Revision history for Queue-DBI

v1.8.1  08/12/2012
        * (RT #78640) Added Queue::DBI::Element->is_over_lifetime().
        * (RT #78640) Changed 'lifetime' parameter in Queue::DBI->purge() to be
          more consistent with retrieve_batch() and 'max_requeue_count',
          thanks Sergey for noticing!
        * Fixed MySQL-specific reference when retrieving the inserted queue
          element ID.
        * Added Queue::DBI::Element->get_created_time().
        * Fixed lifetime() to return undef if 'lifetime' is not set.
        * Fixed max_requeue_count() to return undef when 'max_requeue_count' is
          not set.
        * Fixed incorrect table name used in a failure case of success().
        * Cleaned up build_requires and requires.

v1.8.0  08/05/2012
        * (RT #78640) Added a 'lifetime' feature and a purge() function, thanks
          Sergey for suggesting these improvements
        * Added purge() to clean queues.
        * Fixed how the last inserted ID is retrieved, for portability.
        * Added tests and code cleanup.
        * Refactored tests to use Test::Exception and subtests.

v1.7.3  04/01/2012
        * (RT #76194) Fixed typo in table name, thanks Sergey!

v1.7.2  01/18/2012
        * Cleanup to pass PerlCritic 'harsh'.
        * Fixed minor bug in error message.
        * Added acknowledgements.

v1.7.1  12/16/2011
        * Added missing prerequisite.

v1.7.0  12/16/2011
        * Changed version number convention to always use two dots. This allows
          correct conversion to integer for CPAN. Bumped to 1.7 to allow proper
          indexing of the changes made in 1.6.1.

v1.6.1  12/16/2011
        * Corrected meta information, added list of prerequisites, minor
          documentation corrections.

v1.6.0  12/16/2011
        * Added more documentation and tests.
        * Public release.

v1.5.0  08/19/2010
        * Prevented locking twice a queue element.

v1.4.0  08/05/2010
        * Fixed problem with the internal max_id cache preventing runaway
          dequeueing (dequeue-enqueue-dequeue would fail on the last dequeue to
          see the last enqueued element when using the same $queue object).

v1.3.0  08/03/2010
        * Added option to limit how many times a queue element can be requeued
          before it stops being pulled.

v1.2.0  06/28/2010
        * Modified requeue() - returns error without a die() to indicate a
          problem that is not the responsibility of this module.
        * Improved algorithm to detect possible parallelization conflicts.

v1.1.0  06/18/2010
        * Locking mechanism improvements, courtesy of Jamie McCarthy.

v1.0.0  11/21/2009
        * First version.