Revision history for cpan2rpm

2.028_02 23/08/2012 18:00:00
- Add --install-opt feature.
- Make --force carry that option through to the rpm installation command.
- Handle Build.PL requires minimum "perl" version correctly.
- Compatibilty fixes for perl 5.10.1.

2.028 17/06/2005 22:09:44
- added docs about using proxies
- Nahant now supported
- final slashes in main directory listing of a tarball may or may not be there.
  thanks to Stephen More for the patch.
- added patch to enable LWP support the various proxy environment variables.  Thanks
  to Christophe Beauregard (>from Canada for providing
  this one-liner
- More general fetch method validator.
- Allow cached URLs detected from CPAN to still auto-sniff out the author information
  from the URL.  Ex: cpan2rpm Class::AccessorOB
- this fixes ticket #11606 regarding a broken --description.  Thanks to
  Bill Williams for reporting this.

2.027 02/07/05 09:17:44
- added error handling to untar()s system call.  Thanks to Paolo
  Campanella <> for submitting the patch
- fixed problems in untar() with Windows zip file listings
- applied patch from Tanner Lovelace <> to fix
  problems with Mandrake builds having to do with document compression
- another patch we owe to Garrick, this one strips out a = from --doc
  when present
- fixes to prologue and epilogue whereby ||s were forcing scalar context
- fixed typo
- thanks to Garrick Staples <> for providing the patch
- this patch cleans up the POD text scribbled on spec files.  Thanks
  to Garrick Staples <> for providing the patch.
- two small changes.  The first simply puts single quotes around
  arguments with spaces in the comment at the top of the generated spec file.
  The second prevents the addition of the buildarch: tag if --spec-only
  was used, and --buildarch wasn't specified; this generates a more
  portable spec file.
  Thanks to Garrick Staples <> for providing the patch.
- fixed archive listing for Windows zip files.  Thanks to Daniel
  J. McDonald <> for the code.
- patched untar() to properly deal with tarballs that don't contain
  directory entries (e.g. Image::Base)
- renamed internal keys for cpanplus/cpan
- added support notation for RHELv3 (thanks to Matt Allen
  <> for his note on compatibility)
- fixes for various tarball listing issues
- changed fetch default to C<web> and permissible values of --fetch parameter
- no longer attempts CPAN+, CPAN but uses passed value
- fixed handling of aggregate values passed to --no-requires which was
  broken.  Thanks to Joshua Daniel Franklin []
  for pointing this out.

2.026 03/14/04 15:17:23
- yikes! I broke the upgrade() function in having changed the
  interface for inst_rpm() - this patch fixes that.  Thanks to
  Rainer Lay for pointing this out

2.025 03/13/04 14:14:37
- implemented CPAN+ support
- renamed --cpan to --fetch to specify fetch methods
- now supports building directories other than the current
- tarballs created with older versions of tar do not include the embedded
  subdirectory as a single line.  applied patch to fix this problem.
  Thanks to Nigel Metheringham <>
  for pointing this out
- packages that include perl scripts may contain any number of paths
  for the perl executable in the first line (#!).  This causes the
  requirements generator to product reqs for the various paths of
  perl, which is a problem.  this fix patches all perl scripts
  so they generate a single req for the correct perl path.  for
  an example see the Tk package which lists both /usr/bin/perl and
  /usr/local/bin/perl - thanks to Adam Shand []
  for pointing this out.
- distributions containing multiple modules each of which has a makefile
  generated leave the metadata hash populated with the last module
  processed instead of the first (which is usually the parent package).
  This behaviour causes a problem whereby a module like Tk ends up
  renamed as Tk::Text - thanks to Adam Shand [] for
  pointing this out

2.024 02/25/04 20:08:34
- added support for processing multiple modules at the command line
- now can use a file to store a list of modules to process (see --modules)

2.023 02/25/04 16:28:35
- applied sourceforge patch #903878 which fixes --make-no-test for Module::Build
  Thanks again Stephen Clouse!
- implemented feature request reported as sourceforge bug #851256 which
  correctly calculates the proper value for the architecture of a package.
  Thanks to Erik Wasser for this recommendation.
- finally fixed sourceforge bug #709640!
  Thanks to ratness for pointing this out.
- applied sourceforge patch reported as bug #871766 having to do with
  whitespace returned in calls to RPM for directory structure
- applied sourceforge patch #890063 - thanks to Stephen for a better approach
- applied sourceforge patch #890038.  Our thanks to Stephen Clouse.
- applied sourceforge patch #890041 - thanks to Stephen Clouse for finding
  this problem!
- moved functionality to check directories to chkdirs()
- added debug() + a few calls

2.022 12/22/03 21:56:23
- added support for modifying %defattr tag in spec file. Thanks to
  Richard Zidlicky <> for suggesting this. (ekkis)
- better, more informative handling of crashes during PL compilation (bbb)
- fixed sourceforge bug #824068 (ekkis)
- release tag now allows alphanumerics. thanks to Dano Carroll for
  pointing this out in sourceforge bug #739492 (ekkis)
- fixed sourceforge bug #739525 - Thanks to Dano Carroll for this one (ekkis)
- fix for spec Patch lines - Thanks to Matthew Brian Hall
  [] for providing the patch (ekkis)
- fixed problem with GPG signatures.  Thanks to Paul Gear for pointing
  out the problem as sourceforge bug #801593 (ekkis)
- added support for configuration file - patch submitted by
  Toni Willberg as sourceforge bug #708132 (ekkis)

2.021 11/17/2003 01:40:54
- added support for Module::Build as an installer (required by some
  modules e.g. Config::Natural) - thx Richard Bos []
  for pointing it out.
- fixed broken dependencie due to module scripts referring to hard-coded
  perl paths (Text::Reform called /usr/local/bin/perl).  now runs fixin()
  through all sources instead of just through the %doc files.
- modifications to make setuid-safe
- changes to output format (for web support)
- failures to retrieve a tarball now abort the script
- package descriptions are now culled from DESCRIPTION header in the POD
  and only as a backup is SYNOPSIS used
- default/suggested value for --mk-rpm-dirs is now ~/rpm
- added SuSE 9.0 to supported list
- In SLES8 (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) the intel version has no
  /etc/SuSE-release but uses /etc/UnitedLinux-release.  thx for the tip to
  Tzafrir Cohen <>
- as per e-mail from Paolo Campanella <>, RPM >= 4.2
  now looks for the custom requires filter in __perl_requires instead of
  the old __find_requires
- getting --no-requires to work with new rpm-4.2-0.69 (RedHat9).  Spot
  and fix by (Jon Warbrick).
- File::Temp errors are now only displayed when --debug
- updated TODO list

2.020  2003/09/25 18:00:00
- compatibility fixes for non-root (sudo) --install on RedHat 9 spotted
  by Allen Bettilyon [].
- compatibility fixes for ExtUtils::MakeMaker >= 6.15.
- added the --no-depchk switch to suppress the upfront check for dependent
  perl modules.
- fix bug #2835 reported by
- fix some license issues.
- reformatted spec output for cleaner look.
- added arguments used to generate spec file to the spec header.
- added support for the standard ftp client as a last resort.
- added code to specfile to make packages relocatable. Patch by Willis
  Brandon [].
- added display of specfile path written to in --spec-only case.
- added notes to README about configuring wget for passive ftp use.

2.019  2003/06/02 16:19:42
- fixed broken logic with the perl.req.patch.
  Thanks to Ian Burrell <> for pointing out the problem.
- added code to properly evaluate paths found in .rpmmacros which may include
  tags found only in the spec file e.g. %_sourcedir %{_topdir}/%{name}-%{version}.
  Thanks to Ian Burrell for fingering this.
- fixed broken --name which got overwritten by calculated value.  Thanks Ian!
- Make sure the fake Makefile.PL is within the same directory as the old one.
  File::Temp's tempfile() routine does not work (Crypt::SSLeay). [bbb]
- various cosmetic/warn clean/doc changes

2.018  2003/05/01 23:00:00
- RPM cpan2rpm.spec compatibility workaround for borked ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.03

2.017  2003/05/01 01:00:00
- More warn cleaning.
- Added --define option.
- Backward compatibility fixes for perl 5.00503
- RPM 3.x compatibility fixes (RedHat 6.x and SuSE).

2.016  2003/04/29 01:00:00
- bumped up due to corrupted tarball uploaded to CPAN/sf

2.015  2003/04/28 23:36:00
- Allow --force to refresh the searchcpan cache symlink.
- Show more useful URL that is found from cpan.
- Run the real WriteMakefile as well as grab the args. (Authen::PAM)
- Leave the stdio alone if --debug is on. (Net::FTPServer)
- A few updates to README.redhat6 steps.

2.014  2003/02/25 18:38:14
- added package signature support with --sign-setup and --no-sign
- eliminated tempfile checks when only setting stuff up: rpm-dirs or signatures
- POD fixes for numbered listings

2.013  2003/02/20 20:54:21
- Allow --upgrade to work without specifying a module.
- fixed bug with --no-requires about a hash dereference on a string under strict
- somewhere between CPAN version 1.52 and 1.65 the interface to CPAN::Shell->expand() changed, moving all relevant data to the RO key.  to support older versions cpan2rpm now unfolds this hash
- searchcpan() now states when module not found
- added code to check PREREQ_PM for dependencies.  program now quits listing missing dependencies when appropriate
- warnings for fetching files from the net reworked.  no longer warns when installing libwww-perl and doesn't double warn (when chkupgrade() runs)
- added notification when checking for upgrades
- fixed bug with external program handling for http_get() + cleaned up language
- program now dies (as it should) when building a package fails
- when copying files we now now make sure file exists
- when working on a directory, the tarball name is now generated correctly e.g. String-Canonical-1.2.tar.gz NOT Canonical-1.2.tar.gz
- Some cpan distributions contain the actual "." within it (e.g. and so this is now handled properly

2.012  2003/02/12 04:05:50
- Add README.redhat6 for special instructions and issues
pertaining to rh 6.x.
- Fixed stdio hiding for meta info extraction to avoid spurious
results under certain conditions (eg. Socket6).
- Add a cache to reduce hits to if possible (bug #2066)
- added --no-upgrade-chk to skip version checking
- chkupgrade() now times out in 5 seconds
- redesigned chkupgrade() to perform upgrade decision at server end
- version chks now also pass module name being built
- fixed bug with %filelist generation wherein modules containing
.pm files with the same name as a directory would drop the file e.g.
- redesigned cpan2rpm.spec.PL, cleaning bug #2058

2.011  2003/02/11 10:15:05
- fixed support for filenames in MANIFEST containing characters
meaningful to the regular expression engine e.g. c++
- now ignores comments in the MANIFEST
- Bug #2013: Rob replaced the eval() in get_meta() with a do() which
fixes problems with Makefile.PLs that do eval()s and generally cleans
up the code nicely
- renamed option --pkgname to --name and --nopkgprfx --no-prfx
- added options: --epoch, --buildrequires, --source
- several options now handle multiple instances
- made --requires, --provides and other "list" type options aggregatable
such that users may pass these multiple times
- added --prologue and --epilogue for support of inserting arbitrary code
to sections of the spec file
- the --doc option now supports a replacement mode, in addition to the
normal additive mode
- all doc files now have their shebang fixed
- removed warning regarding MakeMaker versions
- added auto-upgrade funtionality (see --upgrade)
- enhancements to code that extracts author information from POD
- enhancements to --mk-rpm-dirs
- fixed bugs # 2071, 2061, 2054, 2045, 2044, 2013, 2010
- POD rearranged
- docs now encourage use of CPAN bug tracker

2.010  2003/01/25 04:23:00
- Slight backward compatibility changes for perl 5.00503
- improved -V
- warn cleaning
- add --tempdir option in case File::Temp not yet installed.
- added -D option to run debugger.
- silenced eval() to avoid confusing user
- patches for better SuSE support (thanks to Manfred Winter [])
- Support for directory source tree instead of tarball.
- directory listings are now done from MANIFEST files
- user now has option to continue or abort when MakeMaker upgrade necessary
- now honours VERSION_FROM in the Makefile.PL
- reimplemented %doc section generation (now includes subdirs as documentation)
- fixed %doc detection to avoid duplicate includes.
- better generalisation of spec file
- simplified cpan2rpm's own make process
- improved spec files to late-bind decisions based on MakeMaker version
- warning and error message enhancements
- various POD changes and enhancements
- various code clean-ups (non-functional)

2.009  2003/01/02 13:00:00
- Backed out the Axel.Thimm code because of perl 5.6.0 problems.
- Changed to use both PREFIX and DESTDIR.
- Works with ExtUtils::MakeMaker < 5.91 and > 6.05
  (Requires an upgrade for those versions in between.)
- Add instructions on how to upgrade MakeMaker to README.
- Our gratitude to Michal Jaegermann for pointing out and helping improve
and fix the following issues:
    - Changed the cpan2rpm rpm itself to be "noarch".
    - Convert all system() calls from "single scalar" mode.
    - Remove "Distribution:" from spec unless specified.
    - Adjusted %files section to prevent the package from owning the
      upper directories to reduce paranoia.
    - Use File::Temp::tempdir instead of hard coded "/tmp/cpan2rpm" for
      easier clean up and for security reasons.
    - Replaced all getrpm_* functions with a shell call to rpm.
      Now works with multi-line macros.
    - The --spec-only sends contents to --spec setting instead of STDOUT.
      This fixes a problem with modules that write to stdout for configuration
      purposes which previously included that output in the spec file.
- Our gratitude also to Anthony LaMark for suggesting the following issues
whilst attempting to build Apache::SOAP:
    - added support for PKZip archives and .bz2s
    - now cleans up ctrl-Ms from Windoze-based distributions
- More general --buildarch default setting.
- Added --mk-rpm-dirs option to set up non-root user environments for
package building.  This replaces the previous hack which used the ~/redhat
- Added --doc parameter to allow for additions to the %doc line in the
%files section
- reorganised POD to break options into logical groups
- now creates a more generic spec file

2.008  2002/12/18 23:00:00
- Now requires ExtUtils::MakeMaker >= 5.45.
- Removed all makemaker version dependant workaround hacks.
  Code by (Axel Thimm)

2.007  2002/12/17 20:35:48
- fixed problem with building packages that define neither DISTNAME nor
NAME in the call to MakeMaker(), resulting in an unwriteable filename
which included a given url.  Thanks to Rainer Lay for pointing this out.
the script broke building the C<Class-MethodMaker> package.
- changed all references to $RPM_BUILD_ROOT to the more flexible %{buildroot}
- style change in opening files from open(F, $f) to open(_)

2.006  2002/12/16 19:00:00
- Fix -make-maker option bug.
- Avoid full range of the MakeMaker bug.
  5.91_01 <= ExtUtils::MakeMaker <= 6.05
- Add MakeMaker check to spec for RH 8.0.

2.005  2002/12/12 17:00:00
- Added -V option to return cpan2rpm version.
- Added --shadow-pure option to hide previous
  installations of pure perl modules while
  installing new versions of the same module.

2.004  2002/12/10 12:00:00
- Moved changelog from cpan2rpm into Changes file.
- Unbreak the PREFIX= bug from Revision 1.81.
- Now works with both perl 5.6.1 and 5.8.0.
- Specifically buttwag around MakeMaker 6.03 bugs.

2.003  2002/11/26 18:19:13
- Safer to pipe stderr to /dev/null than to hope
  that the rmdir on the local platform supports
  the --ignore-fail-on-non-empty flag.

2.002  2002/11/25 21:18:48  ekkis
- minor modification to pick up the DISTNAME, from the call to
WriteMakefile() in Makefile.PL, whenever available.  thanks to
Nick Eggleston, who first noticed this with the MailTools package,
for pointing it out.
- added language to man page about support

2.001  2002/11/23 01:54:30
Bump VERSION to 2.001 to be CPAN compliant.
No function changes.

2.0  2002/11/23 01:48:09
Final Release 2.0

Revision 1.82  2002/11/20 01:11:15  bbb
Need binmode file handles to avoid corrupting tarball contents.
Tested and it finally works with perl 5.8.0 (RedHat 8.0) distro.

Revision 1.81  2002/11/19 23:39:32  bbb
Move PREFIX=... from "make install" part to "perl Makefile.PL" part
in order to comply with perl 5.8.0 MakeMaker (RedHat 8.0).

Revision 1.80  2002/11/18 15:39:12  bbb
Add --ignore-fail-on-non-empty to avoid this spewage:

+ find /var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr -type d -depth -exec rmdir '{}' ';'
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/Net/DNS/RR': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/Net/DNS': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/Net': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib/perl5': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/lib': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/share/man/man3': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/share/man': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr/share': Directory not empty
rmdir: `/var/tmp/perl-Net-DNS-0.31-rob/usr': Directory not empty

Fix --make-no-test doc typo.

Revision 1.79  2002/11/16 03:29:44  ekkis
- added --make-no-test
- small patch to README

Revision 1.78  2002/11/15 18:31:47  ekkis
- included rpm-build patch submitted by Hook-BOT
- added --req-scan-all

Revision 1.77  2002/11/14 02:54:57  ekkis
minor fix for new find (needed \\; for -exec)

Revision 1.76  2002/11/14 02:26:22  ekkis
thanks to Axel Thimm ( for the following suggestions:
- added --no-clean
- generalised calls to make, perl and other external programs with %{__make} macros, etc.
- replaced find call to require fewer external program dependencies

Revision 1.75  2002/11/08 20:24:06  bbb
Should "make test" too.
Maybe there should be an option to skip the "make test"?

Revision 1.74  2002/11/08 19:48:45  bbb
If libwww-perl is not installed,
show helpful warning,
then try some external programs:
wget, lynx, links, ncftpget
in that order.
And fix compile error from last commit.  :-)

Revision 1.73  2002/11/08 18:12:45  bbb
sudo success notification also.

Revision 1.72  2002/11/08 17:52:45  bbb
Explain how to configure sudo if needed.

Revision 1.71  2002/11/07 23:21:25  ekkis
wiped TODO since Rob knocked it out

Revision 1.70  2002/11/07 02:58:13  bbb
Better sudo error.

Revision 1.69  2002/11/07 02:40:31  bbb
Add sudo precheck.

Revision 1.68  2002/11/07 02:14:51  bbb
Use ~/redhat structure for non-root users.

Revision 1.67  2002/11/07 01:59:13  bbb
Removed --searchcpan flag.  (Forced on.)

Revision 1.66  2002/11/07 01:02:06  bbb
sudo to install if non-root

Revision 1.65  2002/11/07 00:34:54  bbb
Removed no-localcopy functionality to avoid making local copies of output files.

Revision 1.64  2002/11/07 00:24:58  bbb
More general instead of hard coding "i386" for buildarch.

Revision 1.63  2002/11/06 23:58:43  bbb
Works on RedHat 8.0 now too.

Revision 1.62  2002/11/06 18:39:41  bbb
Allow --install to upgrade from an old CPAN module.

Revision 1.61  2002/11/06 18:32:07  bbb
bad debug typo

Revision 1.60  2002/11/06 17:55:33  bbb
Documental changes.

Revision 1.59  2002/11/06 17:46:21  bbb
Now cpan2rpm rpm itself may be created purely
from the tarball to avoid CHICKEN-AND-EGG dilemma.

  rpm -ta cpan2rpm-*.tar.gz

Added a --searchcpan option to walk
for the latest tarball of the passed module.  Does
not require the CPAN module for this functionality.

Revision 1.58  2002/11/06 00:57:50  bbb
Use generic cpan author from url if no other author could be extracted.

Revision 1.57  2002/11/06 00:08:29  bbb
Allow --nopkgprfx to be compatible with --install option.

Revision 1.56  2002/11/05 23:52:13  bbb
Avoid broken ( " " ) VERSION.
Fix mkdir logic.
Work for multiple users on the same machine.
Fix --spec-only to really only output the spec contents.

Revision 1.55  2002/11/05 20:55:11  bbb
Oop, handle tabs correctly.

Revision 1.54  2002/11/05 20:32:53  bbb
Try LWP in case HTTP::Lite is not installed.
anal whitespace (nasty tabs)

Revision 1.53  2002/09/19 03:53:05  ekkis
patched to fix problem with tarballs that contain a leading ./ instead of just a directory name.  thx to Jim Radford <> for pointing this out.

Revision 1.52  2002/09/19 03:37:21  ekkis
- added no-localcopy functionality to make local copies of output files
- made %setup section more generic
- patched use of HTTP::Lite
- rearranged POD to have Author on a single line and added acknowledgements and license info

Revision 1.51  2002/09/13 21:48:34  bbb
Only use one line of the AUTHOR perldoc section to avoid breaking rpm spec syntax.

Revision 1.50  2002/06/28 01:22:41  ekkis
- our thanks to Jim Radford <> for all the suggestions and patches resulting in this batch of changes
- added --patch, --make and --make-install for greater flexibility
- fixed regexp generating %doc list.  code now picks up documentation in subdirectories
- modified use of HTTP::Lite to make optional.  cpan2rpm now works without it (minus capability to fetch urls)
- README file now shows how to boot-strap HTTP::Lite

Revision 1.49  2002/06/03 14:17:11  bbb
Add username to buildroot to avoid multi-user machine conflicts.

Revision 1.48  2002/06/01 01:07:38  ekkis
minor POD change

Revision 1.47  2002/06/01 01:04:24  ekkis
- now uses the POD's Synopsis section for the RPM Description tag.  This is the way it should be since POD Descriptions typically contain large amounts of text.
- Rewrote Synopsis and Description sections of the POD

Revision 1.46  2002/05/31 23:59:33  ekkis
- changed shebang line to make MakeMaker happy (thx Hook BOT)

Revision 1.45  2002/05/31 23:35:40  ekkis
- redesigned the %files section (at the suggestion of Eric Kolve []) to fix problems with modules that contain XS e.g. DBI
- added a smart %doc section which picks up documentation from the tarball (with help from Hook-BOT (Bob Brown <>) for file regexp)
- now uses %{_prefix} to list files which is better than /usr since it allows redefinition e.g. _prefix=/usr/local (Hook-BOT)
- trimmed descriptions and reformatted ad banner
- improved %clean section with code that wipes the extracted source tree structure after building (which can bloat disk badly when doing a lot of rpms) - thx Hook-BOT!
- fixed --spec-only (thx Eric Kolve)

Revision 1.44  2002/05/29 16:32:10  bbb

Revision 1.43  2002/05/28 23:32:29  ekkis
changed e-mail addresses

Revision 1.42  2002/05/28 23:13:28  bbb
Same as second round "1.3" but in the right place now.

Revision 1.5  2002/05/23 02:55:37  ekkis
adding "use strict" forces Makefile.PL to be eval()uated that way so had to add "no strict" to eval string.  Also added warning in case eval fails.

Revision 1.4  2002/05/23 02:43:43  ekkis
added use strict

Revision 1.3  2002/05/23 02:14:04  ekkis
oops, small patch

Revision 1.2  2002/05/23 02:13:07  ekkis
added --nopkgprfx in case we want to build RPMs without a prepended "perl-" (as in the case of cpan2rpm<g>)

Revision 1.1  2002/05/22 23:47:59  ekkis
Moved from dist to .

Revision 1.40  2002/05/22 23:03:35  ekkis
since we're no longer including the package version number in the spec filename when building multiple versions of the same package we're force to --force.  this makes no sense to the script will now _always_ build the spec file

Revision 1.39  2002/05/19 01:04:44  ekkis
still haveing problem with DBI - couldn't figure out how to eval() Makefile.PL so assuming pkgname from module (or passed)

Revision 1.38  2002/05/18 22:55:00  ekkis
- patched to allow calls like "use ExtUtils::MakeMaker qw(WriteMakefile)"... note this currently only works with () and will fail with qw//.  Due to DBI calls.
- also changed MyExit() to die() instead since we really do need for the script to exit but without exiting us!
- patched to allow for calls like  ExtUtils::MakeMaker::WriteMakefile() as found in DBD::mysql

Revision 1.37  2002/05/07 04:21:49  ekkis
added --make-maker parameter

Revision 1.36  2002/04/23 00:29:24  ekkis
- implemented protection of my variables from Makefile.PL being eval()d by surrounding that code with a package.  Considered the Safe module but decided against another dependency.

Revision 1.35  2002/04/22 23:19:13  ekkis
--provides and --requires weren't working

Revision 1.34  2002/04/18 08:32:53  ekkis
- put back code to generate name/e-mail addr of packager (uses hostname())
- added END {} code to make sure we clean up.  $SIG{__DIE__} works only for die() calls
- now picks up AUTHOR from tarball POD when possible
- modified version parsing code to allow versions with alpha
- redesigned tarls().  now context sensitive, much better way to determine embedded directory
- writefile() now checks for existence

Revision 1.33  2002/04/17 08:52:43  ekkis
- some bug fixes
- {force} implementation for get_url()

Revision 1.32  2002/04/17 08:40:50  ekkis
- added --no-requires, --find-provides, --find-requires and --install options
- now can receive a URL to download from
- reimplemented MyExit for eval()ing Makefile.PL
- enhancements to writefile()

Revision 1.31  2002/04/16 04:06:53  ekkis
ripped out all dependency (provides,requires) generation code as the newer rpm-buid generates this correctly

Revision 1.30  2002/04/12 17:22:35  ekkis
- filelist is now abstracted
- cool new method for extracting CVS version without breaking emacs
- new regexp for splitting path/filename from given $info{module}

Revision 1.29  2002/04/09 23:00:16  ekkis
took out %define version and release as it causes recursive behaviour

Revision 1.28  2002/04/09 22:20:41  ekkis
- better relative path handling
- now prepends url to Source: field when available via CPAN
- BuildRoot more automated now

Revision 1.27  2002/04/09 08:25:00  ekkis
- now requires version 0.59 or greater of CPAN as previous versions are problema tic
- implemented use of RPM macros to figure outdirectory structures.  script now p arses the various macro definition files and does recursive expansions to figure out correct values... see docs.
- added support for a full-path tarball specification.  this allows the user to call cpan2rpm with any tarball anywhere.  The tarball will be copied to SOURCES.
- defined %version, %release
- added Rob Brown's perlver %defines
- BuildRoot now defaults to the standard %{_tmpdir}
- removed version number from spec filename
- now scans only usr/lib in tmpdir for modules (should give better Provides headers since we don't pick up .pm files in other directories like examples/)
- added code to figure out real module dependencies (PREREQ_PM is unreliable)
- now attempts to read VERSION_FROM if neither ABSTRACT nor ABSTRACT_FROM is provided.  failing that it will take the module name (minus any parent info, plus appropriate extension e.g. from Net::Ping), and if that file exists will scan it for POD

Revision 1.26  2002/04/08 22:30:35  ekkis
now requires CPAN version 0.59 as previous versions seem broken
added to TODO list

Revision 1.25  2002/04/07 09:18:19  ekkis
hijacked exit() for the Makefile.PL eval since certain modules exit on us (not very exciting) e.g. POE

Revision 1.24  2002/04/07 02:31:00  ekkis
fixed generation of dependencies on Perl core modules (not allowed)

Revision 1.23  2002/04/07 01:15:33  ekkis
removed dashed lines from CHANGES section... don't konw thy CVS does use this in keyword expansion!

Revision 1.22  2002/04/07 01:12:24  ekkis
added old Log info

Revision 1.21  2002/04/07 01:09:01  ekkis
tarball maker now calls system() instead of qx// so user can see prompts
added CHANGES section

revision 1.20
date: 2002/04/07 00:06:20;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +4 -1
added back author info retrieval from CPAN when possible

revision 1.19
date: 2002/04/06 23:45:25;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +4 -2
added availability section to pod

revision 1.18
date: 2002/04/06 23:43:00;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +6 -8
changed default for license to "Artistic" as most modules are released under Perl's own license.

revision 1.17
date: 2002/04/06 23:13:31;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
removed spaces before =head1 NAME - he cares!!

revision 1.16
date: 2002/04/06 23:03:28;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
a fix for a fix

revision 1.15
date: 2002/04/06 22:51:36;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
fixed docs

revision 1.14
date: 2002/04/06 22:47:40;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +33 -19
added --debug
added -n in calls to silence questions from Makefile.PL (may not always work)
now makes sure /tmp/cpan2rpm exists, creates as needed

revision 1.13
date: 2002/04/06 02:34:15;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +18 -1
status info

revision 1.12
date: 2002/04/06 01:57:31;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +8 -5
enhancement for f2mod() to generate RPM dependencies

revision 1.11
date: 2002/04/06 01:51:22;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +71 -68
various fixes
incorporated provides() into get_meta()
correctly generates Provides header

revision 1.10
date: 2002/04/06 00:01:15;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +55 -22
added f2mod()
enhancements to untar()
now generates Provides headers

revision 1.9
date: 2002/04/05 22:37:05;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +167 -102
major code reorg
now uses ExtUtils::Installed for platform independent module listings
added --provides and --spec-only

revision 1.8
date: 2002/04/05 05:29:57;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
fixed regexp for tardir

revision 1.7
date: 2002/04/05 02:07:25;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +33 -20
now eval()s Makefile.PL instead of parsing it
also looks up DESCRIPTION from module file for spec file

revision 1.6
date: 2002/04/04 03:55:27;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
fixed embedded >s in C<> tags

revision 1.5
date: 2002/04/04 03:47:34;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +15 -5
added author support

revision 1.4
date: 2002/04/04 02:20:32;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +105 -83
general cleanup
now excepts core Perl modules from RPM dependencies
now supports ABSTRACT_FROM
improved PREREQ_PM handling (with Provides: clause)

revision 1.3
date: 2002/04/03 12:33:14;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +38 -18
various bug fixes

revision 1.2
date: 2002/04/03 11:08:32;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +144 -142
now retrieves metadata from tarball

revision 1.1
date: 2002/04/03 10:57:00;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;
branches:  1.1.1;
Initial revision

date: 2002/04/03 10:57:00;  author: ekkis;  state: Exp;  lines: +0 -0
Initial import