Revision history for Padre-Plugin-Encrypt

0.07    2010.10.19
        Make sure it works on latest Padre (RT #61657, RENEEB++).  (AZAWAWI)
        Added i18n and some error handling to prevent crashes.  (AZAWAWI)
        Fixed some build issues.  (AZAWAWI)
        Handled various text encodings properly while decrypting.  (AZAWAWI)
        Encrypt/Decrypt in hexadecimal to prevent data loss.  (AZAWAWI)
        Added Arabic translation (AZAWAWI)
        Translation files are now copied to share folder using Module::Build's share_dir

0.06    2009.05.31
        removed taint mode for tests, leading to build failures (jquelin)

0.05    2009.2.1
        for Padre 0.26

0.04    2009.1.5
        for Padre 0.23

0.03    2008.11.24
        for 'Padre::Plugin' => '0.18'

0.02    2008.11.20
        from use to require

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.