Revision history for Email-ExactTarget

v1.6.1  2013-05-19
        * Moved release tests to xt/, added new release tests.
        * Modified Build.PL to add release tests to disttest.
        * Added Test::FailWarnings to all tests.
        * Moved request tracker from RT to GitHub.
        * Changed links from Search CPAN to MetaCPAN.
        * Added information on how to contribute examples.
        * Switched to markdown for the readme.
        * Added Travis-CI config for continuous integration.

v1.6.0  2013-03-10
        * Improved format of the configuration module used by the tests.
        * Removed previously required 'all_subscribers_list_id' from new(), not
          used anymore.
        * Deprecated Email::ExactTarget->get_all_subscribers_list_id().
        * Refactored tests.

v1.5.0  2012-10-01
        * Added SOAP reply status to the failure messages.
        * Added option to restrict the list IDs retrieved when calling
        * Cleaned up filters with only one subscriber or one list ID.

v1.4.1  2012-10-31
        * Added missing valid statuses for list subscriptions.
        * Cleaned up POD.

v1.4.0  2012-10-26
        * Reorganized and added documentation.
        * Added support for ExactTarget's Subscriber Properties.
        * Refactored Email::ExactTarget::Subscriber->get() to get_attribute().
        * Refactored Email::ExactTarget::Subscriber->set() to set_attributes().

v1.3.6  2012-10-03
        * Relicensed as GPLv3.
        * Fixed documentation.

v1.3.5  2012-09-22
        * Moved repository to GitHub.

v1.3.4  2012-09-14
        * Fixed _update_create() to return the success status of the batch,
          instead of dieing when one of the elements of the batch couldn't be
        * Fixed Email::ExactTarget::SubscriberOperation->retrieve() when called
          with only one email.

v1.3.3  2012-08-28
        * Fixed warnings when unaccenting strings.

v1.3.2  2012-08-13
        * Refactored to use Test::Exception and Data::Validate::Type.
        * Code and meta-information cleanup.

v1.3.1  2012-05-29
        * Set explicit POD encoding.
        * Excluded non-core PerlCritic policies for tests.

v1.3.0  2012-03-04
        * Added method to delete subscriber records permanently.
        * Added flag on the subscriber object to identify deleted objects.
        * Added meta information and upgraded build.
        * Cleaned up code and tests.

v1.2.1  2012-01-20
        * Cleanup to pass PerlCritic 'harsh'.

v1.2.0  2012-01-17
        * API cleanup, now using hashref instead of hashes for data.
        * Generalized tests to work with an independent config file.
        * Public release.

v1.1.0  2011-11-25
        * Added more documentation and tests.

v1.0.0  2010-04-09
        * First working version.