Revision history for Perl extension File::NFSLock.

1.13  May 30 12:00 2002
        - Add spec file for RPM packaging.
        - Show example in perldoc using numerical constants.
        - Make perldoc example strict clean.
        - Add INSTALL section to perldoc.
        - Fixed bug that forced a lock aquired by another
          process to be released when an exclusive lock
          attempt fails.
          Patch by (Andy Hird)

1.12  Nov 05 12:00 2001
        - Change code to utilize numerical constants
          instead of the magic strings.
        - Change several sub routines into methods
          of the object to reduce arguments passed.
        - Avoid double unlocking (DESTROY).
        - Added some nice tests.
        - Pulled out stale_lock code to check once
          at initial lock attempt instead of repeated
          checks during the blocking lock loop.
          This may change functionality slightly in
          that a lock will never "become" stale if
          it wasn't already stale when the lock
          attempt initiated.
        - Shared lock feature now functional.

1.11  Oct 30 12:00 2001
        - (Not released)
        - Initial attempt to add shared lock feature.

1.10  Jul 31 10:10 2001
        - Allow for numerical constants from Fcntl.
        - Return Error status in $errstr.
        - Allow for custom lock extensions via $LOCK_EXTENSION.
        - Allow for passing parameters as a hashref
        - Allow for stale_lock_timeout parameter

1.00  May 24 10:50 2001
        - Initial release of File::NFSLock.
        - Release under 1.00 tag as this is already in use.
        - Blocking and Nonblocking locking is possible.
        - uncache routine is available.