Revision history for CPAN-Testers-WWW-Reports-Mailer

0.35    2015-12-31
        - added missing pre-requisites.

0.34    2015-12-29
        - retrieve sponsors from iheart site.
        - add random sponsor to emails.

0.33    2014-09-24
        - fixed license fields in META.json to be lists.
        - added homepage to resources links.
        - added documentation about the CPAN Testers Fund.

0.32    2014-07-10
        - updated notification text (thanks to Karen Etheridge and Christian

0.31    2014-05-12
        - fixed distribution name in META.
        - added LICENSE file.
        - updated license links.
        - more thorough META tests.

0.30    2012-12-31
        - fixed MANIFEST list.
        - scaled down test data.

0.29    2012-12-16
        - spelling fixes. (thanks to Florian Schlichting & Gregor Herrmann).
        - CHANGES => Changes
        - change file dates changed to meet W3CDTF standards.
        - reworked Makefile.PL for clarity.
        - License updated to Artistic License v2.0.
        - added minimum perl version (5.006).
        - added missing prerequisites.
        - added META.json.
        - dropped SQLite support.
        - move DB testing to Test::Database.
        - added Test::Trap & help testing.
        - reworked test suite.

0.28    2011-10-13
        - now only uses one database connection.

0.27    2010-05-31
        - added support for guid => nntpid lookups.
        - added support for metabase reports.
        - bugfixes from live.

0.26    2010-01-14
        - update CPAN Testers reports link in email template.

0.25    2009-11-09
        - fixed 31lastid.t to start with a blank sheet.

0.24    2009-11-05
        - POD documentation updates.
        - moved tuples check to later in the process, as it is a big database
          drain, when other checks could exclude the current report quickly.
        - split debug flag into nomail and verbose flags.

0.23    2009-11-05
        - added auto reconnect if using a MySQL database.

0.22    2009-11-01
        - test fix due to MSWin32 delaying the file deletion process.
        - amended logging test config to use local 01mailrc.txt

0.21    2009-11-01
        - bug fix when searching for tuples.

0.20    2009-08-10
        - added many more tests
        - added more diagnostics in debug mode
        - added the ability to check a report (automatical sets debug mode)

0.19    2009-07-27
        - temporary fix on live server made permanent ( bug)
        - fixed bad db reference

0.18    2009-07-27
        - fix for ALL grades.
        - expanded test suite and samples considerably

0.17    2009-06-06
        - fixed email subject bug. Thanks to TONYC & RCAPUTO for spotting it.
        - changed the way _get_lastid() works.
        - added _set_lastid() to shortcut updating to the latest report
        - non-daily mode SQL rewritten to speed up processing.
        - added _get_earliest() to get a realistic start id, if a given mode
          hasn't been set with a last id.

0.16    2009-04-23
        - added more tests
        - added better reply-to handling
        - more debugging output

0.15    2009-04-04
        - added support for monthly and named day weekly reports.
        - added support for individual reports
        - added more tests

0.14    2009-01-29
        - added author check in case lookup failed.
        - fixed preferences bug for new authors.
        - added more documentation.
        - added more tests (43.9% coverage).
        - added mode setting to define processing. Currently only daily summary
          reports are available, but this will extend to weekly summary reports
          and individual reports in time.
        - options 'debug' and 'lastmail' now lower case in all configuration


          Due to the rework of the lastmail counter file, the old format will
          cause errors in the new system. In order to port to the new format,
          take the number currently stored and replace the zeroes in the
          following string with it: daily=0,weekly=0,reports=0. Then save the

0.13    2009-01-19
        - added more tests (now up to 43.4% coverage).
        - enabled lastmail to be a configurable setting.

0.12    2009-01-19
        - moved to OO style of API.
        - updated cpanreps-mailer (0.05) to use new OO API.
        - added logging functionality.
        - altered mail templates
        - updated and added further count metrics.
        - moved config example to examples/ and added example shell script.

0.11    2009-01-18
        - template website link fixes (thanks to JJ for spotting)
        - added missing 'use version'.

0.10    2008-12-17
        - added missing README.
        - fixed DBUtils method name calls.

0.09    2008-12-15
        - convert to use CPAN-Testers-Common-DBUtils
        - minor debug output change to make life easier to ensure test runs
        - added protection for missing configuration.
        - added debug command line switch to ensure debugging is ON!

0.08    2008-12-14
        - convert to use CPAN-Testers-Common-DBUtils.
        - database references now CPANSTATS and CPANPREFS.
        - fix to email templates now that preferences website is live.
        - first release to CPAN.

0.07    2008-11-19
        - fix to ensure default preference entries always exist.
        - fix broken SQL for incorrect table name :(
        - additional POD for

0.06    2008-11-17
        - fixed run time error where iterator call was bogus :(
        - fixed preferences parsing to correctly set the new fields for ignored
          and report.

0.05    2008-11-16
        - intergrated changes from the preferences site for ignoring
          distributions and selecting the report type.
        - fixed issues with get_author.
        - altered Iterator to return a reference rather than the array or hash.

0.04    2008-11-14
        - fixed GetDefaultPrefs to use the INNER JOIN.
        - allowed for exclusions in lists, as suggested by David Cantrell.
        - moved DEBUG configuration to configuration file
        - took out application configuration from MANIFEST and replaced it with
          an example one, so as not to clobbered any settings from the real one
          when installed.
        - fixed InsertDistPrefs SQL string.

0.03    2008-11-06
        - port bulk of script code into Mailer module.

0.02    2008-11-06
        - prefs_distributions table extended to include distribution version,
          platform, perl version and patches preferences.
        - code added to cpanstats-mailer (v0.02) to include new preferences.
        - redesigned tables so that login and activity are held in the author
          table, and all distribution preferences are held in the distribution
          table, where defaults are where distribution == '-'.
        - redesigned new author insertions
        - implemented a simple phrasebook lookup for SQL queries.

0.01    2008-09-08
        - initial release