Revision history for Data-Validate-Type

v1.5.0  2014-04-29
				- Added is_regex(), assert_regex(), and filter_regex().

v1.4.3  2014-04-20
        - Fixed "package version matches dist version" for CPANTS.
        - Fixed license declared in meta files.
        - Switched README to Markdown.
        - General cleanup.

v1.4.2  2013-05-01
        - Fixed missing prerequisite.

v1.4.1  2013-05-01
        - Moved release tests to xt/, added new release tests.
        - Added Test::FailWarnings to all tests.
        - Moved request tracker from RT to GitHub.
        - Changed links from Search CPAN to MetaCPAN.
        - Updated no_index meta information.
        - Added information on how to contribute examples.

v1.4.0  2012-11-24
        - Refactored uses of Params::Util, which didn't work with Devel::Cover
          in taint mode.

v1.3.1  2012-09-22
        - Moved repository to GitHub.

v1.3.0  2012-09-08
        - Re-licensed as GPLv3, to allow inclusion in Fedora.

v1.2.0  2012-07-27
        - Added ability to validate individual elements in arrayrefs

v1.1.2  2012-05-15
        - Excluded non-core PerlCritic policies for tests.

v1.1.1  2012-04-02
        - Fixed issue in Perl 5.10 with strings passed to assert_number() in
          specific contexts.

v1.1.0  2012-03-29
        - Added is_instance(), assert_instance() and filter_instance().

v1.0.2  2012-03-09
        - Fixed issue in Perl 5.8 with strings passed to assert_number() in
          specific contexts.

v1.0.1  2012-03-07
        - Refactored to use Data::Dump.
        - Fixed synopsis.

v1.0.0  2012-03-06
        - First public release.