# Changes log for Test::CPAN::Meta

0.08	17/03/2008
	- fixed licensing list (adding Artistic2). (Bernhard Schmalhofer)
	- value for license is mandatory, but the actual value could be any
          string. Therefore the license() function now returns 1 if the given
	  value is a known license type, returns 2 if a value is given, or 0
	  if no value is given.
	- hashref returned of the parsed META.yml file, by both meta_spec_ok()
	  and meta_yaml_ok(), in the event the user wishes to perform addition
	  checks on the values of the hash keys. (Adam Kennedy)
	- added t/05metaspec.t test file.

0.07	10/01/2008
	- removed dependencies on Test::YAML::Valid, YAML and YAML-Syck, in
	  their place we now use the new Parse::CPAN::Meta module, which has
	  been proposed for including in the Perl Core.
	- name change from 'Test::YAML::Meta' to 'Test::CPAN::Meta', to follow
	  the better naming convention as per Parse::CPAN::Meta.
	- added AUTOMATED_TESTING checks to packaging tests.

0.06	05/11/2007
	- fixed RT#29457: distribution_type is not mandatory in spec 1.2 (domm)

0.05	02/11/2007
	- a curious error report fails validating META.yml the first time, but
	  is okay the second time. As such I'm removing the 93metavalid.t as 
	  the test is redundant now.

0.04	15/05/2007
	- provided better error reporting (spec chain and validating version)
	- added a new test file, supplied by Jochen Stenzel, which highlights
	  an error in the way the author line was created.
	- bumped the Test::More version required, due to a bugfix in 
	- provided a cleaner way to report undef values as errors
	- added lots more tests for edge cases
	- finally sorted the Test::Builder::Tester tests in 04metatester.t
	- Devel::Cover = 95.6%

0.03    27/02/2007
	- POD & comment updates
	- removed 92distribution.t test as it can't detect that YAML::Syck is 
	- fixed a misunderstanding of mine from the META.yml specification.

0.02    27/02/2007
	Fixed a bug in detecting module name

0.01    27/02/2007
        - Initial release.
	- Devel::Cover = 91.7%