Revision history for Perl extension Video::File::TVShow::Import.

0.01  Sun Nov 29 20:35:23 2015
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XAn Video::File::TVShow::Import

0.20 Sunday May 6th 2018
	- Added features:

0.25 Friday May 11th 2018
	- Documentation update. No Changes to the code base implemented
	  - Also need to remember to update this file when changes are actually
			made to the version releases :)

0.30 Tuesday May 29th 2018
	- Added clearShowHash function. This makes the hash empty so that a new
		directory can be loaded within the same program without having to create
		a new Object.
	- Created an Examples folder with some sample programs.
	- Implemented recursive processing in processNewShows(); This can be enabled
		by calling $obj->recursion(1)
	  The default behaviour is to not do recursion.
	- Renamed 08TestSuccessfulImport.t to 06TestSuccessfulImport.t
	- Added 07TestRecursiveImport.t

	- Added the Carp Module to the list of required modules. Its been in use for
		a while.
	- Removed exceptionList as a global variable. We now pass a named variable
		to new()
	- Migrated to snake_case in order to fit normal perl coding style.
 	- Changed Import to Organize
	- Changed import_* to move_* for methods.
	- Dropped Video:: from the module naming. It now more simply File::TVShow::*

0.32 Sunday April 7th 2019
	- Removed Video::Filename as a requirement.
	- Now using my own module File::TVShow::Info to get information from Filename