2009-07-05  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r806] Creation of
	  svn+ssh://svn.project-builder.org/mondo/svn/pb/// from
	* [r801] Creation of
	  svn+ssh://svn.project-builder.org/mondo/svn/pb///0.9.7 from

2009-05-03  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r768] - No snapshot needed if creating the VM
	  - Remove the VE befor recreating it if snapshot
	  - Force yum update

2009-04-04  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r757] Should initialize arch systematically
	* [r756] pb_distro_init now returns a 7th paramater which is the
	  arch, useful for pbdistrocheck

2009-03-30  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r751] - Adds snapshot support for VEs
	  - Force usage of correct arch in pb_distro_init to avoid issues
	  when cross building
	* [r750] - pb_distro_init accepts now a third parameter (arch) in
	  order to force the setup of the update command for VEs
	* [r749] - pb_get_arch placed lower in the modules tree and used
	  everywhere uname was used
	  - Adds the possibility to replace the post-install script for
	  rinse to allow for a perl script replacement which is common
	  between distributions

2009-03-12  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r735] - pb now differentiates suse (aka SuSE Professional) and
	  opensuse. Fix original #40

2009-03-06  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r721] - Adds support for pre and post scripts for VM/VE launched
	  before and after the build to allow for local setup.
	  - Adds additional repo support for debian type as well.
	  - Fix a bug around architecture compatibility check.
	  - Transmit verbosity level
	  - Adds support for proxy environment variables at setup and build
	  - Do not reinstall a repo which was already there (except for

2009-03-05  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r717] Take only the major number of the version for asianux
	* [r716] Fix for Asianux 2.0 support

2009-03-04  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r715] Fix Asianux 3 support - still have to see for 2.2

2009-03-02  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r714] Adds Asianux support to pb for MondoRescue official
	  packages support

2009-02-20  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r711] Use the directory /etc/pat/sources.list.d to put the new
	  apt repo at build time. Much cleaner

2009-02-19  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r702] - new function pb_distro_setuprepo (addition of repository
	  on the fly at build time)
	  - pb_get_dist_param => pb_distro_get_param and placed in
	  - removal of last locale issue

2009-02-18  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r698] - Tries to avoid an error msg on disconnect at end of
	  announce by finishing session before
	  - Fix debian build deps computation (checked on lenny)
	* [r696] - Fix a bug in distro for dep install on deb type of
	  - Adds a basic network config file for VE when not available

2009-02-16  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r683] centos uses yum and not up2date (checked for 4)

2009-02-15  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r681] - Differentiate between Scripts for VE and VM with 2 tags
	  - Have a working newve, setupve and cms2ve sequence for rinse and
	  centos5 at least (rest to be tested)
	  - Planned usage of chroot (tested) and schroot (not tested)
	  - Remove the external locale dependece to use the one provided by
	  perl !
	  - Fix CentOS support in Distribution module

2009-01-14  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r652] - Improves SuSE 11.1 build
	  - Improves ntp handling in VMs (depending on distro)
	  - Removes > version deps type at the end of line also

2009-01-10  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r647] Improve PATH variable on new SuSE distro so that yast2 is

2008-12-09  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r638] - Fix a bug in conf file handling when tag is using a '.'
	  which wasn't supported by the regexp. Needed for ditribution
	  names in vmopt/vmymout e.g.

2008-12-01  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r623] - Adds preliminary support for rpm signing
	  - Fix a bad bug in the call function of pb_distro_getdeps

2008-11-30  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r622] - pb now uses pb_distro_installdeps in VM/VE setup
	  - pb_get_distro => pb_distro_get for homogeneity
	  - before installing packages, call the update of the pkg db
	  before (may create issues, but is generally better)
	  - Adds pb_distro_only_deps_needed to compute the packages in a
	  list whose installation is really needed
	* [r621] Adds function pb_distro_installdeps to automatically
	  istall dependencies on distro before building

2008-11-29  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r620] - change pb_distro_init interface and add a 6th parameter
	  which is the update CLI to use for that distro.

2008-10-17  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r591] Add support for RHAS 2.1 to pb as rhel-2.1

2008-09-23  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r556] - Prepare a web delivery function
	  - Creates a pbinit script for website for mondorescue
	  - Adds a pb_set_content function

2008-09-15  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r539] First attempt to code support for real/virtual names for
	  packages in order to support perl naming in both Debian and RPM

2008-08-07  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r515] Te Display module is reusable so part of ProjectBuilder
	  modules not pb
	* [r514] Also generates man pages for the new Display module
	* [r512] Transport pb_display functions using gettext from Base
	  into a separate module to allow Base to have only basic perl deps
	  only abd be used in setupvm easily.

2008-08-05  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r505] - pb_conf_init introduced to allow projects using pb
	  functions to setup the PBPROJ variable correctly, even when the
	  code is expanded with macros.
	  - doc fixes
	* [r503] -Fix pb_system error msgs in case of verbose undef

2008-08-03  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r500] - Working patch support added to pb (tested with buffer)
	  - Filtering functions now handle also pointer on hashes (such as
	  the new pb hash)
	  - Filtering functions support new macro for patch support
	  - Env.pm now generates correct templates for patch support and
	  uses the new pb hash
	  - pb_cms_export extended to support file:// URI, and also
	  supports an undef second param (no local export available)
	  - In pb, hashes now include also the arch (for better patch
	  - pb supports local CMS based patches, as well as external
	  references (not tested yet)
	  - New pb_get_arch function provided
	  - New parameters for pb_system (mayfail and quiet)

2008-07-10  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r495] - all global variables are prefixed with pb
	  - First attempt at using locale and gettext
	  - use of pb_display and pb_display_init added
	  - Update presentation following RMLL 2008

2008-06-05  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r482] Improves again pb_system for feedback of printed msgs

2008-06-04  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r473] Working announce action for pb

2008-06-03  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r471] announce function - begining of coding

2008-05-02  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r424] - Fix a bug in Env.pm (forgot a use)
	  - Fix a bug in pb_conf_get_fromfile_if (using last instead of
	  next) and fix #24
	* [r423] - Improved pbdistrocheck to support -v flags
	  - Fix Ubuntu issue on distribution detection
	  - some more pb_log added

2008-04-26  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r416] move the pb_env_init function to a separate module to
	  allow pbinit usage
	* [r415] - Adds support for a build system conf file under
	  $vmpath/.pbrc or $vepath/.pbrc
	  - Fix .pm modes

2008-04-25  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r409] - Document all reusable functions in pb
	  - remove the useless pbproj parameter from pb_filter functions
	  - Addition and use of pb_conf_init and pb_conf_add in pb
	  - Addition and use of pb_conf_fromfile_if in Conf.pm
	  - preparation for 0.9.1
	  - Update of pbinit files for mondo to support the new interface
	  of pb_filter functions

2008-04-20  Bruno Cornec <bruno@project-builder.org>

	* [r405] Split again function in modules to allow for usage with
	  pbinit and easier reuse.
	* [r403] Split of packages done and working.
	* [r402] Split Base.pm and Distribution.pm to create a new
	  perl-ProjectBuilder module (for CPAN submission as well)
	* [r400] Add new directory pb-modules to host shared modules