Revision history for HTML-Truncate

0.20    20090713
        - Normalized test names to hyphen from underscore.
        - Patch from the omnipresent t0m to fix TT2 recipe.

0.19    20090512
        - Fixed Pod typos.

0.18    20090509
        - Fixed broken README.

0.17    20090509
        - Really been a year...?
        - Typo in Pod.
        - Autogenerate README.
        - Bug in Pod showing utf8 => 1 setting.
        - Fixed bad optimization in filter recipe.
        - Fixed char counting problem I discovered while testing.
        - Fixed standalone tag -- e.g., br -- close bug with repair.
        - Might have made visual spacing counting more robust.

0.16    20080529
        - Updated Pod a bit.

0.15    20080529
        - Was considering trying to work around 5.6's utf8 issues but
          it's not in the cards right now and I'd rather have a module
          passing all its tests so, 5.8 or better required now.
          Leaving skips in truncate_html.t in case I ever do it.

0.14    20080529
        - Put in skips for tests involving utf8_mode and perl less
          than 5.8.
        - Put Encode into test reqs and put File::Spec version.

0.13    20080529
        - Fixed my build to remove META.yml, 0.12 had the file from
        - Reorganized tests with /xt; pod-coverage, perlcritic, etc.
        - Cleaned up Pod.
        - Put license in Makefile explicitly.

0.12    20080528
        - Discoered it didn't work nearly as well (regarding counting
          of "visible" output as I thought so I rewrote it. Three
          times actually but ended up with something similar to the
          original in the end, mostly because, bizarrely,
          HTML::TreeBuilder does not make text into nodes. This makes
          the module half useless. If it only did that, it would
          simple to have redone this module with it in a bombproof
          way. I considered redoing it with XML::LibXML to achieve the
          same thing and might add that in eventually with an "eval
          require" kind of check.
        - Added some accounting for <pre/> tags to be taken literally.
        - Lorenzo Iannuzzi suggested a way to clip to word-ish
          boundaries instead of truncating leaving hanging space. I
          already do something similar in TT2 so I kept his as
          on_space() and mine as cleanly(), which can accept a regex
          if you know how you want to handle it better than the
        - Took out style setting, it was pointless, goofy, and
          antithetical to the point of the module.
        - Was going to take out "beta" notice - but rewrote too much
          of it to do so.
        - Moved to Module::Install.
        - Noticed the utf8 ellipsis is tripping up perl 5.6. But I
          don't want to put a prereq in... maybe skip that test for
          that version.
        - Several new tests.
        - Pod clean up, mild reorg.

0.11    200607
        - kevinr: Added the 'repair' option, allowing you to tell
          HTML::Truncate to close unmatched open tags and discard
          unmatched close tags, with Pod and tests.
        - Added HTML::Tagset to prereqs; it's not used directly but
          caused an error on my clean perl install.
        - Fixed a couple of Pod spelling errors and typos.

0.10    20060304 1750
        - Updated "alpha" --> "beta" in README.
        - Removed .cvsignore from MANIFEST and put in MANIFEST.skip.
        - Added TT recipe to Pod.

0.09    20060304 1247
        - Ryo Okamoto reported two bugs (object needs its renewed text
          reset per truncate call and pointed out that the chars vs
          percent wasn't clear enough or bomb-proof). Also suggested
          different behavior for dropping trailing tags if they've
          lost their content (i.e., dropping the <b>\Z instead of
          doing <b>...</b>).
        - So calls to chars() now clears the percent() and vice versa.
        - New test file "countdown" from Ryo Okamoto added.
        - Pod updates to reflect changes.
        - Took out defined check on chars. Zero should not be allowed.
        - Added an "if" clause to the length padding check.
        - Returning undef if percent() is called when it's unset and
          not being set.

0.08    20060228 1622
        - Fixed year in Change entry below (from 2003).
        - Fixed percent to not allow a 0%.
        - Fixed percent bug -- if it was loaded up front instead of in
          the truncate() call, it was being silently dropped for the
          default 100 chars.
        - Made test path agnostic with File::Spec. Added to build
        - Fixed bug with default percent being English instead of
          decimal; shouldn't be there at all.
        - Calling it beta now that the known bugs are out; couple
          other Pod tweaks.

0.07    20060228 1130
        - Added embed to skip tags.

0.06    20060101 0152
        - Moved the 'ellipsis' to the end of the close tags; it's a
          compromise but t'is for the best.
        - And moved it back out. Bad compromise. Needs to have a tree
          logic to decide if it should go inside the last block level
          tag or not at all.
        - Added <area /> to stand alone tags.
        - Put in a more helpful "<open> closed by </close> near 'LAST
          15 CHARS IN WHAT'S BEEN CLEANED'" for the malformed croak().
        - Snip trailing whitespace off cleaned text; gets "This..."
          instead of "That ..."

0.05    20051228 0050
        - No surface changes.
        - Added 'object' to default skip tags.
        - _count_visual_chars.
        - Put in a few points of attention for installing callbacks
          over skip tags and a dummy sub{} for img tags.

0.04    20051222
        - Couple Pod typos/sync-problems fixed.
        - Another Pod typo in Synopsis fixed per Terrence Brannon.
        - Added synopsis.t to avoid the same type of problem creeping back.
0.03    20051222 1532
        - Added dont_skip_tags and add_skip_tags (not in tests yet).
        - Built out Pod a bit more.
        - Corrected a couple typos below in this document.

0.02    20051222 1325
        - Took out the non-functional functional part at the sober
          suggestion of Mark Stosberg.
        - Built up Pod a bit; note about XHTML-esque input requirement.
        - Moved stand alone and skip tags into object.

0.01    20051222 0114
        - Alpha release; missing functionality, documentation, and tests.
        - Basic OO interface seems to be working correctly.