Changelog for Bubblegum

0.26 2014-04-08T05:37:03
 - Updated dist.ini.
 - Updated POD, README, and Makefile.
 - Added experimental indirect method/role.
 - Made all exception throwing verbose; All modules use 5.10.0 explicitly;
   Added clear and hashify methods to B::O::Array; Added clear method to
   B::O::Hash; Update B::O namespace POD with SEE ALSO sections.

0.25 2014-04-04T03:43:43
 - v0.25
 - Updated POD, README, and Makefile.
 - Made exceptions more verbose and refactored constraints slightly.

0.24 2014-03-31T12:39:16
 - v0.24
 - Fix Bubblegum::Constraints implied attribute builder feature.

0.23 2014-03-27T22:28:31
 - v0.23
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Removed Exception::Tiny dependency, updated POD for Bubblegum
   Constraints and Exception.

0.22 2014-03-27T21:52:07
 - v0.22
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Various refactoring of POD and functions.
 - Allow Bubblegum::Constraints -attr to deduce a builder.

0.21 2014-03-26T11:12:51
 - v0.21
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Miscellaneous cleanup and fixed missing dependency.

0.20 2014-03-21T17:49:18
 - v0.20
 - Trimmed dependencies and broke Bubblegum::Syntax out into a separate

0.19 2014-03-11T23:09:56
 - v0.19
 - Miscellaneous cosmetic changes.

0.18 2014-03-08T21:27:55
 - v0.18
 - Miscellaneous cosmetic changes.

0.17 2014-03-08T00:49:53
 - v0.17
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Requiring the RFC-compliant JSON::Tiny 0.45.
 - Fixed typos and updated POD in Bubblegum, Class, Exception, Role, and
 - Fixed typos and updated POD in Bubblegum::Syntax; the raise function
   defaults to $@.
 - Fixed string formatting method agrument error.

0.16 2014-03-02T16:44:07
 - v0.16
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Insignificant cosmetic changes.

0.15 2014-03-02T08:52:37
 - v0.15
 - Updated the README.
 - Fixed hypocracy bug in Bubblegum::Object::Universal.
 - Added POD for Bubblegum Class, Exception, Role and Singleton.
 - Added -typing export group to Bubblegum::Syntax.
 - Miscellaneous cleanup and fixed a bug in the universal autoload routine.

0.14 2014-03-01T04:53:00
 - v0.14
 - Many miscellaneous cosmetic changes.

0.13 2014-02-28T06:23:09
 - v0.13
 - Updated Makefile and README.
 - Added constraints and minimal tags to Bubblegum::Syntax.
 - Miscellaneous cleanup of Bubblegum::Wrapper POD.
 - Miscellaneous cleanup of Bubblegum::Syntax and Bubblegum POD.
 - Added data accessor to Bubblegum::Exception.

0.12 2014-02-22T06:53:06
 - Added POD for core wrappers.
 - Miscellaneous cleanup.
 - Fixed cpantesters reported errors.
 - Added object role tests.
 - Added syntax section to POD in bubblegum.
 - Updated synopsis in syntax.
 - Replaced function is with will in syntax.
 - Misc. updates to object roles.
 - Added function is to syntax.
 - Updated POD and added here function to syntax.

0.11 2014-02-17T07:41:57
 - Fixed test failures for numbers.t on x64 arc, updated documentation.
 - Removed Bubblegum::Constraint and added the contributors section of the
 - Fixed POD errors.

0.10 2014-02-15T15:10:48
 - Added syntax class providing type functions.
 - Relocated numeric coercion routines.

0.09 2014-02-13T07:20:07
 - Miscellaneous cleanup, updates and documentation changes.
 - Added tests for string and scalar operations.
 - Added tests for number operations.
 - Added tests for integer operations.
 - Added tests for code operations.
 - Updated .gitignore.

0.08 2014-02-03T00:56:01
 - Fixed homedir test in t/bubblegum/environment.t.
 - Added additional test coverage and fixes.
 - Updated dist.ini.
 - Updated gitignore.
 - Add INSTALL file to the repo.

0.07 2014-01-28T10:45:06
 - Initial commit.