Revision history for VCS::Lite::Repository

0.10    2014-04-08
        - change file dates changed to meet W3CDTF standards.
        - new maintainer, Barbie, due to the untimely death of Ivor Williams.
        - License updated to Artistic License v2.0.
        - reworked Makefile.PL for clarity.
	    - added minimum perl version (5.006).
        - added LICENSE & META.json files.
        - updated META files.
        - updated test suite.

0.09    2004-12-12T11:01:25
        - Fix failing tests. Don't autovivity $parent-{transactions} in 
          check_out. Remove dependency on Cwd 2.19

0.08    2004-12-05T21:35:47
        - Major rewrite of shell component - added Term::ReadLine support
        - VCS::Lite::Shell non-OO API
        - Change to traverse API
        - Storable is default store type: distributed example now Storablr
          not YAML

0.07    2004-11-06T12:36:41
        - Added VCS::Lite::Store - support for multiple backend stores. 
        - Fixed VMS platform problems.

0.06    2004-06-13T15:37:25
        - Fix handling of '.' and '..'
        - Fix bug to do with cloning a freestanding repository
          added test 10_freestanding.t
        - Made methods call Params::Validate
    	- Tests now use strict

0.05    2004-04-12T20:36:12
        - Added + hooked in VCS::Lite::Element::Binary
          support for binary files

0.04    2004-03-20T18:42:04
        - Fixed remaining VMS problems
          Now passes all tests on VMS.
        - Souped up VCShell, added documentation, help, tests
          sadly shell test doesn't work on platforms that can't fork

0.03    2004-01-25T22:21:13
        - Fixed Win32 problem: "author not specified" for tests
        - Refactor common methods into VCS::Lite::Common
        - Add VCShell to executables list
        - Implement versioning of repositories
        - Fix VMS problems

0.02    2004-01-01T15:11:47
        - Fixed install problem with paths
        - Added to the manifest

0.01    2003-12-22T07:38:51
    	- original version; 
	      Modules VCS::Lite::Repository and VCS::Lite::Element