0.11  - Fixed Gettext backend to allow concatenated %1%2%3.
      - Documentation cleanups all around.

0.10  - Support for multiple lexicons, as well as incremental lexicons
        by calling import() repeatedly
      - Subclassable handlers for difference source types.

0.092 - Skip tests where msgunfmt are unavailable. (Wei-Hon Chen)
      - Bump Locale::Maketext::Lexicon::Gettext version number. (Macpaul Lin)

0.091 - One less warning.

0.09  - Fixed spurious warnings from blank lines in .po files. (Wei-Hon Chen)
      - Added AUTHORS to give credit where credit's due.
      - Added SIGNATURE to let Module::Signature users verify the integrity.

0.08  - Oops. Missing t/gencat.m in MANIFEST. (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.07  - Perl 5.005 now works with File::Temp module. (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
      - New backend "Msgcat" added. (plaintext-only, no binary support yet)
      - VERSION strings was missing in backend modules.
      - Variable no longer interpolate inside Gettext %func(text%1text).

0.06  - Gettext now handles MO File correctly via calling 'msgunfmt'.
      - New backend "Tie" added.
      - Introduces "xgettext.pl", the xgettext clone.

0.05  - Released due to PAUSE malfunction. Go figure.
0.04  - Not released due to PAUSE malfunction.

0.03  - Various comments, pod and readability changes.
      - Now changes for erroneous argument numbers in import().
      - Added Gettext parsing for functions like %quant(%1, piece).
      - %*() and %#() are also supported.
      - The \*DATA source now works as use() arguments.

0.02  - Fixed POD __DATA_ typo (Sean M. Burke)
      - Added Gettext metadata parsing (Jesse Vincent)

0.01  - Initial release