Revision history for Perl module PerlPowerTools

1.015 2019-07-22T01:34:34Z
	* test bin/cat

1.014 2019-07-22T01:25:36Z
	* Fix the test for bin/find to use the perl that's running the test

1.013 2018-11-17T14:32:26Z
	* Add tests for the sort program (Shlomi Fish)
	* Add -amin, -cmin and -mmin to `find` command (timgimyee)
	* Fix patch to restore original if the patch fails (timgimyee)
	* patch uses Term::Readline for prompt (timgimyee)
	* clear tries harder on Windows (timgimyee)

1.012_01 2017-01-14T03:50:20Z
	* Adjust prereq version to Test::Trap to not use leading v,
	which I think is confusing some installers.
	* Ideally, Test::Trap will disappear so we don't have the

1.012 2017-01-11T13:07:08Z
	* Fix a { for v5.24
	* Fix a deprecated use of POSIX::isprint

1.011_03 2016-08-31T17:32:53Z
	* Fix Makefile to work with v5.8
	* Fix some programs to work with v5.26 (escape { in regexes)

1.011_02 2016-08-31T15:12:44Z
	* A Makefile.PL fix for v5.8

1.011_01 2016-08-31T14:25:21Z
	* Escape { in regexes in dc and glob. Perl v5.26 will demand this.

1.011 2016-08-30T16:52:26Z
	* Back out the Term::UI stuff in bin/patch since that module
	isn't core.

1.009 2016-08-30T08:16:23Z
	* Fix some Makefile.PL issues (pauloscustodio)

1.007_01 2016-03-07T19:05:46Z
	* Exit gracefully in robots if Curses isn't installed
	since a die in a BEGIN is a compilation error when 
	* Skip -x tests on Windows.

1.007 2016-03-06T18:24:26Z
	* Make it easier to install on Windows (Kevin Phair)
	GitHub issue #32/33

1.006 2015-04-20T23:49:58Z
	* Add docs about the default install location to the
	README and module docs.
	* Fix the diff docs (GitHub #20)

1.005 2015-04-17T01:20:12Z
	* Don't install at the same location as perl. Make the
	user think about where to install them so these tools
	don't interfere with the real tools of the same name.

1.004 - 2014-12-20
	* Try to get first come permissions on ppt so I can close those
	tickets (and release something to replace ppt)

1.003 - 2014-12-18
	* Fix all the issues in the old ppt bugs list (
	* All programs have embedded metadata (Tim Gim Yee)
	* Fixes to wc, paste (Dmitri Tikhonov)
	* The repo is now PerlPowerTools, not the old ppt
	* factor now works correctly (Dana Jacobsen)
	* A typo fix in diff (Sergey Romanov)

1.002_03 - 2014-09-15
	* Add tests for true and false (that's easy!)
	* Start the TODO file with what needs to happen
	* Fix some programs for v5.21 and disappearing syntax

1.002_02 - 2014-09-15
	* Fix syntax deprecations enforced in v5.22

1.02_01 - 2014-09-14
	* Let's try a different way of running the command to compile
	the programs

1.02 - 2014-09-12
	* Trim the distribution, drastically. Let MetaCPAN be the website.

1.01 - 2014-09-12
	* Let's update Perl Power Tools and make it easier to find
	* I'm not sure all of the programs even ran, but at least they
	compile now
	* I've probably broken some things, but now I want to see what's

0.14 - 2004-08-04
	* 'make manifest' skips legit tarballs, fixed with new utillity, Casey West
	* New col and words, Ronald J Kimball
	* Website now includes version number, Casey West

0.13 - 2004-07-23
	* Casey West takes over management.
	* grep/tcgrep - New revision by Paul Johnson
	* sort/sort.pudge - New revision by Chris Nandor
	* html/poem.html - Added, found in LWN archives, Casey West
	* Tom's ambition was found in his mkidx script, exposed by Casey West
	* Most recent known original ppt dist included, Casey West