0.15: # 2014-08-30T10:00:00+000
- The new code to support chunked transfer encoding would return a
  nonexisting Hijk::Error::* value of "0" when it encountered a read
  timeout. This meant that not only was the error reporting broken,
  but anything checking if there were errors via the simple idiom of
  "if ($res->{error}) {...}" wouldn't properly report errors.

  We'll now correctly report these errors as

- Since there may still be other bugs like that in this new parsing
  mode it's disabled by default, if you know you want to parse chunked
  responses you have to pass parse_chunked => 1 for now. Usually you
  probably just want to disable chunked encoding on the other end, see
  the note about how to do that with nginx in the docs.

0.14: # 2014-08-29T15:40:36+0900
- Start support chunked transfer encoding.

0.13: # 2014-04-27T20:00:43+0200
- Switch to use non-blocknig fd to avoid a rare deadlock situation
  when select() is successful and the following read() blocks forever
  because there are really nothing to read.

0.12: # 2014-01-31T18:20:00+0100
- Instead of dying on e.g. "Bad arg length for
  Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4" when given a
  host we can't resolve we'll now return a $res with the error value
  set to Hijk::Error::CANNOT_RESOLVEif we can't gethostbyname() the
  provided hostname. Makes it easier to handle DNS resolution

0.11: # 2014-01-06T13:20:00+0100
- Fixed broken HTTP header parsing for servers that didn't return the
  entire header all at the same time, but in chunks.
- We now return "proto" as well as "status" etc. in the response, so
  you can see what the protocol the server was using to speak to
  us. Also we pro-actively connections to servers that claim they're
  speaking HTTP/1.0.
- Document that what the socket_cache is keyed on, for anyone wanting
  to implement a tied hash or whatever.
- Fix a minor bug causing redundant work under "socket_cache => undef"

0.10: # 2013-12-19T16:50:00+0100
- We can now talk HTTP/1.0 an addition to HTTP/1.1, have a way to
  disable the socket cache, and can specify connect and read timeouts
- Fix a really nasty bug with mixings up requests after encountering a
  timeout. See
  http://lists.unbit.it/pipermail/uwsgi/2013-December/006802.html for
- Remove spurious requirenment on perl v5.14.2
- First stab at https://github.com/gugod/Hijk/issues/3 we'll now
  return an error key in the response with
  Hijk::Error::{CONNECT_TIMEOUT,READ_TIMEOUT} instead of dying.
- Nuked the Hijk::HTTP::XS support from the repo, we've decided it was
  too complex for its own good.
- Add support for an on_connect callback for seeing how long the
  connect/reads take.

0.09: # 2013-12-13T07:38:25+0100
- Hijk::request will use XS parser only if Hijk::HTTP::XS is loaded

0.08: # 2013-12-12T20:10:00+0100
- We only checked for undefined return codes from POSIX::read(), not
  0, resulting in an infinite select/read loop when a server with
  keep-alive enabled cut off our connection.

0.07: # 2013-12-09T12:50:00+0100
- Skip the live connect timeout test by default, it will fail making
  live connections on various firewalled/locked down hosts.

0.06: # 2013-12-09T12:20:00+0100
- Declare missing test dependency on Test::Exception
- Declare test dependency on Net::Ping 2.41
- Various POD improvements describing more limitations in the API and
  providing examples.
- Don't unconditionally load the yet-to-be-released Hijk::HTTP::XS
  module, instead provide a "fetch" option.
- Shutdown and delete the cached connection in case of read error.
- Handle syswrite() returning undef without spewing an uninitialized
  comparison error
- Various work on the test suite.

0.05: # 2013-12-04T22:33:31+0100
- Properly invalidate connection cache when seeing 'Connection: close' in the response.

0.04: # 2013-12-04T00:06:16+0100
- Implement 'connect timeout' and 'read timeout'

0.02: # 2013-11-24T16:14:20+0100
- Passthrug extra HTTP header with the 'head' request arg.

0.01: # 2013-11-24T01:49:08+0100
- Initial Release, with all wanted features are implemented.