Revision history for Perl module CPAN::WWW::Testers.

0.50	29/04/2012
	- - This distribution will be deleted shortly.
	- - It is no longer used to create the CPAN Testers website.
	- - Please see CPAN-Testers-WWW-Reports.

0.49	07/02/2009
	- The NYTProf release
	- moved to using YAML::Syck to speed up YAML output processing.
	- removed dclone calls as it wasn't necessary and implemented the 
	  additional fields into report structure directly, instead of 
	  repeating the process.
	- moved to using iterators where more appropriate.
	- rewrote _write_stats to implement a single loop around perl versions
	  instead of 3!
	- updated _log to include datestamp and append newline
	- moved more decision making into SQL
	- Blead Perl GitLive patches are causing formatting problems, so all
	  patched Perls with 'blead' are now rewritten as 'patch blead'.

0.48	02/02/2009
	- fixed javascript for osname/ostext (thanks to David Cantrell).

0.47	02/02/2009
	- added functionality to support symlinks and merging results of
	  distributions that are known by more than one name.
	- merged 2 new AJAX/CGI scripts into src/cgi-bin/reports-text.cgi 
	  (v0.03). Returns text by default, add 'output=ajax' to enable
	  OpenThought return string.
	- added warning if author not found for a distribution version.
	- fixed reports-summary.cgi (v0.03) bug where development versions
	  were being listed, even though "official only" had been selected.
	  (thanks to Dave Cantrell for spotting).
	- extend width of blank to 120px in cpanreps-imlib (v0.05).
	- added sponsor message to src/footer

0.46	22/01/2009
	- fixed error handling code in new AJAX/CGI scripts:
	    src/cgi-bin/reports-ajax.cgi (v0.02)
	    src/cgi-bin/reports-text.cgi (v0.02)

0.45	22/01/2009
	- added CGI scripts to retrieve information regarding a distribution
	    src/cgi-bin/reports-ajax.cgi (v0.01)
	    src/cgi-bin/reports-text.cgi (v0.01)
	- updated src/cgi-bin/reports-summary.cgi (v0.02) with better error

0.44	19/01/2009
	- added 'use warnings'.
	- fixed database size calculation (thanks to David Westbrook).

0.43	13/01/2009
	- amended _make_* functions to be methods.
	- consolidated the _make_rss_* functions into a single method.
	- added _log() method to write progress messages to a log file, which
	  can be user defined within the config file.
	- changed _init() to a new() constructor.
	- changed startup scripts to reflect changes in core code, updated
	  documentation and/or copyright update:
	    bin/cpanreps-imlib      (v0.04)
	    bin/cpanreps-update     (v0.03)
	    bin/cpanreps-verify     (v0.07)
	    bin/cpanreps-writepages (v0.04)
	- added _make_tt_file() method to reduce code, allowing for global 
	  params to be added in one place.
	- removed config() method as it is no longer relevant, config file
	  should now be passed directly to the new() constructor.
	- removed ttjs and consolidated the calls with make_tt_file().
	- merged layout and layout.js
	- added meta tags to HTML layout.
	- extracted EXCEPTIONS and OSNAMES in the configuration file.
	- removed _mklist_osnames() by intergrating it with _write_osnames() 
	  and moving the latter to the beginning of the process list. Thus the
	  osnames() attribute is now prepopulated.
	- allowed RSS limits to be user configured.
	- lots more tests.

0.42	09/01/2009
	- The David Westbrook release
	- further minor fixes
	- fixes to cpanreps-verify (0.06) for documentation and addition
	  checks for bad javascript.
	- new tests to considerably build up the test suite. 
	- Below are further relevant extracts from David's changelog:


	* MANIFEST -- added the files to the distro
	* Makefile.PL -- added some deps used in the tests
	* lib/CPAN/WWW/ -- misc minor tweaks & bugfixes
	  + _init() -- change ->{config} to use the accessor/mutator ->config
	  + typo fix: s/Must specific/Must specify/
	  + _init(),pod -- allow for config to be anything that	
	    Config::IniFiles supports.
	  + _init() -- %opts seemed to possibly be malformed; explicitly made
	    sure that there wouldn't ever be odd number of elements.
	  + _init() -- made the directory check/err msg clearer.
	  + _last_id() -- allow for setting id to 0
	  + _write_authors -- bug: bad hash key name  (only manifests if
	    $count <= 500000)
	  + _write_authors,_write_distributions -- 'bug': splice was throwing
	    warning if array was smaller than limit.
	  + _write_* -- bug: testersversion wasn't being passed to TT in a
	    bunch of places.
	  + _write_index -- changed 'foo/bar' to be constructed by 
	  + _make_rss_recent -- case tweak in title for consistency

	- upgraded XML::RSS version requirement due to tests requiring more
	  recent functionality.

0.41	07/01/2009
	- update to cpanreps-imlib (v0.03) for documentation.
	- javascript fixes thanks to Ricardo Signes, JJ and JSLint
	- first selected fixes by David Westbrook integrated.

0.40	01/01/2009
	- alteration to the way the OSNAMES are written out (thanks to Heiko)
	- update to cpanreps-imlib (v0.02) for new osnames.txt format.
	- fixes to stats pages to avoid boxes clashing.
	- fixes to stats code to correctly reference the OSNAMES.
	- fix to recent lists (thanks to David Westbrook)

0.39	21/12/2008
	- revamped data table creation thanks to Jon Allen's CSS and JS code.
	- revamped preferences to work with the new data table and the graph
	  list in the sidebar.
	- stats now use images for the table headings, to avoid scolling off
	  the right hand side of the page.
	- switch main code to uploads database for version sorting.
	- removal of all code relating to Parse::BACKPAN::Packages and
	  Parse::CPAN::Distributions, replacing with database lookups to the
	  new uploads database. This includes removing references to find-ls
	- added help page.
	- added Preferences Admin website to family list.
	- updated recent page to use new layout format.
	- stats on distribution pages now loaded as per preferences.
	- convert to use CPAN::Testers::Common::DBUtils.
	- fixes to cpanreps-verify (0.05) for new CT::Common::DBUtils.
	- fixes to cpanreps-update (0.02) - removal of -l option..
	- fixes to cpanreps-writepages (0.03) - removal of -l option.
	- url/download option no longer suppported.
	- added AJAX functionality under the ./src/cgi-bin directory.
	- added OpenThought to handle AJAX requests.
	- added cpanreps-imlib (v0.01), which creates stats headings.
	- revised prerequisites in Makefile.PL and META.yml.
	- fixed broken XHTML tags (thanks to Andreas J. König)

0.38	no official release
        - this version features "live" fixes that were added to the latest
	  development version (0.39).
	- preferences link text change (thanks to David Cantrell).
	- fixed params parsing in cssrules.js (thanks to David Cantrell).
	- fixes to cpanreps-verify (0.04) to check for 'Find A Tester' links,
	  and ensure the RSS links in dist stats pages are correct.
	- switched cpanreps-verify to use a INI file for configuration and now
	  uses the new 'uploads' database to get distribution and version
	- fixed dist page pass stats generation (thanks to Renée Bäcker)

0.37	17/11/2008
	- subtle fix to cpanreps-verify (0.03) to correctly match the XHTML
	  for dist pages.
	- fix for author pages to include the same distributions as per the
	  dist pages (i.e. 1 letter distros and the exceptions).
	- more distribution exceptions.
	- fixed javascript to correctly use the CSS names for blocks for the
	  development versions of a distribution.
	- fixes to the stats templates to reference the correct RSS feeds or
	  remove them and links for non-existant distributions.
	- added Find A Tester link to box-sites.html.

0.36    17/10/2008
	- fixed javascript bug in cssrules.js when recreating the dynamic
	  permanent link.
	- added missing prefs template to MANIFEST
	- altered wording on some stats templates
	- added js templates in preparation for JJ's javascript magic.
	- fixed stats-index template.
	- update to cpanreps-verify (0.02) to also check for missing authors.
	- bug fix in where 1 letter distributions were ignored.
	- added exceptions list to for distributions that fall
	  outside of the traditional distribution naming convention.

0.35    28/09/2008
	- amended text; "Patches" => "Patched Perl" for preferences. (RT#39447)
	- amended author and distribution pages to use latest PAUSE upload
	- added author YAML file containing all reports (RT#39455)
	- fixed some XHTML errors, changed page headers to reference XHTML
	- rewrote some of the javascript to conform to XHTML standards.
	- added javascript cookie functionality.
	- altered layout, to allow for better rendering of side panels.
	- added javascript URL parameters/permanent link functionality.
	- fixed versions used in page anchor tags.
	- fixed empty list and table tags.

0.34    15/09/2008
        - new maintainer: Barbie
        - changed to reference barbie not acme in email links
        - consumed many patches from Gabor Szabo
        - RT#15162 - fixed thanks to Gabor
        - Updated META.yml
        - added Test-CPAN-Meta to tests
        - reviewed other optional tests
        - abstracted footer template
        - added other websites to footer
        - reworked side panel for all pages, providing more presentation
        - added Archive::Extract to unwrap the database
        - generate() no longer automatically downloads the database archive,
          as the current site is built from a local copy.
        - rewrote examples/ to allow remote or local database
          locations to be used. Also updated documentation and version.
        - added bin/cpanreps-writepages, which is really a copy of
	- added 'nopass' RSS feed (patch by Dave E Wheeler RT#33946)
	- Author RSS feeds now list at most the last 100 reports
	- added links from author page to distribution pages (RT#22072)
	- added CSS and JS for optionally selecting viewing preferences
	- added a redirect page for directories without a main index
	- now builds author and distribution pages based on the actual version
	  of a distribution, not what BACKPAN currently lists. This was a
	  problem where multiple authors released different versions of a
	- added cpanreps-verify to verify pages contain the latest updates
	- added cpanreps-update to update named distribution and author pages
	- add functionality to to allow updates for named
	  distributions and authors
	- discovered some distributions have "gone missing" from both CPAN and
	  BACKPAN, so the archive of reports is all we have! Appropriate code
	  changes made to ensure pages still built correctly.
	- added Perl Community AdServer links
	- consistently provided help|h and version|V options to all scripts:
	    bin/cpanreps-update     (v0.01)
	    bin/cpanreps-verify	    (v0.01)
	    bin/cpanreps-writepages (v0.02)
	- added some shortcuts to rebuilding author pages, including adding a
	  GROUP BY so we don't try and query every report for the author.
	- better version sorting implemented, mostly for stats matrix

0.33 Mon May  7 14:07:49 BST 2007
        - slight internal cleanup: split out _copy_files method
        - new statistics thanks to patch from Gabor Szabo

0.32 Sun Mar  4 16:19:42 GMT 2007
        - add JSON::Syck as a prereq
        - use Yahoo-hosted YUI files
        - add images to MANIFEST
        - tidy up CSS

0.31 Sat Nov  4 18:27:19 GMT 2006
        - fix exception
        - new design

0.30 Sun Jul 30 09:05:04 BST 2006
        - switch to using for ordering (as there is no longer a
          canonical BACKPAN)
        - also output JSON feeds
        - fix broken link on front page

0.29 Tue Jan 31 10:03:37 GMT 2006
        - update the URL we download the database from

0.28 Thu Jun 16 14:44:35 BST 2005
        - fix POD test errors

0.27 Thu Jun  9 16:31:53 BST 2005
        - new page (and RSS) for recent reports
        - new pages (and RSS) for author reports
        - refactoring
        - little orange RSS and YAML buttons (and autodiscovery of the RSS feeds)

0.26 Tue May 31 22:28:50 BST 2005
        - use Path::Class
        - use proper accessors
        - only build the pages for distributions that have changed

0.25 Mon Apr 11 17:23:47 BST 2005
        - use the date of the distribution for sorting reports
          (now require Parse::BACKPAN::Packages)

0.24 Thu Feb 10 20:10:30 GMT 2005
        - oops, I broke all CPANPLUSes, make the YAML file
          backwards-compatible (sorry jos!)
        - reverse order of RSS feeds

0.23 Thu Feb  3 15:27:41 GMT 2005
        - include fragment IDs (thanks to Joseph Walton)
        - now includes perl / OS version
        - do more processing in Perl instead of TT
        - examples/ expanded to give more
          flexibility for execution
        - added tests
        - (thanks to Barbie)

0.22 Mon Sep  1 19:49:19 BST 2003
        - new report_url with link to original email report
        - RSS feeds thanks to patch by Iain Truskett
        - more colourful PASSes/FAILes

0.21 Fri Aug 15 16:27:38 BST 2003
        - include CSS file in distribution
        - include distributions which contain an underscore
        - thanks to Arthur Bergman, include mod_rewrite magic

0.20 Thu Aug 14 20:16:20 BST 2003
        - split CPAN::WWW::Testers into CPAN::WWW::Testers::Generator
          and this module, which now just present over the web
        - make sure to HTML escape everything
        - design update, now with CSS
        - added a TODO
        - sort using version, not Sort::Version
        - output YAML files
        - little history section
        - link to
        - link to the database download