32
	shared library builds. Not there yet, but closer.

2002-01-31 21:00  dan

	* global_setup.c, classes/pmc2c.pl, include/parrot/global_setup.h,
	include/parrot/pmc.h: First step in dynamically loading PMC classes

2002-01-31 19:38  dan

	* Makefile.in: Dependencies in the Makefile are currently too broad
	brush.	I don't enjoy waiting for everything to recompile every
	time I try to tweak the jit. The only file that #includes
	jit_struct.h is jit.c, so I feel that the Makefile dependencies
	should reflect this, and not cause a gratuitous recompile of
	everything.  There are probably other auto-generated header files
	that world+dog should not depend on.

	Courtesy of  Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-31 19:03  gregor

	* Makefile.in, lib/Parrot/Test.pm, t/harness:
	Added two new make targets:

	  * testp: Like 'make test', but passes -P to t/harness, so you get
	    see how broken predereferencing is.

	  * testj: Like 'make test', but passes -j to t/harness, so you get
	    see how broken JIT is.

	Now, anyone who wants to see how good all three ways of running are
	can do so, at the cost of about 3x the time.

2002-01-31 17:09  brentdax

	* embed.c, test_main.c: Implement the ARGV-in-P0 thing.

2002-01-31 03:41  grunblatt

	* docs/jit.pod: Update jit.pod

2002-01-31 03:20  grunblatt

	* jit/i386/core.jit: Hold this until we get an assemble tool,
	because of the different objdump problems.

2002-01-31 03:13  grunblatt

	* Configure.pl, lib/Parrot/Jit/sun4-solaris.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/sun4Generic.pm: Use dis intead of objdump.  Courtesy
	of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-31 02:22  grunblatt

	* jit/i386/core.jit: Continue if the register is null

2002-01-30 23:50  grunblatt

	* lib/Parrot/Jit/: alpha-bsd.pm, alpha-linux.pm, alphaGeneric.pm,
	i386-bsd.pm, i386-linux.pm, i386Generic.pm, sun4-solaris.pm,
	sun4Generic.pm: Move the AS and OBJDUMP constants to each os
	specific file.

2002-01-30 23:35  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_win32.c: Change implementation of isatty on win32,
	suggested by Hong Zhang.

2002-01-30 23:19  sfink

	* jit2h.pl, lib/Parrot/Op.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Added
	Op::may_jump boolean method.

	Replaced jit2h's hardcoded pattern match to decide what ops might
	change the control flow.

2002-01-30 22:13  dan

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, testparrotfuncptr.c: This patch allows
	parrot to mostly-build with tcc.  It allows one to skip compiling
	the JIT stuff (by specifying --define jitcapable=0), and it
	introduces a test program which gives a friendlier error in this
	case for compilers which are as picky as tcc is about function
	pointer conversion.

	If anyone figures out the proper way to cast these function
	pointers this may not be necessary.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-30 20:54  dan

	* docs/running.pod, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: I'm being anal again.
	Here's an update to docs/running.pod to better reflect the current
	state (both the test_parrot and assemble.pl improvements, plus
	documentation of a few more things.) And also a speling fiks

	I could also replace some "perl foo" calls with "./foo" if someone
	wanted to set the executable flag in CVS on assemble.pl,
	optimize.pl, etc.

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-30 20:43  dan

	* core.ops: find_global doesn't work, so stub out the wrong code

2002-01-30 19:08  dan

	* lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm:  fixes the POD in Parrot::Assember so
	that perldoc
	 can read it and just tidies it up generally. It also adds
	 for the constantize_integer and constantize_number functions.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-30 18:02  dan

	* assemble.pl, disassemble.pl, optimizer.pl, pbc2c.pl,
	classes/genclass.pl, classes/pmc2c.pl,
	languages/scheme/Scheme/Test.pm:  Many of the Perl scripts in the
	distribution (including assemble.pl !)
	 can no longer find the Parrot::* modules. Enclosed patch fixes
	 it would be nice if there were an easier way to do this).

	Courtesy of  Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-30 16:00  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_win32.c: Correct function calls for win32_fdopen and arg

2002-01-30 15:50  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_unix.c: Minor bug fix for fdopen flag arg type.

2002-01-30 15:42  grunblatt

	* pbc2c.pl, examples/assembly/Makefile: Updates related to moving
	files around

2002-01-30 15:38  grunblatt

	* MANIFEST: Enclosed patch adds the new SPARC-based JIT files to
	the manifest,  and also puts it back into alphabetical order.

	Courtesy of: Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-30 14:41  nicholas

	* embed.c: Patch from Simon Glover to clean up warnings where
	prototype is () not (void)

2002-01-30 13:54  nicholas

	* include/parrot/embed.h, test_main.c: Add void as an explicit
	parameter in test_main.c's usage(), version(void) and embed.h's
	Parrot_new() Without these gcc moans: include/parrot/embed.h:34:
	warning: function declaration isn't a prototype

2002-01-30 12:08  simon

	* lib/Parrot/.cvsignore:
	Ignore generated Perl modules.

2002-01-30 12:07  simon

	* t/harness:
	Run the PMC tests as well.

2002-01-30 12:04  simon

	Fix MANIFEST after recent t/pmc rejig.

2002-01-30 11:42  simon

	* lib/Parrot/Test.pm:
	Report non-zero exit codes.

	Courtesy of: Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>

2002-01-30 11:39  simon

	* t/op/rx.t:
	Skip final test, TODO doesn't work yet.

2002-01-30 09:54  brentdax

	* docs/embed.pod: Leon Brocard was kind enough to explain to me how
	predereferencing works.

2002-01-30 09:38  brentdax

	* docs/: embed.pod, parrot.pod: Document this newfangled embedding

2002-01-30 09:37  brentdax

	* include/parrot/embed.h: Fix a mistake, clear up a warning.

2002-01-30 09:37  brentdax

	* config_h.in: Expose another flag for embedders.

2002-01-30 05:07  jgoff

	* make_vtable_ops.pl, t/harness: Both files didn't know of the new
	location for Parrot/, and t/harness wasn't able to run the new
	op/pmc tests. Both problems fixed, so I think I'm going to declare
	the build suitable for public consumption.

2002-01-30 04:34  robert

	* docs/Makefile.in: update for CVS movement

2002-01-30 04:32  robert

	* Makefile.in: Adjust for CVS reorganization.  (This time, edit the
	.in file, not the real Makefile)

2002-01-30 04:20  robert

	* Configure.pl, jit2h.pl, ops2c.pl, ops2pm.pl, pmc_pm.pl,
	vtable_h.pl, classes/pmc2c.pl, include/parrot/parrot.h: Updates
	related to moving files around

2002-01-30 04:10  robert

	* MANIFEST: Update MANIFEST to reflect CVS reorg.

2002-01-30 04:07  robert

	* Configure.pl: Add './lib' to our @INC because Parrot/* moved.

2002-01-30 03:56  robert

	* Parrot/: .cvsignore, Assembler.pm, BuildUtil.pm, Op.pm,
	OpTrans.pm, OpsFile.pm, Optimizer.pm, PackFile.pm, String.pm,
	Test.pm, Vtable.pm, Jit/alpha-bsd.pm, Jit/alpha-linux.pm,
	Jit/alphaGeneric.pm, Jit/i386-bsd.pm, Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	Jit/i386-nojit.pm, Jit/i386Generic.pm, Jit/sun4-solaris.pm,
	Jit/sun4Generic.pm, OpLib/.cvsignore, OpTrans/C.pm,
	OpTrans/CGoto.pm, OpTrans/CPrederef.pm, PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	PackFile/Constant.pm, PackFile/FixupTable.pm: Moved Parrot/* to

2002-01-30 03:46  robert

	* languages/miniperl/miniperlc: renamed to mpc

2002-01-30 03:45  robert

	* t/op/: pmc.t, pmc_array.t, pmc_perlarray.t, pmc_perlhash.t,
	pmc_perlstring.t: Moved to t/op/pmc/

2002-01-30 03:40  robert

	* include/parrot/register_funcs.h: Renamed to regfuncs.h

2002-01-30 03:14  jgoff

	* classes/perlarray.pmc, t/op/pmc_perlarray.t, t/pmc/perlarray.t:
	Fixed some problems with PerlArray and added tests.  Previously,
	only integers could be accessed by negative indices.  After this
	change, all basic types can be accessed by negative indices, and
	they can also be set at negative indices.

2002-01-29 22:13  brentdax

	* TODO: Just look at the stupid diff.

2002-01-29 21:53  simon

	* TODO, docs/vtables.pod:
	New TODO, and tiny addition to vtables.pod

2002-01-29 21:47  mrjoltcola

	* include/parrot/io.h, io/io_unix.c: Minor bug fix in io_unix.

2002-01-29 21:38  mrjoltcola

	* Makefile.in: Makefile.in tweak for io depend.

2002-01-29 21:15  brentdax

	* embed.c: Fix a segfault and some profiling formatting nits.

2002-01-29 20:54  brentdax

	* pmc.c: Oops.

2002-01-29 20:50  brentdax

	* pmc.c, include/parrot/exceptions.h: Exceptions are better than

2002-01-29 20:17  mrjoltcola

	* interpreter.c, core.ops, io.ops: CVS missed this.

2002-01-29 20:17  mrjoltcola

	* io/io.c: These should have gone in Sunday with the rest. CVS is
	out to get me.

2002-01-29 18:39  brentdax

	* platforms/win32.h: Fix Win32 whoops.

2002-01-29 18:29  brentdax

	* embed.c, include/parrot/embed.h: A couple minor embedding fixes.

2002-01-29 17:51  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, config_h.in, embed.c, test_main.c,
	include/parrot/embed.h, include/parrot/parrot.h:
	Embedding support. Cool.

	Courtesy of: <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-29 15:40  grunblatt

	* Configure.pl: Detect if we can use "objdump".  Courtesy of: Jason
	Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-29 14:42  simon

	* include/parrot/parrot.h:
	Platform stuff has to be included *after* system headers.

2002-01-29 14:05  grunblatt

	* interpreter.c, jit.c, Parrot/Jit/sun4-solaris.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/sun4Generic.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/sun4-solaris.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/sun4Generic.pm, include/parrot/jit.h,
	jit/sun4/core.jit, jit/sun4/lib.jit, jit/sun4/string.jit: Added
	support for SPARC.  Courtesy of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-29 10:56  simon

	* platforms/generic.h:
	If we don't have a S_ISREG, produce something close to it.

2002-01-29 06:01  dan

	* MANIFEST, README, LICENSES/Artistic: Finally added licenses

2002-01-29 04:38  jgoff

	* classes/array.pmc: Forgot to remove some C++-isms from the
	get_{foo}_index routines.

2002-01-29 04:26  jgoff

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, global_setup.c, classes/Makefile.in,
	classes/array.pmc, include/parrot/pmc.h, t/op/pmc_array.t,
	t/pmc/array.t: Added array class that languages other than perl can
	use for a basis.  It has no features like preextension, and the
	array index starts at 0.

	MANIFEST - added classes/array.pmc and t/op/pmc_array.t Makefile.in
	and classes/Makefile.in - Added array.pmc to the makefile.
	(Assuming rules like .pmc.o are portable (or even possible) I might
	alter classes/Makefile.in to autobuild the appropriate files.

2002-01-29 02:32  dan

	* MANIFEST, Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm,
	lib/Test/Builder.pm, lib/Test/More.pm, lib/Test/Simple.pm,
	lib/Test/Utils.pm, t/op/interp.t, t/op/macro.t, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/op/rx.t, t/op/stacks.t, t/pmc/pmc.t:
	    Update to Test::More 0.41 which adds Test::Builder

	    Delete the vestigal Test::Utils

	    Change Parrot::Test so it uses Test::Builder instead of Evil
	    around Test::More

	    output_* now returns whether the test passes or fails

	    Parrot::Test no longer exports Test::More's functions.  Instead
	    can simply be used together.  The few tests which used
	    features (ie. skip) have 'use Test::More' added.

	    I ditched the export_to_level() crutch.  Do we expect parrot to
	work on
	    5.004?  (literally 5.004, not 5.004_04)

	Courtesy of Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>

2002-01-28 21:04  dan

	* docs/overview.pod:  There is no opcodes.pod; I'm assuming the
	pointer should actually be to
	 parrot_assembly.pod, as the canonical documentation.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-28 20:21  dan

	* languages/jako/jakoc, t/op/stacks.t: Toss the last traces of

2002-01-28 19:18  dan

	* core.ops, register.c: clone[insp] is dead

2002-01-28 17:46  grunblatt

	* Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	jit/i386/core.jit: Fix to make the jit work in linux yet again.

2002-01-28 16:45  dan

	* MANIFEST, README.OS_X: Added Mac OS X specific readme documenting
	the requirement for fink at the moment.

2002-01-28 15:59  simon

	* test_main.c:
	People might try and run a directory file, with spectacular
	results.  We don't want that. No.

2002-01-28 14:58  doughera

	* core.ops: Avoid C++-style comments.

2002-01-28 14:16  grunblatt

	* jit.c, io/io.c: Changed jit.c to fit the way registers are
	accessed.  Readded the pio_(stdin|stdout|stderr) to make builds
	work again.

2002-01-28 13:47  doughera

	* include/parrot/register.h: Avoid C++-style comment.

2002-01-28 06:03  dan

	* MANIFEST, core.ops, interpreter.c, key.c, register.c, trace.c,
	Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	docs/parrot_assembly.pod, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/regfuncs.h,
	include/parrot/register.h, include/parrot/register_funcs.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, include/parrot/string_funcs.h: Registers
	are now stored in the interpreter structure itself, rather than
	just a pointer to the top of the register structure. Pushes and
	pops now involve memcpys, but register access has one fewer

	Fails four of the register stack tests, though, so not perfect.
	Needs fixing, but this is a good place to start.

2002-01-28 04:40  mrjoltcola

	* test_main.c: cvs commit missed this. ??

2002-01-28 04:27  mrjoltcola

	* examples/assembly/io1.pasm, include/parrot/exceptions.h,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c,
	io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c, io/io_win32.c: ParrotIO local to each
	interpreter now (at least in theory).  IO handle array added.  Misc
	bug fixes in layer handling.  Changed any IO_ constants to PIO_ so
	we don't conflict	  with system libraries.  Still have broken
	stuff in win32 and stdio layer.

2002-01-28 04:01  mrjoltcola

	* include/parrot/chartype.h: Typo in chartype.h include guard.

2002-01-28 03:41  mrjoltcola

	* t/op/interp.t: Fix flag for interp so we don't get "info"
	messages which break tests.

2002-01-28 01:54  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: A few more buffer/string flags

2002-01-27 11:33  nicholas

	* chartypes/unicode.c: Cast unsigned argument to int in call to
	isdigit to silence gcc warning.

2002-01-26 23:18  grunblatt

	* Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm: Turn
	off that flag.

2002-01-26 23:17  grunblatt

	* Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	jit/i386/core.jit: [no log message]

2002-01-26 22:18  simon

	* jit/i386/core.jit:
	Jumping to 0x0 is a recipe for segfaults.

2002-01-26 18:35  simon

	* t/harness:
	Allow user to select which tests to harness

	Courtesy of: Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-26 17:20  grunblatt

	* Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm: Patch
	to make the jit work in linux again.

2002-01-26 16:52  dan

	* Configure.pl, hints/darwin.pl: Add -Wno-shadow, as Darwin's
	headers can't cope with this. Darwin-only

2002-01-26 16:04  dan

	* include/parrot/parrot.h: Quick note to remind folks that this
	isn't the file they're looking for if they're writing extensions or
	embedding parrot.

	Courtesy of Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2002-01-26 00:41  mrjoltcola

	* MANIFEST: Oopsy.

2002-01-26 00:37  mrjoltcola

	* docs/ParrotFAQ.htm: Parrot FAQ : Created and maintained by Adam

2002-01-25 01:31  grunblatt

	* jit/alpha/core.jit: There is no neg or fneg.

2002-01-25 01:27  grunblatt

	* core.ops, Parrot/Jit/alphaGeneric.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/alphaGeneric.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	jit/alpha/core.jit, jit/i386/core.jit, t/op/integer.t,
	t/op/number.t: Added Parrot_neg.  Erase t.s

2002-01-24 23:26  dan

	* interpreter.c: Best make sure unused elements are NULL

2002-01-24 23:24  dan

	* interpreter.c: Fix stupid thinko

2002-01-24 18:37  doughera

	* Makefile.in: Add a few missing dollar signs in the lifetest
	section so that ${exe} and the like get properly interpolated.

2002-01-24 18:15  mrjoltcola

	* docs/: .cvsignore, Makefile.in, parrot.pod: Fix pod generation
	for io.ops file. Add reference to it in parrot.pod.  Courtesy of
	Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-24 06:43  mrjoltcola

	* io/io_stdio.c: Oops.

2002-01-24 06:34  mrjoltcola

	* include/parrot/io.h, io/TODO, io/io.c, io/io_stdio.c: Did a bit
	of work on the buffering layer.  Decided to use shared read/write
	buffer (as do most implementations) for now since its the simplest
	way to keep everything synced, (flush on seeks, flush read on
	writes, etc.)

2002-01-24 03:38  mrjoltcola

	* test_main.c: Cleaned up option handling code a bit for main().

2002-01-23 23:22  dan

	* interpreter.c, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Now each interpreter gets its own hash
	for globals.

2002-01-23 20:45  dan

	* Configure.pl: Fix a warning when there's no - in an architecture

2002-01-22 23:57  grunblatt

	* docs/running.pod: [no log message]

2002-01-22 20:29  doughera

	* KNOWN_ISSUES: long doubles don't work on SPARC either.  It
	appears to be a generic problem (if sizeof(long double) >
	sizeof(double)), not an x86-specific one.

2002-01-22 16:57  doughera

	* runops_cores.c: Change variable name from time to starttime to
	avoid gcc warning about variable name shadowing.

2002-01-22 16:55  doughera

	* classes/pmc2c.pl: Include class_init prototype too.

2002-01-22 16:01  doughera

	* MANIFEST: [no log message]

2002-01-22 01:04  ajgough

	* global_setup.c, classes/default.pmc, classes/intqueue.pmc,
	classes/parrotpointer.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	classes/perlhash.pmc, classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, classes/perlundef.pmc, classes/pmc2c.pl,
	include/parrot/global_setup.h: Patch from Nick Clark to quieten
	warnings from pmc files.  Message-ID:

2002-01-22 00:53  ajgough

	* test_main.c: Clears up a couple of warnings in test_main.c.
	Thanks to Nick Clark.  Message-ID:

2002-01-22 00:47  ajgough

	* string.c, chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c,
	include/parrot/chartype.h: Cause all codepoints to be treated as
	UNITVALS, and get_digit to return INTVAL, just in case. (Thanks to
	Nick Clark, see also: Message-ID:
	<20020121214137.GC2371@Bagpuss.unfortu.net> )

2002-01-22 00:24  dan

	* key.c: We do mandate an ANSI conformant C compiler, don't we?

	Appended patch cures these warnings:

	key.c: In function `debug_key': key.c:29: warning: int format,
	INTVAL arg (arg 3) key.c:33: warning: int format, INTVAL arg (arg
	3) key.c:33: warning: int format, INTVAL arg (arg 4) key.c:36:
	warning: int format, INTVAL arg (arg 3) key.c:36: warning: int
	format, INTVAL arg (arg 4)

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-21 12:41  mrjoltcola

	* MANIFEST, io.ops: For some reason cvs commit didn't get this, may
	be clock skew.

2002-01-21 06:37  mrjoltcola

	* io/io.c: Cleanup a warning

2002-01-21 06:28  mrjoltcola

	* examples/assembly/io1.pasm, include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c,
	io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c, io/io_win32.c: Added 32/64 bit seek
	ops. Various other IO twiddlings.

2002-01-21 03:25  grunblatt

	* Makefile.in: Use $jitcpuarch instead of $cpuarch.  Thanks to
	Melvin Smith for the catch up.

2002-01-20 23:13  sfink

	* stacks.c: Fixed logic errors, need tests

2002-01-20 22:17  brentdax

	* rx.c, rx.ops, include/parrot/rx.h, t/op/rx.t: Make /m work and
	prepare for /i to work.

2002-01-20 20:52  grunblatt

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, interpreter.c, jit.c,
	jit2h.pl, Parrot/Jit/alpha-bsd.pm, Parrot/Jit/alpha-linux.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/alphaGeneric.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/alpha-bsd.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/alpha-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/alphaGeneric.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386Generic.pm,
	include/parrot/jit.h, jit/alpha/core.jit, jit/alpha/lib.jit,
	- Added support for ALPHA, by now linux and bsd.

	- Reduced jit2h.pl execution time by precompiling the call to the
	unimplemented op.

	- Reduced the duplicated code in Parrot/Jit/*.pm by adding

	- Changed the way to detect quads to what is written in "man

2002-01-20 17:23  brentdax

	* rx.ops: There's no such thing as rx_allocateinfo.

2002-01-19 08:26  brentdax

	* pbc2c.pl: Stop this stupid "hard-code the new oplib" stuff.

2002-01-19 07:12  mrjoltcola

	* MANIFEST, core.ops, io.ops, pbc2c.pl: Separate pure ParrotIO ops
	into io.ops, leave the STDIO wrappers	     in core.ops until they
	disappear.  Added debug op for switching on VM debug flag

2002-01-19 01:55  mrjoltcola

	* include/parrot/io.h, io/TODO, io/io.c, io/io_stdio.c,
	io/io_unix.c, io/io_win32.c: Added a few more Win32 layer calls

2002-01-19 00:55  brentdax

	* Makefile.in, rx.c, rx.ops, rxstacks.c, include/parrot/rx.h,
	include/parrot/rxstacks.h: Add regex-specific stacks for

2002-01-18 23:58  dan

	* Configure.pl: I think the optimal fix here is simply to remove
	-ansi -pedantic.  -ansi may well have some uses, but even the gcc
	man pages say "There is no reason to use this option [-pedantic];
	it exists only to satisfy pedants."

	Courtesy of Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2002-01-18 23:23  dan

	* MANIFEST, docs/parrot.pod, docs/running.pod: This patch add
	docs/running.pod, which lists the various executables Parrot
	currently includes, examples of running them, and mentions of where
	they fail to work. It's more of a cry for help than a useful
	reference. :-) I've been having trouble recently when making
	changes in figuring out whether I broke anything, because any
	non-default way of running the system seems to be already broken. I
	can't tell what brokenness is expected and what isn't.

	Courtesy of  Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-15 22:13  brentdax

	* include/parrot/rx.h, rx.c, rx.ops: Remove the last vestiges of
	substring use and enhance performance.

2002-01-15 21:03  ajgough

	* string.c: Fix problem with string_transcode, &dest not being
	updated if src was already in desired encoding.

2002-01-15 16:54  brentdax

	* rx.c, rx.ops, include/parrot/rx.h: Hunt down and destroy
	warnings.  Leaves only one warning, at rx.ops line 409, that I
	can't manage to get rid of.

2002-01-15 16:50  dan

	* pbc2c.pl: Pointer arithmetic not quite right in the generated
	code.  Also patches pbc2c.pl to work with rx.ops.

	Courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-15 16:15  dan

	* classes/Makefile.in: All the C files in classes/ weren't being
	compiled with an of the gcc warnings flags. With this patch they
	are, and there are an awful lot of warnings, more than I could hope
	to understand and clear up (within any sensible time period before
	submitting a rash of patches, by which time everyone else would
	have moved the code on)

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-15 16:10  dan

	* core.ops, ops2c.pl, Parrot/Op.pm, Parrot/OpTrans.pm,
	Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/Op.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm,
	Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm, chartypes/unicode.c,
	chartypes/usascii.c: This patch adds a few more macros for .ops
	files to use. In addition to the existing

	 goto OFFSET(...)
	 goto ADDRESS(...)
	 goto POP()
	 goto NEXT()

	it adds

	 expr OFFSET(...)
	 expr ADDRESS(...)
	 expr POP()
	 expr NEXT()

	This is intended mainly for use in helper functions in .ops files,
	but also for ops that need to eg push the address of the next
	opcode onto a stack. The only place this currently happens (outside
	of my private code) is in the bsr opcode, which previously
	hardcoded the computation.

	This patch also makes ops2c.pl move the CUR_OPCODE #define a bit
	higher in the generated file so that it can be used by static
	functions in the preamble.

	Finally, I ran into a parentheses matching problem -- should goto
	OFFSET(...) rewrite    \bgoto\s+OFFSET\((.*)\) or

	It was done inconsistently for the different calculations, and of
	course neither are correct because you really want matching
	parentheses. But that seems like too much bother. (Currently,
	there's only one place that uses anything other than $n in the
	parentheses, and that's the enternative() op.) So I made them all
	.*? but emulated recent POD by also allowing (( ... )) (that's two
	parenthesis with a space padding the body.)

	The generated core_ops.c and core_ops_prederef.c files after this
	patch are identical except for the CUR_OPCODE and REL_PC macros
	getting moved a little higher, and the bsr in the regular path (not
	prederef) uses 'CUR_OPCODE' instead of the hardcoded 'cur_opcode'.

	In summary, this is a big wad of meaningless changes for the
	current code. But it will make adding some opcodes easier in the
	future, and cleans up a small nit in the current bsr.

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-15 08:48  brentdax

	* include/parrot/rx.h: Bitmaps can now include chars >255 (well,
	sort of).

2002-01-15 08:45  brentdax

	* rx.c, rx.ops: Bitmaps can now include chars >255 (well, sort of).

2002-01-15 05:00  brentdax

	* rx.ops: Speed up rx_literal--roughly doubles benchmark

2002-01-14 20:18  dan

	* vtable.tbl, vtable_h.pl: Clean up a zillion warnings

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-14 20:03  dan

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, exceptions.c,
	global_setup.c, interpreter.c, key.c, ops2c.pl, register.c,
	runops_cores.c, rx.ops, stacks.c, string.c, test_main.c, trace.c,
	chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c, classes/default.pmc,
	classes/parrotpointer.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	classes/perlhash.pmc, classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, classes/perlundef.pmc,
	encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf32.c,
	encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/exceptions.h, include/parrot/io.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/rx.h, io/io_stdio.c,
	io/io_win32.c, platforms/win32.c, platforms/win32.h, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/op/pmc_perlhash.t, t/op/rx.t, t/pmc/perlhash.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: This
	patch cleans up most of the MSVC-warnings when using warning level
	4 (the highest, one above the default level 3). It turns off two
	level-4 warnings for 'unreferenced formal parameter' and 'named
	type definition in parentheses', the latter of which was turning up
	warnings in MS VC headers.  Level 4 warnings also helped me find a
	couple of other lurking bugs in the parrot code.

	Replaces the various fprintf/exit combos with calls to
	internal_exception, which uses var_args to emulate printf. Various
	exception types were added as well. These are probably temporary
	until a real exception system arrives.

	Fixed some places in the IO code where wrong functions were being
	called, or put into the vtable.

	Courtesy of "Michel Lambert" <mlambert@legendent.com>

2002-01-14 19:00  dan

	* MANIFEST: D'oh! Forgot a file.

	Courtesy of Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2002-01-14 18:44  brentdax

	* rx.c, rx.ops, include/parrot/rx.h: Use bitmaps where it makes
	sense (and a few other enhancements to regexes).

2002-01-14 07:07  brentdax

	* interpreter.c, runops_cores.c, test_main.c,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h: Make profiling a little more useful.

2002-01-13 19:44  dan

	* Configure.pl: Turn off unsed things warnings for now

2002-01-13 19:39  dan

	* key.c, classes/perlarray.pmc: key.c:	 intialize KEY.keys

	classes/perlarray.c:  * get_string: is casting
	SELF->cache.struct_val to a STRING*,	while all other methods are
	using it as a KEY*; don't know	  what a perlarray stringifies to,
	so replacing with NULL	* get_bool: the default behaviour does not
	look right to me

	Courtesy of "Mattia Barbon" <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>

2002-01-13 19:37  dan

	* Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in: Makefile.in:   (Re)add ld_debug
	flags to LDFLAGS, so that Configure.pl --debugging   works with

	classes/Makefile.in   make easier to add pmb2c.pl flags to all
	pmc2c calls

	Courtesy of "Mattia Barbon" <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>

2002-01-13 19:36  dan

	* io/io_win32.c:   according to my MSVC docs, you should use
	_tcslen only after
	  #including tchar.h

	Courtesy of  "Mattia Barbon" <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>

2002-01-13 19:35  dan

	* docs/intro.pod: Doc tweak.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-13 19:34  dan

	* t/: op/pmc_perlstring.t, pmc/perlstring.t:  Enclosed test checks

	  if Px, ...

	 works with PerlString PMCs; these should be false if they are "",
	0, or
	 are undefined, and true in every other case.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-13 19:23  dan

	* Configure.pl, config_h.in, core.ops, classes/perlnum.pmc: Change

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-13 17:45  jgoff

	* Makefile.in, global_setup.c, classes/Makefile.in,
	classes/intqueue.pmc, include/parrot/pmc.h, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/pmc/pmc.t: IntQueue is for an upcoming article on perl.com on
	designing your own classes.

2002-01-13 08:47  simon

	* interpreter.c, Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm,
	Fix bsr in prederef mode.

	Courtesy of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-12 15:33  dan

	* interpreter.c, key.c, packfile.c, register.c, resources.c,
	string.c, encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf32.c,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, io/io.c, io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c:
	Silence most of the unused variable warnings.

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-12 15:18  dan

	* rx.ops: This patch fixes a warning and also changes an 'int' to
	an 'INTVAL'.  All tests should pass on Solaris.

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-12 15:13  dan

	* interpreter.c, string.c, test_main.c, classes/parrotpointer.pmc,
	examples/assembly/life.pasm, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c, io/io_stdio.c, io/io_unix.c,
	io/io_win32.c: More IO work. (Plus some misc twiddles)

	Courtesy of Melvin Smith <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2002-01-12 01:14  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: fix a missing name

2002-01-12 00:39  grunblatt

	* include/parrot/string.h: Few typos.

2002-01-12 00:16  grunblatt

	* jit.c, jit2h.pl, jit/i386/core.jit: Added support for opcodes
	that change the program control flow.

2002-01-11 23:53  brentdax

	* classes/parrotpointer.pmc: Tell the GC to keep its hands out of a
	ParrotPointer's guts.

2002-01-11 23:03  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: flags for the buffers, for GC

2002-01-11 22:31  dan

	* include/parrot/pmc.h: PMC flag docs. Those'd be good...

2002-01-11 22:21  dan

	* include/parrot/pmc.h: Started with PMC flags

2002-01-11 19:33  dan

	* config_h.in, memory.c, resources.c, string.c,
	include/parrot/resources.h: Beginnings of a memory allocation/gc
	system. Without the GC part.

2002-01-11 18:05  dan

	* core.ops: Make sure constant pushes are right on mixed 32/64 bit

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-11 17:50  dan

	* core.ops, pbc2c.pl, Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm, include/parrot/interpreter.h: Here is
	a patch that makes pbc2c generated code work with the bsr opcode.
	It creates a new opcode 'enternative', and uses this to support a
	mixed model of interpretation and execution of compiled C code.

	Courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-11 17:48  dan

	* Makefile.in: Add life as a potential .exe target

2002-01-11 17:30  dan

	* include/parrot/resources.h: Start of arena stuff for GC

2002-01-11 05:34  brentdax

	* rx.ops: Docs modifications.

2002-01-11 04:19  brentdax

	* rx.ops, include/parrot/rx.h: Remove unnecessary evilness from
	regular expressions.

2002-01-11 03:44  grunblatt

	* jit/i386/core.jit: off by one.

2002-01-11 02:25  dan

	* Makefile.in, examples/assembly/life.pasm: Tweak to life benchmark

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-11 00:32  brentdax

	* MANIFEST: Forgot to put parrotpointer.pmc in the MANIFEST.

2002-01-10 23:22  ajgough

	* string.c, docs/strings.pod: Removed all the nul termination code,
	as this is in general a bad idea.  Note added to docs/strings.pod
	to warn people away from assuming termination.

2002-01-10 23:14  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, jit.c, rx.c, rx.ops, stacks.c,
	testparrotsizes_c.in, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/rx.h, include/parrot/stacks.h: Much nicer stack

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-10 22:48  dan

	* core.ops: Fix 'basic' test 1 for sizeof(opcode_t) !=

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-10 22:46  dan

	* key.c, classes/perlhash.pmc, t/op/pmc_perlhash.t,
	t/pmc/perlhash.t:  Well, actually two bugs.

	 The first is an off-by-one error in key.c than can cause parrot
	 to segfault if hash % NUM_BUCKETS happens to be zero.

	 The other is a bug in the PerlHash init() code that causes new
	 PMCs to start with the wrong size.

	 Both fixed below; also tests to prevent them recurring.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-10 22:30  dan

	* classes/default.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc, t/op/pmc_perlarray.t,
	t/pmc/perlarray.t:  The enclosed patch allows one to use the if op
	with a PerlArray,

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-10 21:31  dan

	* examples/assembly/life.pasm: Tweaked to be a benchmarkable thing

2002-01-10 20:30  grunblatt

	* jit.c, jit2h.pl, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, jit/i386/core.jit, jit/i386/lib.jit:
	All the op codes that doesn't change the program control flow now
	work in the JIT by calling the code generated by the compiler when
	the op is not in core.jit TODO:     * Make all the ops that change
	the program control flow (and are not on core.jit) work.      *
	Remove the dispatch payload.

2002-01-10 17:13  dan

	* classes/parrotpointer.pmc: This patch fixes parrotpointer.pmc,
	which tries to return 0 from a void function.

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-10 17:12  dan

	* t/op/macro.t: Skip tests, don't comment them out.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-10 17:10  dan

	* rx.c: This fixes a couple of nits in rx.c:

	   1. There's no newline at the end, which makes gcc unhappy.
	   2. We should use NULL, not 0 or "", for creating null pointers.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-10 17:09  dan

	* MANIFEST:  Adds rx.t, removes duplicated rx.c and puts everything
	back in
	 alphabetical order.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-10 16:54  ajgough

	* resources.c: Made free_string check that there was a string to
	free.  In reponse to a bug spotted by Joshua Nye.

2002-01-09 22:44  dan

	* global_setup.c: Forgot the setup

2002-01-09 22:35  dan

	* rx.ops: Forgot this one

2002-01-09 22:35  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, rx.c, string.c, include/parrot/pmc.h,
	include/parrot/rx.h, t/op/rx.t: Preliminary regex implementation.
	Tests don't work, though.

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-09 21:48  dan

	* t/: op/pmc_perlarray.t, pmc/perlarray.t: Whoops, forgot that

2002-01-09 21:22  dan

	* classes/Makefile.in, classes/parrotpointer.pmc, Makefile.in:
	Generic pointer holder class

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-09 21:19  dan

	* MANIFEST, classes/perlarray.pmc, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: Array

2002-01-09 19:54  dan

	* io/io_unix.c: Whoops. Forgot one

2002-01-09 19:43  dan

	* key.c, classes/perlhash.pmc, t/op/pmc_perlhash.t,
	t/pmc/perlhash.t: Fix hash crash bugs

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-09 19:13  dan

	* memory.c: Signedness whoops.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-09 18:23  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c, io/io_os.c,
	io/io_stdio.c, io/io_win32.c: Changes:

	-Minor layer cleanups -Win32 layer added (mostly stubs for now) but
	will be using the   Win32 API and company rather than the unix-ish
	fake ones.  -stdin/stdout/stderr Win32 specific code added. Rather
	than use   0,1,2, Microsoft says use GetStdHandle(), etc. so that
	stuff is   there. Soon we should be able to start using these
	rather than   fprintf(stderr, ...) and remove stdio linkage.

	Courtesy of <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2002-01-09 17:26  dan

	* test_main.c: Fixes bad code gen on x86.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-09 17:24  dan

	* Configure.pl, config_h.in, core.ops, key.c, classes/perlint.pmc,
	classes/perlnum.pmc: This patch adds macros to the config.h file
	for INTVAL and NUMVAL printf formats.

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-08 22:55  ajgough

	* docs/vtables.pod: Clarify what get_string should do.

2002-01-08 20:05  dan

	* key.c: Keep comments in sync.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-08 19:50  dan

	* memory.c, include/parrot/memory.h: Need a realloc

2002-01-08 17:24  gregor

	* .cvsignore, Configure.pl, Makefile.in:
	Added 'reconfig' make target and corresponding --reconfig option to
	Configure.pl, so its very easy to re-run Configure.pl with the last
	(command-line) options you passed it.

2002-01-08 16:33  dan

	* core.ops, make_vtable_ops.pl, Parrot/OpsFile.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Add in, out, and inout parameters to teh ops
	in core.ops. Potential help for optimizers and JITters.

	Courtesy of gregor@linux1.kennedytech.com

2002-01-08 16:32  dan

	* key.c: Grab key length from the right spot

	Courtesy of "Peter Gibbs" <peter@emkel.co.za>

2002-01-08 13:27  ajgough

	* test_main.c: Fix slight thinko in realloc usage for reading from

2002-01-08 11:34  ajgough

	* test_main.c: Allow test_parrot to read bytecode stream from
	stdin, adds -f command line option, with "-f -" doing the stdin

2002-01-08 06:34  jgoff

	* key.c, include/parrot/key.h: key.c - Added simple implementation
	of buckets.  include/parrot/key.h - Added enum_key_bucket type

2002-01-08 03:21  jgoff

	* include/parrot/key.h: Added an undef type to the key structure,
	so we can delete keys without confusion.

2002-01-07 22:09  dan

	* key.c, packfile.c, string.c, include/parrot/key.h,
	include/parrot/packfile.h, include/parrot/string.h: Fix whines
	about index being redefined

	Courtesy of Nick Clark

2002-01-07 21:15  dan

	* ops2pm.pl: Don't allow the same ops lib to be included twice.

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-07 20:48  dan

	* Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Report useful info for test

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-07 20:43  dan

	* docs/intro.pod: Missing a comma

	Courtesy of "coral" <coral@eekeek.org>

2002-01-07 20:41  dan

	* global_setup.c: Quiet a warning

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-07 18:58  gregor

	* t/op/.cvsignore:
	Ignore intermediate test files.

2002-01-07 17:01  gregor

	* ops2c.pl:
	Print a warning if an .ops file is mentioned more than once on the
	command line.

2002-01-07 16:12  ajgough

	* t/: op/pmc_perlhash.t, pmc/perlhash.t: A couple more hash tests,
	these shouldn't fail.

2002-01-07 15:15  simon

	* t/: op/pmc_perlhash.t, pmc/perlhash.t:
	Stop segfaults.

2002-01-07 15:11  simon

	* key.c:
	Fix zero-termination bug in hash function.

2002-01-07 13:37  ajgough

	* MANIFEST, t/op/pmc_perlhash.t, t/pmc/perlhash.t: Added
	pmc_perlhash.t, one test currently fails, one passes, yin-yang fun.

2002-01-07 11:53  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Fixes the + thing in prompts, plus adds a synonym
	(:add{foo}) and a new deleting thing (:rem{foo})

2002-01-07 11:43  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Gobble the + before concatenating.

2002-01-07 03:53  dan

	* Makefile.in: Dependency fix for new ops setup.

2002-01-07 03:33  jgoff

	* classes/perlarray.pmc: Add negative indices, and fix a small
	allocation problem.

2002-01-06 23:54  ajgough

	* hints/os2.pl: Makes the hints file take account of ldflags and
	ccflags being split.  This hints file is still very specific to
	builds with gnu tools, but a proper solution can wait.	 Thanks to
	Nick Burch.

2002-01-06 22:12  dan

	* Makefile.in, ops2c.pl, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm:
	    -changes Parrot::OpLib::core's dependencies to reflect the new
	selectable ops files	-allows some of the special forms of 'goto'
	inside the PREAMBLE of an opcode file

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-06 19:59  simon

	* Makefile.in:

2002-01-06 18:19  dan

	* classes/perlhash.pmc: Fix some type issues.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-06 18:03  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in: It adds a prompt to Configure asking
	for a list of opcode files to use.  The default is everything
	available except for obscure.ops.

	In addition, it makes it so that if your answer to a question
	starts with '+', it will concatenate it to the default.  For

	What C compiler do you want to use? [cl] +HAHAHA!!!

	will result in $PConfig{cc} eq "cl HAHAHA!!!".	While that example
	is not terribly useful, it is quite useful with things like
	command-line flags and the like.

	Finally, it contains a couple tweaks so that my syntax-highlighting
	editor recognizes some heredocs correctly.  :^)

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-06 17:59  dan


	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-06 17:58  dan

	* MANIFEST:  We're missing a couple of files from the MANIFEST.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-06 17:57  dan

	* ops2c.pl, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm:	1.
	Compiler directives, etc. in files other than core.ops will now
	work.	2.  Compiler warnings will now display the file and line
	number of the  opcode file.

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-06 17:52  dan

	* languages/jako/jakoc: Fix breakage caused by iton/ntoi going away

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-06 17:36  dan

	* docs/intro.pod: Lots of updates

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-06 02:34  gregor

	* interpreter.c:
	Add some internal documentation on the theory of operation of the
	prederef code.

2002-01-06 02:17  gregor

	* interpreter.c:
	Removed unnecessary include.

2002-01-05 12:37  simon

	* classes/.cvsignore:
	Ignore generated .h files.

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-05 12:37  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Make lcc happier by adding a dummy structure.

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-05 12:35  simon

	* global_setup.c, classes/perlundef.pmc, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t:
	Make perlundef work. (And coincidentally stop segfaults in the
	tests :)

	Courtesy of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-05 04:59  dan

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t: Undef tests added.

2002-01-05 04:55  jgoff

	* classes/perlhash.pmc: Added perlhash class definition

2002-01-05 04:48  dan

	* core.ops: Fix on 64 bit platforms with 32-bit opcode_t

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-05 03:57  jgoff

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, global_setup.c, key.c,
	vtable.tbl, classes/Makefile.in, classes/default.pmc,
	include/parrot/key.h, include/parrot/pmc.h, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/pmc/pmc.t: Initial hash commit.

	core.ops - Adding set({i,n,s},p,s) and set(p,{i,n,s},s) operations.
	 key.h	- Adding NUM_BUCKETS classes/default.pmc - Adding

	This does not yet do collision resolution, but will soon.

2002-01-05 02:54  dan

	* interpreter.c: More unsigned fixes

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-04 22:13  dan

	* Configure.pl, hints/mswin32.pl: Makes config's building of the
	test programs happier.

	Courtesy of "Jason Diamond" <jason@injektilo.org>

2002-01-04 19:00  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, hints/darwin.pl: Add link flags as
	separate things

2002-01-04 18:27  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in, hints/mswin32.pl:
	Fixes to get things configuring and building on Win32 Native.

	Courtesy of "Jason Diamond" <jason@injektilo.org>

2002-01-04 17:39  dan

	* hints/vms.pl: debug cleanup

2002-01-04 16:53  dan

	* docs/parrot.pod:  The enclosed patch brings the list of
	documentation in parrot.pod
	 up to date.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-04 16:47  dan

	* test_main.c, Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm: In an attempt to just keep knocking
	off warnings..

	Courtesy of Kevin Falcone <kevin@jibsheet.com>

2002-01-04 16:44  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in: Fixed linking to use linker.

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-04 16:39  dan

	* io/io_stdio.c: Added CVS tag info

2002-01-04 16:35  dan

	* hints/cygwin.pl: Time for this. We need a sane linker, and ld2
	isn't it

2002-01-04 16:26  dan

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Tokenizer.pm: Quiet a warning in the
	Tokenizer test

	Courtesy of Jonathan Stowe <gellyfish@gellyfish.com>

2002-01-04 16:17  dan

	* chartypes/unicode.c: Silence some warnings.

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-04 16:09  dan

	* classes/: genclass.pl, perlarray.pmc, perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc,
	perlstring.pmc, perlundef.pmc:	- genclass.pl attempts to put $Id: ChangeLog 37535 2009-03-17 22:21:02Z allison $
	into generated files
	   but the $Id: ChangeLog 37535 2009-03-17 22:21:02Z allison $ string gets mangled when it's committed.
	   This patch fixes the existing .pmc files and fixes genclass.pl.

	 - Makes capitalization in .pmc header match actual filenames

	 - The command for calling genclass.pl in vtables.pod is incorrect,
	   since it assumes you're running in classes/ but genclass.pl
	   it's being run from the main directory. I changed genclass.pl to

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-04 03:57  dan

	* MANIFEST, io/TODO, io/io_stdio.c: No wonder things worked for
	me--I *had* the files:wq!

2002-01-04 03:40  dan

	* MANIFEST: Whoops--remove files not really there

2002-01-04 03:37  dan

	* interpreter.c, stacks.c, include/parrot/stacks.h: The patch below
	my sig adds a new_stack() function to take care of the allocation
	and setup of "generic" stacks.

	Courtesy of "Brent Dax" <brentdax@cpan.org>

2002-01-04 02:36  dan

	* core.ops:  The entry in core.ops for puts(s|sc) is missing a =cut
	and so
	 writes a load of junk in core_ops.pod. Applied patch fixes.

	Courtesy of Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2002-01-04 02:35  dan

	* classes/: perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc, perlstring.pmc: The PerlInt
	logical-or is using get_integer instead of get_bool for logical
	operations. This patch corrects that.

	Perlnum and perlstring have working get_bool's, so the default
	logical_or and logical_and should be sufficient. The empty methods
	are pointed to the default logical_or.

	Courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2002-01-04 02:31  dan

	* Makefile.in: docs/Makefile should be removed by realclean, but

	Courtesy of Kevin Falcone <kevin@jibsheet.com>

2002-01-04 02:29  dan

	* classes/: Makefile.in, pmc2c.pl: PMC inheritance! Yay!

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-04 00:51  dan

	* docs/vtables.pod: More docs

	Courtesy of Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>

2002-01-04 00:47  dan

	* Configure.pl: Updated 64-bit patch

	Courtesy of "David M. Lloyd" <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-04 00:43  dan

	* Configure.pl: 64-bit Fix.

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-03 22:37  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, interpreter.c, include/parrot/io.h,
	io/io.c, io/io_os.c: Code cleanup, started STDIO layer, started
	some buffering work.	   Additional work on other layers.

	Courtesy of Melvin Smith <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2002-01-03 19:41  gregor

	* disassemble.pl, obscure.ops, packfile.c, pbc2c.pl:
	Updated copyright messages on top-level files.

2002-01-03 04:23  robert

	* make.pl: Add author information.  Bonsai test.

2002-01-03 04:02  dan

	* io/io_os.c: Twig Bonsai

2002-01-03 03:45  dan

	* io/: io_os.c, io_os.c: Twig Bonsai

2002-01-03 03:41  dan

	* io/io_os.c: Twig Bonsai

2002-01-02 21:42  gregor

	* packfile.c, include/parrot/packfile.h:
	Get rid of warnings in packfile.[hc]

2002-01-02 20:39  gregor

	* manicheck.pl:
	Bracketed translated patterns with ^ and $.

2002-01-02 20:11  dan

	* io/io_os.c: silence a warning

2002-01-02 19:52  grunblatt

	* jit.c, jit2h.pl, include/parrot/jit.h: Moved the definition of
	op_assembly to jit_struct.h, so that we get the real number of ops.
	 Removed some warnings.

2002-01-02 19:31  tom

	* string.c: Fix string transcoding so that it actually works.

	Patch from Peter Gibbs <peter@emkel.co.za>

2002-01-02 19:20  gregor

	* manicheck.pl:
	A program to check the MANIFEST file, accounting for .cvsignore

2002-01-02 19:19  dan

	* t/harness: twig bonsai

2002-01-02 19:13  dan

	* t/harness: twig bonsai

2002-01-02 18:54  dan

	* t/harness: Tweak to test Bonsai

2002-01-02 16:27  dan

	* Configure.pl: Allow 64-bit build of parrot on systems with a
	mixed 32/64 bit perl

	Courtesy of David M. Lloyd <dmlloyd@tds.net>

2002-01-02 15:33  simon

	* MANIFEST, docs/Makefile:
	Fixed up MANIFEST. (And I removed the Makefile in docs/)

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2002-01-02 13:51  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Die on broken manifest.

2002-01-02 13:48  simon

	* jit2h.pl, examples/assembly/mops.pasm:
	Clear up JIT warnings.

	Courtesy of: Nick Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-02 04:10  dan

	* io/io.c, io/io_os.c, t/op/interp.t: IO stack now gets initialized
	only once, so new interp creation works again

	Courtesy of Melvin Smith <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2002-01-02 03:32  dan

	* t/op/interp.t: Stubbed the test out, since it's hanging at the

2002-01-02 00:55  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, include/parrot/io.h, io/io.c,
	io/io_os.c: Initial IO system patches

	Courtesy of <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2002-01-01 22:55  ajgough

	* classes/default.pmc: On second thoughts, and some prodding, the
	set_* methods now only set the appropriate part of the cache, and
	do nothing else.

2002-01-01 22:29  ajgough

	* classes/default.pmc:	Wrote a whole host of default pmc methods.

	 set_* create appropriate Perl* result.
	 get_* simply grabs needed bit of cache.*_val

	 Other methods do the rightest thing I can think of, at the moment.

	 None yet cope with overflow, the modulus operation needs to be
	checked as
	I don't know quite which semantics we really want.

	Not tested yet.

2002-01-01 20:23  dan

	* docs/Makefile, encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c,
	encodings/utf32.c, encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h: Got
	rid of unneeded tmp var and eliminated const from encode prototype
	since it does make changes to the string.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2002-01-01 20:11  dan

	* Makefile.in: Make clean now tosses pdump.o

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2002-01-01 19:49  dan

	* pdump.c, test_main.c: Warnings cleanup

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@sky.net>

2002-01-01 19:45  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, docs/.cvsignore, docs/Makefile.in,
	hints/mswin32.pl, languages/jako/Makefile.in,
	languages/scheme/Makefile.in: Makes cleanup better on non-Unix

	Courtesy of "Jason Diamond" <jason@injektilo.org>

2002-01-01 19:41  dan

	* include/parrot/register.h: Clean up some warnings

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2002-01-01 19:10  simon

	* pbc2c.pl, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm:
	Hack-around to enable compilation of code using vtable ops.

2002-01-01 18:43  dan

	* encodings/: singlebyte.c, utf16.c, utf32.c, utf8.c: Toss <0
	checks on unsigned things

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2002-01-01 18:26  dan

	* runops_cores.c: More warning silences.

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-01 18:25  dan

	* trace.c: Shuts up a warning.

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-01 18:24  dan

	* encodings/singlebyte.c: Clean up some warnings.

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-01 18:20  dan

	* Configure.pl: Hey, those PPros are really x86 systems! Who'dve
	thunk it?

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-01 18:17  dan

	* packfile.c: Warning cleanup

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-01 17:53  dan

	* string.c: New string size should be based on output encoding's
	size, not input encoding's size.

	Courtesy of: "Peter Gibbs" <peter@emkel.co.za>

2002-01-01 17:22  dan

	* Configure.pl, core.ops, interpreter.c, memory.c, runops_cores.c,
	string.c, test_main.c, trace.c, include/parrot/exceptions.h,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/memory.h,
	include/parrot/oplib.h, include/parrot/string.h, t/op/string.t:
	Warnings fixups.

	Courtesy of Chip Turner <cturner@redhat.com>

2002-01-01 17:09  dan

	* encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf32.c,
	encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h: Some signed things are
	now unsigned, as is proper.

	Courtesy of: "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>
	Courtesy of: "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-01 16:59  dan

	* include/parrot/trace.h: Useless debugging prototype removed

	Courtesy of: "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-01 16:58  dan

	* MANIFEST: We forgot a file.

	Courtesy of "Bryan C. Warnock" <bwarnock@raba.com>

2002-01-01 03:53  dan

	* Configure.pl: Okay, I give. Removed some warnings because the
	darned system headers were triggering them. Sloppy, sloppy

2002-01-01 03:48  dan

	* config_h.in: Add in an unsigned INTVAL.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2002-01-01 03:46  dan

	* global_setup.c: Clean up some compiler warnings.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2002-01-01 03:43  dan

	* ops2c.pl, Parrot/OpTrans.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm,
	include/parrot/op.h: Cleaned up some things to make the compiler

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2002-01-01 03:14  dan

	* Configure.pl: Quad updates.

	Courtesy of Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2001-12-31 22:53  dan

	* include/parrot/op.h: Typedef had parameters backwards. Threw
	core.ops for a big whiny warnings loop.

2001-12-31 22:37  dan

	* Makefile.in, resources.c: Tweaks to try and get things to build
	in the right order.

2001-12-31 21:58  dan

	* Configure.pl: Stupid thinko fix

2001-12-31 21:34  dan

	* Configure.pl, hints/mswin32.pl: Tweaks for Win32 builds

	Courtesy of: "Jason Diamond" <jason@injektilo.org>

2001-12-31 21:32  dan

	* Configure.pl: Fix for non-gcc systems

2001-12-31 20:22  dan

	* interpreter.c: Tweak so we can build on non-JIT platforms

2001-12-31 20:11  dan

	* Configure.pl: Force the time on some copied files to be 'now' to
	make the Win builds much less annoying.

	Courtesy of "Jason Diamond" <jason@injektilo.org>

2001-12-31 20:07  dan

	* Configure.pl: Nuke all object files in the parrot tree that
	matter when configuring.  Shouldn't be necessary with good
	dependencies in the makefile, but we don't have those yet.

2001-12-31 20:00  gregor

	* chartypes/unicode.c:
	Silence unused variable warnings.

2001-12-31 19:40  dan

	* Configure.pl: Minor Win32 tweaks. Tossed -Wtraditional, too

2001-12-31 19:37  gregor

	* interpreter.c, jit.c, include/parrot/jit.h:
	Created a prototype for JIT functions and used it in interpreter.c.

2001-12-31 19:31  dan

	* Configure.pl, test_gnuc.c: Better GCC detection (and version
	detection) with really cranky warnings if we find we're using it.

	Courtesy of: Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>

2001-12-31 18:01  gregor

	* interpreter.c, include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/op.h:

	Fixed a few warnings wrt prototypes, etc.

2001-12-31 17:23  dan

	* string.c: Silenced most of the compiler whines

2001-12-31 17:15  gregor

	* Configure.pl:
	Get the ccname from either ccname or just cc config var.

2001-12-31 17:14  gregor

	* Parrot/Op.pm, lib/Parrot/Op.pm:
	Another intermediate opbody notation. Could come in handy. Explicit

2001-12-31 17:05  dan

	* string.c: Minor warnings update

2001-12-31 17:00  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: Warnings cleanup

2001-12-31 16:00  simon

	* encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h:
	Remove a couple more.

2001-12-31 15:58  simon

	* vtable_h.pl, include/parrot/global_setup.h, include/parrot/jit.h,
	Rid ourselves of a few warnings.

2001-12-31 15:32  dan

	* Configure.pl: Made GCC ever so much pickier.

	Switch list courtesy of Jarkko.

2001-12-31 15:22  dan

	* string.c: Tightened up initial allocation.

	Courtesy of:  "Peter Gibbs" <peter@emkel.co.za>

2001-12-31 06:48  dan

	* Configure.pl: Minor Windows tweak

2001-12-31 05:32  dan

	* core.ops: Unused temp variable tossed.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-31 05:09  grunblatt

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, interpreter.c: Link jit.o only on
	supported plataforms

2001-12-31 03:05  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in: Added in a
	platform-independent quote substitution for the makefiles.
	Hopefully this'll make the Win32 builds happier.

2001-12-30 21:08  dan

	* string.c, include/parrot/string.h: More string system tweaks.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-30 20:45  dan

	* core.ops: Some pod cleanup

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2001-12-30 20:22  ajgough

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: removed ntoi and iton ops from docs, as
	we aren't using them right now.  Clarified the workings of set Px,
	Py and clone Px, Py.

2001-12-30 20:15  grunblatt

	* jit.c, jit2h.pl, jit/i386/core.jit: Removed the warnings in jit.c
	Added readjit() to read *.jit files Updated core.jit to the new

2001-12-30 20:14  ajgough

	* examples/assembly/mops.pasm: Changed iton/ntoi to set.

2001-12-30 19:52  dan

	* packfile.c, pdump.c, register.c, string.c, include/parrot/key.h,
	include/parrot/trace.h, platforms/generic.c: Compiler whine

	Courtesy of Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2001-12-30 19:13  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in: Make GCC pickier by default.

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2001-12-30 18:41  dan

	* core.ops, t/op/integer.t, t/op/number.t: Transformed iton and
	ntoi opcodes to sets.

	Courtesy of "David & Lisa Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-30 17:58  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	'make' no longer builds the mops test. Use 'make mops' for that. To
	run the test, you can do 'make mopstest'.

2001-12-30 17:30  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	Fixed one oversight. 'make clean' was removing Parrot/Types.pm. Bad

2001-12-30 17:26  gregor

	* .cvsignore, Configure.pl, Makefile.in, VERSION, config_h.in,
	core.ops, interpreter.c, make_vtable_ops.pl, obscure.ops, ops2c.pl,
	Parrot/BuildUtil.pm, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/BuildUtil.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm, include/parrot/oplib.h:
	Build enhancements. Originally to support building shared
	libraries, but now of broader impact.

	  * .cvsignore: Ignore the blib/ directory, about which more later.

	  * Configure.pl:

	      * Got rid of TAB formatting and lined a few things up.

	      * Added header comment with CVS Id variable, and a few other
		block header comments.

	      * Uses new Parrot::BuildUtil module to determine the Parrot

	      * Reworded a few messages, added a couple, and wrapped
		to 79 columns.

	      * Added 2002 to the Copyright statement.

	      * Added new configure variables: VERSION, MAJOR, MINOR and

	      NOTE: Please see the 'Alas perl5.7.2' comment. 5.7.2 is
	      than 5.6.0, but the comment implies it isn't.

	  * Makefile.in:

	      * Added $(SO), $(A) and $(AR_CRS) defines for library

	      * Added $(RM_RF) define for removing directory trees

	      * Grouped generated files into two classes: "sticky" (made by
		persisting across 'make clean') and 'fluid' (made during
	the build
		process, deleted by 'make clean').

	      * Added header comments.

	      * Added target for test_prog linked with shared library.

	      * Added rules to build shared libraries in blib/lib. The
	libraries are
		built with trailing version numbers in their file names,
	and then
		symbolic links are created for shorter and no version tag

	      * Added some missing dependencies

	      * Added some missing 'make clean' targets.

	      * Added 'make realclean' target that deletes files created by
		Configure.pl (including Makefile), forcing a re-configure.

	      * Added a 'status' CVS target.

	  * VERSION: New file, contains only the version. This version
	number is
	    propagated to a few places, such as the core oplib version
	number. This
	    reduces the amount of coordination that has to happen to get
	    number stuff throughout the tree in sync and updated prior to
	    a new release. Feel free to grep for '0.0.3' to see the other
	    that contain the version number (but, do that in a fresh CVS
	copy, or
	    after doing 'make realclean').

	  * config_h.in: Renamed PARROT_CORE_OPLIB_*_VERSION to
	    since the oplib and Parrot itself share a version number now.
	    PARROT_PATCH_VERSION (the third component) and PARROT_VERSION

	  * core.ops: Uses new notation "VERSION = PARROT_VERSION" instead
	    specifying the version by hand. Non-core oplibs will set this
	    a quoted dot-string with three natural number components
	    leading zeros.

	  * interpreter.c: Make use of PARROT_VERSION to simplify some
	sprintf()s, and
	    to get the complete version number in the resulting strings
	(including the
	    new PATCH portion).

	  * make_vtable_ops.pl: Put the "VERSION = PARROT_VERSION" line int
	    generated file.

	  * obscure.ops: Use the new "VERSION = PARROT_VERSION" technique.

	  * ops2c.pl: Account for the PATCH version, too. This affects the
	name of the
	    oplib init function, and the oplib info struct initializer.

	  * Parrot/BuildUtil.pm: New file for reading in and validating the
	contents of
	    the new VERSION file. Other build utilities could go here in

	  * Parrot/OpsFile.pm:

	      * Allow three components in version number, and require that
	the value
		be in double quotes.

	      * Allow "VERSION = PARROT_VERSION", substituting the shared
		VERSION in that case.

	  * include/parrot/oplib.h: Add the patch_version member.

2001-12-30 12:16  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in:
	More stuff forgotten from MANIFEST.

2001-12-30 12:13  simon

	Missing JIT file.

2001-12-30 12:12  simon

	* jit2h.pl:
	Safety first.

2001-12-30 12:12  simon

	* Makefile.in:

2001-12-30 12:04  simon

	* Makefile.in, core.ops, packfile.c, pbc2c.pl, string.c,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c,
	encodings/utf32.c, encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, t/op/string.t:
	* Expand the strings test suite to be more complete * Make string
	commands more consistent (i.e, now the only string command that
	actually changes the original is chopn) * Significantly reduce the
	number of memory allocations and eliminate reallocations.

	Courtesy of: David Jacobs <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-29 22:12  dan

	* interpreter.c, key.c, register.c, stacks.c, string.c,
	test_main.c, trace.c: Updates to match the coding standards.

	Courtesy of Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-12-29 20:42  grunblatt

	* jit2h.pl, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm, jit/i386/core.jit, jit/i386/lib.jit,
	jit/i386/string.jit, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm: Allow
	us to write asm in *.jit files instead of hex.	Courtesy of: Rafael
	Kitover <caelum@debian.org>

2001-12-28 21:20  dan

	* core.ops: Okay, now print takes a preceding file handle.

	I feel so dirty now.

2001-12-28 20:46  dan

	* core.ops, t/op/hacks.t: Added in the readline op, as well as
	changing the open op to use fopen under the hood.


2001-12-28 18:20  ajgough

	* core.ops, make_vtable_ops.pl, string.c, classes/default.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, docs/parrot_assembly.pod, docs/strings.pod,
	include/parrot/exceptions.h, include/parrot/string.h,
	t/op/pmc_perlstring.t, t/op/string.t, t/pmc/perlstring.t: Added
	repeat op, so that "foo" x 10 can be done.  Filled in PerlString
	vtables appropriately.	Also tests for same, new pmc_perlstring.t
	to hold tests specific to PerlStrings, as the pmc.t file is taking
	too long to run and slowing down my thought processes.

	Changes to strings.c etc to take string functions.

	Some changes to the strings docs, but not yet complete.

	Also, PerlString was copying pointers to strings, rather than
	strings themselves, so some action-at-a-distance bugs were creeping
	in, I think I've fixed this so everything works nicely.

2001-12-28 04:56  gregor

	* examples/assembly/pmcmops.pasm:
	PMC-using version of mops.pasm.

	Courtesy of: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-12-28 04:56  gregor

	* examples/assembly/.cvsignore:
	Small tinkering. Removed old stuff, etc.

2001-12-28 01:26  gregor

	* examples/mops/mops.scheme:
	Scheme example. Major GC thrashing on umb-scheme here. Probably due
	to the very un-scheme-like implementation.

2001-12-28 01:19  gregor

	* examples/mops/mops.c:
	Some people's picky compilers don't like us redefineing time(), so
	we call it time_n().  :)

2001-12-28 00:28  gregor

	* examples/mops/: README, mops.ps:
	Added a PostScript example and a README.

2001-12-27 23:57  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	Build the C mops translation in examples/mops/mops.c

2001-12-27 23:56  gregor

	* examples/mops/: .cvsignore, mops.c, mops.pl, mops.py, mops.rb:
	Some translations of mops.pasm into other languages, for inner loop
	performance comparisons.

2001-12-27 22:40  gregor

	* examples/assembly/mops.pasm:
	Fixed erroneous file name in header comment.

2001-12-27 21:18  gregor

	* pbc2c.pl:
	One-liner to avoid no-op gotos to the next op.

2001-12-27 21:06  gregor

	* runops_cores.c:
	Fixed -p (profiling). Slow runops core was doing unconditional
	tracing, when it should have been checking the flags.

2001-12-27 18:50  ajgough

	* core.ops, string.c, chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, include/parrot/chartype.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, t/op/pmc.t, t/op/string.t, t/pmc/pmc.t:
	dded get_digit() to chartypes  * Added string_bool() to strings  *
	Added if_s_ic op, to use same  * Added (PerlString)->get_bool stuff
	to perlstring.pmc  * Tests for above, also a for couple of other
	ops without tests

	The unicode chartype has only had placeholders added for get_digit,
	string_to_num has been updated to use type->get_digit rather than
	the previous ascii-isms.  Some remain, but we need to carefully
	define what we mean by a number before we let thousands of code
	points act as a minus sign.

2001-12-27 18:32  dan

	* classes/: perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc, perlstring.pmc: Silenced some
	compiler warnings.

	Courtesy of "David  Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-27 18:23  dan

	* t/op/bitwise.t: More tests.

	Courtesy of "David Jacobs" <jacobsl001@hawaii.rr.com>

2001-12-27 17:08  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, config_h.in, core.ops, interpreter.c,
	make_vtable_ops.pl, obscure.ops, ops2c.pl, ops2pm.pl, test_main.c,
	trace.c, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, include/parrot/interp_guts.h,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/oplib.h,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm, platforms/generic.c, platforms/generic.h,
	platforms/win32.c, platforms/win32.h:
	Initial code for dynamic loading of oplibs, applied for now to the
	loading of the core_prederef oplib when the -P flag is passed to

	  * MANIFEST: Added entry for the new file include/parrot/oplib.h.

	  * Makefile.in:

	      * Added libcore_prederef_0_3.so to the shared target.
	      * Added build rule for libcore_prederef_0_3.so.
	      * Added dependencies on Parrot/OpsFile.pm and Parrot/Op.pm
		to Parrot/OpLib/core.pm, core_ops.c and

	  * config_h.in: Added defines for constants used to locate the
	    core oplib's init function, and the core_prederef oplib for

	  * core.ops: Added a VERSION = 0.3 line near the top. This is now
	    required by Parrot/OpsFile.pm.

	  * interpreter.c:

	      * Added init_prederef() and stop_prederef() functions to load
		and unload the core_prederef oplib when we are in prederef

		NOTE: In all likelihood, the prederef stuff has a rapidly
		dwindling time-to-live. The JIT should provide vastly
		performance, and loading an alternate set of core_ops isn't
		the real direction for the dynaloading stuff. Loading
		*additional* ops is. It does provide a handy test case for
		general idea for now, though.

	      * Gets the core copcode table, etc. via the core oplibs oplib
		info pointer, as returned by the core oplib's init

	  * ops2c.pl

	      * Make use of the version, major version and minor version
		stuff parsed by Parrot/OpsFile.pm

	      * The only exported symbol in the generated files is the init
		function now, since that returns an oplib info struct
		pointer, and all the important stuff can be found there.

	  * ops2pm.pl: Put the oplib version in the generated .pm file.

	  * test_main.c: Small changes necessitated by changes in the names
	    of some members of the interpreter struct.

	  * trace.c: Small changes necessitated by changes in the names
	    of some members of the interpreter struct.

	  * Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Require a "VERSION = x.y" line before any
	    ops are found.

	  * include/parrot/interp_guts.h: Small changes necessitated by
	    changes in the names of some members of the interpreter struct.

	  * include/parrot/interpreter.h: Include the new
	    include/parrot/oplib.h header. Small changes to the oplib-
	    related members.

	  * include/parrot/oplib.h: Define the type of the oplib init
	    function, and the struct type for the oplib info.

	  * platforms/*.[hc]: Remove the second argument to Parrot_dlopen()
	    since not all platforms have it. For those that do, a default
	    second argument is provided.

2001-12-26 05:12  gregor

	* Configure.pl:
	Make jitarch calculation not get tripped up by extra components to

2001-12-24 21:23  gregor

	* jit.c, jit2h.pl, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm,
	include/parrot/jit.h, jit/i386/core.jit, jit/i386/lib.jit,
	jit/i386/string.jit, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm:
	Some more JIT work from Daniel Grunblatt.

	  * Ops added set_s_s, set_s_sc, bsr_i and eq_s_sc but using calls
	to C

	  * Added JUMP(END) to place the number of bytes to the end of the

	  * The *.jit files syntax changed.

	  * Added jit/i386/lib.jit to place handly functions as jump that
	take as
	    argument the address where is the opcode number to jump to.

	  * There is a bug at some point, but I will start writing
	    jit/i386/string.jit and jit/i386/stacks.jit so that we don't
	have use
	    calls, which make the jit as slow as the interpreter.

	Courtesy of: Daniel Grunblatt <daniel@grunblatt.com.ar>

2001-12-24 03:46  dan

	* Parrot/OpTrans.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm: Commented out the use warnings.
	Perls before 5.6.0 don't like it.

2001-12-22 16:02  ajgough

	* t/op/stacks.t: stopped skipping tests we can run now.  added
	clonep tests.

2001-12-21 21:13  gregor

	* jit2h.pl, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm:
	Fixed some package name goofs.

	Thanks to: Andy Dougherty <doughera@mail.lafayette.edu>

2001-12-21 19:32  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, interpreter.c,
	make_vtable_ops.pl, obscure.ops, ops2c-prederef.pl, ops2c.pl,
	pbc2c.pl, stacks.c, Parrot/Op.pm, Parrot/OpTrans.pm,
	Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/Op.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm,
	Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm,
	Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm, docs/intro.pod, include/parrot/op.h,
	include/parrot/stacks.h, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm, lib/Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm:
	Changes to syntax of .ops files and refactoring of ops2c*.pl and

	  * Removed ops2c-prederef.pl

	  * (unrelated) Removed vestigial Parrot/Opcode.pm file.

	  * Added Parrot/OpTrans.pm, Parrot/OpTrans/C.pm (needed for old
	    functionality of ops2c.pl), Parrot/OpTrans/CPrederef.pm (needed
	    for old functionality of ops2c-prederef.pl), and
	    Parrot/OpTrans/CGoto.pm (needed for functionality of pbc2c.pl).

	    "OpTrans" == "Op Transformation"

	  * Makefile.in modifications to call "ops2c.pl C" where it used
	    to be just "ops2c.pl", and "ops2c.pl CPrederef" where it used
	    to be "ops2c-prederef.pl".

	  * core.ops and obscure.ops changes to syntax. Semantics are
	    identical with previous version:

	      return HALT	  -->  HALT()
	      return AUTO	  -->  goto NEXT()
	      return RETREL(...)  -->  goto OFFSET(...)
	      return RESTART(*)   -->  restart NEXT()

	    Also, pop_generic_entry() stuff (local var + 5 lines of code)
	    for dest-less branch ops replaced with new notation "goto
	    which uses the new pop_dest() function in stacks.c. This also
	    allowed these ops to become 'inline' ops, since they no longer
	    have local variables.

	    The 'ret' op also became simplified to just "goto POP()", and
	    also became an inline op.

	  * interpreter.c reflects the change in type name:

	      prederef_op_func_t   -->	op_func_prederef_t

	    that occurred in include/parrot/op.h

	  * make_vtable_ops.pl uses "goto NEXT()" where it used to use
	    "return AUTO".

	  * ops2c.pl is now generic. Its first argument is the last
	    package name component of a subclass of Parrot::OpTrans. These
	    subclasses all have full names of the form Parrot::OpTrans::*.
	    An instance of the class is created and later consulted for
	    various bits of information needed to generate the C code.

	  * pbc2c.pl now uses an instance of Parrot::OpTrans::CGoto to
	    contain its transformation rules.

	  * stacks.c has a new function pop_dest() that pops a destination
	    off the control stack. include/parrot/stacks.h has the

	  * Parrot/Op.pm now supports the syntax generated by
	    for the "goto POP" case.

	    Also, the source() method now expects its second argument to be
	    an object that ISA Parrot::OpTrans. Methods of this object are
	    called to perform the substitutions.

	  * Parrot/OpsFile.pm supports the change in notation mentioned

	  * docs/intro.pod reflects these changes.

	  * include/parrot/op.h: Renamed type prederef_op_func_t to
	    op_func_prederef_t because it made the implementation of the
	    shared ops2c.pl easier.

2001-12-21 13:47  gregor

	* Configure.pl, config_h.in, interpreter.c, test_main.c:
	Both test_parrot (via test_main.c) and the intepreter itself (via
	interpreter.c) use the JIT_CAPABLE config to decide whether to
	actually attempt JIT operation, or to complain.

2001-12-20 23:25  gregor

	* core.ops, make_vtable_ops.pl, obscure.ops, Parrot/OpsFile.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm, docs/intro.pod, include/parrot/op.h:
	Changes to the format of *.ops files. An attempt to provide hints
	for future opfunc processing logic that wants to know if an opfunc
	is simple enough to JIT (e.g.) inline, or not.

	See the POD in Parrot/OpsFile.pm and the updated docs/intro.pod in
	addition to The Source in core.ops and Parrot/OpsFile.pm for more

2001-12-20 21:28  gregor

	* Configure.pl, jit.c, jit2h.pl, include/parrot/jit.h,
	More JIT stuff:

	  * A fix to Gregor's last Configure.pl update.

	  * Remove the need for hardcoded "\n" at the end of the "%f"
	    format for printing floating-point numbers.

	  * New, improved *.jit syntax for references to registers,
	    e.g. INT_REG[n].

	  * Support for C() improved.

	Courtesy of: Daniel Grunblatt <daniel@grunblatt.com.ar>

2001-12-20 16:55  dan

	* MANIFEST: Added jit.c to the manifest.

2001-12-20 15:24  simon

	* jit2h.pl:
	Off-by-one error fixed.

2001-12-20 14:18  simon

	* jit/i386/core.jit:
	Just a noop. It's the only machine code I know.

2001-12-20 13:10  gregor

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, jit2h.pl:
	Attempt to fix Win32 builds.

	  * No more empty braces in include/parrot/jit_struct.h


	  * ${jitarchname} has the *bsd -> bsd substitution on it, but
	    does not.

2001-12-20 11:56  simon

	* Makefile.in:

2001-12-20 01:57  gregor

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, interpreter.c, jit.c,
	jit2h.pl, test_main.c, Parrot/.cvsignore, Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm,
	Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm, Parrot/Jit/i386-nojit.pm, docs/jit.pod,
	include/parrot/.cvsignore, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/jit.h, jit/i386/core.jit, jit/i386/string.jit,
	lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-bsd.pm, lib/Parrot/Jit/i386-linux.pm,
	Initial JIT implementation.

	  * Enabled with test_parrot -j. 20x speed boosts seen.

	  * Unsupported archs mapped to i386-nojit. Don't do -j on them.

	  * More to come.

	Courtesy of: Daniel Grunblatt <daniel@grunblatt.com.ar>

2001-12-20 01:53  jgoff

	* MANIFEST, core.ops, t/op/key.t: MANIFEST - Removed t/op/key.t
	core.ops - Removed key operators, they should be hidden from the
	assembler.  t/op/key.t - No need to test the nonexistent key

2001-12-20 00:13  ajgough

	* core.ops, t/op/stacks.t: Added tests for entrytype op, noticed
	that asking for type of entry at depth causes segfault as stack is
	zero based, fixed cmp in core.ops to reflect this.  Last test is
	skipped as we don't do exceptions right yet.

2001-12-19 19:11  ajgough

	* t/op/debuginfo.t: Added C<end> ops to debuginfo.t, as thier
	non-being was causing Irix "issues".

2001-12-19 03:37  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/t/: 001_tokenizer.t, 003_generator.t,
	004_combined.t: Changed tests to make sure they pass with the
	addition of the clone operator.

2001-12-18 20:06  gregor

	* interpreter.c, include/parrot/interp_guts.h:
	Performance improvements to the predereferencing code path
	suggested to me over lunch yesterday by my friend John Kennedy.
	The goal is to remove the additional test in the inner loop that
	was checking for NULL to decide whether or not to call the
	prederef() function. Also moved pc & pc_prederef syncing outside
	the inner loop.

	  * Changed the prototype of the prederef() function in
	    interpreter.c to match that of an opfunc.

	  * Instead of initializing the prederef void * array with NULL,
	    we initialize it with pointers to prederef().

	  * prederef() now returns the prederef_pc passed in, so that
	    after predereferencing, the same location is executed, but now
	    with the real code being called.

	Thanks to: John Kennedy

2001-12-18 19:59  ajgough

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t: Added some more num -> string tests
	(including some more in the skipped string -> int tests).

2001-12-18 07:06  jgoff

	* MANIFEST: Forgot to add classes/perlarray.pmc

2001-12-18 07:05  jgoff

	* Makefile.in, core.ops, global_setup.c, vtable.tbl,
	classes/Makefile.in, classes/default.pmc, classes/perlarray.pmc,
	classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc, classes/perlstring.pmc,
	classes/perlundef.pmc, include/parrot/pmc.h, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/pmc/pmc.t: Big update...  Makefile.in - Added
	classes/perlarray.pmc core.ops - Added new series of set() ops for
	arrays global_setup.c - Initialized perlarray classes/Makefile.in -
	Added perlarray.pmc classes/*.pmc - Added
	set_{integer,number,string}_index and
	get_{integer,number,string}_index include/parrot/pmc.h - Added new
	type t/op/pmc.t - Added basic array test

	classes/perlarray.pmc - Added

2001-12-17 05:29  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Generator.pm: Altered miniperl code
	generator to use clone operator instead of set Px,Py

2001-12-17 05:25  jgoff

	* core.ops, classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.pmc, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: Added clone
	PMC,PMC operator. Uses the clone() vtable entries.

2001-12-17 04:51  jgoff

	* MANIFEST: Added miniperl test suite, removed old Miniperl/Test.pm

2001-12-17 04:41  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Makefile.PL: Now in its proper

2001-12-17 04:41  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Makefile.PL: Moved it to the proper directory.

2001-12-17 04:39  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/: Makefile.PL, Miniperl.pm, miniperlc, mpc,
	Miniperl/Tokenizer.pm: Makefile.PL to let us run the test suite in

2001-12-17 04:27  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl.pm: Latest version of the driver.
	Admittedly it's a little thin on true OO, but the algorithms are
	the key.

2001-12-17 04:24  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/t/: 001_tokenizer.t, 002_parser.t,
	003_generator.t, 004_combined.t: Much more comprehensive test suite
	for the codegen et al

2001-12-17 04:22  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/: Generator.pm, Parser.pm,
	Tokenizer.pm: Newer codegen, tightened up parser output, added hash
	key handling

2001-12-17 04:20  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Test.pm: The newer test suite is much
	more comprehensive.

2001-12-17 04:17  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/foo.mpl: Test file that'll be outdated by
	changes to the new compiler

2001-12-17 04:11  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/t/: harness, 001_basic/basic.t: Moving testing
	files to Miniperl/

2001-12-16 14:11  simon

	* classes/perlint.pmc, examples/assembly/mops_p.pasm, t/op/pmc.t,
	Fix bogus assumption that multiplying an integer by an integer
	yields an integer.

2001-12-16 12:48  simon

	* make_vtable_ops.pl:
	Fixed op exploder.

2001-12-16 12:45  simon

	* make_vtable_ops.pl, Parrot/Vtable.pm, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm:
	Expand multimethod vtable ops.

2001-12-16 12:04  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Added 'cvsclean' which doesn't zap CVS/* directories.

2001-12-15 01:50  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: Fixed typo in string.h. lagnuage,

	Thanks to grunblatt fom #parrot for the catch

2001-12-15 01:39  dan

	* .cvsignore, Configure.pl, MANIFEST, languages/jako/Makefile.in,
	languages/miniperl/.cvsignore, languages/miniperl/Makefile,
	languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Test.pm, languages/scheme/.cvsignore,
	languages/scheme/Makefile, languages/scheme/Makefile.in: Build

	Courtesy of: Jay McCarthy <jay@kenyamountain.com>

2001-12-14 17:39  dan

	* t/op/trans.t: More trans tests.

	Courtesy of: Simon Glover <scog@roe.ac.uk>

2001-12-14 07:41  robert

	* make.pl: - define MAKE macro - topological sort and subgraph
	order - start of timestamp stuff   (still badly broken)

2001-12-14 06:06  jgoff

	* optimizer.pl: Hopefully this should do the trick..

2001-12-14 06:04  jgoff

	* Parrot/Optimizer.pm, lib/Parrot/Optimizer.pm: Optimizer

	  optimizer.pl is the stub, Parrot/Optimizer.pm is the driver.

	  The optimizer performs its work on a file post-macro expansion.
	  Run it on a .pasm file, preferably with some trivially reducible
	  like 'add I0,5,-6' or 'mul I0,I1,0'

2001-12-14 05:48  robert

	* Makefile.in: case error EXE -> exe

2001-12-14 05:42  robert

	* Makefile.in: remove legacy PDISASM macro

2001-12-14 04:01  dan

	* classes/Makefile.in, languages/Makefile.in: Makefile tweaks for
	better Win building

	Courtesy of: Garrett Goebel <garrett@scriptpro.com>

2001-12-13 22:03  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, Parrot/Test.pm,
	languages/scheme/Makefile, languages/scheme/Scheme/Test.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Parrot test prog's now a config variable, so we
	can change it without having to change the world.

2001-12-13 21:57  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, docs/parrot_assembly.pod,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, t/op/debuginfo.t: Added current
	file/line/package to interp structure, with ops to get and set
	them. Now we can know where we are!

2001-12-13 19:43  dan

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in: Makefile tweaks to hopefully make
	WinXP builds work out of the box

2001-12-13 17:05  dan

	* Makefile.in, Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Change test prog
	name again--makes case-insensitive systems much happier.

2001-12-13 16:21  dan

	* core.ops, key.c, string.c, test_main.c, trace.c,
	classes/Makefile.in, include/parrot/trace.h: Fixes to clean up
	compiler warnings

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@sky.net>

2001-12-13 13:33  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile.in:
	Improved the method of calling the assembler.

2001-12-13 13:30  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile.in:
	Improve the build process. It now works from the main parrot dir,
	and from the languages/jako directory. Now uses the .SUFFIXES
	target and generic build rules to reduce clutter in the

2001-12-13 13:29  gregor

	* languages/jako/.cvsignore:
	Ignore the (now generated Makefile), and don't ignore .list files
	anymore, since we aren't generating them.

2001-12-13 13:11  gregor

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, languages/.cvsignore,
	languages/Makefile.in, languages/jako/Makefile,
	Added a 'languages' target to the top-level Makefile.in, and
	modified the jako build procedure to involve Makefile.in -->
	Makefile too (done by Configure.pl).

	NOTE: languages/jako and language/scheme are built.
	languages/miniperl wasn't building right, so it was left off for

2001-12-13 12:15  gregor

	Added MAINTAINER file and mandelzoom.jako from languages/jako to

2001-12-13 12:12  gregor

	* .cvsignore, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, interpreter.c,
	ops2c-prederef.pl, ops2c.pl, test_main.c,
	include/parrot/interp_guts.h, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/op.h, include/parrot/oplib/.cvsignore:
	Welcome to the Just-in-Time Predereferencing Patch!

	This patch implements a "predereferencing" mode for parrot. That
	means that a lot of the dereferencing you see in DO_OP and in the
	opfuncs is done up front (really, JIT) rather than as and each time
	we execute each op in the byte code stream.

	This works by creating an array of void pointers with the same
	number of elements as the byte code array. This array starts out
	life zero-initialized.	Each time we go to execute an op, we check
	first to see if we have a NULL pointer at *cur_opcode. If so, we
	know we haven't done our predereferencing yet (this is the JIT
	part), so we call the prederef() function with sufficient args that
	it can go look up opfunc pointers and op arg types and put the
	opfunc and arg pointers at cur_opcode[0] .. cur_opcode[N - 1],
	where N is the number of args (counting the op itself as one arg).

	We assume that sizeof(INTVAL) <= sizeof(void *), so we can continue
	to have inline INTVAL constants.

	I've been getting about a 22% speed increase over vanilla code path
	when I compile with -O0. Advantage decreases at -O9 here. I tested
	with mops.pbc, and also by temporarily putting the -P flag in
	Parrot/Test.pm and running all the tests. So, this code is as
	correct as the test suite can detect.

	Here's how it plays out in the code:

	  * New script ops2c-prederef.pl

	    Copy-paste code reuse from ops2c.pl. Modified to expect the
	args to give
	    a void ** cur_opcode and to return a void **.

	  * Modified ops2c.pl

	      * opfuncs are now static. Who needs to call them by name from
		anyway? They are accessed via the opfunc table.

	      * Some MACRO stuff to make things work whether we prederef or
	not. It
		may be possible to get rid of these some day if other folks
		that we should be using CODE object pointers + offsets as
	our PC
		rather than raw pointers to either opcode_t's or (void *)'s
		(depending on prederef mode or no).

	  * core.ops modified to be usable to build both kinds of opfuncs.
	For now,
	    this means:

	      * calls to push_generic_entry(... cur_opcode ...) were
	changed to
		push_generic_entry(... CUR_OPCODE ...), where CUR_OPCODE is
		macro that does the right thing in both kinds of ops.c

		This is applicable to the bsr op. If we treated
	destinations as
		(Code PMC + local offset) rather than as
		this wouldn't be a big deal. We may need to do that at some
		anyway, so that when you jump around and return not only do
	you have
		the right PC (pointer, today), but you also have the
		knowing what chunk of bytecode it is in at all times
	(assuming we'll
		allow reflection, as in ops that query or affect the
	current CODE PMC).

	      * runinterp was modified. Instead of copying the top-level
	PackFile struct
		and blasting its byte_code pointer, we simply call runops
	on the new
		interp, passing in the pointer to the current interp's code
	and the
		offset into that code at which to start (this last arg used
	to be a
		pointer PC, now its an offset PC).

	  * include/parrot/op.h

	      * new typedef for prederef opfuncs (they return void **)

	  * include/parrot/interp_guts.h

	      * New DO_OP_PREDEREF() macro described above.

	  * include/parrot/interpreter.h

	      * New prototype of runops() -- see below.

	      * resume_addr field changed to resume_flag and resume_offset
	pair of fields.
		We might be resuming from interp using prederef to one not
	or vice-versa,
		so pointers between the two don't play nice together.
	Offsets are beautiful.

	      * New PARROT_PREDEREF_FLAG constant

	  * interpreter.c

	      * include "parrot/oplib/core_ops_prederef.h"

	      * prederef() function described above.

	      * runops_prederef() runops variant. Uses DO_OP_PREDEREF()
	macro as its core.

	      * runops() modified to take size_t CODE-relative offset PC
	rather than
		pointer PC. This made other things workable and doesn't
	seem to have lost
		anything important (IMO).

	  * test_main.c

	      * New flag '-P' to enable predereferencing.

	  * Makefile modified to build core_ops_prederef.c from core.ops

	    BTW, also added missing $(INC)/interp_guts.h to H_FILES.

	    Added core_ops_prederef$(O) to O_FILES

2001-12-13 12:12  gregor

	* languages/jako/MAINTAINER:
	Thought it would be nice to put this right in the code...

2001-12-13 04:36  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/Generator.pm: Commented out
	debugging, fixed register spillover algorithm

2001-12-13 04:23  jgoff

	* make.pl: Found and fixed obob in the parser (Wasn't parsing last
	line) Restructured a bit of the dependency generator to fix a
	different obob bug.

2001-12-13 03:43  robert

	* MANIFEST, docs/opcodes.pod: remove old docs/opcodes.pod

2001-12-13 03:03  jgoff

	* make.pl: Added make.pl

2001-12-13 02:44  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl.pm: Nearly-complete 'make'
	replacement in perl.  Non-compliant bits - Takes absolutely -NO-
	special flags...		     - Dies on undefined macros
	such as $(PDISASM) in current make		       - Dies on
	recursive macro expansions			 (Doesn't test for
	mutual or multipart loops)		       - In general it
	seems to be a little less lenient...  Missing bits - File
	mod/creation times aren't being looked at	       - Actions
	aren't being taken		- The few funky variables ($@, $<)
	aren't being dealt with Bugs - Line numbers are slipping a bit.

2001-12-13 02:29  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/Miniperl/: Generator.pm, Parser.pm:
	Reconstructing files to make the parser flow a little better.

2001-12-13 00:51  dan

	* resources.c: Be a bit less wasteful with resources that don't
	need to be aligned

2001-12-12 18:22  dan

	* Makefile.in: D'oh! Fixed looping makefile bug.

	Courtesy of: "Jaen Saul" <jaen@saul.ee>

2001-12-12 16:23  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/t/001_basic/basic1.scheme: Bogus entry

2001-12-12 16:22  jgoff

	* MANIFEST: Manifest additions for languages/miniperl

2001-12-12 16:19  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/t/001_basic/: basic.t, basic1.scheme: Basic
	tests. These are left over from the Scheme suite and shouldn't be
	used yet.

2001-12-12 16:18  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/: Miniperl/Generator.pm, Miniperl/Parser.pm,
	Miniperl/Test.pm, Miniperl/Tokenizer.pm, t/harness: Miniperl base
	modules. Miniperl/ is where the real work gets done.  t/ is largely
	vacant because it isn't ready to survive real tests yet.

2001-12-12 16:17  jgoff

	* languages/miniperl/: Makefile, Miniperl.pm, foo.mpl, miniperlc,
	mpc: Final go-round, hopefully.

	languages/miniperl/Makefile - Used basically to run tests, as there
	is nothing				 here that needs to be
	dynamically built.  languages/miniperl/Miniperl.pm - Stub module
	that calls the real Miniperl/ mods languages/miniperl/foo.mpl -
	Sample miniperl file.  languages/miniperl/miniperlc - Miniperl
	compiler stub

2001-12-12 16:09  dan

	* Configure.pl: Setting a variable with the make command name is

2001-12-12 15:07  simon

	* Makefile.in, languages/jako/Makefile, languages/scheme/Makefile:
	Recursive make considered "ow, don't do that".

2001-12-12 14:45  dan

	* Makefile.in: Makefile had some non-portable code. (Okay, a lot of
	non-portable code) Killing builds on Win32 native. Small patch
	applied which hopefully fixes it.

2001-12-12 06:12  ajgough

	* classes/Makefile.in: perl is $(PERL), you know it makes sense.

2001-12-12 06:08  ajgough

	* Makefile.in: perl is $(PERL).

2001-12-12 06:00  ajgough

	* t/op/integer.t: Added tests to integer.t so that all permutations
	of arguments are actually called at some point.

2001-12-12 05:18  ajgough

	* t/op/time.t: I can't sleep, but I don't see why parrot shouldn't.
	 Tests for sleep i|ic

2001-12-12 05:09  ajgough

	* t/op/stacks.t: Added pushp and popp register stack tests.

2001-12-12 04:51  ajgough

	* t/op/stacks.t: Added tests for save and restore, for all register
	types.	Let there be Haiku.

2001-12-12 04:27  ajgough

	* t/op/basic.t: bsr_i test.  You know you want it.

2001-12-12 02:55  ajgough

	* MANIFEST: Added hints/os2.pl to MANIFEST.

2001-12-12 02:52  jgoff

	* core.ops, key.c: Final checkin... These are actually the correct

2001-12-12 02:12  jgoff

	* include/parrot/key.h: key.c - Removed a few functions,
	generalized set_element_value and element_value 	to accept
	KEY_PAIRs from core.ops include/parrot/key.h - Modified header.
	core.ops - Modified to accept the new return style.

	This is a prelude to adding virtual-table methods to allow hashing
	&c. Expect at least one or two more redesigns before this settles
	down. However, it still passes the original tests.

2001-12-11 13:35  gregor

	* runops_cores.c:
	Fixed a typo.

2001-12-11 12:03  gregor

	* .cvsignore:
	Don't ignore test_prog, but do ignore parrot.

2001-12-11 12:03  gregor

	* classes/.cvsignore:
	Ignore the generated file default.h

2001-12-11 04:07  jgoff

	* key.c: Key source

2001-12-11 04:05  jgoff

	* include/parrot/key.h, t/op/key.t: Needed header file, new test

2001-12-11 04:00  jgoff

	* core.ops: Added new key aggregate operations to core ops.

2001-12-11 04:00  jgoff

	* include/parrot/parrot.h: Added key.h to header list

2001-12-11 03:59  jgoff

	* MANIFEST: Added key.c, include/parrot/key.h, t/op/key.t

2001-12-11 03:58  jgoff

	* Makefile.in: Added implementation of key aggregates.

2001-12-08 23:07  simon

	README good to go.

2001-12-08 23:05  simon

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, README, Parrot/Test.pm,
	docs/intro.pod, languages/jako/Makefile, languages/scheme/Makefile,
	languages/scheme/Scheme/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm:
	test_prog? What is test_prog?

2001-12-08 22:57  simon

	* ChangeLog:

	Oops, the changelog commit was on *this* machine.

2001-12-08 22:56  simon

	* NEWS:
	Updates to NEWS and ChangeLog pre-release.

2001-12-08 22:07  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in, classes/default.pmc,
	classes/perlnum.pmc, classes/pmc2c.pl:
	Add "default" PMC vtable so you can inherit implied stuff.

2001-12-08 21:24  simon

	* Parrot/PackFile.pm, docs/parrot.pod, docs/parrotbyte.pod,
	docs/vtables.pod, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm:
	Getting the documentation up to scratch.

2001-12-08 21:21  simon

	* classes/pmc2c.pl:
	Allow inheriting from default class.

2001-12-07 20:43  gregor

	* examples/assembly/queens.pasm:
	Regenerated the file with the latest jakoc.

2001-12-07 20:29  simon

	* core.ops, t/op/stacks.t:
	Rename "rotate" to "rotate_up".

2001-12-07 20:15  simon

	* t/op/stacks.t:
	Some tests for rotate.

2001-12-07 00:55  gregor

	* core.ops:
	Cast the result of the pointer arithmetic, since without the cast
	there are warnings with some compilers, and without the parens
	around the pointer arithmetic, precedence breaks the meaning and
	causes crashes.

2001-12-06 23:37  simon

	* core.ops:
	Temporary. I prefer compiler warnings to segfaults, thanks.

2001-12-06 23:34  simon

	* runops_cores.c:
	Make "trace" work again.

2001-12-06 21:23  dan

	* Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Undo twiddles to test.pm

2001-12-06 21:22  dan

	* core.ops, packfile.c, Parrot/Test.pm, include/parrot/stacks.h,
	lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Fix up source issues that made Dec C unhappy

2001-12-06 19:22  simon

	* core.ops:
	Yet another "How the *%$! did that compile?" moment.

2001-12-06 18:28  dan

	* hints/vms.pl: Fix to build, with a HERE logical required

2001-12-06 17:48  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, pbc2c.pl, pdump.c, test_main.c,
	docs/parrot_assembly.pod, include/parrot/interpreter.h: Sensible
	changes to the interpreter--flags are now part of the interp

	Courtesy of "Melvin Smith" <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2001-12-06 14:02  gregor

	* docs/intro.pod:
	s/little_languages/languages/ in Jako section.

2001-12-06 13:15  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Ensure the documentation gets made.

2001-12-06 13:12  simon

	* MANIFEST, docs/intro.pod:
	Documentation! Added the "Some Assembly Required" article with
	minor updates.

2001-12-06 00:39  simon

	* core.ops:
	More "eq" support.

	Courtesy of: Nguon Hao Ching <hao@netaxs.com>

2001-12-06 00:37  simon

	* test_main.c:
	Add the "-d" debug flag. Doesn't actually *do* anything yet.

	Courtesy of: Melvin <mrjoltcola@mindspring.com>

2001-12-06 00:11  tom

	* string.c, chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c,
	encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf8.c,
	include/parrot/chartype.h, include/parrot/encoding.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h: Moved string to number conversion code out
	of the encoding layer and into the main string layer as neither the
	encoding layer nor the character type layer knows enough on it's
	own to do the conversion correctly.

2001-12-05 23:12  tom

	* Makefile.in: Rebuild the classes directory if any of the object
	files for the classes are missing rather than only when perlint.o
	is missing.

2001-12-05 19:43  gregor

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm:
	  * Reworked the constantize_string() stuff a little bit because it
	    puking on things like "\033[H\033[2J\0" (which occurs in the
	    languages/jako/mandelzoom.jako example).

2001-12-05 19:39  gregor

	* languages/jako/: Makefile, mandelzoom.jako:
	Added 'mandelzoom' example.

2001-12-05 19:38  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * Added sleep()

	  * Changed some instances of die() to confess()

2001-12-05 18:34  gregor

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t:

2001-12-05 18:08  gregor

	* Parrot/.cvsignore:
	Ignore PMC.pm

2001-12-05 18:05  gregor

	* classes/.cvsignore:
	Ignore the generated files.

2001-12-05 17:19  gregor

	* pbc2c.pl:
	  * Reverted recent changes, since they broke the script. Real fix

2001-12-05 17:03  simon

	* classes/Makefile.in:
	Remember: change Makefile.in, not Makefile. D'oh.

2001-12-05 17:02  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Ensure PMC.pm gets remade.

2001-12-05 16:58  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in,
	classes/perlundef.pmc, include/parrot/pmc.h:
	Add perlundef class.

2001-12-05 16:45  simon

	* core.ops:
	Document "new P0, foo"

2001-12-05 16:43  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, pbc2c.pl, pmc_pm.pl, Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t:
	Allow assembler to know about PMC class names.

2001-12-04 13:39  ajgough

	* MANIFEST: Added t/op/pmc.t to MANIFEST.

2001-12-04 05:02  ajgough

	* classes/perlnum.pmc: Picky compiler pointed out probable thinko
	in perlnum.c

2001-12-04 04:24  ajgough

	* encodings/singlebyte.c, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: A much less
	broken form of strtod and appropriate tests.  Does not yet check
	for overflow.

2001-12-04 01:31  ajgough

	* string.c, encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c,
	encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h: Added length parameter
	to extract_num and extract_int string vtables, without this it
	would be impossible to have strings with nulls in while still
	knowing where they ended.

2001-12-03 18:40  ajgough

	* string.c, classes/perlstring.pmc, encodings/singlebyte.c,
	encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/encoding.h,
	include/parrot/string.h: Moved pmc string to number conversion into
	the string encoding tables.

2001-12-03 00:21  ajgough

	* core.ops, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: Added set i, p and some tests
	for p-> integer.

2001-12-02 23:09  jgoff

	* classes/Makefile.in: Removed some redundant targets.

2001-12-02 19:02  ajgough

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t: Modified all pmc tests to make use of fp
	equality macro rather than using perl to generate expected output,
	all tests now have <<OUTPUT.

2001-12-02 17:44  ajgough

	* t/op/trans.t: Upgraded fp_eq and fp_ne macros to be more useful
	for pmc.t as well.  Will probably move macros into another file at
	some point, although this might be best left until the tests are

2001-12-02 06:16  jgoff

	* classes/pmc2c.pl: It wasn't properly setting the vtable index
	within Parrot_Perl{Class}_init.

2001-12-02 06:09  jgoff

	* classes/Makefile.in: I seem to have removed *$(O) twice..

2001-12-02 05:06  jgoff

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in: (Hopefully the last time...)
	Configure.pl - Removed '-I./include', added classes/Makefile
	generation MANIFEST	- Added classes/Makefile.in Makefile.in  -
	Removed old classes/* make stuff		Added target for

2001-12-02 04:48  jgoff

	* classes/Makefile.in: Going to be used shortly...

2001-12-02 04:40  jgoff

	* docs/Makefile: Configure.pl - Added automatic makefile creation
	for docs/ and classes/		      Removed '-I./include' because
	it was getting incorrectly		  passed to classes/
	MANIFEST - added docs/Makefile.in, classes/Makefile.in Makefile.in
	- Removed classes/ build stuff, replaced with classes/Makefile.in
		    Added '-I./include' locally docs/Makefile - Should no
	longer be used, but I'm not brave enough to do a
	cvs delete.

2001-12-02 01:21  ajgough

	* t/op/trans.t: Refactored trans math tests to have hard coded
	expected return values and be more ready to be unperled at some
	point in the future.  Added $fp_equality_macro which is a
	"nearly-equal-to" function.

2001-12-02 01:18  ajgough

	* Makefile.in: Humph.  People really ought to use Makefile
	variables, s/perl/$(PERL)/ throughout.

2001-12-01 18:15  jgoff

	* classes/: perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc: Temporary patch until we
	figure out what to do vis-a-vis the lack of snprintf.

2001-11-30 13:14  ajgough

	* t/op/: integer.t, number.t: Added tests for abs ops to number.t
	and integer.t

2001-11-30 13:14  ajgough

	* core.ops: Added abs(i|n, i|ic|n|nc) ops to core.ops, using if <0
	-, else ... form.

2001-11-30 10:36  simon

	* core.ops:
	Rewrite print_p to do the right thing.

2001-11-30 06:21  jgoff

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t: New tests for integer/number/string
	concat, 	      integer/number/string math

2001-11-30 06:20  jgoff

	* classes/: perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc, perlstring.pmc:
	classes/perlint.pmc - Fixes and expanding for concat and math with
	strings classes/perlnum.pmc - Fixes and expanding for concat and
	math with strings classes/perlstring.pmc - Fixes and expanding for
	concat and math with strings

2001-11-29 15:21  ajgough

	* hints/os2.pl: This is a hints file for os/2, I've set $c{perl} as
	$^X lies, which confused bash which make uses to run things when
	doing its stuff.

2001-11-29 04:58  jgoff

	* classes/perlstring.pmc: Removed C++-style comments for good

2001-11-29 04:51  jgoff

	* t/: op/pmc.t, pmc/pmc.t: New tests for PMC integers

2001-11-29 04:28  jgoff

	* global_setup.c: Initialize PMC strings

2001-11-29 04:25  jgoff

	* core.ops: Added set_p_s and set_p_sc, modified print_p to handle
	string PMCs.

2001-11-29 04:24  jgoff

	* classes/: perlint.pmc, perlnum.pmc, perlstring.pmc: Changed PMC
	files to properly upgrade int to num, do calculations.	Also added
	basic string operations. Currently errors out on anything but set
	operations, but this will be fixed soon.

2001-11-29 04:22  jgoff

	* Makefile.in: PMC .c files weren't getting cleaned out.

2001-11-28 17:00  simon

	* t/harness:

	Make csh-glob happy.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty: <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-11-28 16:40  simon

	* classes/perlnum.pmc:


2001-11-28 15:22  simon

	* string.c:

	Fixes Alex's string concat worry.

2001-11-28 14:27  ajgough

	* t/op/string.t: test "null onto null" incorrectly passing as it
	produced no output.  Output provided.

2001-11-28 11:14  simon

	* include/parrot/pmc.h:

	Placate AIX.

2001-11-26 21:03  dan

	* MANIFEST, hints/darwin.pl: Tweaks to build on Mac OS X 10.1

2001-11-26 17:29  simon

	* classes/perlint.pmc:

	Various subtle but non-showstopper bugs.

2001-11-26 11:23  simon

	* classes/pmc2c.pl:

	Replace dependency on Text::Balanced

	Courtesy of: Bart Lateur <bart.lateur@pandora.be>

2001-11-26 05:22  jgoff

	* global_setup.c: Last file that should need to be committed. I

2001-11-26 05:09  jgoff

	* core.ops: Let's try this again... Changes to core.ops required

2001-11-26 04:58  jgoff

	* classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.pmc, t/op/pmc.t,
	t/pmc/pmc.t: Makefile.in - Added missing cleanup line for perl*.c
	core.ops - Added set(p,n|nc), modified print(p) global_setup.c -
	Uncommented PerlNum_init classes/perlint.pmc - Added set_number
	functions classes/perlnum.pmc - Set up basic number functions
	t/op/pmc.t - Added tests for set P0.<number> and {add,mul,sub,div}
	tests against numbers and numbers+integers

2001-11-25 13:18  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Windows XP make doesn't like $<

2001-11-25 12:56  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, classes/genclass.pl, classes/perlint.c,
	classes/perlint.pmc, classes/perlnum.c, classes/perlnum.pmc,
	classes/perlstring.c, classes/perlstring.pmc, classes/pmc2c.pl,
	PMC preprocessor.

	Courtesy of: Angel Faus <afaus@corp.vlex.com>

	I (Simon) also added a couple more integer methods, but no tests
	since I'm a Bad Person.

2001-11-25 08:40  brentdax

	* ops2c.pl, Parrot/Op.pm, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/Op.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Allow _ in op names

2001-11-25 05:54  jgoff

	* classes/perlint.c, t/op/pmc.t, t/pmc/pmc.t: classes/perlint.c -
	Added basic math ops t/op/pmc.t - Added tests of basic math ops

2001-11-23 18:27  simon

	* core.ops, classes/perlint.c, examples/assembly/mops_p.pasm:
	Add everything you need to make MOPS use PMCs.

2001-11-23 18:06  simon

	* core.ops:
	Eh, you'll need this for rewriting mops.pasm.

2001-11-23 17:55  simon

	* core.ops, classes/perlint.c, include/parrot/pmc.h, t/op/pmc.t,
	More work on integer PMCs.

2001-11-23 17:29  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Surprise! Whitespace! HLAGHLAGHLAGH

2001-11-23 17:28  simon

	* Makefile.in, ops2c.pl, ops2pm.pl:
	Add vtables.ops to the core

	Courtesy of: Jeff Goff <jgoff@speakeasy.net>

2001-11-22 18:39  simon

	* core.ops, global_setup.c, docs/parrot_assembly.pod, t/op/pmc.t,
	We can now create PMCs.

2001-11-21 05:49  jgoff

	* Makefile.in: Makefile cleans up *.pasm *.pbc *.out

2001-11-20 16:00  simon

	* docs/vtables.pod, include/parrot/pmc.h:
	Reorder PMC flags so there's a fixed number of user-defined flags.

	Courtesy of: Dave Mitchell <davem@fdgroup.co.uk>

2001-11-19 03:39  jgoff

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm, t/op/basic.t:
	Parrot/Assembler.pm - Allow "print 'foo'", and properly escape
	nested quotes.	t/op/basic.t - Add tests for single-quoted strings,
	escaped quotes, and proper		  handling of newlines.

2001-11-16 22:03  simon

	* classes/perlint.c:
	More work on the Perl Integer class. More needed, though.

2001-11-16 21:57  simon

	* pmc.c, vtable.tbl, classes/genclass.pl, classes/perlint.c:
	Rename ->new to ->init, and rework pmc.c:pmc_new to fiddle it.

2001-11-16 20:49  simon

	* interpreter.c, runops_cores.c, trace.c,
	Kill superfluous runops cores.

2001-11-16 17:50  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, classes/intclass.c, classes/perlint.c,
	classes/perlnum.c, classes/perlstring.c, classes/scalarclass.c,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/pmc.h:
	Skeleton for Perl scalar types, done right.

2001-11-16 16:15  simon

	* classes/genclass.pl:
	This tidies up genclass to deal with the new-style multimethods.

2001-11-16 15:29  simon

	* Makefile.in, make_vtable_ops.pl, vtable.tbl, Parrot/Vtable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm, include/parrot/parrot.h:
	Rework multimethods to be *true* multimethods - that is, have
	different types.

2001-11-15 22:29  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, pmc.c:
	pmc.c linkage and support. Oh, and making it compile.

2001-11-15 22:26  dan

	* t/op/interp.t: Forgot to tell CVS about the test...

2001-11-15 22:10  dan

	* MANIFEST, Types_pm.in, core.ops, vtable_h.pl,
	docs/parrot_assembly.pod, include/parrot/string.h: Added in support
	for PMC registers for the interpreter.

	Added in the docs for the runinterp opcode.

	Added in code for both the newinterp and runinterp opcodes, so we
	can now create new interpreters from within parrot and have them do
	things. (Though we can't pass data back and forth. Yet)

2001-11-15 21:24  simon

	* vtable.tbl, classes/scalarclass.c, docs/vtables.pod:
	More documentation, and other changes as discussed with Dan.

2001-11-15 19:51  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:

2001-11-15 19:50  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:
	A little code tidiness.

2001-11-15 19:33  simon

	* include/parrot/pmc.h:
	Missed this in the previous commit - un-constantize the base for
	user-defined PMC flags.

2001-11-15 19:28  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:
	Hey look, sanity.

2001-11-15 17:09  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:
	It seems I have completely forgotten how to write C.

2001-11-15 16:53  simon

	* docs/vtables.pod:
	Start of the PMC classes documentation.

2001-11-15 14:46  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:
	Changing to use a Perl-style struct instead of the union cache.

2001-11-13 23:56  tom

	* string.c: Removed leading _ from string_index as function names
	starting with _ are reserved to implementors by the C standard.

	Also fixed string_index to use the encoding routines instead of
	assuming a single byte encoding.

2001-11-13 12:59  jgoff

	* string.c: Patched string_concat to accept null strings.  That
	test was failing. Nothing to do with ord().

2001-11-13 12:43  jgoff

	* string.c: string_ord function, string_concat fixes

2001-11-13 04:52  jgoff

	* core.ops: Added ord to core.ops

2001-11-13 04:35  jgoff

	* docs/strings.pod, include/parrot/exceptions.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, t/op/string.t: core.ops - Added ord
	operator, documentation string.c - Added string_ord, _string_index
	(_string_index is a static helper)		Patched
	string_concat to handle null strings properly.	docs/strings.pod -
	Description of string_ord include/parrot/exceptions.h - Added
	ORD_OUT_OF_STRING exception include/parrot/string.h - Added
	string_ord() t/op/string.t - Added full set of test for

	string.c contains a bit of documentation explaining the logic
	behind _string_index, primarily having to do with multiple encoding

2001-11-12 22:30  simon

	* t/op/macro.t:
	Count 'em.

2001-11-12 22:28  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Add a rule to compile "platform"

2001-11-12 22:26  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Tidy up distclean target.

2001-11-12 16:54  dan

	* MANIFEST, Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	t/op/macro.t: Fixes to the assembler's macro facility and a test

	Courtesy of: Jeff <jgoff@speakeasy.net>

2001-11-12 16:50  dan

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: Allow input from

	Courtesy of: Jeff <jgoff@speakeasy.net>

2001-11-12 16:36  dan

	* Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Fix to make test work on

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alexander.gough@st-hughs.oxford.ac.uk>

2001-11-12 11:22  simon

	* examples/assembly/mops.pasm:

	Trivial tightening of mops loop.

2001-11-07 23:57  ajgough

	* docs/tests.pod: This is a basic quide to writing tests with

2001-11-07 22:29  dan

	* stacks.c: Added a little documentation on the cleanup parameter
	for an entry

2001-11-07 14:43  dan

	* MANIFEST, platforms/generic.c, platforms/linux.c,
	platforms/linux.h: Portability patches.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-11-06 19:51  tom

	* Makefile.in: Clean up object files in the subdirectories as well
	as those in the top level directory.

	Enhanced version of patch from Daniel Grunblatt

2001-11-06 16:14  dan

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops,
	platforms/generic.c, platforms/generic.h: Made things a bit more
	platform-independent. Makefile still needs work to pick up changes
	to the platform-specific files.

2001-11-05 21:32  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Added docs for the GC control ops

2001-11-04 02:52  gregor

	* platforms/: win32.c, win32.h:
	  * win32 dynamic loading functions.

	Courtesy of Jason Diamond <jason@injektilo.org>

2001-11-04 00:04  brentdax

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: Assembler fixes:
	allows an absolute path to be used and gives a useful error message
	if the original source file can't be found

2001-11-02 12:37  gregor

	* platforms/: linux.c, linux.h:
	  * Beginning of dynamic loading support. Linux only for now.

2001-11-02 12:13  gregor

	* MANIFEST, time.c, include/parrot/time.h:
	  * Removed time.[hc], since they have been superseded by the new

2001-11-02 12:11  gregor

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, core.ops, vtable.tbl,
	classes/intclass.c, classes/scalarclass.c, hints/mswin32.pl,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, platforms/linux.c, platforms/linux.h,
	platforms/win32.c, platforms/win32.h:
	Patch from Jason Diamond to make win32 platform stuff work:

	* Modified Configure.pl, mswin32.pl, and Makefile.in so that the
	platform specific files in the platforms directory gets copied to
	the correct directories. The Makefile will re-copy the platform.h
	and .c files if the original is modified.

	* #include platform.h in parrot.h instead of time.h.

	* Removed time.h and time.obj from the Makefile. time.h and time.c
	aren't being used anymore since that code was moved to linux.c and

	* Renamed the BOOL typedef in parrot.h to BOOLVAL (inspired by
	INTVAL and FLOATVAL). This was conflicting with the BOOL typedef in
	windows.h. This required updating several files besides parrot.h.

	* Added a DEFAULT_OPEN_MODE to linux.h and win32.h and used that
	instead of the missing identifiers (on Windows) in core.ops in the
	calls to open.

	* Added Parrot_sleep and Parrot_setenv to both the linux and win32
	platform files and called those from core.ops. The Linux code for
	these functions came from core.ops so they should hopefully work.

	Courtesy of Jason Diamond <jason@injektilo.org>

2001-11-02 06:43  brentdax

	* Makefile.in, hints/mswin32.pl: Fix classes/intclass.obj building
	for Win32 (courtesy of Jason Diamond <jason@injektilo.org>)

2001-11-02 02:26  gregor

	* .cvsignore, MANIFEST, include/parrot/.cvsignore,
	platforms/linux.c, platforms/linux.h, platforms/win32.c,
	  * Beginnings of platform support files in platform/*.[hc]

2001-11-01 23:37  tom

	* classes/intclass.c: Added missing *'s to STRING arguments and
	return values to avoid compiler warnings.

2001-11-01 22:21  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, core.ops, obscure.ops, time.c,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/time.h:
	Initial "fix" of time(n) op for Win32:

	  * Initial Win32 code Courtesy of Richard J Cox <rjcox@cix.co.uk>

	  * time.c and include/parrot/time.h

	    First attempt at getting this working across platforms. The
	    macro WIN32 being tested might not be right.

	  * New functions Parrot_intval_time() and Parrot_floatval_time()
	    wrap the appropriate functionality depending upon platform.
	    Changed core.ops to call these.

	Added obscure.ops with obscure transcendental ops.

	Added simple file I/O ops (close, open, read, write):

	  * Initial versions Courtesy of Jeff <jgoff@speakeasy.net>

	  * I changed some arg ordering stuff.

	  * I added read/write of INTVALs and FLOATVALs.

	Added environment variable ops (getenv, setenv)

	Added system error ops (err(i) and err(s) for accessing errno and

	Moved print ops in with other "temporary" developer ops, since
	they'll move to a devel.ops or temp.ops oplib once we have oplibs.

2001-10-31 22:51  tom

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, chartype.c, encoding.c, global_setup.c,
	packfile.c, string.c, strnative.c, strutf16.c, strutf32.c,
	strutf8.c, transcode.c, chartypes/unicode.c, chartypes/usascii.c,
	encodings/singlebyte.c, encodings/utf16.c, encodings/utf32.c,
	encodings/utf8.c, include/parrot/chartype.h,
	include/parrot/encoding.h, include/parrot/exceptions.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/string.h,
	include/parrot/strnative.h, include/parrot/strutf16.h,
	include/parrot/strutf32.h, include/parrot/strutf8.h,
	include/parrot/transcode.h: Reworked the string code in line with
	Dan's latest design that separates character sets from encodings.

2001-10-31 19:53  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Finished I/O section of docs

2001-10-31 16:51  dan

	* core.ops, docs/parrot_assembly.pod, include/parrot/parrot.h:
	Moved includes out of core.ops and into parrot.h where they belong
	(suitably guarded with #ifdefs). Also some updates to

2001-10-30 21:43  dan

	* core.ops, stacks.c, docs/parrot_assembly.pod,
	include/parrot/stacks.h: Added entrytype opcode to fetch the type
	of the entry on the stack

2001-10-29 18:30  dan

	* stacks.c: You can turn off stack entry type validation on pop by
	passing in a type of 0 now. (For those cases where you just want to
	throw the darned thing away)

2001-10-29 14:37  gregor

	* core.ops, languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * New variants of the save ops to save constants on the stack.
	This is
	    useful for saving zero arg and result counts on the stack, for

	  * Modified jakoc to to adapt to the newly announced calling
	    Even though Jako source code appears to show subroutines with
	    numbers of arguments and results, they are implemented with the
	    variable count calling convention. Future modifications will be
	    to ensure that an exception is raised if the stack frame is of
	    wrong size (or, at least that we pop the complete frame off).
	    also have to make more changes to support the true
	    and fixed-result-count parts of the calling convention spec.

2001-10-28 16:53  simon

	* MANIFEST, stacks.c, classes/scalarclass.c,
	Unbelievably bad errors of mine, plus a type incompatibility of

2001-10-28 08:30  simon

	* classes/scalarclass.c:
	Beginning of a scalar class.

2001-10-28 08:29  simon

	* make_vtable_ops.pl, vtable.tbl, Parrot/Vtable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm, classes/genclass.pl, classes/intclass.c,
	This fixes the problem with vtables and pointer arithmetic.

2001-10-26 19:58  dan

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, stacks.c, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/stacks.h: Split the generic stack into a user push
	stack and a control stack

2001-10-26 02:59  bdwheele

	* Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: [no log message]

2001-10-24 20:27  dan

	* languages/scheme/: Makefile, Scheme.pm, schemec,
	Scheme/Generator.pm, Scheme/Parser.pm, Scheme/Test.pm,
	Scheme/Tokenizer.pm, t/harness, t/arith/basic.t, t/arith/logic.t,
	t/arith/nested.t, t/io/basic.t, t/logic/basic.t: Added the mini
	Scheme compiler

2001-10-24 20:23  dan

	* MANIFEST, pdump.c, docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Update for
	interpreter needs in pdump.c. Added scheme bits to manifest

2001-10-24 16:43  gregor

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm:
	  * Make the assembler handle octal character code escapes in

2001-10-24 15:56  dan

	* MANIFEST, examples/assembly/life.pasm: Added an example in to
	play the game of life

2001-10-24 15:54  dan

	* core.ops: Added sleep. We'll need to override this to do events
	properly anyway, so...

2001-10-24 14:03  gregor

	* Makefile.in, pbc2c.pl, pdump.c:
	  * Adapt pdump.c and pbc2c.pl to the new requirement to pass
	    pointer into string functions.

	Courtesy of: Ryan O'Neil <talisman580@yahoo.com>

2001-10-23 20:09  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * Terminological refinement in regexp capture comment.

2001-10-23 15:23  simon

	* classes/genclass.pl:
	Use a saner ANSI C construct to make MIPSPro happy.

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alexander.gough@st-hughs.oxford.ac.uk>

2001-10-23 00:34  tom

	* core.ops, string.c, strnative.c, strutf16.c, strutf32.c,
	strutf8.c, include/parrot/string.h: Make sure the interpreter
	structure is passed to the transcoder as necessary, including
	passing it to string_compare().

2001-10-23 00:32  tom

	* Makefile.in: Make pdump build again by including resources.o in
	the link.

2001-10-22 22:43  dan

	* core.ops, packfile.c, string.c, strnative.c, strutf16.c,
	strutf32.c, strutf8.c, test_main.c, transcode.c,
	include/parrot/packfile.h, include/parrot/parrot.h,
	include/parrot/resources.h, include/parrot/string.h,
	include/parrot/transcode.h: Everything now uses the allocators and
	deallocators in resources.c.

	Unfortunately we lost standalone string-test mode, but I can cope
	with that.

	Please note that until we have a real allocation/deallocation/GC
	system, this'll leak. A *lot*.

2001-10-22 20:27  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, pmc.c, resources.c,
	include/parrot/resources.h: First cut to handle arena allocation of
	PMC headers. (Amongst other things)

2001-10-22 19:02  dan

	* Configure.pl, config_h.in, register.c, include/parrot/register.h:
	Now each register type has its own mask macro, which is the right
	thing to do.

	Patch courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2001-10-21 23:40  tom

	* stacks.c, t/op/stacks.t: Fix bug in handling of rollover to a new
	stack chunk and add a test to test this rollover in future.

	Courtesy of Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>.

2001-10-21 19:14  dan

	* include/parrot/string.h: Changed string 'unused' field to the
	language field.

2001-10-21 18:18  gregor

	* languages/jako/: Makefile, mops.jako:
	  * Makefile: 'clean' target removes .list files, too. And, it does
	rm -f
	    with wildcards rather than listing things explicitly.

	  * mops.jako actually prints out the
	    (mops) value instead of just the operations-per-second value.

2001-10-21 18:03  simon

	* classes/intclass.o:
	*smack*! WRONG!

2001-10-21 17:47  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, make_vtable_ops.pl, pmc.c, vtable_h.pl,
	Parrot/Vtable.pm, classes/genclass.pl, classes/intclass.c,
	classes/intclass.o, include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/pmc.h,
	Initial work on PMCs. Explanation to follow

2001-10-21 15:20  gregor

	* examples/assembly/queens.pasm:
	  * Modernize the calling conventions in queens.pasm. It was using
	    which now must be rotate. Also, changed to use return values on
	    stack instead of in I0.

2001-10-19 18:14  gregor

	* core.ops, stacks.c, include/parrot/stacks.h,
	Per Dan's request, replacing 'swap' op by 'rotate'.

	  * core.ops: Replaced 'swap()' by 'rotate(i|ic)'.

	  * stacks.c and stacks.h: Removed swap-related functions from my
	    prior commit, replacing them with stack_depth(), stack_entry()
	    and rotate_entries().

	    NOTE: The stack_depth() and rotate_entries() routines could
	    be made more efficient through the caching of the sum of chunk
	    'used' members from lower chunks in a field in the upper
	    chunks. Also, if the interpreter's stack_base was changed to
	    hold the pointer to the *top* chunk (since we usually come
	    at the stack from the top down) instead of the *bottom*
	    chunk. The code here at least works, and we can decide about
	    bigger changes separately.

	    For now, rotate only handles rotates in one direction and
	    of magnituded one. A fully general rotate would do handle
	    rotates in both directions and of arbitrary amounts. Again,
	    this implementation is sufficient for current applications,
	    and a feature-complete version can be developed if this turns
	    out to be otherwise the right type of implementation.

	    This change includes a new exception for ERROR_STACK_SHALLOW,
	    meaning "not-empty-yet-not-deep-enough-for-what-you-asked".

	  * jakoc: Changed the calling convention to use rotate instead
	    of swap (of course). Also changed the convention for return
	    value passing to use the stack as well.

2001-10-19 13:36  gregor

	* MANIFEST, core.ops, disassemble.pl, stacks.c,
	examples/assembly/queens.pasm, include/parrot/stacks.h,
	languages/jako/.cvsignore, languages/jako/Makefile,
	languages/jako/bench.jako, languages/jako/euclid.jako,
	languages/jako/fact.jako, languages/jako/jakoc,
	languages/jako/mandelbrot.jako, languages/jako/mops.jako,
	languages/jako/primes.jako, languages/jako/queens.jako,
	  * New stack functions push_entry(), pop_entry() and swap_entry().
	    The first two exist for the support of the last one. These
	    functions don't care what is in the stack entries. These exist
	    to support the new 'swap' op (see next bullet).

	  * New op 'swap' for swapping the top two elements on the stack.
	    This is necessary for passing arguments to functions, since
	    the return address will be on top of any arguments that have
	    been pushed on the stack. This way, you can use a (swap, pop)
	    pair to retrieve each argument (for subroutine linkage).

	  * Disassembler now prints numbers in decimal by default, with
	    a new '-x' flag to turn on hexadecimal display. Since other
	    members of the Parrot Tool Set use decimal by default, this
	    makes it easier to compare output from the various tools.

	  * Jako compiler has more explanatory comments and the following
	    new features:

	      * Lexically scoped variables.

	      * Subroutines that take arguments and return values:

		  sub int foo(int bar) {
		    if (bar == 1) {
		      return 42;
		    } else {
		      return 13;
	      * ... if (...) and ... unless (...) statement modifiers
		can be used on next, last and redo.

	      * Bitwise and (&, &=) and or (|, |=) ops.

	      * Type names are just 'int', 'num', 'str', and 'poly' now.
		The old long names 'integer', 'number', 'string', and
		'polytype' are no longer valid.

	      * Integer variable assignments can now use 0b (binary),
		0 (octal) and 0x (hexadecimal) radix prefixes on literals.

	  * New Jako and Parrot assembly examples queens.{jako,pasm} for
	    solving the eight-queens problem. The assembly example is a
	    hand-modified version of the assembly code produced by the
	    Jako compiler from queens.jako. A few unnecessary ops have
	    been removed, lots of unnecessary labels have been removed,
	    and all the Jako source code comments have been removed.

	  * Makefile and .cvsignore in languages/jako modified so that
	    the assembler produces listings when assembling the programs,
	    yet the *.list files are ignored by CVS.

	  * Made the default target in languages/jako/Makefile 'all'.

	  * Modified some of the Jako examples to use some of the new
	    features of Jako, such as subroutines and lexical variable

2001-10-19 02:43  gregor

	* runops_cores.c, include/parrot/runops_cores.h:
	Bug fix (gcc doesn't complain, but MIPSpro does):

	  * Added missing extern to runops_cores array declaration in

	  * Also added 'const' there and in runops_cores.c

2001-10-18 15:18  gregor

	* .cvsignore, include/parrot/oplib/.cvsignore:
	  * Ignore the vtable-related generated files.

2001-10-18 15:14  gregor

	* core.ops:
	  * left and right shifts now allow the 2nd argument to be a

2001-10-18 14:55  simon

	* make_vtable_ops.pl:
	This is C, not Perl. How on earth did that even compile?

2001-10-18 14:54  simon

	* make_vtable_ops.pl:
	More vtable ops.

2001-10-18 12:33  simon

	* Makefile.in, make_vtable_ops.pl, vtable.tbl:
	Initial stab at vtable opcode creation stuff.

2001-10-18 02:15  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, interpreter.c, runops_cores.c, trace.c,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/runops_cores.h,
	include/parrot/trace.h: Preparation for autogenerated runops cores:

	  * Split tracing and runops core stuff out of interpreter.c into
	    trace.c and runops_cores.c

	  * Similar split of stuff from include/parrot/interpreter.h

	  * Manifest and Makefile.in updates to make things still compile.

2001-10-18 01:21  gregor

	* Makefile.in, ops2c.pl, ops2pm.pl, pbc2c.pl: Bug fixes:

	  * Makefile.in: examples/assembly/mops.c depends on pbc2c.pl

	  * Makefile.in: Parrot/OpLib/core.pm depends on ops2pm.pl

	  * ops2c.pl: Added second arg to mkdir (perl 5.005_02 complains)

	  * ops2pm.pl: Added second arg to mkdir (perl 5.005_02 complains)

	  * pbc2c.pl: Removed explicit include of <math.h>, replacing it
	    copy of $ops->preamble.

2001-10-17 22:32  bdwheele

	* interpreter.c: Moved op dump code into trace_op_dump, per Dan's

2001-10-17 22:08  gregor

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm:
	  * Now handles label-and-comment-only lines.

2001-10-17 22:04  bdwheele

	* interpreter.c: added more comprehensive trace output

2001-10-17 16:50  tom

	* Makefile.in: Removed the explicit rule for building mops.o from
	mops.c so that the implicit rule for compiling C files is used
	instead. This means that the chosen C flags are used, including any
	optimisation options.

2001-10-17 15:24  tom

	* core.ops, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Enhanced the
	op explosion logic to be able to handle exploding this:

	  sub(i, i|ic, i|ic)

	into these:

	  sub(i, i, i)
	  sub(i, i, ic)
	  sub(i, ic, i)

	without also generating this unwanted version:

	  sub(i, ic, ic)

	The enhanced version rejects any expansion where there is more than
	one expanded argument and all the expanded arguments are constants.

2001-10-17 14:20  simon

	* Makefile.in, ops2c.pl, ops2pm.pl, examples/assembly/Makefile:
	Build fixes to use correct Perl version and ensure that things are
	running in the right directory.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-10-17 13:16  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	core.pm is more critical than that.

2001-10-17 13:05  simon

	* core.ops, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm:
	"Explode" ops into multiple versions for different parameters.

	Courtesy of: Tom Hughes <tom@compton.nu>

2001-10-17 12:54  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Fix dependencies and cleaning.

2001-10-17 12:45  simon

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in:
	Fixes to make Parrot compile without the temporary build hack

	Courtesy of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2001-10-16 20:43  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	  * Fixed dependencies for building Parrot/OpLib/core.pm

2001-10-16 19:35  bdwheele

	* core.ops, t/op/string.t: Changed set s,sc to use string_copy &
	added test, thanks to Alex Gough

2001-10-16 16:49  bdwheele

	* core.ops: added opcode variants for constants and 3 arg concat

2001-10-16 15:12  bdwheele

	* core.ops: added "set Sx,Sy" as a string copy to match the other
	register-to-register copies available

2001-10-16 13:09  gregor

	* core.ops:
	  * Added #include <sys/time.h> in the preamble for gettimeofday().

2001-10-16 13:09  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	  * Removed cd t; make, which no longer applies

2001-10-16 03:18  bdwheele

	* core.ops: fix save & restore operations to push correct type onto
	stack. [good eye to Jason Gloudon for noticing this]

2001-10-16 01:38  bdwheele

	* core.ops, register.c, examples/assembly/fact.pasm,
	include/parrot/register.h: send in the clones:	clone routines for
	parrot + example program

2001-10-15 22:37  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, examples/assembly/.cvsignore,
	examples/assembly/Makefile, examples/assembly/bsr.pasm,
	examples/assembly/call.pasm, examples/assembly/euclid.pasm,
	examples/assembly/jump.pasm, examples/assembly/local_label.pasm,
	examples/assembly/mops.pasm, examples/assembly/stack.pasm,
	examples/assembly/substr.pasm, examples/assembly/trace.pasm,
	t/.cvsignore, t/Makefile, t/call.pasm, t/euclid.pasm, t/jump.pasm,
	t/local_label.pasm, t/test.pasm, t/test2.pasm, t/test3.pasm,
	t/test4.pasm, t/test5.pasm, t/trace.pasm:
	  * Moved examples from t/*.pasm to examples/assembly/*.pasm, with
	    renames so the names match what they demonstrate.

2001-10-15 22:18  gregor

	* core.ops, t/test.pasm:
	  * time_n uses gettimeofday() to get sub-second times.

	  * t/test.pasm uses time_n directly rather than doing int stuff
	    converting to num later.

2001-10-15 12:28  gregor

	* t/: test.pasm, test2.pasm, trace.pasm:
	  * t/test.pasm prints using string constants instead of string

	  * t/test2.pasm assembles (using implicit op modes)

	  * t/trace.pasm updated for new behavior of trace_ic, which does
	    require an 'end' after 'trace'.

2001-10-15 00:47  gregor

	* core.ops, interpreter.c, test_main.c,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, t/test.pasm:   * New interpreter flag

	  * New runops cores to handle profiling

	  * Support for -p flag in test_prog to enable profiling

	  * New profile_ic op to control profiling at run-time

2001-10-14 21:54  gregor

	* core.ops, Parrot/OpsFile.pm, docs/.cvsignore, docs/Makefile,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm: Integrated op documentation.

	  * core.ops now contains POD documentation of ops, interspersed
	with the
	    ops themselves

	  * Ops are organized into POD =head2 sections

	  * Parrot/OpsFile.pm now treats the preamble of the ops file as
	    up to the first POD directive OR op definition.

	  * docs/Makefile now generates core_ops.pod from core.ops vi
	perldoc -u.

2001-10-14 11:58  simon

	* Makefile.in:
	Unbreak Digital Un^W^WTru64

2001-10-14 11:00  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Remove weird typo.

2001-10-14 10:56  tom

	* Configure.pl: Stop Configure trying to make op_info.c and op.h as
	op_info.c no longer exists and op.h is no longer a generated file.

2001-10-14 10:54  tom

	* Makefile.in: Added vtable.h to the list of things removed by the
	clean target.

2001-10-14 01:43  gregor

	* .cvsignore, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, basic_opcodes.ops,
	build_interp_starter.pl, core.ops, disassemble.pl, interpreter.c,
	make_op_header.pl, memory.c, opcheck.pl, opcode_table, ops2c.pl,
	ops2pm.pl, packfile.c, pbc2c.pl, process_opfunc.pl,
	Parrot/Assembler.pm, Parrot/Op.pm, Parrot/OpsFile.pm,
	Parrot/OpLib/.cvsignore, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Op.pm,
	lib/Parrot/OpsFile.pm, lib/Parrot/OpLib/.cvsignore,
	include/parrot/.cvsignore, include/parrot/interp_guts.h,
	include/parrot/interpreter.h, include/parrot/op.h,
	include/parrot/oplib/.cvsignore, t/.cvsignore, t/Makefile,
	t/euclid.pasm, t/test.pasm, t/op/integer.t, t/op/number.t,
	t/op/stacks.t, t/op/string.t, t/op/trans.t:
	Moby Patch:

	  * basic_opcodes.ops and opcode_table replaced by core.ops

	  * process_opfunc.pl replaced by Parrot/OpsFile.pm, Parrot/Op.pm,
	    and ops2c.pl. These convert *.ops to *_ops.c and

	  * New ops2pm.pl converts *.ops to Parrot/OpLib/*.pm

	  * disassemble.pl modified to use

	  * interpreter.c modified to use structures in core_ops.c instead
	    of the old op_info and op_func stuff. We're not yet to the
	    point of handling multiple oplibs at a time, but we are getting

	    Fingerprinting stuff disabled for now. We used to go off
	    opcode_table. We need to rethink this. I have some ideas to
	    make it unnecessary, but it remains to be seen whether others
	    will like the direction they take us.

	    Termination condition for while(){} loop in runops is now
	    (pc) instead of (*pc). Any op can cause a HALT by returning
	    a NULL pointer. Ops end, bounds and trace all do this. So, now
	    the 'end' op body is actually executed, although all it does
	    is HALT.

	  * Makefile.in modified to perform a test build using pbc2c.pl,
	    which is the bytecode --> C compiler I've posted to the
	    list before.

	  * Op full names are now autogenerated. Op root names must not
	    contain underscores, so some op renamings have happened.
	    Such as clear_i becoming cleari.

2001-10-13 11:49  simon

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST:
	Make parrot actually build again.

2001-10-12 21:34  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Added docs for the new save/restore/bsr

2001-10-12 20:56  dan

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, basic_opcodes.ops, interpreter.c,
	opcode_table, process_opfunc.pl, stacks.c, include/parrot/stacks.h,
	t/test3.pasm, t/test4.pasm, t/test5.pasm: Changes to support
	generic stack now in. We also have subroutines, of a simple sort!

2001-10-12 19:15  tom

	* t/op/string.t: Improved string comparison tests try all string
	combinations with each of the comparison ops.

2001-10-12 19:09  dan

	* interpreter.c: Properly sets up generic stack now

2001-10-12 19:09  dan

	* include/parrot/interpreter.h: Fixed stack chunk struct type in
	interpreter structure

2001-10-12 18:59  dan

	* stacks.c, include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/stacks.h: More
	changes to get the generic stack working

2001-10-12 18:59  dan

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, config_h.in, testparrotsizes_c.in,
	hints/vms.pl: Made the changes to figure out mask bits for various
	register and stack chunks

2001-10-11 22:09  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Tossed the parameter for return

2001-10-11 19:28  tom

	* strnative.c: Assignment, not comparison.  (Plus formatted for
	coding standards)

	Courtesy of Bryan C. Warnock

2001-10-10 19:21  tom

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, string.c, strnative.c,
	strutf16.c, strutf32.c, strutf8.c, docs/strings.pod,
	include/parrot/string.h, t/op/string.t: Added support for string
	comparisons and extended the comparison ops to include comparison
	of strings.

2001-10-10 17:58  dan

	* MANIFEST: Shouldn't have added vtable.h to the manifest...

2001-10-10 17:54  dan

	* MANIFEST, stacks.c, vtable_h.pl, Parrot/Vtable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm: Now spits out the #defines for the various
	vtable type entries properly

2001-10-10 15:37  dan

	* Parrot/Vtable.pm, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm: Re-enabled change to
	parse new vtable.tbl file now that I've actually checked *in* the
	new format vtable.tbl file...

2001-10-10 15:32  dan

	* vtable.tbl: New Column to indicate the type of the vtabel entry
	so we can know how many slots it takes

2001-10-10 05:26  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Vtable.pm, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm, vtable_h.pl: Patch to
	allow parrot to compile.  PACKAGE is not defined, therefore, I
	added a struct before it to have it not complain until we define
	PACKAGE.  Also, there was an extra shift in Vtable.pm and a missing
	semicolon at the end of the struct declaration.

2001-10-10 05:09  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: This patch makes
	string constants of the form U"string" become unicode encoded
	parrot strings and the form N"string" become native encoded parrot

	Courtesy of: Tom Hughes <tom@compton.nu>

2001-10-10 04:55  dan

	* vtable_h.pl, Parrot/Vtable.pm, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm: Start of
	support for generating the vtable function table offset macros

2001-10-10 01:05  simon

	* t/op/integer.t:
	The test for cmod_i was using the 'mod Ix, Ix, Ix' form which
	compiles into the mod op, not the cmod_i op, hence wasn't testing
	what it thought it was.

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alexander.gough@st-hughs.oxford.ac.uk>

2001-10-09 03:45  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: Patch to allow
	assembler to generate unicode strings.

	Courtesy of: Tom Hughes <tom@compton.nu>

2001-10-08 19:30  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, test_c.in, hints/vms.pl: Cleaner VMS support, more
	info for Parrot::Config to remember, more flexible test.c stuff

2001-10-08 15:04  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops:
	  * Removed trash from early mod_i experiments (pardon our dust)

2001-10-08 14:56  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops:
	  * Fixed a couple of typos.

2001-10-08 14:45  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, t/op/integer.t, t/op/number.t:
	Arithmetic enhancements:

	  * Renamed existing mod_i as cmod_i and added "corrected" mod_i:

	    NOTE: This "uncorrected mod" algorithm uses the C language's
	    mod operator (x % y), which is

		... the remainder when x is divided by y, and thus is zero
	when y
		divides x exactly.
		The direction of truncation for / and teh sign of the
	result for %
		are machine-dependent for negative operands, as is the
	action taken
		on overflow or underflow.
	[1], page 41


		... if the second operand is 0, the result is undefined.
	Otherwise, it
		is always true that (a/b)*b + a%b is equal to z. I both
	operands are
		non-negative, then teh remainder is non-negative and
	smaller than the
		divisor; if not, it is guaranteed only that the absolute
	value of the
		remainder is smaller than the absolute value of the
	[1], page 205

	    This op is provided for those who need it (such as
	    applications with heavy use of mod, but using it only with
	    arguments), but a more mathematically useful numeric mod based
	    floor(x/y) and defined with y == 0 is provided by the mod_i op.

	      [1] Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, *The C
		  Language*, Second Edition. Prentice Hall, 1988.

	  * Added "corrected" mod_i:

	    NOTE: This "corrected mod" algorithm is based on the C code on
	page 70
	    of [1]. Assuming correct behavior of C's built-in mod operator
	(%) with
	    positive arguments, this algorithm implements a mathematically
	    version of mod, defined thus:

	      x mod y = x - y * floor(x / y)

	    For more information on this definition of mod, see section 3.4
	of [2],
	    pages 81-85.


	      [1] Donald E. Knuth, *MMIXware: A RISC Computer for the Third
		  Millennium* Springer, 1999.

	      [2] Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth and Oren Patashnik,
		  Mathematics*, Second Edition. Addison-Wesley, 1994.

	  * Added mod_n, using the same formula as above, but with FLOATVAL

	  * Added cmod_n, using the C math library's fmod() function:

	    NOTE: This "uncorrected mod" algorithm uses the built-in C math
	    fmod() function, which computes

		... the remainder of dividing x by y. The return value is x
	- n * y,
		where n is the quotient of x / y, rounded towards zero to
						-- fmod() manpage on RedHat
	Linux 7.0

	    In addition, fmod() returns

		the remainder, unless y is zero, when the function fails
	and errno
		is set.

	    According to page 251 of [1], the result when y is zero is

	    This op is provided for those who need it, but a more
	    useful numeric mod based on floor(x/y) instead of truncate(x/y)
	    defined with y == 0 is provided by the mod_n op.

	      [1] Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, *The C
		  Language*, Second Edition. Prentice Hall, 1988.

	  * Added and modified tests as appropriate for the above.

2001-10-08 08:49  thgibbs

	* include/parrot/exceptions.h, include/parrot/parrot.h,
	include/parrot/string.h, include/parrot/strutf16.h,
	include/parrot/strutf32.h, include/parrot/strutf8.h,
	include/parrot/transcode.h, include/parrot/unicode.h, MANIFEST,
	Makefile.in, global_setup.c, string.c, strnative.c, transcode.c,
	strutf16.c, strutf32.c, strutf8.c: Added code to handle unicode
	strings for utf8, utf16, and utf32.

	Courtesy of: Tom Hughes <tom@compton.nu>

2001-10-08 08:10  thgibbs

	* memory.c: Fixed uninitialized variables.

	Courtesy of: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-10-08 01:21  gregor

	* packfile.c:	* Casting a return value

	  * Potential uninitialized variable fix

	Courtesy of Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-10-08 01:15  gregor

	* packfile.c, test_main.c: One of Bryan's languishing patches (with
	a few tweaks of my own):

	  * Line wrapping

	  * Printf format fixes

	Courtesy of: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-10-07 22:39  thgibbs

	* build_interp_starter.pl: No longer adds (void*) casts to
	interp_guts.c function table as they are not necessary in ANSI C.

2001-10-07 16:27  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, interpreter.c, opcode_table,
	process_opfunc.pl, test_main.c, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	  * Two new ops, trace_ic and bounds_ic that twiddle bits in
	    interpreter->flags and set interpreter->resume_addr.

	  * Two new runops core variants, so now we cover the relevant
	    flag space over {trace, notrace} x {boundscheck, noboundscheck}

	  * Runops core selection that converts the flags into an index
	    a core table (runops_cores) to get the core function pointer.

	  * A new trace_op variant that doesn't do bounds checking (used by
	    the non-bounds-checking-but-tracing runops core).

	  * PC is passed into the cores so that they can be used when
	    resuming (they used to assume starting at the beginning of the
	    code, which would thwart resumption).

	  * runops() itself is changed to have a while() loop in it so that
	    any time we drop out of the core, we'll resume if we have an
	    interpreter->resume_addr set (after reselecting the core,

	  * process_opfunc.pl has a new "macro": RESUME(), that sets up
	    interpreter->resume_addr. This is used by the new ops. The new
	    ops still return the new PC as the next op (which MUST be an
	    'end' op to force the core loop to terminate -- *pc being false
	    is the only termination condition we can count on for all

	  * New interpreter flag: PARROT_BOUNDS_FLAG, used to control
	    bounds checking core selection.

	  * test_prog now has a '-b' flag in addition to the '-t' flag.
	    bounds checking is off by default (I saw a performance boost:
	    6.3 Mop/s with -b, 7.0 Mop/s without).

	  * A new sample/test program: t/trace.pasm that twiddles the trace
	    flag while it is running.

2001-10-07 15:41  gregor

	* .cvsignore, Makefile.in, build_interp_starter.pl, interpreter.c,
	include/parrot/.cvsignore, include/parrot/interpreter.h:
	Now that 0.0.2 is released, I can clear out the backlog of approved
	but uncommitted patches. Here's one Dan approved on 2001-09-21
	(Simplified DO_OP):

	  * test_prog and pdump are linked with only the files the need,
	    al the files.

	  * build_interp_starter.pl writes out op_info.[hc], too. These
	    contain op name, arg count and arg type information. This will
	    useful for multiple things in the future, including better
	    output and the crystalizing loader.

	  * The DO_OP macro is now simpler and doesn't require explicit

	  * interpreter.c is modified to use the new op info in tracing

	  * The interpreter just points its opcode_funcs and opcode_info
	    members at the default tables rather than allocating memory on
	    the fly.

2001-10-07 03:58  thgibbs

	* include/parrot/.cvsignore, vtable_h.pl: Minor updates fixing a
	comment and adding vtable.h to .cvsignore as it is produced by

2001-10-06 20:58  thgibbs

	* vtable.tbl: Added * to REGEX type.

	Courtesy of Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-10-06 13:41  simon

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, vtable.tbl, vtable_h.pl, Parrot/Vtable.pm,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, lib/Parrot/Vtable.pm:
	Framework for vtable functions.

2001-10-06 06:52  thgibbs

	* make_op_header.pl: Removed confusing and unused typedef.

2001-10-06 06:31  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm: Removed variables that
	are no longer used.

2001-10-06 06:26  thgibbs

	* disassemble.pl: Changed intval to op in disassembler.

2001-10-06 06:21  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: Fixed typo with
	Assembler, local labels, and integer constants.

2001-10-06 03:11  ask

	* Makefile.in: make `make test` actually run the tests on

2001-10-06 02:04  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	Parrot/String.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, include/parrot/packfile.h,
	include/parrot/register.h, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/String.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	t/op/integer.t: No, it didn't mess anything up.  I just forgot to
	type make. :)

2001-10-06 02:02  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	Parrot/String.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, include/parrot/packfile.h,
	include/parrot/register.h, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/String.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	t/op/integer.t: oops...this messed something up.  I must have
	missed something in the patch...I have reverted.

2001-10-06 01:57  thgibbs

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	Parrot/String.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, include/parrot/packfile.h,
	include/parrot/register.h, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/String.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	t/op/integer.t, Types_pm.in, basic_opcodes.ops, config_h.in,
	memory.c, packfile.c, process_opfunc.pl, strnative.c, test_main.c:
	This patch ensures that all bytecode is of type opcode_t except for
	the constant table constants.  That means that almost all of the
	INTVALs in the code were replaced with opcode_t and the i pack type
	was replaced with the op pack type in calls to pack_arg and such.
	Also, since it has been declared that ALL integer constants are to
	be 32 bits, some test cases were changed to ensure that an integer
	constant was no bigger than 2 ** 31.

	process_opfunc.pl was also cleaned up to no longer look at either
	opcode_table or interp_guts.h but gather all of its information
	from Opcode.pm.

	The Assembler.pm module was changed to do late binding of arguments
	so that 0 could be treated like 0.0 without having to be so
	declared.  Also, only strings now use the [sc:N] intermediate form
	as it was unnecessary for integer and float types.

2001-10-05 21:59  gregor

	* MANIFEST, languages/jako/Makefile:
	Fixed things due to the movement of little_languages/* to

2001-10-05 18:31  gregor

	Updated MANIFEST to reflect recent additions for Jako.

2001-10-05 17:54  gregor

	* languages/jako/: Makefile, bench.jako, euclid.jako, fact.jako,
	fib.jako, hello.jako, jakoc, leibniz.jako, mandelbrot.jako,
	mops.jako, primes.jako, sub.jako:
	  * Compiler:

	      * User-defined subroutines.
	      * Generates assembly code with the Jako code in comments.
	      * "end;" no longer required at the end of programs.
	      * Better handling of const-reg and reg-const.
	      * Optimizes const-const operations to compile-time
	      * Constants in addition to variables.
	      * Arithmetic fixes.
	      * Allow leading minus signs in integer and number constants
	      * goto's.

	  * New sample programs:

	      * leibniz.jako (based on Greg McCarroll's leibniz.pasm
	      * mandelbrot.jako (based on Leon Brocard's translation of
	Glenn Rhodes' C code)
	      * mops.jako (based on t/test.pasm)
	      * primes.jako (based on Leon Brocard's primes.pasm example)
	      * sub.jako (demonstrates a simple user-defined subroutine)

2001-10-05 12:54  gregor

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm:
	  * Removed mysterious extra copy of code after POD.

2001-10-05 12:46  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, t/op/string.t:
	  * Enabled the previously SKIPped test of printing string regs

	  * Made print_s do nothing if the STRING pointer in the register
	    is NULL.

2001-10-04 21:19  dan

	* Configure.pl: VMS tweaks

2001-10-04 21:17  dan

	* hints/vms.pl: Hints file for VMS

2001-10-04 00:58  bdwheele

	* Parrot/Assembler.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm: fixed but in
	Assembler which stopped equates from working.

2001-10-03 21:50  gregor

	* Makefile.in, docs/.cvsignore, docs/Makefile, docs/parrotbyte.pod:

	  * More documentation updates for the packfile stuff.

2001-10-03 21:37  gregor

	* docs/parrotbyte.pod:
	  * Pointed the reader at Parrot::PackFile.

2001-10-03 21:34  gregor

	* Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm:
	  * Updated documentation to match current implementation.

2001-10-03 18:30  gregor

	* .cvsignore, disassemble.pl, Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm, t/call.pasm, t/euclid.pasm,
	t/local_label.pasm, t/test.pasm, t/test2.pasm, t/test3.pasm,
	  * Added new syntax to the assembler to allow square-bracket
	    arithmetic expressions involving (global) labels, the current
	    instructions base address ('@'), numeric constants (not
	    and basic arithmetic operators (+, -, *, / -- although + and -
	    are likely to be the only ones used in practice).

	  * Fixed a bug in Parrot/Assemble.pl that caused macro expansion
	    fail (argument passing wasn't working).

	  * Enabled t/op/basic.t's last test, which is actually a copy of
	    code from t/call.pasm. Now all tests there are enabled and

	  * Added new example/test program t/call.pasm to demonstrate
	    macros and poor-man's subroutine calls

	  * Added header comments to t/*.pasm

2001-10-03 18:00  simon

	* ChangeLog:
	Needed, since it's in the MANIFEST.

2001-10-03 17:56  simon

	* t/op/: string.t, time.t:
	Small fixes to help Win32 on its way.

2001-10-03 17:41  simon

	Oops. Tiny bugs.

2001-10-03 17:39  simon

	README, NEWS and MANIFEST? Could it be time for Parrot 0.0.2? I
	think so!

2001-10-03 17:21  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, interpreter.c, packfile.c:
	Evil printf bandaid (which allows Sparc64 to pass tests)

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-10-03 16:58  simon

	* string.c, t/op/string.t:
	chop fixes for n < 0 and tests

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alex@rcon.org>

2001-10-03 15:51  thgibbs

	* interpreter.c: Changed an occurrence of INTVAL to opcode_t

	Courtesy of: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>

2001-10-02 17:48  dan

	* include/parrot/stacks.h: Fix typo in function name

2001-10-02 17:35  dan

	* include/parrot/stacks.h: changed to support new stack stuff
	coming after 0.02

2001-10-02 15:01  simon

	* Configure.pl, Types_pm.in, basic_opcodes.ops, config_h.in,
	interpreter.c, make_op_header.pl, memory.c, packfile.c,
	process_opfunc.pl, register.c, string.c, strnative.c,
	Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/PackFile.pm, Parrot/String.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/String.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	docs/overview.pod, docs/strings.pod, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/memory.h, include/parrot/packfile.h,
	include/parrot/parrot.h, include/parrot/register.h,
	include/parrot/stacks.h, include/parrot/string.h,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm:

	The Great Renaming.

2001-10-02 12:49  gregor

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	  * Fixed a tyop:  s/string/integer/ for INT_CONST expansion

2001-10-02 12:40  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, process_opfunc.pl, register.c,
	Move preprocessing of register accessors to process_opfunc.pl

	Courtesy of: Jason Gloudon <perl@gloudon.com>

2001-10-02 01:20  ask

	* README: add a few lines about lists.

2001-10-01 23:00  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, hints/mswin32.pl: Make 'make clean'
	work on Win32 (courtesy of Mattia Barbon <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>)

2001-10-01 22:50  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, test_c.in: More changes for 64-bit compatibility

2001-10-01 21:51  simon

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	Michael Fischer's patch broke conditionals.

2001-10-01 15:38  simon

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	Small hack to keep process_opfunc.pl from generating extra return()

	Courtesy of: Michael Fischer <michael@visv.net>

2001-10-01 15:32  simon

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm:
	Documentation fix.

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2001-10-01 01:49  simon

	* packfile.c:
	Simon is an idiot. Don't trust him with your code.

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-10-01 00:59  simon

	* Parrot/String.pm, lib/Parrot/String.pm:
	Was in manifest, but not in CVS.

2001-09-30 21:25  simon

	* MANIFEST, Types_pm.in, assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops,
	disassemble.pl, packfile.c, pdump.c, process_opfunc.pl,
	Parrot/Assembler.pm, Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/FixupTable.pm, lib/Parrot/Assembler.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/FixupTable.pm,
	include/parrot/packfile.h, include/parrot/string.h:
	Move NVs to the constant table.    * Changes to Types_pm.in to make
	life easier for some of the	 packing/etc. I'm doing elsewhere.
	Also, we now pack 'n' as      'i'.

	  * Moved the guts of assemble.pl to Parrot/Assembler.pm so that
	    eventually we can use all these tools together inside scripts
	    rather than call out to the shell to run the programs.

	  * As I was tracking down problems, I converted the internal
	    documentation of the assembler to POD from comments.

	  * Changed the numeric regexp in the assembler to detect leading
	    signs and trailing exponents.

	  * Updated basic_opcodes.ops to fetch numeric constants from the
	    constant table.

	  * Enhanced the disassembler in a number of ways to make my life
	    easier while tracking down bugs (try it out). It now puts in
	    labels for ops that are the destinations of flow control ops.

	  * packfile.c now has a TRACE_PACKFILE switch that can be set
	    to get it to print info as it processes. I needed this while
	    debugging, but I can remove it or change it before committing
	    if its a problem.

	  * Updated pdump.c because it was missing a call to init_world().

	  * Updated process_opfunc.pl to deal with numeric constants
	    being stored in the constant table instead of inline.

	  * Added multiple type support to Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm

	  * Added Parrot/String.pm, to be used for constants.

	  * Added packfile.[hc] functions for allocating new constants
	    of various types.

	  * Made string_copy visible to the world in parrot/string.h.


	Courtesy of: Gregor N. Purdy <gregor@focusresearch.com>

2001-09-29 15:56  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile:
	Removed assumption that '.' is on the path.

2001-09-29 15:55  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile:
	Removed references to leibnitz test program.

2001-09-29 15:21  thgibbs

	* t/op/trans.t, basic_opcodes.ops: Added NV casts to transcendental
	math ops args to work on Solaris.

2001-09-27 15:15  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: Added case insensitive matches to hex and binary

	Courtesy of: Johnathan Scott Duff <duff@cbi.tamucc.edu>

2001-09-27 04:46  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: This patch makes integer constants of the form
	0b[01]+ work with perl 5.005.  The oct function in versions of perl
	before 5.6 did not handle the 0b numeric prefix; therefore, it was
	returning 0.  To fix this, I added a from_binary function that
	would take a binary string and return its decimal representation.
	Now, instead of blindly calilng oct, it makes a distinction between
	0/0x numbers and 0b numbers.

2001-09-26 19:30  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: Error now returns a non-zero status

	Courtesy of: Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin@mems-exchange.org>

2001-09-26 19:13  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.in, basic_opcodes.ops, bytecode.c,
	interpreter.c, packfile.c, pdump.c, test_main.c,
	include/parrot/bytecode.h, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	include/parrot/packfile.h, include/parrot/parrot.h, t/op/integer.t,
	  * bytecode.[hc] removed. packfile.[hc] are the interface to the
	    packfile/bytecode file from C. May be renamed in the future.

	  * packfile.[hc] changed to use 'struct PackFile *', etc. instead
	    of 'PackFile *', just like the interpreter, etc.

	  * Constants are accessed via the interpreter's 'code' member
	    (struct PackFile * code). Macros PCONST(i) and PNCONST are
	    provided to access constants by index and the number of
	    constants, respectively (assumes a variable 'interpreter' of
	    the appropriate type is in scope).

	  * Byte Code is accessed via the interpreter's 'code' member.

	  * Changed PackFile_Constant to point to a STRING instead of
	    members for the string_make() arguments. Also has a 'type' IV
	    in preparation for allowing multiple types of constants in

	  * Removed hardcoded example program from test_main.c. We have
	    plenty of test programs elsewhere.

	  * test_prog now uses a PackFile to deal with the program before
	    sending it on to the interpreter.

	  * Added missing 'end' ops to some tests in t/op/integer.t and

2001-09-26 18:38  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: Separated code into functions and added comments.

2001-09-26 18:29  simon

	* config_h.in:
	Fix 64-bit chunk-base issue.

2001-09-26 06:55  thgibbs

	* t/op/bitwise.t: Added end to bitwise tests.

2001-09-26 00:54  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod: Added in the base for threading, I/O,
	and interpreter creation. Skeleton only, but it's something to peer

2001-09-25 21:44  thgibbs

	* t/op/trans.t: Removed loops in transcendtal op test.

2001-09-25 10:12  simon

	* MANIFEST, t/op/basic.t, t/op/bitwise.t, t/op/integer.t,
	t/op/string.t, t/op/time.t:
	More tests

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alex@rcon.org>

2001-09-24 19:08  gregor

	* t/op/number.t:
	  * Enabled the clear_n test.

2001-09-24 18:56  gregor

	* Parrot/.cvsignore:
	  * Ignore the generated Types.pm file.

2001-09-24 18:52  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile, t/op/number.t:
	  * No need to skip the inc and dec numeric tests anymore. I fixed
	    assembler earlier today.

2001-09-24 18:21  simon

	* MANIFEST, t/op/stacks.t:

2001-09-24 18:19  simon

	* build_interp_starter.pl, interpreter.c, string.c, Parrot/Test.pm,
	include/parrot/exceptions.h, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	lib/Parrot/Test.pm, t/op/string.t:
	1) captured error output, so can test errors, this might be bad,
	not sure.  2) basic tests for register stack frames, including some
	errors 3) I think we can stop skipping one of the string tests 4) I
	added some more substr tests, but substr was broken, so 5) changed
	substr to work with out of range values, or 6) throw an error if
	they're far too silly

	Courtesy of: Alex Gough <alex@rcon.org>

2001-09-24 17:27  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, t/op/number.t:
	  * Op set_n was missing. Added it and a test for it. We now have
	    same int and num ops, except mod is int-only.

2001-09-24 17:01  gregor

	* assemble.pl:
	  * Fixed a typo: s/Line/line/

2001-09-24 16:02  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops:
	  * Fixed dec_n_nc opcode, which had += where it should have had

2001-09-24 15:34  gregor

	* assemble.pl:
	  * Fixed handling of constants starting with '0' that should not
	    sent through oct(). For example 'set N2 0.1' was being
	    as 'set N2 0' (naughty).

	    As reported by Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com> in the comments
	    his mandelbrot.pasm example.

2001-09-24 02:21  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: fixed dumb code when --include was not specified.

2001-09-24 02:17  simon

	* assemble.pl:

2001-09-24 01:56  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: * Added --include=dir option to assembler to provide
	a path to look for included files.  * Error message of a macro is
	defined inside of a macro

2001-09-23 21:29  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: Added __FILE__ equate, fixed __LINE__ equate.

2001-09-23 15:50  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Fixed typo. Parrot might work again on non-8.3 filesystems. :)

2001-09-23 02:03  ask

	* Configure.pl, test_c.in: fix missing newline at the end of test.c
	Courtesy of: acme@astray.com (Leon Brocard)

	rename 'test' executable used in Configure process to test_siz.

2001-09-23 01:03  simon

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	iPaq fix. No, really.

2001-09-23 00:47  simon

	Missed several, in fact.

2001-09-23 00:46  simon

	Missed one.

2001-09-22 21:13  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	Assembler register numbering rigour.

	Courtesy of: Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com>

2001-09-22 18:20  simon

	* Makefile.in, lib/Test/More.pm, lib/Test/Simple.pm,
	I'm sick of having to install Test::More everywhere. Temporary
	measure until we remove this silly dependency.

	Also a typo in Makefile.in which suggests some things were only
	happening correctly by sheer chance. :)

2001-09-22 18:06  simon

	test.pasm is dead, long like make test.

2001-09-22 17:47  simon

	* t/op/number.t:
	De-fang overzealous floating point test.

2001-09-22 17:39  simon

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	Remove hard-coded NV size assumption. Tru64 is nearly there!

2001-09-22 17:18  simon

	* assemble.pl, disassemble.pl:
	More portability fixups.

2001-09-22 16:44  simon

	* assemble.pl, Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	And I *think* this fixes Tru64.

2001-09-22 16:37  simon

	* Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm:


2001-09-22 16:36  simon

	* Parrot/PackFile.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm:

	More removal of hard-coded pack formats.

2001-09-22 15:21  simon

	* assemble.pl:

	Grrr. Why isn't this working?

2001-09-22 15:18  simon

	* Parrot/PackFile.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm:

	Make assemble use the PackFile modules; also fixed some bugs in

2001-09-22 14:38  simon

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Types_pm.in, assemble.pl, disassemble.pl:

	Abstract the argument and opcode packing types and functions out
	into a separate module. This *should* help us maintain consistency
	when we change the various types.

2001-09-22 00:46  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Delete test.o (or its equivalent) after Configure's
	test program finishes.

2001-09-21 21:24  brentdax

	* Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm: Fix error with \ as path
	separator (courtesy of Mattia Barbon <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>)

2001-09-21 21:09  gregor

	* Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm:

	  * Fixed pad calculation (similar to recent bug fix on C library)

2001-09-21 20:23  simon

	* disassemble.pl:
	Pack types and sizes have gone askew.

2001-09-21 20:18  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Fix typo in setting stuff from the C test program

2001-09-21 10:25  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, process_opfunc.pl:
	Document patches.

	Courtesy of: Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com>

2001-09-21 06:06  ask

	* Config_pm.in, assemble.pl: fix 5.005_03.

2001-09-21 06:03  ask

	* Configure.pl: make the ivsize detection work for us normal people
	without . in our PATH.	:-)

2001-09-21 05:56  brentdax

	* test_main.c: Change _read to read for portability to Tru64
	(Damien Neil <neild@misago.org> and likely many others)

2001-09-21 05:46  ask

	* Makefile.in: "update" target to update from cvs.

2001-09-21 05:44  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, test_c.in: Fix issues with ivsize and nvsize

2001-09-21 02:43  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Fix a typo that forced the -g flag on

2001-09-20 22:41  dan

	* packfile.c: Had some no-value returns. Naughty

2001-09-20 22:40  dan

	* t/test.pasm: Added labels to output

2001-09-20 15:39  simon

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm,
	This patch does two only somewhat related things.

	Parrot/Opcode.pm:  Change the hard-wired assumption that sizeof(nv)
	= 2*sizeof(iv) to a PConfig-type computed value.

	Parrot/Test.pm:  Change it to run with the perl that was used to
	generate this version of Parrot.  This is useful if, for example,
	you want to use bleadperl to build and test parrot (e.g. to try out
	various 64-bit options) but you still have a 5.6.x (or 5.005_xx)
	installed as the default 'perl' on your system.  Since perl-5.7.x
	is installed 'version-only', a plain 'perl' is quite likely to pick
	up the older perl in such cases. Such an older perl might well not
	understand pack('q') used in the assembler.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-09-20 15:14  gregor

	* packfile.c:
	  * Fixed a typo in pad calculation that throwing off unpack and

2001-09-20 15:03  thgibbs

	* t/op/integer.t: Removed overflow tests from integer.t.  set_i_ic
	tests now cover all registers.

	Courtesy of: Damien Neil neild@misago.org

2001-09-20 14:48  thgibbs

	* process_opfunc.pl: Changed process_opfunc.pl to work on 64 bit

2001-09-20 14:35  simon

	* Configure.pl, assemble.pl:
	Pack IVs correctly.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-09-20 14:06  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * Fixed a tyop in the string interpolation regex.

	Courtesy of Michael L Maraist <maraist@UDel.Edu>

2001-09-20 13:56  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * Updated jakoc to work with the single-destination comp ops.

2001-09-20 05:08  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: macro expansion.  Here's the test macro I was using:

	# this uses I32,I31 as temporaries.  # macro must be preceeded by a
	label.	testi	    macro   num,got,want    print   "Test #"
	print	num	print	"..."	set	I32,want	set
	I31,got 	eq	I32,I31,$ok	print	"NG\n"	branch
	$end $ok:	print	"OK\n" $end:	endm

	It is invoked as:

	Test1:	testi	1,I3,I2

2001-09-20 03:52  dan

	* stacks.c, include/parrot/stacks.h: Preliminary files for the
	generic stack support

2001-09-20 02:49  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: Added include processing to assemble.pl	the syntax
	is: include 'file.to.include'

2001-09-19 23:57  thgibbs

	* t/op/integer.t, t/op/number.t, assemble.pl, opcode_table: Fixed
	opcode_table listing of if_i_ic and if_n_ic.  Dan had changed the
	function to only use 2 args, but the opcode_table still had three
	listed.  Fixed integer.t and number.t to use the new comparison
	operators.  Improved assemble.pl ability to grok operators by
	constructing a function set and comparing operator types.

2001-09-19 22:42  dan

	* assemble.pl: Binmodes the output filehandles now. (No more
	bytecode munching...)

2001-09-19 22:32  dan

	* Configure.pl, basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, process_opfunc.pl,
	t/euclid.pasm, t/test.pasm, t/test2.pasm: Changed opcodes so
	conditional branches take a single argument, and fall through

2001-09-19 21:19  thgibbs

	* memory.c: Added explanation of mem_allocate_aligned give by Dan

	Courtesy of: Josh Wilmes <josh@hitchhiker.org>

2001-09-19 21:04  thgibbs

	* include/parrot/interpreter.h, Configure.pl,
	build_interp_starter.pl, bytecode.c, config_h.in, interpreter.c,
	process_opfunc.pl: Changed opcode_t from a union to a configurable

2001-09-19 20:54  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: Missed a couple of changes for 64 bit portability.

2001-09-19 20:37  gregor

	* packfile.c, include/parrot/packfile.h:
	  * Added "methods" for setting and getting all the various
	    probably sufficient for an assembler to use the library.

2001-09-19 20:04  thgibbs

	* assemble.pl: Modifications to run on 64 bit platforms.  To run on
	a 64 bit platform manually change the  setting for 'i' from 'l' to
	'q'.  This should be automatically done by a Configure setting in
	the near future.

2001-09-19 19:10  thgibbs

	* config_h.in: changed c++ comment to c comment.

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-09-19 17:48  gregor

	* .cvsignore, MANIFEST, Makefile.in, packfile.c, pdump.c,
	  * C code for dealing with PackFiles as if they were objects.
	    read-only interface for now, but it would not be hard to make
	    read-write. [packfile.c, include/parrot/packfile.h]

	  * PackFile Dumping program that falls short of disassembling, but
	    tests the above code and provides a hex listing of the byte
	    contents of the PackFile. [pdump.c]

	  * New Makefile target 'pdump' for the above program, and related
	    Makefile.in changes.

	  * Updated MANIFEST to reflect the added files

	  * Update .cvsignore to ignore pdump.

2001-09-19 14:55  thgibbs

	* MANIFEST: Added number.t and trans.t to MANIFEST

2001-09-19 05:40  thgibbs

	* process_opfunc.pl: Now taking & of opcode_t instead of i member
	of union opcode_t.  I hope this will be more portable for set_n_nc.

2001-09-19 05:39  thgibbs

	* t/op/integer.t: Added end to test 1.

2001-09-19 00:09  thgibbs

	* t/op/number.t: Added end to each test

2001-09-19 00:00  simon

	* t/op/number.t:
	Number tests! Wooo!

	Courtesy of: Damien Neil <neild@misago.org>

2001-09-18 23:52  thgibbs

	* interpreter.c: Added casts to appropriate types to make -Wall not
	complain on certain printf formats

2001-09-18 23:31  thgibbs

	* t/op/integer.t: Added end to each test.

2001-09-18 22:54  thgibbs

	* t/op/trans.t: Added trans.t for transcendental math function

2001-09-18 22:28  simon

	MANIFEST updates. (And notice how I carefully snuck in the
	t/op/integer.t there...)

	Courtesy of: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>

2001-09-18 22:26  simon

	* t/: integer.t, op/integer.t:
	Except it doesn't go there. Duh.

2001-09-18 22:25  simon

	* t/integer.t:
	Tests for integer ops.

	Courtesy of: Damien Neil <neild@misago.org>

2001-09-18 22:03  thgibbs

	* include/parrot/bytecode.h, include/parrot/interpreter.h,
	build_interp_starter.pl, bytecode.c, config_h.in, interpreter.c,
	make_op_header.pl, process_opfunc.pl, test_main.c: Changed IV to
	opcode_t union for operators.  This required a few perl script
	changes to output the correct type.  There were also some changes
	to allow -pedantic in gcc

2001-09-18 21:07  gregor

	* disassemble.pl, Parrot/PackFile.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm, Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Converted the disassembler to use the Parrot::PackFile Perl classes
	to do its job.

2001-09-18 19:18  brentdax

	* Makefile.in: Fix missing functions for real this time.  (I

2001-09-18 18:49  brentdax

	* Configure.pl: Remove unnecessary -I.. (courtesy of Andy Dougherty

2001-09-18 18:47  brentdax

	* Makefile.in: Fix bugs with missing math, etc. functions

2001-09-18 14:42  thgibbs

	* strnative.c: Sorry Simon...forgot bustart was a void* not a

2001-09-18 13:59  thgibbs

	* strnative.c: Removed unnecessary IV cast in concat.

2001-09-18 13:58  thgibbs

	* t/op/string.t: Removed unnecessary IV cast in concat.  Added end
	to concat test in string.t

2001-09-18 12:07  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	  * var num ... no longer requires assignment
	  * automatic casting between int and num
	  * Fixed an error message

	Courtesy of: Simon Cozens <simon@cvs.perl.org>

2001-09-18 11:57  simon

	* TODO:
	Gonna have to start thinking of more things to do, soon.

2001-09-18 10:42  simon

	* opcode_table:
	Introduce a little more tidiness into the opcode table.

2001-09-18 03:06  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, t/euclid.pasm:
	Resurrected register-const ops per Dan's request.

2001-09-18 02:20  gregor

	* .cvsignore, Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile.in,
	build_interp_starter.pl, bytecode.h, events.h, exceptions.h,
	global_setup.h, interpreter.h, io.h, memory.h, parrot.h,
	process_opfunc.pl, register.h, stacks.h, string.h, strnative.h:
	Committed some files that were missed in the last *.h moving

2001-09-18 02:17  gregor

	* include/parrot/.cvsignore: Fixed a typo in .cvsignore.

2001-09-18 02:16  gregor

	* include/parrot/: .cvsignore, bytecode.h, events.h, exceptions.h,
	global_setup.h, interpreter.h, io.h, memory.h, parrot.h,
	register.h, stacks.h, string.h, strnative.h: Added .cvsignore file
	missed in last commit for the move of *.h to include/parrot.

2001-09-18 01:32  simon

	* t/Makefile:
	Trivial "clean" target to t/Makefile.

2001-09-18 01:32  simon

	* assemble.pl, build_interp_starter.pl, disassemble.pl,
	Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm:
	Change icky Digest::MD5 for nice simple unpack()

	Courtesy of: Jonathan Scott Duff <duff@cbi.tamucc.edu>

2001-09-18 00:35  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, docs/parrot_assembly.pod,
	New concat op. Hey, if I'm going to talk about it in an article,
	better implement it...

2001-09-17 22:54  gregor

	* MANIFEST, Parrot/PackFile.pm, Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, Parrot/PackFile/FixupTable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/ConstTable.pm,
	lib/Parrot/PackFile/Constant.pm, lib/Parrot/PackFile/FixupTable.pm:

	Functions for reading, writing and manipulating Parrot Pack Files.
	NOTE: This is a proposed term based on the fact that the file
	contains more than just byte code, and another language (Java)
	calls its binary files by a broader notion of what's in them (Class
	Files). Since Perl has packages, and since we use pack() to write
	them, we'll call them PackFiles (at least for now).

	That does, however, beg the question of file extension. Should we
	name the files "foo.pack" instead of "foo.pbc"?

2001-09-17 20:23  thgibbs

	* interpreter.c, test_main.c: Uncuddled else statements for coding

2001-09-17 19:57  gregor

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm:
	Added a $revision variable, parsing of the CVS Id line in
	opcode_table and a &revision() subroutine.

2001-09-17 19:53  gregor

	* opcode_table:
	Added a CVS Id tag to it.

2001-09-17 18:58  thgibbs

	* interpreter.c: Cleared interpreter flags on creation.

2001-09-17 18:38  gregor

	* build_interp_starter.pl, bytecode.c, bytecode.h, interpreter.c,
	interpreter.h, test_main.c:
	  * Provides macros in interp_guts.h for setting up arrays with
	    op names and op arg counts (done via build_interp_starter.pl).

	    These are used in the op tracing

	  * The functions in bytecode.[hc] pass around a pointer to the
	    of the bytecode so that later when we get to runops, we know
	    how much bytecode we've got and we can detect out-of-bounds
	    jumping. The documentation is updated, too.

	  * runops in interpreter.c now looks at interpreter->flags to
	    decide if the core of runops should be runops_trace_core or
	    runops_notrace_core. These new functions contain just the
	    while-loop portion of runops. A new function runops_generic
	    does any other setup (such as checking the bytecode
	    fingerprint) or wrapup (such as complaining if we ended up
	    out-of-bounds). NOTE: I didn't know what we should do for
	    functions in here that are not part of the api, so I gave
	    them docs with 'TODO' marks mentioning they really aren't
	    part of the api. Guidance appreciated.

	  * test_main.c now checks for '-t' arg and sets the tracing flag
	    on its interpreter instance as appropriate.

2001-09-17 17:47  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: added some default equates, and if they're sub
	references, they are computed each time it is referenced.

2001-09-17 16:15  dan

	* interpreter.h:

	Added flags to the interpreter structure and defined a few.

2001-09-17 15:51  simon

	* bytecode.h, string.h:
	VAR_SCOPE on globals.

2001-09-17 15:20  simon

	Parrot/Opcode.pm, Parrot/Test.pm into MANIFEST.

2001-09-17 15:05  gregor

	* t/jump.pasm, MANIFEST:
	Added a test program to demonstrate jump_i.

2001-09-17 14:44  thgibbs

	* register.c: Fixed register pop not using correct offset (off by

	Courtesy of: Philip Kendall <pak@ast.cam.ac.uk>

2001-09-17 13:56  thgibbs

	* interpreter.c, register.c: Added code to call Parrot_clear_s
	during initialization and Parrot_clear_s and Parrot_clear_p when a
	new stack frame is pushed.

2001-09-17 13:51  gregor

	* languages/jako/: Makefile, bench.jako, euclid.jako, fact.jako,
	fib.jako, hello.jako: Added bench.pasm to "clean"

2001-09-17 13:49  gregor

	* languages/jako/: jakoc, Makefile:
	Added CVS Id tag.

2001-09-17 13:49  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	Code streamlining.

	Courtesy of: Buggs <buggs-perl6@splashground.de>

2001-09-17 13:29  gregor

	* MANIFEST, opcheck.pl:
	Added an opcode_table checker to make sure that all opcodes listed
	there conform to a simple set of naming rules (rules themselves, of
	course, are subject to change).

2001-09-17 13:23  thgibbs

	* string.c: Modified string.c to correctly use the return value of

2001-09-17 05:26  brentdax

	* Makefile.in: Making the Makefile smarter

2001-09-16 23:06  brentdax

	* hints/mswin32.pl: Finishing the Configure hints

2001-09-16 23:05  brentdax

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, parrot.h, test_main.c,
	Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm: Win32 compatibility,
	Configure hints, 5.005 compatibility, MANIFEST checking

2001-09-16 19:25  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl: parrot assembly equates

2001-09-16 18:03  gregor

	* Makefile.in:
	Added 'test' target to run new test suite.

2001-09-16 17:33  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops:
	'not' was being !, rather than ~. Too many Perl programmers here, I

	Courtesy of: Tom Hughes <tom@compton.nu>

2001-09-16 17:21  simon

	* Parrot/Test.pm, lib/Parrot/Test.pm, t/harness, t/op/basic.t,
	A *real* test suite!

	Courtesy of: "Mattia Barbon" <mbarbon@dsi.unive.it>

2001-09-16 16:49  gregor

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table:
	At Dan's request, my new register-constant comparison ops have been

2001-09-16 16:40  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	Fixed a copy-paste error in one of jakoc's error messages.

	Courtesy of: Buggs <buggs-perl6-list@splashground.de>

2001-09-16 16:37  gregor

	* languages/jako/jakoc:
	Modified comparison implementation to use temporary registers in
	the case of register-constant and constant-register comparisons.
	This will allow the compiler to emit code that works when the
	constant-comparison ops are backed out of Parrot. If the ops ever
	make their way back in, then jakoc can emit more efficient code

2001-09-16 16:19  bdwheele

	* assemble.pl, t/local_label.pasm: Added local labels ($whatever)
	... though not subroutine based like the documentation wants, they
	are local to the last non-local label defined.

2001-09-16 14:02  simon

	And remember, when you add stuff, keep the manifest up to date.

2001-09-16 02:55  ask

	* Makefile.in: a "shared" target for building libparrot.so

2001-09-16 02:45  thgibbs

	* bytecode.c, bytecode.h, events.h, exceptions.h, global_setup.c,
	global_setup.h, interpreter.c, interpreter.h, io.h,
	make_op_header.pl, memory.c, memory.h, parrot.c, parrot.h,
	process_opfunc.pl, register.c, register.h, stacks.h, string.c,
	string.h, strnative.c, strnative.h, test_main.c: Updated files to
	use the coding standard PDD.  Also changed Perl_Interp to

2001-09-16 02:21  ask

	* README: emphasise the bits about the license not being worked out

2001-09-15 22:21  simon

	* process_opfunc.pl:
	basic_opcodes.c should *scream* that it's autogenerated.

2001-09-15 21:58  gregor

	* languages/jako/Makefile:
	Fixed Makefile to use 'jakoc' instead of 'jako_compiler.pl' to

2001-09-15 21:58  gregor

	* languages/jako/: jako_compiler.pl, jakoc:
	Renamed the Jako compiler to jakoc from jako_compiler.pl

2001-09-15 21:51  gregor

	* languages/jako/: Makefile, bench.jako, euclid.jako,
	Added a new bench.jako example based on Leon Brocard's Bench.java.

	Jako Compiler:	 * fix a bug in assignment handling   * add some
	more conditionals to while and if   * revert to using implicit
	opcodes in a few cases that were broken     before the assembler
	patch went in recently.

2001-09-15 21:46  gregor

	* assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table:
	New ops for register-constant INTEGER comparisons:


	New ops for register-register and register-constant NUMERIC



	  Allow uppercase and underscores in labels.

	  Tweaks to the op infer code to make it work with the examples
	I've been

2001-09-15 19:16  thgibbs

	* README: Updated README to include Configure.pl

2001-09-15 17:05  simon

	* build_interp_starter.pl:
	Casting happiness

	Courtesy of: Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>

2001-09-15 16:45  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	And the same again: Parrot/Opcode.pm wasn't "..-aware".

2001-09-15 16:40  simon

	* t/Makefile:
	The Parrot/Opcode.pm dependency means we need to do -I.. in the
	test Makefile

2001-09-15 12:26  simon

	* memory.c:
	Fixed to match the coding standards.

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-15 01:57  ask

	* Configure.pl, Makefile.in, Parrot/Opcode.pm,
	lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm: make the Makefile use the perl that was used
	to run Configure.pl

2001-09-15 01:48  ask

	* Parrot/Opcode.pm, lib/Parrot/Opcode.pm: if we need perl 5.6, just
	say so. :-)

2001-09-15 01:42  gregor

	* languages/jako/: euclid.jako, fact.jako, fib.jako,
	Compiler: Added variable interpolation in double-quoted strings.
	Examples: Made use of variable interpolation.

2001-09-15 01:28  gregor

	* Parrot/.cvsignore:
	Ignore the Config.pm generated file.

2001-09-15 01:22  gregor

	* languages/jako/: .cvsignore, Makefile, euclid.jako, fact.jako,
	fib.jako, hello.jako, jako_compiler.pl:
	gnp: Added some more sample Jako files and added many more
	operators to the compiler. Preparations for supporting all the Math
	and bitwise ops.

2001-09-14 19:06  simon

	* assemble.pl, build_interp_starter.pl, disassemble.pl,
	make_op_header.pl, process_opfunc.pl, Parrot/Opcode.pm,
	Move common table reading stuff to a module.

	Courtesy of: Damien Neil <neild@misago.org>

2001-09-14 17:42  simon

	* .cvsignore:
	More .cvsignore foo.

2001-09-14 17:40  simon

	* assemble.pl, config_h.in:

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-14 17:38  simon

	* assemble.pl, t/Makefile:
	Make assemble.pl look in its parent directory if the data files it
	needs aren't in the current one. Plus a Makefile that lets "make
	foo.pbc" work in t/

	Courtesy of: Rocco Caputo <troc@netrus.net>

2001-09-14 16:29  simon

	* make_op_header.pl:
	Wildly experimental patch to make Parrot compile on FreeBSD. (And
	probably segfault everywhere else.)

2001-09-14 15:58  dan

	* languages/jako/: euclid.jako, jako_compiler.pl:

	Added in the first mini-language that targets Parrot.

	Courtesy of: "Gregor N. Purdy" <gregor@focusresearch.com>

2001-09-14 15:20  dan

	* memory.c: Was misaligning returned memory. Fixed.

2001-09-14 15:08  simon

	* Makefile.in, basic_opcodes.ops, bytecode.c, global_setup.c,
	interpreter.c, interpreter.h, memory.c, parrot.c, parrot.h,
	register.c, register.h, string.c, string.h, strnative.c,
	Fixes to include <parrot/foo.h>

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-14 12:05  simon

	* strnative.c:
	Appease Tru64.

2001-09-14 12:01  simon

	* memory.c:
	Appease Tru64.

2001-09-14 11:54  simon

	* interpreter.c:
	Remove lvalue cast.

2001-09-14 11:45  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Be 5.005 friendly.

2001-09-14 11:39  simon

	* Configure.pl:
	Tru64 cc doesn't like -Wall

2001-09-14 10:57  simon

	* Config_pm.in, Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile, Makefile.in,
	assemble.pl, build_interp_starter.pl, bytecode.c, bytecode.h,
	config.h.in, config_h.in, disassemble.pl, interpreter.c:
	Configure now generates Makefile

	Courtesy of: Brent Dax <brentdax@cpan.org>

2001-09-14 10:08  simon

	* t/test3.pasm:
	Add "end"

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-14 10:07  simon

	* assemble.pl:
		* uses Getopt::Long for options.  -c is now --checksyntax.
	I wasn't
	sure how to keep compatible (patches welcome!)	       * options
	include:		 --help 		--version
	      --verbose 		--output=file
	--listing=file		       --checksyntax	     * produces
	verbose listing of what the assembler saw :)  Only one nitpick with
	it:  unknown symbols are given as 0xffffffff, unfortunately, this
	includes symbols which may be defined later in the file (i.e.
	forward jumps).

	Courtesy of: Brian Wheeler <bdwheele@indiana.edu>

2001-09-14 10:06  simon

	* strnative.c:
	substr growth fixup

	Courtesy of: Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-14 10:03  simon

	* bytecode.c, global_setup.c, interpreter.c, memory.c, memory.h,
	register.c, string.c, strnative.c, test_main.c:
	Coding standards conformance

	Courtesy of Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-14 09:46  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	Make the assembler grok transcendental maths again.  Courtesy of:
	Gibbs Tanton - tgibbs <Tanton.Gibbs@acxiom.com>

2001-09-13 17:29  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	Better opcode guessing, from Brian Wheeler. (Again!)

2001-09-13 17:20  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod:

	Took out duplicate entries for iton, ntoi, and tostring.

2001-09-13 17:16  simon

	* assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table:
	From Brian Wheeler:

	This patch gives the assembler support of '\a','\n','\r','\t', and
	'\\' in string constants.

	In addition, it changes (for all registers) "I reg %li is ..." to
	just the value of the register.  Printing constants is also
	supported, but alas, you have to specify the type (print_sc,
	print_ic, print_nc).

2001-09-13 15:38  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	Why don't I actually *test* this stuff before applying it, eh?

2001-09-13 15:34  simon

	* TODO, t/euclid.pasm:
	From: "Gregor N. Purdy" <gregor@focusresearch.com> Subject: [patch
	(really)] Removed opcode qualifers t/euclid.pasm to exercise opcode

2001-09-13 14:42  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	A new assembler, from Brian Wheeler.

2001-09-13 09:44  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, interpreter.h, parrot.h, strnative.c,
	Two more from Tom Hughes:     Patch to fix C++ style comments
	Patch to remove use of structure constant/cast

2001-09-13 09:39  simon

	* TODO, docs/strings.pod:
	Update string docs.

2001-09-13 09:36  simon

	* Makefile, basic_opcodes.ops:
	Tom Hughes	Patch to link with the maths library Tom Hughes
	 Patch to fix += on rvalue

2001-09-13 08:57  simon

	I guess nobody's been using the nightly builds...

2001-09-13 08:27  simon

	* assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table:
	Bitwise ops, from Brian Wheeler.

2001-09-13 08:23  simon

	* .cvsignore, t/.cvsignore:
	.cvsignore's, from Gregor Purdy.

2001-09-13 08:22  simon

	* Makefile:
	Euclidean test and test output rearranging from Gregor Purdy.

2001-09-13 08:21  simon

	* assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops, disassemble.pl, opcode_table:
	Math ops from Gibbs Tanton.

2001-09-13 08:14  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, string.c, string.h, strnative.c,
	String substr op; also rearranged "encoding" to be a vtable
	pointer, not an array index. Haven't changed docs to reflect this,


2001-09-12 19:48  dan

	* t/euclid.pasm: Implementation of Euclid's Algorithm, courtesy of
	Gregor Purdy

2001-09-12 19:39  dan

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table: From Gregor Purdy. Adds mod_i.

2001-09-12 19:23  dan

	* interpreter.h, parrot.h: Quick placeholder entry for string
	function tables

2001-09-12 18:58  dan

	* memory.c: Added in a cast to make gcc happy.

2001-09-12 16:44  dan

	* docs/parrot_assembly.pod:

	PDD describing parrot's assembly language and the opcodes in it

2001-09-12 14:20  dan

	* memory.c:
	Fixed alignment issues with allocation

2001-09-12 10:54  simon

	* Makefile, assemble.pl, bytecode.c, disassemble.pl,
	make_op_header.pl, opcode_table, process_opfunc.pl:
	Brian Wheeler's big patch:

	* Changes the opcode_table file to provide additional information
	about the operands.  Case shouldn't be a problem since that data
	never becomes a C symbol [this is pretty much as before]

	* Padding errors solved:  assemble.pl and bytecode.c were padding
	the constants incorrectly.  It should have been 4-(size % 4), not
	just (size % 4).  It is now fixed in both places.

	* assembler has less special cases, and should be easier to hang
	error checking on

	* disassembler dumps constant table and the format is a bit
	prettier, including register names, etc.

2001-09-11 23:21  dan

	* build_interp_starter.pl, interpreter.c:

	Abstracted the runops function core into a macro for easy
	replacement later.

2001-09-11 10:43  simon

	* Configure.pl, MANIFEST, Makefile, config.h, config.h.in:
	Configure system from Brent Dax <brentdax@cpan.org>

2001-09-11 09:38  simon

	* assemble.pl, test.pbc:
	From: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com> Subject: Patch:
	assembler deferred output

	Also got rid of the bytecode, since that's probably way out of

2001-09-11 09:26  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table, t/test2.pasm:
	From: Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com> Subject: length_s_i

2001-09-10 23:20  simon

	And that move needs a MANIFEST change. So many things to remember!

2001-09-10 23:18  simon

	* t/: test.pasm, test2.pasm, test3.pasm:
	Move tests to t/. (Oh, CVS doesn't work the way I think it does.)

2001-09-10 23:18  simon

	* test.pasm, test2.pasm, test3.pasm:
	Move tests to t/

2001-09-10 23:04  dan

	* test3.pasm:

	Register push/pop test

2001-09-10 22:47  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, bytecode.c, parrot.h, test_main.c:
	Fix up format warnings, from Sam Tregar <sam@tregar.com>.
	(Modified to avoid conflict with Dan's changes.)

2001-09-10 22:45  dan

	* disassemble.pl:

	Happier about blanks in opcode_table

2001-09-10 22:40  dan

	* interpreter.c, register.c:

	Yanked out debugging code, since these work OK. The bug I want is

2001-09-10 22:30  simon

	Uhm. We want make_op_header.pl. We really, really do.

2001-09-10 22:26  simon

	* Makefile, TODO, assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.ops,
	build_interp_starter.pl, disassemble.pl, make_op_header.pl,
	opcode_table, process_opfunc.pl:
	Automatic opcode numbering, from Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com>.
	This means we can add lots more opcodes without fiddling about with
	the numbers. Hooray!

	Don't forget that "end" needs to be op zero, else the interpreter
	falls off the end of the code. This is Bad, and I wonder if there's
	a way around it.

2001-09-10 19:49  simon

	* MANIFEST, make_op_table_build.pl:
	Hey! This doesn't do anything...

2001-09-10 19:46  simon

	* Makefile:
	"clean" target cleanup from Bryan C. Warnock <bwarnock@raba.com>.

2001-09-10 18:31  simon

	You know what this means...

2001-09-10 18:30  simon

	* assemble.pl:
	"use strict" patch from Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com>. Hey, why
	wait for a release...? :)

2001-09-10 18:13  simon

	* interpreter.c:
	Bad Dan! No cookie!

2001-09-10 17:56  simon

	A *real* README file, which doesn't claim it isn't for public

2001-09-10 17:02  simon

	* TODO:
	More things to do.

2001-09-10 16:56  dan

	* TODO: Added in assembler gripe. Also added a few blank lines for

2001-09-10 16:49  dan

	* register.h, register.c: Renamed the core functions so the opcodes
	can find 'em OK. (There were some conflicts)

2001-09-10 16:48  dan

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table: Added register window ops

2001-09-10 11:07  simon

	* TODO:
	Trivial TODO list.

2001-09-10 11:05  simon

	* test.pbc, test2.pasm, test_main.c: Other string bits and pieces;
	note "-s" flag to test prog.

2001-09-10 11:01  simon

	* docs/strings.pod:
	New string documentation.

2001-09-10 11:01  simon

	* basic_opcodes.ops, opcode_table:
	String ops.

2001-09-10 10:53  simon

	* global_setup.c:
	More string fu.

2001-09-10 10:51  simon

	* memory.h:
	Just some more aliases for now. Used by string handling stuff.

2001-09-10 10:50  simon

	* assemble.pl, bytecode.c, bytecode.h:
	Temporary hack to store string constants in bytecode and recreate
	them at runtime.

2001-09-10 10:48  simon

	* op.h:
	op.h is now generated by the Makefile; remove it.

2001-09-10 10:47  simon

	* Makefile:
	clean and op.h Makefile targets.

2001-09-10 10:45  simon

	* string.c, string.h, strnative.c:
	More string vtable stuff.

2001-09-07 21:07  dan

	* assemble.pl:

	Much less picky about whitespace in the opcode_table now. (Doesn't
	whine on blank lines)

2001-09-07 16:23  dan

	* Makefile, assemble.pl, global_setup.h, interpreter.c,
	interpreter.h, opcode_table, parrot.h, test.pasm: (Here's hoping
	this takes) Added global_setup.h to declare init_world function

	Moved variable declarations out of the interpreter loop for small
	speed boost.

	Changed end opcode to now be opcode #0. A function is provided for
	it, but isn't ever executed.

	When the interpreter sees an opcode 0 in the stream it means the
	end of stream. Things were coring on Cygwin otherwise. (I think I
	was dereferencing a zero, which is bad)

2001-09-06 22:07  dan

	* basic_opcodes.ops, process_opfunc.pl:

	Minor tweaks to basic_opcodes.ops to fix some NV issues. The rest
	are minor changes now that things are in a fixed state.

2001-09-06 16:13  dan

	* basic_opcodes.c, test_opcodes.c:
	test_opcodes.c is now irrelevant--they're all in basic_opcodes.ops.

	basic_opcodes.c is now autogenerated from basic_opcodes.ops, and
	should be nuked. So it is. :)

2001-09-06 03:35  dan

	* basic_opcodes.ops, build_interp_starter.pl, process_opfunc.pl:
	Scripts to build the header file that holds the function table
	creation code, as well as the script to turn an opcode file to C
	source. (And the basic opcode functions turned into an opcode
	source file)

2001-09-06 03:31  dan

	* Makefile, interpreter.c:
	Changes to support the autogeneration of the opcode function
	pointer table in interpreter.c, along with the changes to the
	Makefile needed.

2001-09-05 13:27  simon

	* bytecode.c, config.h, docs/opcodes.pod, docs/overview.pod,
	docs/parrotbyte.pod, docs/vtables.pod:
	Added stubs for the documents; working on them this week. (What's
	left of it.) config.h change is just to type VTABLE, and the
	bytecode thing you might want to revoke. It's apidoc for the
	functions in there.

2001-09-03 18:26  simon

	* docs/strings.pod:
	A start on the string API documentation.

2001-09-03 17:43  simon

	* opcode_table:
	Since we specify the opcode number, we can rearrange to a more
	human-friendly ordering.

2001-09-03 17:42  simon

	* basic_opcodes.c:
	Coupl'a logic bugs. (I think)

2001-09-03 17:41  simon

	* string.c, string.h, strnative.c:
	Tidying up the string vtables.

2001-09-03 17:38  simon

	* make_op_header.pl:
	Spit out the whole of op.h, not just the bit in the middle.

2001-08-29 13:16  ask

	* README: it seems like we indeed can commit. What about sending
	commit mails?

2001-08-29 13:07  simon

	* Makefile, README, assemble.pl, basic_opcodes.c, bytecode.c,
	bytecode.h, config.h, disassemble.pl, events.h, exceptions.h,
	global_setup.c, interpreter.c, interpreter.h, io.h,
	make_op_header.pl, make_op_table_build.pl, memory.c, memory.h,
	op.h, opcode_table, parrot.c, parrot.h, register.c, register.h,
	stacks.h, string.c, string.h, strnative.c, strnative.h, test.pasm,
	test.pbc, test_main.c, test_opcodes.c:
	Initial checkin of Simon's work directory - Dan, feel free to nuke.
	 I'm still working on the string stuff, though.

2001-08-29 12:44  ask

	* README: update README with list address

2001-08-29 12:36  ask

	* README: first readme.