Changes for 0.9001      Thu Dec 24 10:21:11 2009
* RT #52988 Regression in Internals::Utils, reported by CRAKRJACK
* Fix a regression with dist_type not being propagated

Changes for 0.90        Thu Dec 17 21:40:13 2009
* Version bump

Changes for 0.89_12     Mon Dec  7 13:33:16 2009
* Resolve RT #52348 Duplicate test output, reported by Apocalypse
* Fixed typo in Shell::Default, RT #52376, reported by Apocalypse

Changes for 0.89_11     Tue Dec  1 13:14:24 2009
* Fixed RT #52287 reported by Apocalypse regarding
  Test::Reporter barfing on send()
* Change SQLite to AutoCommit, resolves RT #52308,
  reported by Apocalypse

Changes for 0.89_10     Sat Nov 28 23:20:09 2009
* Resolve RT #51516 setting conf options which
  include spaces.
* Explicitly use Cwd's chdir in _chdir()

Changes for 0.89_09     Thu Nov 12 21:54:01 2009
* Only look for missing prereqs in the output of the last 
  set of tests that were run. This resolves RT #51408, 
  reported by Andreas Koenig

Changes for 0.89_08     Tue Nov 10 23:29:06 2009
* Make the default config prefer Build.PL if perl version is 
  greater than or equal to 5.10.1
* Fix a problem with parse_module() where it would not 
  resolve some edge-case distributions, addresses

Changes for 0.89_07     Thu Nov  5 14:05:11 2009
* MYMETA.yml support added from Jos' branch

Changes for 0.89_06     Thu Oct 29 14:55:25 2009
* Fool the installer into replacing our scripts that were installed 
  by core with versiononly set.
* Handle PREREQS being mentioned twice in Makefile. Use _vcmp() 
  to compare the versions, take the highest.

Changes for 0.89_05     Tue Oct 27 09:24:55 2009
* Change the way editing config files is called. This fixes RT #50832, 
  reported by Dave Golden
* Issue a warning in the shell if we are on MSWin32, don't have IPC::Run 
  installed and are writing a log file.
* Apply several patches from Alexandr Ciornii (CHORNY) RT #48636 that 
  add toolchain versions listing to tester reports.

Changes for 0.89_04     Fri Oct 23 11:12:57 2009
* Added deprecated dual-life module support which
  requires newer versions of Module::CoreList and

Changes for 0.89_03     Mon Oct 19 20:06:03 2009
* Work out if a prereq is a core module and only warn if we can't 
  satisfy the required version.

Changes for 0.89_02     Sat Oct 17 13:04:59 2009
* Core module prereqs should be dealt with correctly now.

Changes for 0.89_01     Fri Oct 16 10:22:43 2009
* Corrected spelling mistake in CPANPLUS::Configure documentation
* Fixed a problem with the core module detection when sending 
  NA reports
* Internals::Report will use Parse::CPAN::Meta instead of 
  YAML::Tiny for parsing CPAN Test report data
* Address #50428 Fixed edge-case in the arbitary paths support in 
  parse_module(), reported by Robert Krimen
* Address #49104 Fixed the SYNOPSIS in CPANPLUS::Module::Author::Fake
  reported by Tyler MacDonald
* Address #47820 Don't try to update custom sources if they are disabled
  in configuration, reported by Curtis Jewell

Changes for 0.88        Tue Jul  7 12:47:08 2009
* Adress #47640: [PATCH] [Documentation] Add links to the CPANPLUS
  Subversion repository
* Address #47543: Snapshot installation instructions are incorrect
* Add support for $mod->install( target => init ), which only creates
  a dist object and stops after the $dist->init stage.
* CPANPLUS::Dist::MM was using an incorrect capture argument for 
  passing tests. Spotted by Mst.

Changes for 0.87_03     Sat Jun 27 16:27:34 2009
* Apply VMS patches from Craig Berry
* Address #47250: cpanp always returns true when run in batch mode
  $shell->dispatch_on_input now returns a failure indicator if run in
  noninteractive mode (which is what cpanp does)
* With the new cpantesters, the yaml files got redone which broke
  the ->fetch_report code

Changes for 0.87_02     Sat Jun 13 13:13:58 2009
* Fix typo in the help message for the default shell

Changes for 0.87_01     Fri Jun 12 18:54:27 2009
* CPANPLUS now supports installing a directory as well. From the shell,
  try: 'i /path/to/module' or 'i .' for the current directory.
  Thanks to Chris Williams for the feature.
* Skip EU::I tests due to #46890: ExtUtils::Installed + EU::MM
  PREFIX= don't always work well together
* Address #46249: Upgrade requires 'x' because of change in .stored
  format CPANPLUS now stores it's own version + that of storable in the
  .stored files to ensure the .stored file is compatible with your CPANPLUS.
  Additionally, all .stored files are whiped when you update your CPANPLUS
* Address #46055: CPANPLUS::Dist::MM::prepare fails when directory
  has spaces. Thanks to James Mastros for the additional patch
* Address #45644: detect broken index. CPANPLUS now checks the header for
  02packages.details to see if the file contains at least the amount of entries
  specified in the header.
* Find_configure_requires should return an empty hashref on parse
  errors, DateTime::Format::Pg triggers this for example

Changes for 0.8601      Mon Apr 27 18:07:34 2009
* Older versions of CPANPLUS::Dist::Build use the (private) module
  CPANPLUS::inc, which got removed in the 0.86 release. 
  C::D::Build versions of 0.24 and higher are not affected by this,
  and CPANPLUS now specifies 0.24 as a minimum requirement.
  Users of C::D::Build of version 0.24 or higher need not upgrade.

Changes for 0.86        Sun Apr 26 17:27:54 2009
* Promote 0.85_09 to stable
* Update bundled modules

Changes for 0.85_09     Thu Apr 23 15:32:49 2009
* ExtUtils::Installed functions wouldn't work properly if the install
  prefix was set to something containing ~, like for example '~/perl'.
  If we encounter this, substitute the ~ for the real home dir so 
  EU::Installed's path lookups work properly.
* Work around a bug in which causes 64bit 5.8.x installs 
  to fail big version comparisons. See here for details:

Changes for 0.85_08     Mon Apr 20 18:54:49 2009
* Fix issues with $mod->package_is_perl_core; The conditionals were
  the wrong way around, thanks to BingOS for spotting

Changes for 0.85_07     Tue Feb 24 18:27:37 2009
* Address: #44562: $mod->package_is_perl_code: problem comparing version 
  strings. The method would warn when a version contained a non-numeric
  character. This is now fixed.
* Address #43355: (possibly harmless) Warning in CPANPLUS-Dist-MM
  Make sure to quell the warning when 'makemakerflags' is set to
  undef instead of the empty string.  
* ExtUtils::Installed methods were not handed all possible include directories
  to scan, as they were found to vary on non-Unix OS's. All possible paths
  are now added for scanning.
* Make sure we don't overwrite $mod->status->dist/dist_cpan so ->save_state
  will DTRT upon restore.
* Make sure we call $mod->add_to_include_path again, just in case we came 
  from ->save_state, at which point we need to restore @INC/$PERL5LIB
* t/20 now uses global verbosity settings
* Avoid duplicates in PERL5LIB, just like we do for @INC when calling
  $mod->add_to_includepath and add tests for it.
* Get rid of CPANPLUS::inc; it's not used anywhere anymore
* Remove deleted files from manifest
* Update bundled modules

Changes for 0.85_06     Tue Feb 24 18:27:37 2009
* This is a test suite fix. Users of 0.85_05 need not upgrade.
* With configure_requires/C::D::Build bootstrapping, the tests in 
  t/21_CPANPLUS-Dist-No-Build.t were no longer correct and caused test 
  failures on machines without C::D::Build installed.

Changes for 0.85_05     Mon Feb 16 12:13:18 2009
* Address: #39399: configure_requires doesn't quite work yet; CPANPLUS now 
  bootstraps CPANPLUS::Dist::Build and Module::Build if the module-to-be-
  installed requires it. Used 't CPAN::Test::Dummy::Perl5::Build' to verify
  against a pristine 5.8.8 as well as adding tests to t/21 to make sure this
  mechanism works.
* Address #43128: Fixes 'no such module perl on CPAN' errors:
  when 'perl' is listed as a prerequisite, its version should be checked,
  but should not be checked against the index of modules on CPAN
* Address: #40255: Special case for 'perl' requirement: if a requirement for
  'perl' is specified in the META.yml/PREREQ_PM/Build.PL, it is now special
  cased and CPANPLUS will verify the version of perl you are using is uptodate.
  This is equivalent to the more traditional 'require 5.x.y' at the top of a
* Address #41760: [PATCH] Add 'build_dir_reuse' option. This adds
  $cb->save_state as an API call, which makes it possible to save
  state between two sessions.
* Inspired by: #39095: Multiple modules with different version
  numbers in one release go wrong: CPANPLUS now adds the version numbers of the
  modules in the Contains: line in the default shell
* Add all the return values from the CPAN Testers report to $mod->fetch_report,
  not just selected fields.
* Add $module->installed_dir as a feature; this requires a newer
* When a user generated changes the base dir, CPANPLUS will now rescan
  for config files in that base dir too
* New edge case in package naming discovered; adapt regex and add tests
* Address: #41756 (Prerequisite Lists Inconsistent) by using 
  $cb->_version_to_number for Bundle::* modules as well	 
* Address: #41157: Module::module_is_supplied_with_perl_core()
  broken for perl 5.10
* Address #39948: Test warnings in 0.85_04; quell more warnings
* Address #40892: Fix CPANPLUS::Config docs to be more clear on how
  to set/change configs	 
* Remove independant version statements; all versions are now derived
  from CPANPLUS::Internals::Version
* Mention the sqlite backend in a tip	 
* Test fix to set makeflags as we intended to do. required to deal with IPC::Cmd  
  0.42, which parses whitespace slightly different on win32
* Updated bundled modules  
Changes for 0.85_04     Mon Sep  8 15:37:01 2008
* Updated CPAN Testers reporting to follow new project guidelines:
  modules authors are no longer copied on reports (the dontcc config option 
  has been removed); failures during *.PL or make stages are now reported
  as UNKNOWN instead of FAIL; output buffer now included in NA reports
* Set $ENV{MAILDOMAIN} so that T::R does not try to resolve our maildomain,
  which can lead to large timeouts for *every* invocation in T::R < 1.51_01
* Address #38324: no caching of CHECKSUMS
  Checksum files are now cached for 3600 seconds by default to avoid
  refetching to often. This can be overrided by force or setting a lower ttl.
* Address #38290: CPANPLUS::Backend->install() always reindexes
  Params::Check::NO_DUPLICATES was enabled, and that meant an empty 
  hash lookup. Use the assigned scalar instead
* Some speed ups for the sqlite engine. turns out dbix::simple's (??) 
  expansion is very expensive
* Address: #38643: CPANPLUS::Backend methods are not $_ safe. 
  Make sure all while( <$fh> ) is written as while( local $_ = <$fh>)
* Address #34345: Should be able to send reports via system
  add 'cpantest_reporter_args' so you can add extra arguments to
  test::reporter's new method sendmail
* Address: #37652: Infinite loop in
  This was merely a wording issue; made the help text more clear

Changes for 0.85_03     Wed Jul 23 02:07:11 2008
* Add experimental SQLite backend for sources. This can be
  used instead of the normal memory/storable implementation.
  You can enable it by running by starting the default shell
  and typing:
  's conf source_engine CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::SQLite; s save'
* Selfupdate now understands the SQLite dependencies
* Setup knows how to ask you about SQLite
* CPANPLUS::Dist::new() is now implemented as a properly inherited
  method, with no additional magic. Now, dists are instantiated as:
  use base 'CPANPLUS::Dist::Base';
* Add diagnostic to 's mirrors' to show how to edit the list
  This address #37651: Explain the best way to add mirrors

Changes for 0.85_02     Sun May 18 17:40:56 2008
* Speed up search slightly be not checking the template
* Speed up $author->distributions call a *lot* by not using clone (which 
  in the end scans through the entire module tree for dslip info)
* Make the package_* functions take an argument for parsing
* Speed up clone() a bit
* Meta files were showing up in the $author->distributions call. These
  are now filtered out.

Changes for 0.85_01     Sun Apr  6 15:22:43 2008 
* Address #34519 Getting Wrong File with SENGER/NET-IPFilterSimple_V1.1.tar.gz
  The delimiter (_) was being replaced by - after parsing. This is now fixed.
* Depend on a newer EU::Installed (1.42), so we can now install into a non-site
  wide dir and actually do uninstalls properly. Requires a few clever dir
  manipulations from our side, but it works.
* Change tests in 20.t accordingly so test suite no longer needs to install
  site wide for testing purposes.
* When changing the 'lib' param in your config using 's edit' from the default
  shell, it wouldn't propagate to the current process. The same applied to
  changing the @INC or $ENV{PERL5LIB}. This is now fixed.
* Address: #12355: Add an 'all' option when asking about dependencies.
  Users can now select 'yes to all' or 'no to all' when asked about
  installing prerequisites.
* Implement the META.yml directive 'configure_requires:', which states a
  package needs to be installed before running Makefile.PL. This uses the
  new module Parse::CPAN::Meta, which is now bundled and part of the core
* Address: #31279: CPANPLUS should automatically install Module::Build and
  necessary tools. We now automatically add CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to 
  'configure_requires' when it's needed to install a module and not present
* Address #32248 to make it possible to turn off custom sources by doing:
  's conf enables_custom_sources 0' from the default shell or config file.
* Address: #32064: NA reports generated for failing tests where core
  prereqs are specified. Use CPANPLUS::Module::module_is_supplied_with_perl_core
  to detect if a module is part of perl core or not.   
* Add proper support for installing autobundles. $mod->is_bundle recognizes
  autobundle snapshots too now.
* Quell 'non numeric' warnings when loading modules that have a non-float as
  version numbers.
* In the default shell, show version numbers in loaded plugin overview.

Changes for 0.84        Fri Dec 14 13:31:39 2007
* Promote 0.83_10 to stable.

Changes for 0.83_10     Wed Nov 14 12:57:45 2007
* Various VMS patches from John M.
* Skip tests for custom sources on Win32 if the full file
  path is longer than 260 chars (longest file size supported
  on Win32).
* Depend on File::Fetch 0.13_04 for Win32 & VMS file:// support
* Depend on Term::UI 0.18 for default shell option parsing

Changes for 0.83_09     Fri Nov  9 14:17:14 2007
* Make sure to use $Config{path_sep} to create
  environment variables portably. This addresses
  a test failure on VMS.
* Update 'use sudo' heuristics; if you have $ENV{PERL_MM_OPT}
  set with an INSTALL, LIB or PREFIX option, we assume you
  have write permissions to your install location, and you
  do not need sudo. This can of course be overriden using
  your config.

Changes for 0.83_08     Sat Nov  3 18:35:54 2007
* Apply adapted version of dmq's Win32 fixes for fetching
  file:// URIs. This depends on File::Fetch 0.13_01 or greater.

Changes for 0.83_07     Wed Oct 24 17:42:43 2007
* VMS patch from John M:
  _safe_path must be called before catdir because catdir on 
  VMS currently will not handle the extra dots in the directories.
* Make sure we clean up tempdirs when writing custom index files.

Changes for 0.83_06     Tue Oct 23 11:31:10 2007
More VMS fixes from John M:
  * C::I::Utils->_safe_path should do nothing if it is given a path 
    in VMS format already.
  * In 15_CPANPLUS-Shell.t, two regex's needed to be case insensitive.
  * In C::Dist::MM, do the _safe_path on the $dir path, not the path with
    a file. The _safe_path must be done before the catfile() builds the path.
  * In C::Shell::Default::Plugins::CustomSource, try the hash lookup with a
    lower case key on VMS if the exact case key failed.  

Changes for 0.83_05     Wed Oct 17 15:21:01 2007
* Address #29904: make test should not use sudo. Don't try to install if
  the configuration thinks sudo is needed -- that's no guarantee it will work
* More VMS fixes from John M:
  * Make sure file look ups are done case insensitively for custom sources
  * Make ->module_tree work case insensitive on VMS by calling ->search 
    under the hood
  * Revert back to old behaviour in ->_all_installed now that ->module_tree 
    is fixed for vms
* Depend on version 0.73, for ~0 bugfixes
* Don't depend on File::Fetch for test reporting -- it's already part of 
  the core cpanplus chain
* Update bundled modules

Changes for 0.83_04     Mon Oct 15 14:18:40 2007
* Set ENV COLUMNS & LINES to make sure Term::ReadKey can figure 
  out dimensions and stop it from dying in the test suite.
* More VMS fixes from John Malmberg

Changes for 0.83_03     Mon Oct 15 11:38:39 2007
* Make $mod->dslip() query other modules in the same package if there's no
  dslip entry for this particular module. 
* Add an --install option to cpan2dist
* More VMS fixes from John Malmberg

Changes for 0.83_02     Tue Oct  9 13:46:48 2007
* Add a /cs plugin to CPANPLUS::Shell::Default allowing you to add custom
  sources from outside the CPAN. These custom sources are attributed to the
  author 'LOCAL' -- See '/cs --help' from the default shell.
* Improved parsing for URI targets to parse_module: try to determine module
  name and version contained in the tarball if posible
* Address #29796 (error with funktion 'o' after installing Alien::wxWidgets)
  File::Find dies when it encounters a dir or symlink twice, which is what
  A::wxWidgets does. Use follow_skip => 2 to get around this.
* Address bug #29716: 20_CPANPLUS-Dist-MM.t fails (and leaves test files
  installed) when EUMM options include INSTALL_BASE
* Address #29430: Remove LWP as a dependency for CPANPLUS::Internals::Report
  it now uses File::Fetch, like the rest of CPANPLUS. Thanks to BingOS for
* Apply patch #29218: Patch to use YAML::Tiny instead of YAML for 
  test reporting
* Apply Change 31800 by rgs@stcosmo to recognize 5.10 as a valid perl version
* Require Module::Load::Conditional 0.18 -- this uses for 
  version comparisons
* Depend on T::Reporter 1.34 due to many bug fixes
* Enable verbose mode in tests if ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_TEST_VERBOSE} is true
* Load the module tree before attempting to write a bundle, just in case 
  we chdir and things go haywire
* Allow passing of a $Conf to C::S::Default->new
* Delay plugin initialization until C::S::Default->new time
* Delay loading of CPANPLUS::Configure as long as we can, so we can still 
  pass our own $Conf iif possible
* Add test cases for CPANPLUS::Shell::Default->dispatch_on_input
* Disable pager during tests
* Use absolute path to our dummy-cpan dir, as some of the underlying code 
  may chdir
* Add constant for author name to be used in tests
* Replace 'print' and 'printf' calls with '$self->__print' and '->__printf', 
  so we can do proper tests on the output
* Don't use ~0 as a max version number, but divide by two, so we don't
  get integer overflows in
* Add C::I::Utils->_uri_decode and C::I::Utils->_uri_encode for URI encoding 
  to be used by the 'custom sources' code.
* Make C::I::Utils->_host_to_uri properly unixify a path
* Make sure $cb->installed works on vms by dealing with filenames and 
  case sensitivity correctly. This is another patch from John M.
* Fix up _safe_path for VMS, this can now be released
* Move all distributions under dummy-CPAN down two levels (from
  authors/id/E/EU/EUNOXS to authors/id/EUNOXS) to get around VMS/VAX 8 
  directoy level depth
* Another vms fix by John M: 'Makefile' is called 'DESCRIP.MMS' on VMS,
  depending on what 'make' was used to build perl
* Weird Unix vs VMS file type issues on VMS, add a work around provided
  by John M.
* Use a search on VMS when figuring out what moduels are installed, as the OS
  doesn't retain case, so we can't do a direct lookup in the module tree
* 1 while unlink fixes from John M. for VMS
* Proper %ENV restore fix on VMS from John M.
* Apply a VMS patch from John Malmber as offered in his mail to p5p
  3rd of Sept. 2007 [patch@31780] fixes for cpanplus on VMS:
  In lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/, catdir on VMS can not deal 
  with directory components with dots in them.  Need to translate 
  them as VMS.C in the default mode expects them.  This is a temporary 
  hack that will need to be revised as ODS-5 support is integrated in to Perl.
* Reset %ENV explicitly on VMS. John Malmberg reports (on 3/9/07) that
  changes to %ENV persist on VMS, causing an overflow after a few runs,
  since we append to it.
* Be case tolerant -- especially VMS seems to suffer from this. In 
  the end, almost all FS, except some UNIX ones are case tolerant,
  so just use a qr//i
* Apply Change 31776 by craigb@craigb-brianor on 2007/08/31 22:42:43
  catdir was used where catfile was meant in C::I::Extract

Changes for 0.82        Wed Aug 15 15:36:57 2007
* Address [perl #43629] Perl 5.9.5. cpanp-run-perl not present
  as reported by Michael Cartmell. When running the tests, don't
  scan your include dirs/home dir for other CPANPLUS::Config::*
  entries, as they might contain data not correct for this test
* Search the path paralel to your $^X explicitly for cpanp-run-perl
  (suggested by david cantrell)
* Various clean ups in the CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugin::Remote
* Small documentation fixes.

Changes for 0.81_01     Sat Jul  7 10:45:37 2007
* Add a callback to the CPANPLUS core for munging metafiles
* Address #27562 (A way to specify external dependencies would be
  grand) by adding a --edit-metafile option to cpan2dist to allow 
  you to edit generated metafiles, if your ::Dist::* plugin supports it
* Make common shell options clearer in both hints and help message
* Address #27914: Make the instructions in the Makefile.PL clearer
  as to how to install prerequisites. Patch submitted by Andy
* Address #27910: we didnt check for Module::Signature being
  present, just it's prereqs when heuristically configuring CPANPLUS 
  for signature checking. Now, we also check for Module::Signature
* Address #27913 documentation error in Makefile.PL that incorrectly
  showed how to invoke interactive configuration after installation
* Clearer diagnostic when cpanp-run-perl can't be found
* Apply steveh's patch to scan for .bat files as well on win32 when
  looking for installed programs
* Whitespace patch from audreyt

Changes for 0.80        Sun Jun 17 13:50:01 2007
* Promote 0.79_04 to stable
* apply patch to fix win32 short path fixing when arguments are
  given (thanks to steve hay for tracking it down)
* Print header diagnostic during tests to show how to run
  tests in verbose mode for added debug output
* Update bundled modules

Changes for 0.79_04     Tue May 29 08:50:07 2007
* Removed a fatal debug statement from cpan2dist. Users of
  cpan2dist should upgrade to this release. No other users
  should be affected.

Changes for 0.79_03     Fri May 18 19:44:35 2007
* address: #27057: Dry runs and dep tree. Make it possible to view 
  which modules will be updated for what reasons when running
  'selfupdate'. 's selfupdate' in the shell now prints this 
  dependency tree out and also offers a --dryrun option
* address: #27174: No way to pass case-insensitive patterns to
  ignorelist; All --ignore/--ban options for cpan2dist are now case 
* address: #26583: display of installed/required in report is
  confusing; Add a header to the columns generated for clarity
* tweak test conf to play nicer with perl core
* show version number when testing/installing
* add callback to allow to continue after a failed 'make test' 
  or 'build test'
* reapply core patch #31028 -- it got lost somehow
  this fixes test setups under perl_core
* add --set-config and --set-program to cpan2dist to overwrite
  random config entries for this invocation only
* document all the options in CPANPLUS::Config
* make saving cpanp-boxed config Just Work and add a banner to 
  cpanp-boxed to tell you how to
* expand the help text for 's' with options where applicable
* clarify * and .. hint in default shell
* silence warning in when a path to an .exe is not defined
* The test suite now adds the '/nologo' option when the user
  has 'nmake.exe' configured as their 'make' program, to limit
  the amount of noise on the terminal.

Changes for 0.79_02     Tue May  8 13:14:12 2007
* address #26914 : CPANPLUS depending on Crypt::OpenPGP even when gpg
  is available. Change heuristics so we always use gpg when it's there 
  and don't suggest to install Crypt::OpenPGP, as it's quite broken on 
  a lot of platforms. This may cause a warning or 2, but all will 
  continue to work
* Logic bug in 'selfupdate --latest=0' is now fixed, with --latest=0
  selfupdate should no longer be picking the newest version from CPAN 
  if the current version is good enough
* let perlwrapper be '' as well -- '-P' actually changes the format
  of some generated Makefiles
* perlwrapper is no longer required to have Dist::MM to be available
* apply Change 31121 by steveh@mugwump on 2007/05/03 07:51:17
  this gets around the 'read only' issue of some files in perl-core
  when rsynced/extracted from uupacktool under win32
* cleanup t/.cpanplus dir when doing 'make clean' as well.
* make sure we pass 'prereq_format' along, so prereqs get packaged
  properly as well. This addresses a mail from Hans Dieter Pearcey ( raising the issue.

Changes for 0.79_01     Sun Apr 22 09:57:45 2007
* Updates to integrate perl-core integration. Regular users
  do not need to upgrade.
* Add clean up calls at the end of the tests as well if 
  we're run from perl core. this is because perl core 
  doesn't invoke our 'make clean', and files will be
  left that aren't in the manifest.
* Make the scan for 'cpanp-run-perl' also consider cpanp-run-
  perl5.X.Y as it may be installed with the perl version as 
  suffix explicitly
* address: 26077: dependency on itself; CPANPLUS had a 
  depenendency on the shell class you set as a default, even
  if that was a shell provided with CPANPLUS itself.
  This caused to throw a fatal error, as it did not 
  know how to resolve this dependency. CPANPLUS users were 
  unaffected. Now, no dependency is added if the selected 
  shell is bundled with CPANPLUS itself.
* Add simple loadtest for CPANPLUS::Shell

Changes for 0.78        Sat Mar 31 18:26:13 CEST 2007
* Promote 0.77_07 to stable
* Update license & contact information
* Make sure we don't install 'cpanp-boxed' when running
  'make install'.
* Update bundled version of Module::Install
* Set install target to 'perl' for perl5.9.5 and higher

Changes for 0.77_07     Fri Mar 23 17:19:07 CET 2007
* Smoke test revealed issue that PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_VERSION
  may not be formatted identically as $CPANPLUS::VERSION
  if certain versions of '' are loaded. This is
  now addressed.
* Tests for CPANPLUS::Dist::MM would fail on Win32 if the
  path to the Makefile.PL contains spaces. This is now 
  addressed by calling Win32::GetShortPathName() if run
  on Win32.
Changes for 0.77_06     Fri Mar 23 13:29:54 CET 2007
* Various test reporting fixes;
  * Add the leading '!' to missing prereqs, inspired by CPAN::Reporter
  * Address bug #25327: do not count as FAIL modules where prereqs are
	not filled. Now, when tests fail and:
    * version of prereqs installed is too low, send NA
	* prereq is not available on CPAN, send NA
* Address: #25410: cpan2dist needs posibility for passing arbitary
  parameters to $obj->install; cpan2dist now accepts --dist-opts foo=bar
* Add PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_VERSION as environment variable. It's set to
  the version of CPANPLUS running. Requested by Adam Kennedy <>.
* Last statement evaluated in a Makefile.PL may be undef -- so don't die
  on that case in cpanp-run-perl
* Some users add '.pm' to their package tarballs. fix the package
  string parser to recognize this and deal with it.
* Address #25038 (Wrong platforms for MSDOS) and actually
  test modules in the MSDOS:: namespace on dos|os2|MSWin32|cygwin

Changes for 0.77_05     Sun Feb 25 17:17:44 CET 2007
* Set $ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING} to the full path of the
  Makefile.PL file when running 'perl Makefile.PL'.
  Requested by Adam Kennedy <>.

Changes for 0.77_04     Mon Feb 19 08:05:52 CET 2007
* CPAN testers reported test counter mismatches when test reporting
  was enabled vs disabled. This is purely a test counter issue. No
  functional code has been replaced.
  If you have installed 0.77_03, there is no need to upgrade to

Changes for 0.77_03     Sun Feb 18 17:35:12 CET 2007
* Rework the parse_module code; regex is more complex, but also more correct
* Allow for more lenient parsing of module names, when the module name
  and package name do not match
* Extend parse_module documentation to include URI  
* Patch>package_name regex to also parse 'perl5.6.1' style packages
* The package_[name, version, extension] subroutines are also reworked
  and use the same regular expression as parse_module does now
* Add 'name' to the list of accessors returned by $mod->accessors (it's
  an alias to ->module)
* 'installsiteman3dir' is a 5.8'ism which causes warnings under 5.6
  so only check it if it is defined
* Add the version number to the install log file name
* Add "rescan" option to $conf->init to re-check your path for valid 
  CPANPLUS::Config::* files
* Warn if you're using the old "PERL5_CPANPLUS_CONFIG" env var to point 
  to specific config files ( rt #23721 )
* Make $conf->save return the file name it saved to
* Apply the suggested patch from Grant Mclean that calls $cb->flush(lib) 
  just before 'make install' is called, so the blib/ dir is no longer at 
  the front of the path. XML::SAX was writing a file dynamically based on 
* address RT #22962 Funky error messages when command-line args are missed:
  the default shell now has increased parsing logic
* The check to see if the 'storable' feature was enabled was faulty. This
  has now been fixed.
* Use the full path to a module's Makefile.PL when installing a module, so 
  we don't pick up another Makefile.PL that happens to be in your @INC path.
* No longer use can_run() to find cpanp-run-perl, as it's not an executable.
  Scan path manually in CPANPLUS::Config.
* Document details() items properly
* Show installed file in the details section
* Fix documentation error for $cb->_home_dir (#rt 23196)
* Log which configs are loaded at startup time; The shell default's banner
  shows you how to view these logs.
* Make /showtips a plugin command
* Extend CPANPLUS::Shell::Default synopsis with --xxx style options
* Move to dummy modules for our tests, rather than bundled real modules.
* All .t files now use t/inc/ exclusively for changes in the
  PATH/ENV/etc settings. This fix allows CPANPLUS to test cleanly with
  bleadperl (5.9.5)
* Clean up the .cpanplus dir in the dummy-cpanplus directory at the
  start of every test to make sure we're running with a clean cache
* Test fixes for Win32
* Disable IPC::Run on Win32 during 'make test'. IPC::Run gets unhappy 
  about having 'odd' FDs allocated to it under Win32.
* Update bundled modules
* update bundled modules, includes for the first time
* Add realclean targets for our dummy perl directory

Changes for 0.077_02    Fri Oct 20 15:28:22 CEST 2006
* Implemented selfupdate functionality. You can use
  's selfupdate' from the default shell. This will also
  work for bootstrapping purposes
* Hints to use 'Bundle::CPANPLUS::Dependencies' have
  been removed in favour of 's selfupdate'
* The default shell now shows tips at start up
* Dont throw an error if a core module has the same 
  version as it's duallifed counterpart on CPAN -- 
  we can still install from CPAN
* Update bundled modules
* Remove cpanplus inc dir from @INC once we dispatch to 
  cpanp from cpanp-boxed
* Depend on newer versions of Object::Accessor and IPC::Cmd

Changes for 0.076       Fri Oct 13 14:37:27 CEST 2006
* run external perl commands using cpanp-run-perl to enable
  autoflushing cross-platform, cross-ipc-module.
* separate formats for printing 'conf' and 'program' sections
* Add Module::ThirdParty support [rt #12131], see
  'CPANPLUS::Module' documentation for usage
* add cpantest_mx config option [rt #21346], see 
  'CPANPLUS::Internals::Report' documentation for usage.
* update bundled modules, most notably IPC::Cmd, which should
  improve executing sub-commands significantly.

Changes for 0.075_01    Thu Oct  5 17:08:27 CEST 2006
* Various small fixes to make CPANPLUS work better on Win32
  Most of these fixes are done in the bundled modules or 
  dependencies of CPANPLUS
* update bundled modules from CPAN
* no longer bundle IPC::Run, it's too unreliable
* delete failed requires from %INC in cpanp-boxed
* make sure we use 4-arg substr to avoid warning in default shell
* skip undefined messages to error()/msg()

Changes for 0.074       Fri Sep  8 13:12:37 CEST 2006
*  remove the requires: section in META.yml; 
   thinks it's authoritive for requirement declarations
   and therefor gets our prereqs wrong.
*  replace CPANPLUS::Dist::Sample with the actual
   functional CPANPLUS::Dist::Base
*  increase the number of digits after the comma displayed
   in version numbers from 4 to 6, so that stringified x.y.z
   versions display properly in the Default shell.
*  add the writing of intsall-logs automatically from the 
   default shell
*  update bundled modules

Changes for 0.073_01    Wed Aug  2 15:40:38 CEST 2006

*   'install Bundle::CPANPLUS::Dependencies' should
    now work properly from cpanp-boxed, even without
    a --force option
*   Up requirements to more recent versions of among
    others Archive::Extract, CPANPLUS::Dist::Build,
    File::Fetch & Module::Load::Conditional.
*   Update bundled modules for cpanp-boxed
*   Don't change versions of bundled modules, this 
    breaks 'use Foo 1.0' statements in our dependencies
    Uptodate check is now done with a new feature in
    Module::Load::Conditional that can check %INC.
*   Rework cpanp-boxed to deal better with bundled
    modules and their uptodateness
*   Move module::pluggable code to runtime rather than 
    compiletime this makes 'require CPANPLUS' not run 
    around the FS looking for config files until they 
    are needed
*   Address #20737 (Failed to Setup CLI Programs with 
    Arguments) where the interactive configuration
    wouldn't let you specify options to CLI programs
*   Address #20640: Always Sent 'pass' Report With 
    'force' => 1. Test reports are now marked as 
    'fail' when they fail, even when 'force' is true.
    *   sent mail to with the 
        patch for C::D::Build to have the same behaviour
Changes for 0.072       Fri Jun 23 18:17:00 CEST 2006

*   This is a major release of CPANPLUS. It includes
    all the changes from release 0.070_01, including
    the following changes made after the beta was
*   The POD text of has been revamped to
    be more of a guide than a technical reference.
*   $module->status is now lazily initialized, lowering
    overall RAM usage and startup time at the cost of
    a runtime penalty. Overall, this improves performance
*   Address #20005: CPANPLUS does not check size of 
    downloaded module this adds code that checks if 
    the downloaded size is equal to the size specified 
    by the checksums file
*   Fix file fetching testing issue on Win32 (#18702)

Changes for 0.070_01    Mon Jun 19 17:23:38 CEST 2006
*   This is a major beta release of CPANPLUS, revamping 
    the configuration mechanism. From now on, CPANPLUS 
    no longer requires a setup to be run at installation
    time and should work 'out of the box' on most 
    systems using a pre-built configuration file.
*   CPANPLUS now supports stacked configuration files:
    *   CPANPLUS::Config is the heuristic config file
        which will always be installed sytemwide.
    *   CPANPLUS::Config::System is the systemwide
        config file which can be installed by an admin
        in your perl installation path. This file will
        be available for everyone and override settings
        from CPANPLUS::Config
    *   CPANPLUS::Config::User is the per-user config
        which can be installed by any user in their
        $HOME/.cpanplus directory. This file will be
        available for the user only and override settings 
        from CPANPLUS::Config and CPANPLUS::Config::System
    *   $HOME/.cpanplus/lib gets added automatically to your
        config search path.
    *   All configuration types can be created and saved
        via the interactive Setup. You can invoke it from
        the default shell as follows:
        CPAN Terminal> s conf user      # per user config
        CPAN Terminal> s conf system    # system wide config
        or during installation time like this:
        $ perl Makefile.PL --setup  
*   Makefile.PL has been stripped from all it's magic    
*   Setup is now menu based for a better user experience.    
*   make loading plugin configs work, with priority 
    for system & user configs before the rest
*   address #19438: Key 'file' is of invalid type
    Turns out it's a bug in Module::Build, reported as 
    #19741, which creates a 'Build' file when running
    'perl Makefile.PL' on a M::B generated Makefile.PL
    Add a patch that detects this situation and informs 
    the user
*   Demand Test::Harness 2.62 to be installed due to 
    bug #19505 in earlier versions
*   IPC::Run is now required for Win32 & Cygwin
*   use $Config{path_ext} instead of hardcoded ':' to 
    seperate $PATH in cpanp-boxed
*   Small test changes in 20.t to make sure no test output
    counter mismatches occur.
*   remove all 'clever' code from CPANPLUS::inc, as the
    new config methodology makes it obsolete. Basic 
    functionality is retained only for backwards compat.
*   remove CPANPLUS config version checks back and forth 
    -- should work without from now on
*   make cpanp-boxed work from others dirs than just bin/..
*   make use of package::constants
*   Make sure Bundle-Foo.tgz also gets recognized as bundle
*   Data::Dumper indenting style set to '1' in default shell
*   make constants for libdir etc accept a list, not just 
    a single param
*   address #19738: bogus entry in @INC
*   address: #18270: cpan2dist --archive breaks with 
    relative path    
*   address #18121: invalid value for 'checksum_value'
    which showed that old .stored files can mess up CPANPLUS
    untill they are rebuilt. From now on, Makefile.PL will
    delete old .stored files when installing a new version
*   mark all the versions of inc/ modules as -1, so we
    are always 'not uptodate' when asked to install them
*   remove old api that lets you set values in configure 
    object via backend->new or configure->new, which was
    impractical and unused.
*   updated our bugreporting address to point at the queue.
*   Clean up source tree from obsolete files
*   Have 'make clean' clean up all the generated files



Changes for 0.061       Wed Mar 15 16:09:03 CET 2006

*   The template for the original configuration got shipped
    with a few default values that will not work on every
    system. Anyone who manually configures should not be
    affected, but the automated configuration may draw
    the wrong conclusion.
    For safetey sake, and to minimize possible issues for
    users, this release ships a template with sensible
    cross-platform defaults again

Changes for 0.060       Fri Mar 10 17:19:06 CET 2006

*   This is a major release of CPANPLUS, supporting
    3rd party package creation and shell plugins
*   include bin/cpanp-boxed for a bootstrapped version of cpanp;
    this allows you to use cpanp without configuring/installing
*   Include clear installation instructions in the README, beyond
    the simple 'perl Makefile.PL; make; make install'
*   save sources to disk after creating the trees, not at end of script
    this should speed up closing the application, at a one time overhead
    when parsing the sourcefiles
*   add more diagnostics on updating source files    
*   Make CPANPLUS::inc redundant -- bundled modules required for boot
    strapping no longer get installed.
*   Update bundled modules for bootstrapping to most recent versions
*   Various tweaks to Makefile.PL to make installing friendlier
*   perl Makefile.PL AUTOINSTALL=1 now no longer requires any user 
    input (just like $ENV{PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT} already did).
*   Filter out .meta files from the CHECKSUMS file
*   apply patch from to stop Makefile.PL
    from dying if user doesn't want to configure now, and doesn't
    have an existing
*   fix typo introduced in 0.052 that broke
*   fix cpan2dist's ungraceful dying if the dist object was undefined
    (fixes part of [#17568] bad diagnostics from checksum errors/cpan2dist)
*   address #17655: [WISHLIST] Report bad signature send out a fail test 
    report when a signature check fails
*   address #17984: (Two Problems in Makefile.PL)

Changes for 0.059_01    Sat Oct 15 14:20:16 CEST 2005

*   This is a development release supporting 3rd party
    package creation and shell plugins
*   Add new callback to filter prereqs 
*   Add plugin support to the default shell
*   Add a howto on writing plugins: 
*   Set Data::Dumper::Indent to 1 in the default shell
*   Document --update_source switch in the default shell
*   Add 's mirrors' to the default shell documentation
*   Improve documentation
*   Add basic documentation to undocumented functions
*   Implement proper 'ignore' option for cpan2dist and 
    rename old 'ignore' to 'ban'
*   Allow the --*list options to cpan2dist to be given
    more than once.
*   Fix typo in cpan2dist that wasn't setting the makefile
    preference correctly
*   Add an option to redirect output to cpan2dist
*   Add alarm functionality to cpan2dist
*   The 'sudo' setting is now being defaulted to its
    previous setting during setup
*   Attempt to show what previous config was found during
    setup if possible.
*   Disable checksums fetch when downloading readme
*   Store found prereqs in the dist object when we can
*   Use constants for strings where possible.
*   Determine installer type in CPANPLUS::Module::dist()
    if we haven't already
*   Support both cp_error/error and cp_msg/msg as 
    diagnostic functions
*   When extracting files, make sure +x is set on directories
*   When extracting files, store their names
*   Renamed vcmp() to _vcmp() to mark it's privateness.
*   Add a seperate method in to check if a prereq
    has been satisfied, so modules subclassing may
    override it (thanks to Ken Williams).
*   Add an 'add_to_includepath' method to, so
    modules can add their build paths to @INC.
*   Module::Build's 'perl version too low' diagnostic changed
    between releases. Make sure our test reporter understands
    both (fixes [#15197], thanks to Barbie)
*   t/01_CPANPLUS-Configure.t doesn't load CPANPLUS::Config
    directly anymore, as there may be an %ENV setting
*   Fix t/05_CPANPLUS-Internals-Fetch.t to compensate
    when being on non-unixy platforms [#1455]
    pointing to the config file instead
*   Update bundled modules to their latest version    

Changes for 0.0561      Sat Aug 20 19:57:15 CEST 2005

*   This release holds no functional changes over 0.056
*   The META.yml did not get included in this distribution,
    meaning the PAUSE indexer indexed our include modules as

Changes for 0.056       Sat Aug 20 13:31:17 CEST 2005

*   This release is identical to 0.056_01 but no longer
    marked as 'development release'.

Changes for 0.056_01    Thu Aug 18 16:26:52 CEST 2005

*   This is a development release testing the splitting
    off of CPANPLUS::Dist::Buid into it's own package.
*   CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb got branched into it's own package
*   Make 'i URI' work from the default shell, enabling commands
    like 'i'. parse_module() 
    understands this as well (for API users) -- #11479
*   Add test cases for lack of CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb
*   Add new test tarballs that provide the simples possible
*   Add prereq to CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb if the user prefers
    to use Build.PL over Makefile.PL
*   Add a depencendency on Win32::Process on Win32 (bundled
    with AS perl, needed by IPC::Run)
*   Quell warnings about empty prerequisite lists (#13111)
*   Quell warnings about beta-versions being non-numeric (#14106)
*   Platform dependant modules were /always/ getting an NA grade
    regardless whether they failed or not (#13224)
*   Config keys are now sorted when printed in the default shell
    (as requested by Tux)
*   Extracted files now only get +w for the owner, not '755',
    as this interferes with some modules test suite ([#13358])
*   Some modules uses module_name_version.ext rather than the
    usual module-name-version.ext. CPANPLUS now parses both
    correctly (#13367)
*   's mirrors' in the default shell now lists your mirrors.
    To alter them you must still edit the config using 's edit'
*   Buffers are now autoflushed while invoking 'perl Makefile.PL';
    Modules that asked questions during interactive install 
    sometimes had their output held back in the buffer. Since not
    all modules do $|++ in their Makefile.PL, we do it for them
*   The diagnostic reporting functions 'msg' and 'error' from
    CPANPLUS::Error got renamed to 'cp_msg' and 'cp_error'
    respectively, to avoid conflicts with Log::Message::Simple.
    (This only affects API developers).
*   All bundled modules are updated to their most recent version.    

Changes for 0.055       Sat Jun  4 15:53:37 CEST 2005

*   This release just affects users of the Test::Reporter
    and 'cpantest' utilities.
*   The 'munge_test_report' callback was getting the 
    grade passed as of 0.054, but the default callback
    was now returning the wrong item. [#13086]

Changes for 0.054       Fri Jun  3 17:44:40 CEST 2005

*   This release paves the way for the CPANPLUS::Dist::*
    plugins, providing a framework from which to 
    automatically create distributions from CPAN packages
*   Redo the 'cpan2dist' commandline tool, adding many
    new options
*   Record all messages from the 'make' command on the
    stack regardless.
*   Use the word 'test' when testing modules, not 'create'
*   Note in test reports that we skipped tests [#11587]
*   Fix some small documentation error [#11570]
*   Double check if a module is uptodate before asking 
    the user -- another prereq may have installed it 
    already [#11840]
*   Do a 'grep unique' on missing prerequisites, so we 
    dont list them more than once, even if the test output 
    does -- fixes bug [#11637]    
*   Make sure we use an empty 'dist_type' in the tests in
    case the user set on in his config
*   Add a _copy function to
*   Make sure the 'force' flag is propagated properly to
    the 'resolve_prereqs' function
*   Add build_prereq flag to indicate prereqs should be 
    built even when uptodate when run under a packagemanager
*   When running CPANPLUS from a path not (absolutely) in 
    your @INC, we add our own path to 'original_inc' which 
    we restore on shell outs
*   Pass the grade to the 'munge_report' handler    
*   Many test report improvements as provided by Barbie 
    in ticket #12302
*   Not all prereqs live on CPAN -- skip noting them as a 
    loaded prereq if we can't find it in the module tree 
    (as reported in #12723)
*   Bundled a version of T::H that does supports the 'no_plan' 
    feature of Test::More (#13019):
    We can't automatically do 'the right thing' as 'make test' 
    invokes 'test_harness' which loads T::H before we can even 
    interfere so we add a msg about too low version to the 
    Makefile.PL instead and fall back to basic tests
*   Tell users why their sudo password might be asked during
    'make test'

Changes for 0.053       Fri Feb 11 10:07:08 CET 2005

*   0.052 did not ship with its META.yml, causing a few
    of the bundles modules to be indexed. This release is
    only relevant to the PAUSE indexer, and changes nothing
    on the client side whatsoever.

Changes for 0.052       Wed Feb  9 18:44:13 CET 2005

*   Make auto-installation work (with some guess work) if
*   Setup decent defaults for the callbacks, so scripts 
    don't have to set them unless they want actual callback
    behaviour (This helps ExtUtils::AutoInstall greatly).
*   chmod() extracted files to 755 so we do not get permission
    denied errors when trying to remove them or copy over them
    if they were not +w for the user.
*   Don't use sudo, even if it's configured, if the user is
    root already.
*   Default to 'prefer binary programs' if Compress::Zlib is
    not installed.
*   Make 'parse_module' deal better with paths that have sub
    directories in them.
*   Make 'parse_module' deal better with version numbers 
    that have letters in them.
*   Don't shell out to get the perl version if the perl we
    looking for is $^X;
*   Improve finding a proper homedir for cpanplus on VMS    
*   Accept the perl version as an optional argument to 
*   Require Test::Reporter 1.27 for test reporting; it fixes
    many bugs.
*   Only load Module::Build when we really needed it, not on
    any installation.
*   Fix a bug that made 's reconfigure' not use the defaults
    from your current config.
*   RedHat 9.0's stock perl has a few serious bugs in it 
    (they applied custom patches) and will break CPANPLUS
    badly. Add a note to the that redhat users
    should upgrade their perl.
*   CPANPLUS::inc was encountering 'use' calls that had windows
    paths rather than unix paths (???). Patch to compensate
    for this.
*   Module::Load::Conditional cache is being flushed in standard
    flush runs now, allowing use of LWP (and similar) when it
    becomes available, even if it previously wasn't.
*   Don't copy '' to '' during Makefile.PL
    stage -- if the user has a custom config and forgets to set
    the environment var, CPANPLUS' tests will use the wrong config.
*   Some tarballs have '.' as directory, rather than project sub
    directory. Guess first for extraction dir and verify, only 
    then try the actual extract path.
*   Improve documentation in the Default shell
*   Improve test reporting texts as supplied by Barbie
*   Add a callback to munge test reports before they are sent
*   Add versions of loaded dependencies to the test reports.
*   Make limited tests on skipped configuration work properly.    
*   Don't use sudo to install into our own sandbox for 
    Module::Build tests
*   Skip module::build tests if we're under PERL_CORE and
    M::B is not available (not yet integrated)
*   Skip install tests if run under PERL_CORE
*   Adjust include paths and paths to perl when tests are
    run under PERL_CORE
*   Update bundled IPC::Run to version 0.80    
*   Update bundled Module::Build to version 0.26081
*   Improve tests    

Changes for 0.051       Fri Jan 14 15:10:02 CET 2005

*   First official release in the ground-up rewrite '0.05x'
*   When determining installed versions, don't parse
    commented out versions
*   Version numbers of 'undef' aren't really versions, they
    are now treated as '0.0'
*   Split out 'create' into 'prepare' and 'create' so that 
    package manager plugins can provide an option to alter 
    metadata before actually building the package
*   Add convenience methods for 'prepare' and 'create'    
*   Update CPANPLUS::Dist::Sample docs to reflect new
    prepare functionality
*   Use constants where possible    
*   Add new methods 'contains' to get a list of modules 
    contained in a package
*   Update to bundle Module::Build 0.2607
*   Return to prefering Build.PL over Makefile.PL
*   Update various other bundled modules
*   Bundle Module::Pluggable for Dist:: plugin support
*   Missing test suites of module was not detected 
    properly, resultings in undeserved 'pass' grade
*   dslip data with ';' in it caused parse errors
*   Mark a fatal error when loading the shell and not being
    able to load a valid config file
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Improve tests

Changes for 0.050_04    Sun Dec 26 16:54:46 CET 2004

*   Add rsync support to CPANPLUS
*   List rsync mirrors during setup
*   Default to the email mentioned in during setup
*   Add timeout support for fetching files from mirrors
*   Config version has gone up because of new timeout version
    -- reconfiguration required
*   Mention Bundle::CPANPLUS::Dependencies in the Makefile.PL    
*   Add license information to dslip output
*   Send N/A Grade to cpantesters when your perl version is
    too low according to the Makefile.PL
*   Drop dependancy on Mail::Send for test reporting, use a 
    fixed version of Test::Reporter instead
*   Alias $modobj->name to $modobj->module for more DWIMery    
*   cpan2dist now allows creation of distributions from local
    tarballs as well
*   cpan2dist now uses the newly defined dist standard to find
    out where distributions were created
*   cpan2dist (and CPANPLUS::Dist) plugin detection is now regex
*   Specifying CPANPLUS object id's when creating fake module 
    or author objects is now optional
*   Small backward-compat hack to make sure old versions of
    ExtUtils::AutoInstall keep working with the new CPANPLUS
*   Various documentation patches
*   Update various bundled modules

Changes for 0.050_03    Fri Dec 17 13:54:48 CET 2004

*   Move to Module::Pluggable to find CPANPLUS::Dist::*
*   Make CPANPLUS::Dist::* generate a few required accessors
    itself, rather than making all submodules do it themselves
*   Rename to cpan2dist to be more 'unixish'
*   Improve cpan2dist diagnostics
*   Add pod to cpan2dist
*   Change config layout for distribution types (incompatible
    change -- will require reconfiguration)
*   Add 2-way version checking so cpanplus + its config can
    both verify if their counterparts are compatible
*   Move logic for 'best_path_to_module_build' to    
*   Make logic to detect installed modules follow symlinks
    (required for among others, debian)
*   'force install' will try even harder to install a module
    if it can, even if it previously failed.
*   Make test reports report the version of CPANPLUS, not the
    version of the constants file the headers are in.
*   Update various bundled modules to their newest versions
*   Stringify '$@' to avoid clobbering by sub routine calls
*   Various documentation improvements
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Clean up trailing whitespace from sources
*   Add more files to MANIFEST.skip
*   Update MANIFEST

Changes for 0.050_02    Fri Dec 10 15:03:39 CET 2004

*   Move CPANPLUS::Dist::(Deb|Ports) to it's own repository
*   Fix error when Test::Reporter is unavaliable
*   Various spelling fixes
*   Added CPANPLUS::Hacking pod with instructions how to hack on
*   Added an environment variable 'PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING' which
    will be set to the current process id, so subprocesses can
    recognize that they are running under CPANPLUS
*   Some wordings have changed for the setup, to make things a bit
*   Add 'do we have test::reporter support' probing code (used in
    test suite)
*   Add Mail::Send as a prerequisite for test::reporter support
*   Don't attempt to actually send test reports from our test suite
    -- Test::Reporter doesn't do that itself either, we might have 
    failed tests due to Test::Reporter rather than ourselves
*   Mention 'bundle::cpanplus::test::reporter' which has all the 
    modules needed to have test::reporter support enabled
*   Improved accuracy for core module detection logic and errors
*   More support for connecting to remote machines using 
    CPANPLUS::Daemon (not yet released, but will be soon)
*   Add extra clean up arguments to our own Makefile to remove temp
*   Extensive overhaul of CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to get Module::Build
    support working properly (lots of workarounds for bugs in the M::B
    API -- we now bundle a custom patched M::B (0.26061) to cope)
*   Module::Build now accepts buildflags    
*   Seperate inc path for installers (defacto only Module::Build
    right now)
*   Update various bundled modules like Object::Accessor, IPC::Cmd,
*   Smarter loading of bundled modules    
*   Various speed optimizations
*   't --force' can send a new test::report now
*   Don't force current installer format onto prereqs, unless it's
    explicitly requested
*   Make the default shell be aware when it's running in noninteractive
    mode, making sure it makes no suggestions with require interactivity
*   Add a message about where the module was extracted to in verbose mode    
Changes for 0.050_1     Fri Dec 3 21:07:12 CET 2004

*   Initial beta release of CPANPLUS 0.050
*   Complete ground up rewrite